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    Gaijin Entertainment announces that military online action War Thunder will get the major Content Update “New Power” and native next-gen consoles versions in mid-November. This update will bring a new version of the Dagor Engine, blue-water naval power and a lot of other surprises.
    Music: End Of Silence - Tear Down the Brigdes
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    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Caolan Mc Grath

      On a partially related note will we be seeing the A-10 coming th warthunder


      Guys this song is called tear down the briges

    3. Devarjun Joshi

      Ok.... I'm excited but at the same time I'm pissed because the current new updates took away the function of my R2 button in the main menu.

    4. Cyclone Storm

      How about adding T14 Armata as a Soviet premium tank...

    5. Kraso

      menuda mierda de update

    6. thassatham piraka

      i love song and newpower in thailand ping red over time

    7. Adalbert Museme Kabiona

      Nukes are actually in war thunder i actually dropped at nuke in a B29 and it ended the game instantly

    8. Ringo Studios

      Can't wat for it to come out super excited

      1. Ringo Studios

        @ridha gherri yeah i typed that 4 weeks ago took this long

      2. ridha gherri

        its out lol

    9. comrad caeyln

      btw the song was fire dude

    10. The One Millionth Roger

      Genuinely the worst update ever.

      1. kusajko !

        @ridha gherri fucked up air rb with sraams, fucked up ground rb with silent buffs to armor, naval is unplayeble again because dreadnoughts one shot everything they look at Helicopters? What even are those? Not to mention that servers are fucked up again.

      2. ridha gherri


    11. GOOD LORD, luv yo content


    12. Gunnar Regas

      Even though new power is already out this looks sick

    13. Serbia Stronk

      It would be funny if they added the ratte as a point vehicle in arcade mode to

    14. George Vasilopoulos

      For the ps4 the update is called -30 fps

      1. George Vasilopoulos

        @sinister is random On my ps4 pro it sometimes goes below 30 and stutters quiet alot now with the new update.

      2. sinister is random

        Console are locked at 30 FPS i don't know what you expected.

    15. Petyon Grant

      This song was so creepy

    16. S_ife

      Can you please nerf the fire power of the I-16's, its very OP

      1. kusajko !

        no it's not XD

    17. Benkiller Hun

      "Tear down the brigdes " Ah yes the correct writing of bridge

    18. Banshanskhem Passah

      I love the narrator for War Thunder's vids

    19. MarcoTron08

      I've been waiting three weeks... I get grounded the day in comes out.

    20. Insanity Gaming

      Is there ever going to be an A-10?

    21. Tuatara

      Reminds me of The Pirates Of The Carribean Salazars revenge trailer

    22. TheDuckBoy

      wait so the update came out and there aren’t nukes and now I’m concerned gaijin is hiding something and I don’t know what to think

      1. sinister is random

        Get 20 kills in arcade at br 6.0-10.7 and u possibly can use the atomic bomb on the B-29

      2. Ahmad Rayhan Fadhilah

        Look at the new power review 10:03 nuke clear teaser

    23. Dalton Steed Gaming

      Question: Why is there a nuke at the end of this trailer but no nuke in the game?

      1. sinister is random

        @Sir Snek There is. 6.0-10.7 must obtain 20 kills and wait if your lucky you can drop the atomic bomb.

      2. Sir Snek

        i thought there is in arcade

    24. CHILI-EYE

      I am very disappointed in this update here I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for a carrier update with no rank v and vi jets unlocked I am so disappointed ☹️

      1. CHILI-EYE

        I understand that but but people are going nuts about it on Twitter and I only unlocked a P 47 and P 51 worth 10 hours of gameplay with a premium account activated

      2. sinister is random

        That's your issue not their's

    25. iiiPqxxa Xx ツ

      That nuke woò

    26. Hans Volksjäger

      So the nukes were a lie...

      1. sinister is random

        Nope arcade 20 kills 6.0-10.7

    27. Yamaha Jawa

      Please make locked vehicles able to testflight😭

      1. ChocoHouse

        YES. I want to know how the vehicle operates, considering I will be spending hours grinding for it.



    28. Ariel L. Dulce

      Did Warthunder add nukes now?

      1. sinister is random

        6.0-10.7 arcade

    29. Meming Mammoth

      i got nuked in the hangar

    30. Nutty

      Almost a month ago... guessing we’ll get it next week :D

      1. CopingWithMusic

        Well, the update is out now! I think

    31. King man

      i almost died of excitement

    32. Boeroeng !

      but that nuke conserns mei think my T34 might not be able to survive that

    33. Boeroeng !

      well i got an air raid siren

    34. mistic is cool

      i just got logged out

    35. Ghost

      I just got myself a big bomb.

      1. mistic is cool


    36. Stevan Matejic

      Won't this severely affect the performance of the game for lower end systems?

