Winter Vacation 2021 orlando stunt riders meetup

S1000RR King

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    Winter Vacation 2021 orlando stunt riders meetup
    MotoVlog Setup: Shoes x-14 helmet
    Sena 30k bluetooth headset
    Chin mounts GoPro mount
    Gopro Hero 9 black / Gopro Hero 360 MAX
    Purple Panda microphone
    Motorcycle: 2021 BMW S1000RR M Package
    520 GOLD 3d MOTO GP Chain
    Vortex 520 blue sprocket
    Akrapovic Evo titanium full system
    Sprint Filter po1-f85 race filter
    IAT sensor relocation
    Flapper delete
    Brentuning Moto block off plates
    Brentuning Moto stage 2.5 adaptive flash
    Alpha racing bar end brake guard
    Gilles tooling clip’s
    Brembo ras 19 corsa corta front master cylinder
    Galfer wave rear rotor
    Gilles tooling frame sliders
    Pirelli Diablo Super corsa v3 tires front and rear
    MRA smoked windscreen
    BMW m package axle sliders front and rear
    Racing oil fill plug
    Ilmberger carbon fiver solo tail with vents
    Full synthetic motul 300v oil
    New rage cycles fender eliminator and taillight
    Lightweight racing lithium battery
    Cox racing gold radiator and oil cooler guard
    Akrapovic carbon fiber exhaust hanger
    New oem Bmw front calipers

    Submit your clips to @s1000rrking on instagram for a feature and shoutout epic moto 2 moto gp motorcycle wrecks

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    1. MrNihilism

      Got some good footage man ! 🤘🏼

    2. UpshiftNL

      Sick Video!!!

    3. Kyle Knievel

      hellllll yeah!

    4. Jenny Silva

      Did you happen to get any footage of a crash that happened on the straight line?

      1. S1000RR King

        No sorry I got there late !

    5. Flenicical

      Wow is that you on the motorcycle So COOL And is that Ya gang