NFL Biggest Hits of Week 7 || HD

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    1. Sam H

      You should do a hospital passes vid.

    2. Isaiah Rivera

      former raven and saint and dolphins player running back

    3. Isaiah Rivera

      so can you make a vid about my dad my dad is ricky williams

    4. Inky

      At this point cowboys are done 💙🤍💙🤍

    5. Mosher's Garage

      You should do biggest leads at the half or 1st quarter.

    6. FlawLess %


    7. yok weaver

      Do a “My game is lagging” video

    8. Demarion Eady

      they got knocked out😂😂🤣🤣

    9. Croc boarder 1

      Let’s get ding productions to one million subscribers by the end of the year

    10. joel9931

      you should make a full version of sleigh bells ringing

    11. Roberts

      Plz do a video "i pressed the wrong play." video. (meaning that a team did the stupid play.) That would be so funny!!!

      1. Roberts

        Like this commet if you want this to

    12. The Watcher

      Yoooo bring back the giants pfp :( You’re a giants fan not an OBJ fan, he ain’t with us no more

    13. Dripy_Insane 406

      Can u do “ wtf are you doing” moments

    14. Matt G.

      Could you do qorter backs throwing with there iyes closed thanks

    15. TJ Rhatigan

      Gave up on Danny dimes profile pic I guess


      Do longest breakaway chasedowns!

    17. Jeffrey Hooper

      It stills boggles my mind that nobody on the Cowboys even attempted to defend Andy Dalton after that hit. Should be instinctual. That team is fucked for seasons to come

    18. Peter Doors

      B L I T Z C O M I N G

    19. Harry The Hitman

      How was that first one a flag

    20. Marlow

      Yo ding, did you become a bandwagon, because that’s a browns pfp?

    21. Benjamin Kelley

      I love theses

    22. JJS

      yo ding who is blackout creates can you post his socials?

      1. JJS

        because your yt banner is awesome

    23. The remover Of Fortnite

      Who watched the Titans game when dereck got stoned walled

    24. Ethan Petrinec

      Any bills fans here?

    25. HanzosHQ

      Cowboys soft ash not protecting they qb

    26. Landon Bohanon

      That will leave a mark

    27. Jaden Lofay

      Do you think they're hitting hard because of the lack of human contact for 8 months

    28. Christopher Bradish

      it’s pathetic now that every big hit is a flag. some of them r clean hits and r good plays

    29. I Dont Care

      The legend of Ben Dinucci starts

    30. V TG

      Can someone explain why the Bostic hit was a bad one/a penalty? I don't see it to be honest. It was a clear shoulder hit BEFORE the QB hit the ground. The NFL has become too soft.

    31. Dee Tayengco


    32. Sayronna

      Don’t take this personally but as a “redskins” fan I applaud that linebacker

      1. Salvador Mendoza

        Horrible. No class or sportsmanship it’s a competition game not an their life war

    33. Brianna Mills

      ever since lattimore missed that tackle vs the vikings everyone tries to jump over him

    34. Airborne Joe

      cant wait to see johnathan abram on biggest hits for week 8

    35. Kevin McClintock

      Can't believe how pussy the Cowboys have become. Embarrassing and shameful.

    36. Danny Valvoda

      when did the league get so soft wr's know if you go over the middle you expect to get hit like the cardinals guy like jesus such snowflakes its an unwatchable product

    37. William Wood

      The Dallas Cowboys are exactly that a bunch a boys, their QB gets cheap shotted so bad he’s unconscious, and they all stand around like they have sand in their shoes. Disgraceful, protect you fucking QB that’s playing his heart out, trying to keep you in the playoff hunt. Bunch of bitch bois if you ask me.

    38. Andrew Sebree

      Gronk was just like, "that tickled." After that hit lol

    39. ThatDolphinsFan

      Please do “best rookie plays” if u haven’t already

    40. Ty

      Seeing zeke get wrecked by a linebacker was great

    41. CP Editzz HD

      Like my name hehe

    42. Tadicuslegion78

      What did Andy Dalton do to get that kind of treatment from the Cowboys?

    43. Anthony O'Neil

      Anyone else hear "punk butt black person" at 3:25

    44. Andrew Pitsirelos

      No Devin white on Derek carr?

    45. Patrick Layman

      I see I click

    46. Zachary Z


    47. onesixgg

      5:58 - Who the hell taught this guy how to tackle???

    48. Kathryn Smith

      All I can say is after watching last night’s Falcons/Panthers game, at least my Panthers showed they have Bridgewater’s back, which is a lot more than I can say for Dalton and his Cowgirls.... The hit Bridge took after Fowler Jr tripped him, was 🤯 and he shouldn’t have been allowed to re-enter the game.....