      1. Connor Raab

        @az az yes on the dev server I gained 5-8 fps on max settings with a gtx 1060 I had an average of 162 fps on the live sever

      2. az az

        The new engine supposedly improves performance

    37. Dj Shadow

      its tomorrow guys

      1. Cdog 222

        naw today

    38. The Mayan Guy

      Me hearing the big honk in the beginning: MARTIANS?!!?

    39. Marcus Ekström

      Remove respawn killing in battel game remove all higher br in tank battel game it inposeble to play the game now please listen to this and fix it

      1. sinister is random

        Learn how to spell 1, And explain in several paragraphs with pictures and videos that explain how higher brs ruin the game.

    40. mr.pcgamer

      war thuder X fs2020 ;)

    41. Lance Gideon Diokno

      so theres nukes now? im just waiting for the battleships Update: *my computer stopped moving when I play this game*

      1. sinister is random

        Negative no nukes that was the sun.

    42. Jacob Norman

      Nuke: exists in war thunder Object 279: so this is where the fun begins

    43. Blacky

      Just one question: When ?

      1. sinister is random


    44. Jagger

      New graphics engine overhaul ? Definitely intrigued but what’s the point when this game is a 100€/year grind fest...back to sleep

      1. sinister is random

        The new engine=more frames per minute.

    45. Tony Ruiz

      A29 super and m8 greyhound please !!!

    46. Tony Ruiz

      Man I want to see an a29 super Tucano and the m8 greyhound and some more vehicles we missed. But the a29 would be perfect for the game

      1. sinister is random

        The M8 Greyhound already exists in-game dude. Look at both the Chinese/Taiwanese Tech Tree(M8 In china tech tree is the red flag with blue and white) If you want the A-29 go suggest it to their forums. With proper information etc etc.

      2. Connor Raab

        M8 is already in the game

    47. Mateusz

      Ta gra jest jednym wielkim scamem połowa jak nie więcej czołgów jest bezużyteczna tak samo samoloty a helikoptery to ewenement tylko ruskie da sie grać ka 50 polecam elite dangerous połowa mniej grindu i każda rzecz jest dobra a nie bezużyteczna

    48. Majestic 12

      Submarine Submarine Submarine

      1. sinister is random

        Was a event.

    49. ava olivia

      1 nuke = 10.000.000 k SL cost

      1. ava olivia

        @sinister is random what ??

      2. sinister is random

        @ava olivia It's the sun not a nuke.

      3. GoldenPlus

        @ava olivia 10.000=10 10,000=10000

      4. ava olivia

        @GoldenPlus what ??

      5. GoldenPlus

        10.000.000=10 lol

    50. YupItsMack

      does anyone know when this is coming out? i heard it already has but i havent gotten an update

      1. sinister is random

        @Kool 75 Tommrow.

      2. Kool 75

        Same :/ it the description they said mid november

    51. Niklas 20115

      is this for ps4 with that awesome graphics too ?

      1. Niklas 20115

        @sinister is random thx buddie

      2. sinister is random

        @Niklas 20115 Ok gonna tell you. When they update the game the update is always going to be released to PC and Console. At the same time.

      3. Niklas 20115

        @salma nour i hope so XD but I need to wait for this update

      4. salma nour

        @Niklas 20115 pro better normal you can play also

      5. Niklas 20115

        @salma nour and the normal one?

    52. С̶̳е̶̳р̶̳г̶̳е̶̳й̶̳ С̶̳е̶̳д̶̳о̶̳в̶̳

      Эта то чюство когда не знанеш английский

    53. The Dead Samurai

      War thunder: we won't add battleships Also warthunder: hehe foggy battleships

    54. The Dead Samurai

      Wish they add more low tier vehicles and fix balance

    55. Tristan ZZ

      finally modern carriers

    56. Lucy Lovelaw

      Why would it be called new power and have a nuke in it new power new weapons new bombs

      1. sinister is random

        @Lars It's the sun.

      2. Lars

        We aren’t getting a nuke

    57. Jake Foster

      adds su47 for shits and gigs

      1. sinister is random

        Sure let's add the Su-47 hey while we at that how about go play Ace Combat. And think about the Era right now of jet fighters. Makes no sense to have it fight again things it would dominate again.

    58. Lc G4m3r L

      What is a Song?

      1. Lars

        Tear down the bridges

    59. italy empire

      pls add the p43 bis :( (is an italian heavy tank)

      1. sinister is random



      That creepy song gave me chills

    61. Bumpy21

      Is there a chance we can drive carriers?

      1. sinister is random

        Custom missions people made. In actual matches no they stated its pointless.

    62. Lane 1988

      I know it’s a long shot but could you please add the FA 223 to the German tech tree? I think it would be a great addition to low br matches without having to grind to helicopters. Historically it had a 7.92 machine gun but there was plans to have it carry 2x 250kg bombs.

      1. Lane 1988

        Nonetheless, it’d be cool

      2. sinister is random

        Most likely an event.

