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    1. MeatCanyon

      First person to see randall in this video gets a $10 Applebee’s gift card 😏

      1. Jack Wood


      2. Connor Callahan

        @thecrazYmEn3 i think thats actually it

      3. Angelo Hernandez

        in the closet behind kitty

      4. Anzus

        2:12 the poster has his face smiling

      5. Heritic Slayer

        I just presume he's the voice in the end

    2. mika

      i will never be able to watch monsters inc the same again😳😳😳

    3. Loverof Book&Movies

      Movie forever ruined

    4. Carl Dollarhide

      He is a cat and woofed LMAOOOOOO JUST DONT MAKE SENSE

    5. Saul MacDonald

      I am soooo glad i dont have a closet door

    6. Mellon Cat27

      Why is suly so fat

    7. Mellon Cat27

      Suly u aperv

    8. Absolutely Not

      Has no one noticed the corpse poster a 2:12 ?

    9. TMM


    10. Kaspars Kārkliņš

      This was more of a funny video

    11. STIX Gaming

      Oh gosh what has he done this time? Is basically what you could say about every video

    12. Xavier Saltos

      Que chucha es esto


      the next day she gon have rug burns

    14. Jad3n

      I mean, there´s always a sexual thing on this animations, but this time is so explicit...

    15. LuNY2nez

      2:41 does anybody recognize the Corpse Husband poster on her wall?

    16. _TheGaeBoi _

      Oh no not monsters ink.

    17. Orange Ace

      oh not spooky good!

    18. Swampy The Munsteer

      Daddys favorite little girl gave me the chills

    19. joru

      “like pocahontas screaming for her white god john smith” bruv what😭

    20. Savage Beast364


    21. kingkee

      Okay but the corpse poster

    22. Orwell Jones Laeddis

      Sully rolling with hard R's wow :D

    23. Coach Ukais Hair Band

      I’m sorry his lips...I cannot-

    24. Ulitima Knight

      What The Fuck

    25. ColdHearted Clan𓅓シꨄ

      His name Kitty he want her 😽

    26. ColdHearted Clan𓅓シꨄ

      WTF I’m watching

    27. マジン会

      Shully is down horrendous


      Not the corpse husband poster on the wall 😭 🤚


      Easter egg boo has a poster of corpse

    30. Ethan Garay

      What the fuck 18 is but and she said kitty

    31. hunter childers

      I was expecting so much worse than this

    32. Citybae Tv

      Everything Gucci until kitty started barking *I AM DEAD*

    33. Trinnity Chavez

      This is so cursed

    34. Matheus Souza


    35. Hello random peaple

      We going to ignore the corpse husband poster in her room?

    36. xChar Trapx

      This is more disturbing than me drawing eldritched animals and I love it

    37. misafilms


    38. Lee Yoonji

      I want pt.2 already

    39. i eat cereal


    40. Will Maciel


    41. Celebrities Twerk

      Yo mike at the end

    42. The Existing

      I love how Mike was just there the entire time listening and probably watching this unfold

    43. Black belt Gaming107

      I see CORPSE

    44. Zalera Severn

      "I want you to fart in you're hand, and eat it like a sandwich." 😂😂

    45. ColdSoda #0959

      is the guy in the credits... RANDAL?

    46. Player1thepro

      Just spotted the corpse husband painting

    47. LOL MAN


    48. Κώστας ο Ζέξη

      I feel filthy.

    49. fools!youexpectedaname, jokesonyou,idon'thaveone!

      2:49 and this was the moment that she knew she needed to delete her onlyfans account

    50. Asexuals Aces

      shes gross and the whole disney company. 😂😂

    51. I I


    52. davidca96

      I love this one hahahahah

    53. mr brick

      Im scared for life

    54. Mr Shinybald

      My brother showed me this and said it reminds him of me.... should I be worried?

      1. VixyMix 101

        Very worried--

    55. ChickTheWolf

      I just notice... Da gurl is da kid from da movie-

      1. ColdSoda #0959


    56. angie agostini

      Oh no my childhood movie 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    57. lord and savior mac tonight


    58. W_ldan

      You guys know where i can get eyebleach and earbleach, or even brainbleach?

    59. Clanker


    60. DonaldcoolcoolYT

      Kitty part 2

    61. Julian Morales

      So hot

    62. Stephanie Norwood

      I like the fact she has a corpse poster on her wall

    63. Carol Ann Miles

      Drawn Together X rated Versions Only...

    64. Carol Ann Miles

      Wonder what a live action play would be 👍

    65. Domatron Dziewit

      Du fuck

    66. Anabella Mielke

      the corpse husband poster-

    67. satoru kendai

      It's kinda a portrayed reality with the OnlyFans girls and their SIMPS

    68. thunderhead

      Ok where's Randall

    69. Royals In PURPLE

      I knew that song was familiar

    70. Kopapai

      "i'm so far away right now"

    71. Inkura

      Fact in your pants it will scare away the ghost sniffs pants

    72. Joshua on yt Rodriguez

      This is so wherd as fuck he wants her underwear

      1. Joshua on yt Rodriguez


    73. Davis T.

      “Hello boo!”

    74. Camo Man

      2:12 she has a Corpse wallpaper and mike is hiding behind the curtain on the left

    75. Only For Gamers

      When you realize kitty probably stole a phone: 👁👄👁

    76. Marcello Olazaran

      Disgust monster inc🦕🦖

    77. Jack Crowley

      2:44 nearly killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. SaberBlaze

      0_o wHaT tHe HelL am living in

    79. Centurion

      Idk kitty looks like an average lol player to me

    80. Epialos

      Everyone who left a like on this video has a special corner in hell

      1. Hattie Smith

        I know 😅

    81. NapizHere 2

      This shit right here had me dead af from beginning to end 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤮

    82. Chaos Ensues

      The thumbnail looking like a fallout 1 talking head.

    83. Loriann Rivercreek

      ooooooh no

    84. Loli Bunny

      I’m so scared

    85. MAD MARZ


    86. Ben Millican

      Hate it

    87. Ben Millican

      I hat it

    88. Emma Fox


    89. SaJJi Cuhz

      That thumbnail tho oooooo

    90. Darren2016N

      Odd, this one didn’t have a horrible ending 🤔

    91. pheonix024

      Why did I even watch this channel

    92. The Poop face


    93. Minermike333

      Well I can never watch monsters inc again thanks for that

    94. aaaqil

      Tell me the name of that ringtone pls,,T^T

    95. Mike Hawk

      I lost it when he started barking

    96. EternalGhxst09

      I’m scared of Monsters Inc. now

    97. Altered Quellist

      Hell doesn't exist and people don't go there there to burn for eternity.. but you will.

    98. harley

      she had no idea who the real threat was. no idea the green monster, who had a particular fetish for farts, was lurking behind the curtains the *whole time.*

    99. Dark Lynx Productions


    100. Sergio Flores

      So any corpse meatcanyon calabs