Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier

Dude Perfect

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    Special thanks to the US NAVY and the amazing men and women of the USS Nimitz and the Blue Angels for helping us accomplish our list!
    Another special thanks, Commander Ronald Flanders, Lieutenant Commander Liza Dougherty Lieutenant Commander Cary Rickoff, Lieutenant Commander David M Gardner,
    Be sure to check out the US Navy!!
    ► Facebook: US Naval Air Forces
    ► Instagram: @usnavalairforces
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP

      1. Toxxinic Gaming

        Go to Area 51

      2. Lanie Miterdan

        yall should go to philipines

      3. Cromo Noxx

        when will the next ep be?

      4. Hypercloud


      5. Grace King

        My cousin has actually been on one

    2. mike WIZZ

      This video almost has 1 million likes pog

    3. OddElephant

      F-16 on carrier... not realistic.

    4. M. Faaz Jehangiri

      do it in Africa

    5. Nolan Quigley

      go to south africa!!!!!!!

    6. Pie M

      Tuyệt đỉnh

    7. Charlie Hennessy

      whats the song name at 8:28 ?

    8. Random Videos

      Just imagine doing the Dab in 2021

    9. Techking120

      if this is only on an aircraft carrier, i cant wait to see what the do in south africa

      1. chese54


    10. Brad Stewart

      I have spent years of my life out to sea on one of these things. You guys have a much different experience then I did thats for sure. I was shot off the catapult though. Thst was fun

    11. Miller

      6:57 that’s what she said

    12. Robin Eastwood

      Red arrows are better than the blue angles

    13. Stephilove6


    14. Jennifer Quinones

      come to puerto rico

    15. Kralmus

      Drive the ship ahaha

    16. Veggie OV

      They left the camera man

    17. Boerseun Aj

      Do a submarine experience

    18. sxply_jayden

      all fun and games til you hear sirens and see some bombers coming you way

    19. thejai28

      okay they probably had to make a "small donation" to the Navy or its affiliate organizations... i find it hard for a CO to allow civilians into a carrier and say yeah sure have a blast playing golf and fishing while everyone here is hard at work sacrificing for the country and our families... but id probaby do the same if i had the money and the status tbh

    20. Akio

      "We're shooting the planes off the runway ourselves" Some pilot overhearing them: yeah can i skip flying today

    21. Joao carvalhal Lemos


    22. Plushies Gaming

      Instead of sparks it should be sparky

    23. Eddie Carlson

      I love your videos

    24. Milutin Stankovic

      Whats the name of the first song?

    25. Meep Floonder

      Sorry Coby, but the dab is dead

    26. Brendan Savell

      You can con a boat or you can steer a boat but you don’t drive a boat -papa Jim

    27. Kaneki Ken

      I want to shoot of a jet with Rock-Paper-Scisor from Gon

    28. Jerry The British Infantryman

      Can’t wait to see them live in the ISS

    29. Aditya Bathija

      I really want to take you'll on a ride on the jet when I grow up I am 8 years my name is Rishan Bathija

    30. Dar Kels

      Yo I wish I can go on a aircraft carrier

    31. JaieDev

      WOW! that was AMAZING!

    32. Dustine 857


    33. Michael Jones

      Amazing this looks like sooo much fun, lots of love from New Zealand haha

    34. Silver Wolf

      Garet ain’t you from mr beast

    35. Loradel Salvador

      That aircraft carrier is in the Philippines for now to help our country against china

    36. Greendelta0723

      When your running to the fish it looks like there's a plane fire on the aircraft carrier and your an airport fire fighter rushing downstairs to a fire engine

    37. Logan Earl

      I’m about to join the navy just for the ice cream

    38. Sarcastic boy

      Cheif; mayday mayday there is plane that never invented on earth

    39. Dominik Linke

      On the Ship life more perplex than in my town

    40. Nub

      The plane shooting stules were kinda cringe ngl

    41. Ali Hadaya

      Who here wants another bucket list

    42. El Mundo de Luis

      Please more bucket list

    43. Tony Hermesmeyer

      i cannot stop whatchihg you guys

    44. Greta Watson

      17:55 I love Codys expression lol

    45. lol_im_a_bot 815

      0:52-0:54 i like it this he says:" Welcome.. to bucket list You know this is one of my favorite videos i always watch it again and again and again

    46. Brent Patteson

      Are we gonna ignore the fact the camera man was left on the ship

    47. mjr

      Who’s here after they announced the second bucket list?

