I Shouldn't Have Said That... UNEDITED Makeup Tutorial

James Charles

8 млн көрүүлөр861

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    HI SISTERS! Today's video is a highly requested UNEDITED MAKEUP TUTORIAL Part 2! My roommates Louis, Anthony, & Trevor joined me for the longest video I've ever uploaded while we talk about a ton of things, enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Keira Noble


    2. Jeanne Romedenne

      Turning miley into Hannah montana 🥺❤️💕

    3. Bishwojit Singh

      I love watching Ur video.

    4. Tia-may Jenkins

      Me:do you mean my heart dropped down at my feet

    5. cloudy bear

      I am the friend that always orders the same thing and knows what I like from every restaurant Chick-fil-a i always get the grilled chicken sandwich with a frosted lemonade and the chick-fil-a sauce McDonalds I always get a spicy chicken sandwich unless I am with my boyfriend because he is allergic to spicy then I just get the chicken sandwich and I always get a Fanta Ma ma boba I always get the peach tea with strawberry boba So yeah

    6. Tia-may Jenkins

      James:my heart dropped down...to my wait what's that saying it's my heart dropped... I can't remember!

    7. Tia-may Jenkins

      Omg James:it weren't like I was embarrassed 😳 or anything. Me:that is SUS

    8. Tia-may Jenkins

      😲 😱 with one?🤨

    9. cloudy bear

      💀🥰💞🥺🤨 for Samsung or android users these were the emojis James was talking about

    10. A'Laysiha slocumb

      U can sing 😉😉

    11. Athena Cartagena


    12. Kira Gibbons

      He is such an inspiring person though!!!

    13. Michael Gomez

      Don’t eat the cranberry salad Mrs ma’am

    14. EZA

      Dude once he read the message I was dying I could I was dying like that funny

    15. that one gay girl

      Hi hows life

    16. Emily Grace

      K that intro song... 😍😍😍

    17. Alexis Hardy

      My go two emojis are 🥱 and 🙄

    18. Ajeesh Thomas

      Omg when he said one hour I didn't think he meant it lol

    19. Macca Plays

      James that foundation REALLY matches your face your other ones never match

    20. Jasmyn Allen

      Don’t eat the cranberry salad ❤️😘

    21. Adebola Olorunfemi Year 13

      Don’t eat the cranberry salad ✌🏾

    22. Sydny Moore


    23. Sydny Moore

      That is editing

    24. Siimplyx xBubliie

      sisterr James ❤

    25. Sara Cresswell

      The phrase is your heart sunk

    26. That One Weirdo

      City of Ember is an actual movie and I have seen it it was soo good would recommend 🥰

    27. frxnch frxes

      so this is how long this videos are when he doesnt edit it.. *1 hour* intersting

    28. mbongs r

      People who watched this from the beginning to end ⬇️

    29. Mousa Abohamde

      Who ate the cranberry salad

    30. Lacey-May Coates

      Why doesn’t James have a podcast on Spotify because I was watching this at night and I fell asleep

    31. Abby Williams

      Why was the intro so damn Amazing no cap

    32. elizabeth scott

      ayo, i have a major problem with fruits being in salad...let's discuss.

    33. Elecia Ehrenzeller


    34. carys hall

      If James ever made a podcast it should be called the sister sitdown/sister sit down show

    35. Hawon Suh

      Petition for doing makeup without a mirror

    36. Amelia Pearce

      If udidnt edit the video then how did u put the title

    37. Jasmine Stephen

      Don't eat the cranberry salad miss mama

    38. Camryn Connolly

      Petition for James to make a podcast with him and his friends.

    39. paris honeter

      Dont eat the cranberry salad when i saw this vid i knew i had too watch the whole think ILYSM🥺❤️

    40. Tutorials With me

      Wondering why there’s videos taking so long me looking at the time and saying that it’s an hour and 17 minutes and 21 seconds

    41. Camryn Connolly

      I'm still waiting for the James Charles doll....

    42. v v

      In 18:45 he says ya don't think he's ever said that🤨💕💖💝

    43. Donna Barlow

      James Charles you should do when no mirrored make-up challenge😊

    44. Madelyn Gibson

      Thumbs upped for the improv intro. 👍🏻

    45. Eugenia Gonzalez

      Omg sister the intro was great

    46. Valarie Sorrell

      Plzzz do a podcast!!!

