Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video)- REACTION w/ Polo G & Einer Bankz


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    This is our reaction to Polo G - RAPSTAR Official Video w/ Polo G
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    1. ZIAS!

      BOW!! Prank on Polo G on 2nd channel- kgup.info/get/c46jY2qnpYabiWY/video Buy stop the cap hats here- www.stopthecap.store

      1. Teng Kungmeng

        Hello brothers please reaction rap song of Vannda “ Time To Rise” from Cambodia.A lot of reaction from the world reaction to this song.Thanks in Advance.

      2. JUMP GAMING

        I hope that god puts you in hell where you deserve z being a bully to people will catch up with you remember that homie

      3. Yasin Ahmed


      4. Malik Sanders

        @No Forwhat wassup

      5. No Forwhat


    2. Itachi Senju

      You could tell from polo g's face when the video was playing that he thought of ways he can improve is MV and top new charts over and over🐐

    3. Edwin Hernandez

      Polo g going through sum shit low key no one notice tho...

    4. LemonCross

      2,760,000 is how much he makes in a day

    5. Cameron Johnson

      Why polo g sound like devin Williams from 10000 hours 😂😂

    6. Mateo Čorak

      Polo g a fake one lol. SOFT AF BOI😂

    7. Christian Richardson

      we need more videos wit adin

    8. Langston Cordell Delaney

      2,880,000 where my five bands

    9. Chrissy

      react to lay ya head k suave

    10. 604NewCityOfAngels

      Way to many dread locks in one video

    11. S A

      Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni REACTION!!🔥

    12. Tamika Brown

      Do more reactions with other Rappers!

      1. JahYt

        wassgud what do u think I should work on and improve on my channel and to be better and more entertaining thank u stay blessed. 💜

    13. Daniel Krzysiak

      That polo g freestyle was straight garbage ...

    14. kuno

      first time the black people were in the front and the white people were in back (this is a joke lmfao)

    15. Brandon Tita

      Y’all gotta react to one of lil keed’s songs no kizzy

    16. Gsix Zes

      This guy gives me a sense of nostalgic feeling when Lil Wayne was getting mainstream

    17. epic games

      @ Polo G make 2 mil in 24 hours

    18. Titan

      He know about the syn beats video

    19. Jaden -GGvam

      Anyone noticed that when Juice WRLD and King Von were both on Zias they died shortly after? This means that every rapper that appears in their videos have a higher chance of dying

    20. EA Gamer123

      Whites in the back how times have changed

    21. _.mickey ._

      notice how polo g chain 1300 trippies is 1400 yuh that’s awesome

    22. pargenie

      why is einer’s angles hat blue and polo’s dodgers hat red😂

    23. Dapt lol

      12 grajillion

    24. Tripp Gill

      who the fuck let adin in there

    25. Miracle Alien Cookies

      Adin is not funny

    26. Clay Harris

      Bro polos freestyle was 🔥🔥

    27. JR

      Adin Sus freestyle >= Polo G’s freestyle

    28. Yoqzie

      LMFAOAOA 5:46 I’m the only one that did the same hand movement as B Lou

    29. Nikhil D

      Polo g looking serious half the time in the vid.

    30. 26wrenj

      Then boys better do a who I smoke react vid

    31. Iain Bady

      Polo g needs to make this freestyle a song ASAP


      Just me or does every rapper that comes on here always look like they don’t wanna be there

    33. Rob Lombardi

      They skipped the line about him popping pills to hide his insecurities, so deep we ain’t losing another 🐐

    34. Chris fortnite TV

      bro thats 2,880,000 a day

    35. razz_south

      $2,800,000 everyday he really rich

    36. Jayron

      2k a minute is 1.051 billion a year

    37. Noogy Man

      bro react to body remix by tion wayne and russ and more it’s huge in the uk

    38. Karlos

      They were vibin until Adian said some dumb shit

    39. Chanelle Nikkita

      Dee Shanell reacted to your prank she said you look good good 😜

    40. Waylo Fresh

      Zias do a prank on adin where you pretend to make his sister cry to see how adin

    41. Goated Jamz

      Polo was doing the critique face during his video if u know u know

    42. Smurfeh

      adin is sus god dam

    43. Smurfeh

      yo why they seperated the white boys

    44. ab

      react to 4 quarters by maxthademon

    45. Hunter Rollins

      Damn that’s 2,880,000 a day duck

    46. SapzZ

      Einers reaction to adin😂

    47. DTBD

      Zias I loss a lot of respect from you with that adin prank bro 😭💔

    48. Walter Behaylo

      Yo u habe to react to body 2

    49. david t

      You should react to unknown T daily duppy

    50. krinji

      1:47 1:47 1:47 1:47 bro.

    51. DarkWarrior

      Yo, do reacts to the King Von pls.