    63. Shivnil Lal

      what if the nuke looking thing is the pe8 bomb but with better effects

    64. Sergeant Brick

      I want the new plane blowy up bits because I die to much in my B-17

    65. Gerrad Reynolds

      flying aircraft carriers tho

    66. Keenan Meshake

      Hay war if you see this comment will be able to drive aircraft carriers

      1. Keenan Meshake

        @sinister is random o I thought players can drive aircraft carriers after seeing the trailer

      2. sinister is random


    67. JankoSand

      Smigol is ready for new carrier challenges! :D

    68. Ben Chighine

      Did my guy Pandramodo mastermind this trailer?

      1. sinister is random

        We do not know possible tho

    69. WZRD

      next update br decompression pls

      1. sinister is random

        The br has been decompressed already. To 10.7 Rn be patient it's a headache to decompress it any further cause it means more slots to fill in. For each nation and that's a pain for a very small group of exactly 150 to 200 possibly more since these numbers were from 2017.

    70. WZRD

      decompress br

    71. petros j.

      Will this be on PS4 ?

      1. Connor Raab


    72. Pedro712

      release date?

      1. GoldenPlus


    73. Teresa Bautista

      add bismarck and hms hood on the naval tree from germany and the UK

      1. Connor Raab

        right now the battleships are the interwar or world war 1 battleships

    74. Gamer A

      I hope that the next update is Has nuclear bombs Has nukes Is named Rising tensions Is 10 mb update

    75. 강상훈


    76. Gabriel Vazquez

      As a bomber player i hope they increase the durability of bombers such as the b17's or any bomber in general and a b17e in arcade should not encounter an f82.

    77. CHILI-EYE

      Wait will I finally unlock jets!!!!

    78. Noah Lyons

      If they are adding modern carriers than add modern jets

      1. sinister is random

        Not modern carriers their late cold war era carriers.

      2. Connor Raab

        they are, the harrier is being added along with the mig 21 bis

    79. Jack Charlton

      I’m actually exited

    80. republic of the bus airsoft

      Wait are you adding a nuclear bomb

      1. Lars

        No, it’s the new lighting

    81. jacob stiletto

      Is this update live?

      1. Anti Lope

        No. Soon™

    82. Whacked gaming

      So just tried to play this game after being away for a while, got into a defend your base style game vs bot's and got into a airplane shot the guns for 2 seconds then they all jammed.. and stayed jammed till i ran out of time in the plane. Was so much fun I think ill play something else.

      1. Não Sei 2.0

        @Whacked gaming guns won't get jammed unless you fire a amount of shells to destroy several planes , trick the anemy into doing maneuvers that will slow him making him easy to hit

      2. Whacked gaming

        @Não Sei 2.0 I was aiming for them but the gun jammed after 2 second's, plus AI planes are slippery.

      3. Não Sei 2.0

        @Whacked gaming did you ever try aiming for the planes cockpits :P

      4. Whacked gaming

        @Não Sei 2.0 In the defend battle you get a plane after so many kill's so it's not a plane from your hanger.

      5. Não Sei 2.0

        @Whacked gaming You can make them last longer using crew points

    83. Ryder Schulz

      when us the rough release date of this update??

    84. Dominator

      Gaijin: * adds Nukes, Battle ships and more * Me: Perhaps I treated you too hareshly... Also me: 0.2 seconds after I see a nuke falling towards me and my maus: HOLY F*** OH F*** OH SH*T

    85. Luke P

      plz add submarines as a default game mode

    86. Dragon Emperor

      0:30 maybe it's just a new garage ?

    87. Kenneth T

      pls add danish tech tree

      1. Kenneth T

        @Lars yes for example the M41 DK-1 or the danish centurion with thermal sight

      2. Lars

        Does Denmark have unique vehicles?

    88. Law Bringer

      release date??

    89. Sire Sheep


    90. Benedek Porpáczy

      when does it come in?

    91. tater

      I swear I’m going to drop a nuke on a Wirbelwind, and it’ll go right through without doing any damage to the crew.

      1. Lars

        It’s not a nuke

    92. Max Watt

      When go on live servers?

    93. John Tom

      0:39 after years of click bait videos talking about nukes in war thunder they add them for real

      1. Lars


      2. Merlin

        Nope, they are not adding nukes.

    94. Big Tanks

      Everybody else: nukes and carriers. Me: heh the harrier is the base for the f35.

    95. Criptonica-VIRX-

      I hope to see the new Russian T-14 tank made in 2015 and the new British challenger Black Knight some time next year, (LIKE TO MAKE IT COME TRUE)

    96. Lightning Wolf Studio’s

      Best 56 seconds of my life

    97. Kiefer The Gibus Demo

      Dammit Charlie! That nuke didn’t punch through the T-34s Russian Biased Armour!

    98. heresy to burn


    99. Corey B.


      1. Lars


    100. Red Milk

      0:39 im pretty sure thats a KV-2 getting Ammo detonated