Pre Storm Front Bluegills in Ottertail County In-Depth Outdoors TV S15 E10


44 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

    James Holst and Konnor Kleist fish ahead of storm in Ottertail county Minnesota for bluegills using VMC jigging spoons and wax worms!
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    1. Rare Russian

      Nice video, man! And what an amazing nature! Welcome to my channel-Survival in Russia! Regards, Yury!

    2. Jonathan Debner

      I have a lake for you to try out if you want to catch 12 inch bluegills

    3. Will Hurney

      I’m from Oklahoma and just moved to Michigan. Was able to go ice fishing for the first time and caught a few gills. Been watching this show for years now always wanting to go ice fishing.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Welcome to the ice belt!

    4. Brian Thompson

      What's the size spoons everyone is using

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        1/12 oz tumbler and 1/32 oz flash champ.

    5. Scott Neumann

      Should really use your portable fish houses when fishing on these small bodies of water.

    6. Iowafisherman

      What Humminbird flasher is that?

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Helix ice 7.

    7. Robert Tolley

      I had to back off your videos tell I have ice now! It's pure torture!

    8. Robert Tolley

      They are fishing lake above me! Gonna go next few days

    9. Robert Tolley

      James , hey hey ! I live in marshaville Ohio, center state! I did a quick ice measure ment next to shore2 plus inches!!! Gonna go check other side ! I know we got 4 inches over there ! 45 minutes to measure ment!!! Another great video!

    10. Collin Miland

      Someone is using another Acct on Instagram scamming people just so you know

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        We are aware. We've reported it.

    11. Collin Miland

      I would not think you guys would do that cause I love your page and videos

    12. dmredneck d

      Great video nice fish!!!

    13. docv73

      My biggest gill was 10.25 inches long, 9 inches tall, and almost 2 inches across the belly, and weighed a pound. It literally covered a plate. I am yet to get one like the through the ice. I think I need to try jigging spoons for them. That's a new one on me.

    14. Aaron Rollag

      your in the right area if you want that 12inch gill. Got a 11inch on the wall from a lake not to far from the lake you where at.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        I love knowing there's still a few out there!

    15. StormLaker1975

      I use spoons a lot......on my lake (man made lake in Iowa) it helps sort out the "peckers" from the "eaters"....I've watched little bluegills swim up to it, pick at it, then swim away. The larger ones come charging in higher up and from the side (on my flasher) to crush it. I like to use forage minnows, buckshot spoons, and slender spoons. The buckshot minnow especially.....and you pick up bonus crappies and the occasional bass or wiper with them, haha.

    16. Outdoors with Wayne k

      Awesome show James and Konnor Had my 5 year old granddaughter out on the ice with me this week chasing gills and she had a blast. And she just finished watching the show and she would watch your rod tip and say dink every time it would go down. I think she is hooked because that's what I say. Thank you for sharing until the next show stay safe and tight lines.

    17. Bastard Of Bodom

      I use spoons panfishing probably way more than i should

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Join the club! 😁

    18. Mr. Lapin

      Why do you guys use the foam float on the transducer!? It’s completely useless! Did I miss something on this?

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        @Mr. Lapin actually we do the opposite. We use the foam as a lever pivoting off the edge of the ice and that allows us to keep the transducer very high in the water column. Essentially the top of the transducer will be dry. What that does is increase the distance from the bottom of the lake or river being fished which expands the cone coverage. You won't see any interference using this technique until you get past 12 to 15 inches of ice. This is just one example why the foam is useful out there on the ice. There's many others.

      2. Mr. Lapin

        Oh! I see your point!! Yes, I always make sure my transducer is below the ice. So with the foam, you can have your transducer within ice thickness... Ok ok... But still, it must not be that far from the bottom of the ice or the cone will pick up the ice... Ok, I understand.

      3. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        @Mr. Lapin if your transducer is against the side of the hole there's no way it is pointing straight down without the float unless you have your sonar out over the hole.

      4. Mr. Lapin

        Oh, and btw: spoon and maggots all day!! 💪 I’m a bit fan of this approach.

      5. Mr. Lapin

        My transducer is of course (without the float) right against the side of the hole... But I think I can understand your point. If the transducer is not tight against the hole, there’s less chance that your line/lure get stuck in between the hole and the ice... Ok, I get it. Thanks for the response.

    19. sherry vorwerk

      Is this lake by Perham, Vergas or Battle lake?

    20. B Rand

      I always like to start with a spoon too. Last trip, a little Kastmaster caught everything from 9" bluegills to a 16.5" walleye.

      1. Joey Kenneth

        @Scott Dennis damn! It took like 10 minutes but it reallyworked!

      2. Scott Dennis

        I dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

    21. BigBuck KillaBoston

      What lake ya guys fishing on?

      1. Bob Perry

        That question never gets answered by any fisherman with a public forum. Where did you shoot that big buck ? Lol

    22. Time on the Lake

      I swear when I go Bluegill fishing, I only ever catch 3-5 inch gills lol

    23. Jet Lee

      I rather catch a 12" gill over a 6lbs bass anyday here in wi

      1. Jet Lee

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV my personal best was 9.5" out of lake Monona Madison sadly people around have been taking way too many home..this year ice fishing ain't the same anymore .it was bound to happen😔

      2. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Everyone's got to have goals and catching a 12-in bluegill on a public body of water is one of mine!

    24. Damo Hanson

      Probably the most important fish in a young anglers life. Plentiful and rabid biters and they are delicious. To you dads, take your kids fishing. Make sure the action is fast. They don’t care what they catch but get bored easily. Some of the best times of my life taking my son fishing. Now he fishes the old man under the table( sorry mixed metaphor). Great job !

    25. Saf Jr

      Absolutely love the Birdseye view of the depth finder. I have always wanted to see the fish on the finder more. Kudos.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

    26. Earl Carter

      We still target gills, fun fish to catch. Awesome video tight lines!!!

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Earl!

    27. Jim Powers

      why do you guys wreck your knees kneeling on the ice?

      1. docv73

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV too many knee surgeries for me. I couldn't kneel like that anymore if you paid me. Sure wish I could. 😁

      2. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        You fish your way we'll fish ours. You won't find me sitting very often.

      3. Jim Powers

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV until you get to be old men....we ain't real smart in Michigan but at least we sit on buckets

      4. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        How does kneeling on ice wreck knees? Our knees feel fine.

    28. Jason ashenfelter

      Love those big gills! Great show thank you for sharing!

    29. David Bos

      Great video, perfect way to wake up!