    52. Devon Short

      5,760,000 that how much he make a day

    53. BennyMac_10

      So he’s making 89 million a month if he making 2000 a minute

    54. Daniel Cruz

      Could you react to the polo g singing on KSI-patience

    55. Cooper Downerd

      2.88 million a day

    56. mathews wise

      Just homies having fun

    57. krinji

      I swear zias is like adins big bro 😂

    58. Eden Draws

      Can you react to Bo Burnham?

    59. Ransika wimhan

      Why does Polo G have wrist watches on both his hands?

    60. TwoFaced

      they be talking bout the money n shi but they don't even mention his kid .......

    61. BLUEM00N

      That Polo freestyle in the beginning tho he gotta make that a new song 💯🔥🔥

    62. Salvador Garcia

      That dude with the guitar tho bruhhhhh shit is sick

    63. ace 96

      Ayo zias you should take adin or just to go get food then hire people just to press him about throwing up the Cs on live 😭

    64. quentin mosquera

      $2,880,000 a day, $2,000 a min, 60 mins in an hour, $120,00 an hour, and 24 hours in a day

    65. Teng Kungmeng

      Hello brothers please reaction rap song of Vannda “ Time To Rise” from Cambodia.A lot of reaction from the world reaction to this song.Thanks in Advance.

    66. Adam Garcia

      What song was banks playing in beginning when adin was talking

    67. Morrell Family

      Polo G makes 2,880,000$ a day

    68. Most Hated Andy4


    69. Most Hated Andy4


    70. Luka Radovic

      It’s 288k a day 😂

    71. Sauceykidcj

      adin trying so hard to fit in.

    72. Clifford Jenkins

      So polo g makes 2880000 a day.

    73. CREAMY

      Bruh dis nigga adin pull up wit a Chicago sweater

    74. Ray Rivera

      If 2,000 a min sounds crazy to you , Mike Trout makes approximately 67,000 an at bat. An at bat usually last about 1-3 mins

    75. GVO SHADES

      React To My Intro !!! its the only video i have right now.. I did it myself all the way around on a tripod ! Please React and Lmk What You Think Of It !

    76. andrrec

      Has anyone seen this man Einer banks talk before😂

      1. Satisfied Uranium

        Iunno man but he looks like jack black

    77. Tristan Parks

      He saying 2000 a minute that's $2,760,000 in 24 hours

    78. Jordyn

      I didn’t recognize blou

    79. Anurag Shinde

      Einer didn't speak single word oof

    80. ALONZAG

      Never listened to polo but I see he humble

    81. Carlos s

      Please react to, Kidd Keo "Bando Boyz free 1, 2", "Olvidate" , "24 hours". He mix spanish & English, its one of the best european rappers, no colour.

    82. Eren Jaeger

      Polo g said 😑

    83. JustArandomDude Idk

      Polo g is one of a kind

    84. Prod TRG

      Adin bein forgotten in the back

      1. qopoy dnon

        "Stop the cap"

    85. Wxvvyy

      God loves you all ❤️ Jesus died for you

      1. qopoy dnon

        Lmao anyone else think b lou look strange af with dreads

    86. alex caimares

      they gotta react to body 2

    87. PinkShark Gaming

      Polo g is so gosh dang sad nobody mentioned his kid

    88. Lisa Hanebuth

      You should react to is called Ramen and Oj by Joyner lucas and Lil Baby

    89. Lil Izzy

      Black triplets and white twins😂

    90. Colby Abner

      2880000 a day boy

    91. DRONDILL

      The second Einer acoustic was cold .

    92. Gavin Powell 0606

      yo 2.88 million a day if he made 2000 a min

    93. DryplyfeTv

      $2,000 a minute would be $160,000 a day homie.

    94. Ulitma Yashar Pro

      Polo g is insane

    95. jamison

      Einer always kills it

    96. Zip 2K

      Polo not Hollywood, he a introvert, look like he shy but when his homie came in the vid he looked most comfortable. He just another human being like all of us.

      1. Pedrwm


      2. big groceriers

        @marques ye adin made bru uncomfortable as soon as they linked

      3. marques

        But he also looked like he didn’t wanna be there cuz of adin

    97. GTB Young

      If you made $2,000 a minute you would make $2,880,000 in a day I just calculated it and my jaw dropped 😂😂

      1. Vulocify

        @All Story’s ya, I know he made more than 2k a minutes, my point just was that it is possible (not trying to be rude)

      2. All Story’s

        @Vulocify Jeff makes 100,000 a minute

      3. Vulocify

        @Tomy Thompson for people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and other 100 + billionaires yeah

      4. Tomy Thompson

        Is that possible tho ?

    98. alexandre lambert

      einer why you looking at me like that at the start

    99. Austin Montgomery

      Lmao anyone else think b lou look strange af with dreads

    100. Asleep Pumpkin

      "Stop the cap"