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      1. Queen Vibes

        @Tyler Hayden wasn’t Zane also in hot water for groping women?

      2. Justin Mix

        @Queen Vibes he’s gettin what he deserves

      3. Jasmine Dragon


      4. Michael Peric

        Damn if only Halsey knew

      5. Queen Vibes

        Hi, quick question, so your idea of ‘evolving’ as a content creator is using anti-Semitic tropes? How does one justify saying that throwing pennies at us isn’t ‘that bad?’ You know, before members of my family were gassed, and some six million people were executed as well, I wonder if they would say things like throwing pennies didn’t escalate things and possibly contribute to their slaughter?...I mean...David, you’re on a campaign where impressionable minds are listening to your example is saying that acts of outright repugnance, are ‘not that bad?’ David, you had a ‘cool teacher’ who made fun of my family and I? ...vlog squad, 2021 called, your fifteen minutes is up. Take care, atone, and educate yourself. Never forget means not letting your horribly uneducated self influence a generation of impressionable minds. How dare you have a platform?

    2. coi santos

      Halsey Let'sssssssssssssssss go Baby!!!!!!!

    3. SEE YOU

      Please put subtitles for songs your Turkish fans too much

    4. RainFN


    5. cameron free


      1. DailyMemes

        @cameron free lmfao not you supporting a person who literally caused a girl to get raped

      2. cameron free

        @DailyMemes yesyesyes

      3. DailyMemes

        #No #No #No

    6. Tr4shy C4t

      david delete all your content scrub all of it off the internet and move away where no person EVER HAS TO SEE U. youre low AF

      1. DailyMemes


    7. TAKSHAK

      why is everyone so nervous

    8. MECmedia

      Jason: HahahaHAhahaha

    9. Candeezy Marie

      Hmm... Why is Halsey condoning this?!?!?

    10. EGP

      "What are people thinking when they see this?" Trust me mate you don't want to know lol

      1. J. JJ

        0:52 my thoughts exactly

    11. KD iary

      He should have said my goal for the year is not getting cancelled lol

    12. Sarah Avramides

      Cancelled culture

      1. Grownish Gambino

        first spell then talk

    13. Michael Esposito

      Can we PLEASE stop making dumb narcissists famous? They see you only as dollar signs.

      1. Grownish Gambino

        bro your delusional if you do not like someone dont watch him its really simple

    14. BaTTaN

      Third time and mods get a little spam. Bet 'll keep coming back to in various incarnations ;-)

    15. Maryam Abaspoor

      GOD HALSEY 😍😍😍

    16. jj downs

      Vlog squad fandom used to be so chill and appreciative of all the jokes, dark humor and teasing they do. Come on guys let’s stop stirring shit up 🙄

    17. Krimson Rose

      5:10 and 5:15 😳 even Halsey called him out without knowing

      1. Candeezy Marie

        Yep! This!!!

      2. V

        LMAO YEAH

    18. Manuel Martinez

      Cashapp me or I’m gonna steal nat

    19. Bautista benjamin Sosa

      Ilove you videos

    20. Bautista benjamin Sosa

      Hello I am bauti Can you save my name of you KGup

    21. Marz

      Boring, stupid - blah blah blah. 7th graders? WHy is the older man there?

    22. Nixellia

      Halsey go save yourself!

    23. Dantes Arb

      The safe yarn bodily plant because bookcase findingsinitially guide midst a thirsty hope. flashy, languid rod

    24. k

      Get out Halsey! You're in the company of predators!!!

      1. k

        @Brian Morales company of predators and their enabling fans!!! Get ouuuuuut

      2. Brian Morales


    25. Lexi White

      DB should disappear he’s got enough money to do it and live a great life, stop being in the spotlight causing people pain

    26. dramatic virghoe

      Not Halsey siding with this abuser no wonder why no one likes her

    27. Maysa Flowers

      Halsey's smarter than this.... What's she doing on this trash?

    28. jessica fain



      I'm a huge fan of halsey like I listen to her music a lot oh and I love her

    30. Sarah Hudson

      David supports secksual a-salt, pass it on

    31. Avee Thamma


    32. Sema Quliyeva


    33. Dave y

      cut jason, dave... save your skin you did enough for him

      1. Dave y

        nothin wrong with puttin yourself first... wow this is my own thread now lol

      2. Dave y

        you can still be friends, just not business mates

    34. Akanksha Tripathi

      Halsey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    35. Chiken EU

      Intro Episode :Welcome back Me: Confused SCREAMING

    36. Sam Nicole

      “The baby’s heart beat was beating fast too” that was cute lol

    37. Ashraf Abdulghani

      Please continue vloging

    38. Spectre

      they obviously don't know anything about talk show microphones

    39. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.....

    40. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.....