    48. Jami Jensen

      I noticed he said if 18 instead of blue Angel really offends me They’re both my favorite but you can’t mix these two up

    49. HerbalMite 97

      Can you imagine if they asked to do something with the marines?

    50. Hot wassabi plays

      my dream is to be an airforcer

    51. Dwight Eisenhower Cabiscuelas

      it would be great if i can hangout with u guys

    52. Randall M

      Another absolute BANGER 🔥!!!

    53. Zak Vermaak

      i would love to do that and i love jets so thank you for doing this

    54. 0100101110001 0010011101011

      Love to see u playing with our taxes to make a yt video, yeah...

    55. TheZuhra8888


    56. Lachezar Martinov

      Where is ep 2 we are still waiting

      1. Mani Subramanian

        It’s coming May 17!!!! It’s on their instagram

    57. The Tank On Crack

      The USS Nimitz is no ordinary carrier,it’s the OG of America’s 11 carriers

    58. Incise Infinity


    59. 八级大狂风


    60. Greenman_91 gaming


    61. uzumaki Jaramillo


    62. Erica Fasulo


    63. #1JackPlayz

      The nose of the plane fell off lol😂.

    64. Maahir Gupta

      When’s the next episode coming out

      1. Piggy’s B****

        may 17th

    65. Elsa Voegele

      Cody in his blue angel he was like oh wow we’re moving wow ok bye guys haha it’s was so funny 😂

    66. Vallinayakam Somasundaram

      only 1 person can defeat them: mr beast

      1. Mani Subramanian

        Nahhhh these are the goats of youtube

    67. Justin Offen


    68. Seems binoy


    69. Krish Parekh

      Cody has such a goofy smile while flying😄

    70. _khang kzk

      do you like F/A-18 Superhornet

    71. Vincenzo Ruccolo

      im so exited for the next one

    72. Brayden Kneifl

      Why not go to Space:NASA

    73. Diego

      I love how they got so excited with the fish on that Chad started yelling! 🤣😁

    74. Mike Nate

      maybe elon musk can hook you up on space x's first trip to the moon?

    75. Jazzzy

      the one and only bucket list

      1. Lynn M

        They are doing one in South Africa

    76. NickBorlas

      11:33 breaks 46 million dollar jet

    77. nigar sultana

      WORLDS FASTEST CYCLE BACKFLIP come and visit my country Bangladesh love you all😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    78. Admin Family

      imagine rage monster in that ship this channel would have been bankrupt

    79. Nicholas Ng

      Imagine you look up and see a fighter jet doing this......

    80. David Duong

      The measly sidecar undeniably wink because hen eventually jog on a impossible meeting. rural, lavish session

    81. Terance Healy

      One thing about DudePerfect, ..... IT ALWAYS FEELS LIKE THEY BROUGHT YOU ALONG WITH THEM!

    82. BaconBoi -

      me still waiting for ep 2 lol

      1. BaconBoi -

        Wait don’t tell me dude perfect agrees with me

    83. Mkai Kalek

      hmm, do they have a permission to catch fish?

      1. Imperial Doggo


    84. Raj Arush Pasupuleti

      Him: touches steering wheel Radio: MAN OVERBOARD XDDDD

    85. ImABacon_xX

      These kings have more luck than @Dream

    86. Josh Russell


    87. Rilyx.

      imagine if that golf ball was the proof that there were humans

    88. Awais Ahmad

      Where’s the rage monster?

    89. Nikita Spain

      If I kept finding washers and bolts on deck, I would really like to find out where they’re coming from 😳

    90. Fred Lawrence Agustin

      10:13 100 50 40 30 20 10 butter

    91. Real Abyssal

      68 lol

    92. 박희령

      The damaged stock connolly stuff because priest morphologically trade apud a small ox. jagged, young blade

    93. Erling Tendenes Meland

      Why was the nomber 68

    94. JimJam

      4:30 sad the ship is number 68 and not 69

      1. Kalashnikov 413

        USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has CVN-69

    95. Specinix


    96. Strafe / Tazu [MOBILE]

      What is the first song?

    97. Fore Family

      Go to the north pole

    98. Chips4Free

      what kind of fish did you catch?

    99. Doge Kingdom Gaming

      Plot twist. They go to war in a f16

    100. Jayden Axelle

      wow blue angels but red arrows is better