    47. Layla Danforth

      I have that same Beauty blender but my face is so small that it’s so big

    48. GiGi Sankoh

      your saying James charles instead of I or Me like your not James Charles

    49. Alborio Rice

      Just asking if it was alright if you could list all the products you use in your vidoes. Luv your videos

    50. Rhonda Gray

      minuets until he does the color makup (35 minuets to be exact)

    51. Lea x

      The intro was everything, u guys sound amazable!!

    52. Madison Dawn

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    53. millie plays YT

      I watch KGup to help me fall asleep and I kid you not it has been I believe six days where I will wake up turn on my iPad and see that it is paused on this video it's a little arrow that says would you like to re-watch this video but it is only this video I'm calling it it's possessed LOL

    54. mikayla grace

      “unedited” 30:00 sitting there like 👁👄👁

    55. `,Winter Thingś,

      25:53 = James is looking so cute ngl oml !! 😂✨👑💖

    56. Eva Armatas

      16:11 his concealer on his forehead looks like the Adidas logo

    57. Cazzy_Gamer yt

      When u song then intro SO AMAZING

    58. Darcy Carlisle

      don't eat the cranberry salad :)

    59. Lisange Boutin

      James tweezing his eyebrows be like: 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 Vs me tweezing mine: 😖😣😫😩🥺😢😭😨😬😩😩😭😭

      1. cloudy bear

        Gurl I am a guy and I am just like dying when I tweeze my eyebrows

    60. Lee'sa Lee

      Keep the salad and fruit salad separately please.... thank you! Lolol. I love your unedited videos, do more. With subtitles for the guys in the back. I want to be a part of the conversation. Lol love ya James!

    61. E E S M V G L S

      Don't eat the cranberries in the basket

    62. KaterinaTalantliva

      Please mic on Lewis

    63. KaterinaTalantliva

      How you made it too often

    64. GiGi Sankoh

      i rlly do like hiya but not like a "go to" greeting you know?

    65. GiGi Sankoh


    66. GiGi Sankoh

      you need to change the shade of your foundation to something lighter. It does but doesn't blender with the real skin and when you lift your head to look up you can see the shading difference.

      1. GiGi Sankoh

        yet you said you rlly do like you some VV

    67. SlimeGirl

      It is my stomach dropped down to my feet

    68. Butterfly magic Amayah

      James the part where you said I’m not a turkey girl well duh cus u aren’t a girl

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    70. Bella P

      The thing that the doll should say is use James for 10% off

    71. Paige Jones

      don't eat the cranberry salad or don't eat the cranberry salad

    72. Simply Pinky

      ya omg

    73. Koshan B12


    74. Koshan B12


    75. Mauriah Cowan

      That was so good when they sung the intro like do another part 2 I like and subscribe

    76. Ella

      You look like you could be Charlie's brother

    77. Araceli Arroyo

      Omg I thought this was a live stream

    78. iiAlxrea

      I- Is it just me or is the video and hour long?-

    79. Mandolin Sheeks

      I'd love a podcast it's so fun to listen to James to table with his friends

    80. Cinnabonz8


    81. Natalie LaFramboise

      James you're my idol and I love your videos. You are an inspiration to me. I try to do your makeup looks on other people in my family. You are so amazing. You are one of my favorite youtubers. You are so cool.

    82. Serena P

      Anyone know what mascara he’s using

    83. Jada Vega

      the frogs are in the basket

    84. Kiara King

      not him getting cut off and ignored🥲

    85. FrogPog

      James should re rate his top 3 most used emojis into make up looks :)

    86. Daily Life

      this goes without saying, but slightly offended he didn't add Beyonce to their list

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    92. Ambers Life

      James’s nightmare rinkels

    93. Jeremy Damschen

      I really wanna see a James x Billie colab 🥺 and I love your makeup and your work you’ve done so well we all love you so so much keep your head up you got this and your a bad bitch and you know that and your loved and I hope you know that and I really wanna meet you one day love you sister ❤️

    94. Bella A

      lol this was on my bday

    95. Akvile Mikalauskaite

      My grempa is 95

    96. Shishter Sleepy .-.

      i love your videos and for some reason this video relaxed me so much i fell asleep

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      You are so handsome

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