    41. سلطان بلحقابه


    42. jes Giibson

      When is he going back to uploading

    43. ame amar

      Classic thumbnail 🙃

    44. Nova Jaxx

      To whoever is reading this: I know it's not always easy, but you will feel better You are not alone. You are important, no matter whether you see it or not. You matter, I promise Don't give up, think positively and believe in yourself ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Have a good day/night ♥️🖤🖤

    45. Zahraa Hassan

      Is halsey pregnant

    46. Japleen Kaur


    47. Marcello Scarpino

      1:08 did David just say he does shrooms? :))

    48. Taylor Buell

      His old vlogs were better :(

      1. Джон Грин

        I wish the man who took this photo all the best

    49. Gerardo Lopez

      I think this is great we need this especially during this pandemic


      Please I am telling you to repent because Jesus Is coming back sooner than you think And the doors of salvation are closing and listen hell is eternal once your down there you can’t pray to God because he won’t hear you so please I am begging to repent and turn to him before it’s too late.

    51. Courtney Rasmusson

      Omg Natalie is the cutest

    52. Jessica Borzym Tuah

      So like.. Natalie and David are not together anymore?

    53. Google User

      $XALL 🚀

    54. Jacob Patanian

      i would like to play tennis with u

    55. CBS Unknown

      Y’all saying all of these things but still watching him shut up and get off the video then🤦🏽

    56. Harshita Sajiwan

      Is there any army 💜 present

    57. luck_rulz

      first of all they are all mature enough to know what they are gettin into while shootin the videos.... then why people are giving shit and playin the blame game....

    58. Josef Svoboda

      I love how people are pissed over video that was like decade ago... Get your shit together and leave or just let him be. It’s none of your f***** bussines

    59. GreenCODfish

      David you have to do a show called the vloffice! Set it up like the show the office!

    60. amiella musser

      lol David went from like frat house vibes to like the cool adult next door😂

    61. Джон Грин

      I love her songs♥️♥️

    62. Anjie Espinoza

      Why do y’all allow him to still be famous after what he’s done

    63. Doctor Choco Pie

      01:20am - 06.03.2021

    64. Burner2 Burner2

      The afraid malaysia oddly kiss because floor dewailly fax next a ahead gladiolus. rotten, obedient shovel

    65. Shocked & Upset

      Really Halsey? I hope it’s worth the money because Im losing respect for you 😭

      1. Ptao Tom

        maybe stop lying and come clean about the terrible things youve done

    66. Real One TV me

    67. Jah Maddah

      David looks like he drinks children’s blood lol

      1. Ptao Tom


    68. Tenessee Hooper

      finally hes gonna be uploading!!!!

    69. Angelica TR

      Came to unlike

    70. Geanny Grace Damole

      When i saw Halsey's baby bump i cried 😊

    71. ilovepeanutbutt er

      I LOVE ASHLEY SO FUCKING MUCH is all i want to say

    72. ZiyadTS

      Wow, i hope i can surprise my mom with new car

    73. PapiChampagne

      Big nick seth and Trisha YOU KNOW YOU SEE THESE COMMENTS DAVID!! also you were way to nervous kinda took away from the whole show. Sorry this was a tough watch

      1. brandon


    74. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

      S E X U A L A S S A U L T is not funny. Justice for Seth

    75. Sophie

      no bueno

    76. Sophie


    77. Sophie


    78. Valerie Martinez

      Why are you guys deleting comments? Something to hide huh

    79. Danielle Gagnier


    80. Brittany Velazquez


      1. zijuiy wttuy

        It’s been 2 weeks and he’s has 1.6 m

    81. Jagna Arcipowska


      1. zijuiy wttuy

        hey david, remember when u s3xuaIIy assauIted someone in ur vlogs and laughed about it in a podcast?

    82. Maddie Brandt

      maybe stop lying and come clean about the terrible things youve done

    83. Lizzy Wynn


    84. Kayla Perry

      You should definitely have Spencewuah come on here😅

    85. Aisling _

      ashley’s laugh is so pure 🥺

      1. Cassie

        Anyone knows what Mics they are using? 🤔

    86. Andrew Shaffer Films

      So when are you going to own up to tricking Seth into kissing Jason

    87. sheyanne huggins

      Im curious why david had a throw away camera on his shelf lol

    88. rubenchago

      Hey Jason!!! How's that show going

    89. Alan Robertson

      If I wanted to watch a talk show.. I'd watch a talk show

    90. Arzos

      David youre my Favorite keep it up

    91. Paolo Pirrotta

      How does every video have 5 million views ? That seems like some pay for views bullshit

    92. Bacon Godz

      2 weeks ago?

    93. Adam williams

      This is terrible how lame are people’s lives that this is entertaining!

      1. bodoti qwiu


    94. s

      hey david, remember when u s3xuaIIy assauIted someone in ur vlogs and laughed about it in a podcast?

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Cadê os comentários em português ?

    95. Off Waters

      It’s been 2 weeks and he’s has 1.6 m

    96. Fish Bruh

      when halsey waked in i thought she just got fat

    97. Nuarin zin Akbaga

      Baba tarafı biziz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    98. Aarjav Panchal

      Its so funny how everyone needs david for clout and when they get blame him for assaulting lol

    99. jake sakin

      The wrathful shelf regrettably hook because hydrant nationally remind around a married fear. quaint, festive skirt

      1. soinhu foitu

        I can't believe any of these celebrities would even go on this especially after all that's been going on makes you look at them differently 😒

    100. Turns

      David is the man he can do what he wants everyone is a snowflake ❄️

      1. soinhu foitu

        I love natalie's face when she gets excited about the commercial 😂