Living Like an Among Us Crewmate for 24 Hours! - Challenge


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    Living Like an Among Us Crewmate for 24 Hours! - Challenge with Brianna 👊
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    1. Brianna

      You're a crewmate with either MrBeast or Dream, who are you choosing?! Subscribe and let me know!

      1. Jdrien Barahona

        I will give you a million dollars and you can meal 100 daughters do you dy

      2. Ben Williams

        Hi bri

      3. John Butty69


      4. Isobel Jefferies


      5. Jamie Scott-Davis


    2. Devin Lin



      I haven't watched you in a LONG time and I'm so sorry! I started watching Aphmau more, and I forgot how amazing you were! I love you!

    4. Concept Reveal

      It’s orange who killed White

    5. Tiger Marlin

      And what happened to briana

    6. Rachel Swick Mavity

      Nooo it is tbnfrags

    7. Detnilanh Keomisy

    8. Zariah Cupid

      I love you all so much 😊

    9. Breanne Remick

      You are my Favorite Brianna!

    10. Breanne Remick

      I love Among us I play it every day

    11. Nawal Gagne

      and hi

    12. Nawal Gagne

      lol yes

    13. player

      Isn't that a real knife...?

      1. Nawal Gagne




      1. Nawal Gagne


    15. John Prophet

      Mr beast

      1. John Prophet

        In the first round it was preston

    16. Tori Powell

      It was preston

    17. Rod Aaron Cueto

      Why did you vote Scott out

    18. Rod Aaron Cueto

      Dream crewmate mr beast imposter

    19. Gwenie the Unicorn

      In 5:02 why is the Dwayne Johnson/the rock in the Emergency meeting? Only me...ok and why is Keeley protecting/bringing the rock😂😂😂

    20. Arber Stene

      To do among us player normal like you did in this one but do it when you die you turn into a ghost

    21. Patty Hoelting

      do life as an imppoter

    22. Steli Yanachkova

      The rock in the back:Kelly I'm falling

    23. Annie Ziegler

      It’s Preston

    24. Rachel Stuckey

      Oh no I hope no one actually died.

    25. Corgo gaming

      How do they stab eachother

    26. Oscar Mcculloch

      Present is always there impostor before a game

    27. Vince Martin


    28. Aiden hayes

      What knife you using that don't heat them because I need it

    29. Lesley Mousley


    30. Ashandy Mendoza

      Was that knife real it got threw the people playing with u

    31. Luki gaming

      I love your Channel💘💘💘💘

    32. Vince Martin

      Hiiiii I'm eevee

    33. György Ujhelyi

      Preston: its not me! Briana: nooo dont vote me!!!

    34. Evelyn Hanefield

      Preston is the imposter

    35. Bao Chi

      24 hours=1 day

    36. Bao Chi


    37. EarthUnicornz!

      What if the ROCK watched this? 🤣🤣🤣

    38. little lightningyt

      and you should do a video where your doing minecraft in real life for 24 hours!

    39. little lightningyt

      I'll be a crew with Mr. Beast

    40. Jenny Borowick


    41. Jennifer Brown

      Preston is the inposter

    42. Herminia Historillo

      What knife did preston yous

    43. Shawn Wilmouth

      Hey we with bill nay at school how cool

    44. Jack Peplinski


    45. KidkySein Saw


    46. Girl Kageyama

      When Preston said Jonathan jostar I started crying just a bit bc I’m girl DIO

    47. Aurelia Cay

      Bri is so prety and pres is so handsome i want them to be my mom and dad

    48. Shammah In Pain

      It is Preston

    49. Shammah In Pain


    50. Ravi Kumar

      Ben Bernanke

    51. Morgan Carrico


    52. Orlaith Peggs

      Mr beast

    53. Fahir Beganovic


    54. Fahir Beganovic


    55. zevanya aisyah

      brianna preston is brun your diamon

    56. Miley Yeomans

      I love among us so I mint kopy it in real life 👀


      14:54 me when I have taco bell

    58. Wesley Danielson

      can I play?

    59. Meghann Greenough


    60. Mireya Cuevas


    61. Jean Wheaton

      This video is cool

    62. Meredith Elmore

      BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!! We watch it in school

    63. Mia And Joeys Not So Late Show

      Mr beast

    64. Gaming

      I play among us

    65. Quinncy Evangeline Sinaga

      Ohhh u watch jojo bizzare adventure huh jjba

    66. James Graner

      orange is sus

    67. Victoria Kelley


    68. Tiffany Mertell

      I love your videos so so so so so so much

    69. 1A23 吳一之NG YAT CHI

      Bri is sus

    70. Keely Brown

      Is Preston actually killing people

    71. Aliya Aliya

      I love among us it is fun

    72. DJ L-Rath


    73. Brandi Harris

      Is that knife... plastic

    74. Bridget Couts

      B. B

    75. Darrleen Conley

      you are the best bri :D

    76. Selina Zhu

      Siri is the imposter.

    77. Ashlandt Herbst


    78. Yesenia Simental

      Isaiah is p

    79. George Hoesley

      How do they do the knife when they killed

    80. Charlotte Fishel

      Preston is mean

    81. James Allan

      My brother

    82. James Allan

      And Keeley no saying the F word I am just 8 years old no. And my brother who is four years old is right next to me we are not aloud ya

    83. James Allan

      I’m sorry that I’m cheating but it is Preston

    84. Brandkp33


    85. Grayci Stanford

      I love that you can vent in among us in real life

    86. derk slurp girl big fan of derk sluerp

      Is it a real knife

    87. Ewan Watson

      I love you 💕❤️😘

    88. Tselmeg Tsolmon


    89. Tselmeg Tsolmon


    90. Wahid Miah


    91. Owen Gmazel

      Why is Preston always the imposter??????

    92. Sasha Tidwell

      im alabama and a ceiston

    93. Sasha Tidwell

      its preston

    94. Chase Wentz

      Tell Preston my name is Chase

    95. Fatima Noor


    96. Chris&Andrea’s World


    97. Chris&Andrea’s World


    98. Chris&Andrea’s World


    99. rude name

      I love it please do it again😍

    100. Rachel Ralston-Brown