    49. Christopher Art

      The first one was a legal hit 😂

    50. ISO- GTM

      Thats y the falcons loss why he celebrated

    51. Justin Humphrey


    52. Paul granberry

      Who else is ready for the “sleigh bells remix” intro to come back it’s the only thing I looking forward to this Christmas

    53. fadelessfine _

      who else is a cowboys fan😕

    54. Davenia Guillot

      Bruh the fucking intro scared the hell out of me I thought he was decapitated and his neck was exposed 😂😂

    55. Joe Joe Martinez

      Please don't promote these, these are horrible hits. Espn used to have a show dedicated to this and it was canceled for obvious reasons

    56. Kari Palmer-Lawton

      Come on 52

    57. Kari Palmer-Lawton

      Come on man

    58. Reece hittin the Piece

      Yea give up 40 yards

    59. Despair X

      I miss the intro🥺🥺

    60. KAM 4

      define gravity moments

    61. C and J gang Yessir

    62. Ritchie V

      Spillane blocking Henry must be one of the hardest impacts this week, just harsh

    63. Marsss

      That goal line hit on Derrick Henry was tough, bet he isn’t used to people trying to actually go heads up with him lol

      1. gimmethunder

        Spillane came back just fine a few plays later. And it only took one of them. Just because the other two showed up after the stop doesn't mean it took all three of them. Henry is a bad man, but that was big hit.

      2. Jamier Hull


      3. Scott Mosier

        It took three of them, and Spillane left the game with an injury afterwards. He is a BAAAAD man!

    64. Vizion Block

      0:42 the hit midair might’ve saved him from landing hard on his head or back

    65. Ben Tominovich

      Alot of them were on quarterbacks hahaha

    66. D0CT0R K.

      9ers were eatin up the patriots

    67. NFL AVENUE

      Refs gotta learn that just because it was a hard hit doesnt mean its a flag

    68. Rebel1280

      how is that last hit not leading with the crown of the helmet penalty and what in the flipping world happened to "hit and wrap"?!

    69. Thurston Page

      The first one was a good hit not a dirty one and plus the receiver had a chance its just the guy drop his shoulder but its still a flag

    70. Jonathan King

      Jeez, yall get a look at the quads on James Robinson dude is built stout as💪

    71. wintersnake

      That Cowboys RB didn’t stand a chance against that blitz. He got blown back like he was a JR Midgets.

    72. dad

      Hit on Andy Dalton is just a cheap shot


      we better see the christmas intro the day after thanksgiving

    74. one37am

      “Big time hit” on AP but he still fell forward and the defender went backward

    75. Schallen Mitts

      Nobody's been talking about it but Robinson has been destroying

    76. Caleb Patrick

      @1:55 Tf was that

    77. Caleb Patrick

      @0:47 Kinda helped him from having a hard fall

    78. Owen.h99

      Robinson 1:09 really said lay down

    79. I’m Funny

      Logan thomas is one of the strongest TE in the league prove me wrong with all the hits he’s made

    80. Sleeping223 Games

      Love you if you do

    81. Ethan Daugherty

      what about zeke getting demolished in the backfield

    82. Michael Keller

      The Micah Hyde hit was clean. Turned his head away, used his shoulder, what more do they want?

    83. Kingston Splash


    84. Ian Wright

      I am

    85. Bakin Boi

      0:48 He kinda saved him from landing on his head tho

    86. Patrick Warner

      wow bostic is a monster and plus dosnt he have a super bowl win

    87. Dorian B

      Refs are sissys. they kiss qb's like they are jesus. no way how some of the roughing the passer calls are actually roughing the passer

    88. David Phillips

      They should fine the whole line 50.000 dollars for this and if they drop the ball 10.000 dollars

    89. Diamond_derian 34

      My question is why did the cowboys do nothing when he got knockednout

    90. A Dog

      Probably could've added Sorensen's other hit on Lindsey, and Justin Herbert trucking that dude

    91. mc _ dub

      The drone shots where they are flying backwards while the players run are the best ways to do the drone shots

    92. Charlie Memmo-DeCesare

      Cowboys can eat my glizzy.

    93. MooN Maze976

      4:30 my mans knocked himself out

    94. SoFrostyYT

      Jon Bostic didn’t even get suspended, right ?

    95. Rodney King

      Missed N'Keal Harry getting wrecked by Tavares Moore.

    96. Jake Baran

      Saw nothing wrong with that first clip not sure why the refs felt like calling it a hit on a defenseless receiver 🤔 guess he was just supposed to let him catch the ball..??

    97. Sashimiroll

      “Biggest hits” (Shows pic after a dirty hit in the thumbnail)

    98. James OLeary

      The cowboys are definitely getting a fourth string quarterback soon they have to

    99. FinnFishStick Diamond clan

      It feels good watching these games live

    100. D B

      I respect many of the teams for not starting fight