Dealing with Addiction

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    Produced by: Brigiite Valadez brigiitev
    Camera: Chris Breitinger chrisbstation
    Opening Credits (0:00)
    Addressing things (0:18)
    The snake in Ryland's house (6:33)
    Feals sponsorship (13:14)
    Lizze's on famous birthday's (14:34)
    Ryland didn't cry watching Soul (16:34)
    Lizze's hair caught fire (19:37)
    Armie Hammer's scandal (22:23)
    Our craziest fetish experiences (28:56)
    Audible sponsorship (32:00)
    Chrissy Teigen faces backlash (33:16)
    Chrissy Teigen reveals she's sober (36:55)
    Lizze on dealing with addiction (36:55)
    Outro (48:06)
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