HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5



13 млн көрүүлөр938

    Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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    WARNING: for horse!
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    1. Vivziepop

      HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► kgup.info/get/gKOVmYPTnpqciGo/video Episode One ► kgup.info/get/lqOTgXjJeZ1_g24/video Episode Two ► kgup.info/get/nKeiqIfIZG1te4c/video Episode Three ► kgup.info/get/g56cpJzMjIKamZ0/video Episode Four ► kgup.info/get/YpF6pJq6gqSgdqE/video


        The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

      2. vermelon

        Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

      3. Carmen Angulo

        0 l Prv^¿*^^

      4. Slyuniform


      5. Alisha Fox


    2. Zak138

      Pov: you keep watching the episode cause its so fucking good

    3. Barbara Turner

      The fact that stolas probably knew what Stella was yelling about at the dinner table....but also like "can't we have a normal family dinner for once".....AND THE OCTAVIA IN THE BACK

    4. Benjamin Pryer

      "Hmmm, there's no water in this third game, I wonder how the shark is gonna... there it is."

    5. Player Two With James And John

      17:24 That transition was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    6. Maylee Sprinkle

      0:15.............. what is he wearing bruh?......... the start of the episoodeee XDDDDDDDDDDDDD this is my humor i love thiss

    7. Lily lizzy

      Striker is gorgeous and I want a pin of him.

    8. StrawberryRoanDragon

      Awhh at Blitzo enamored by the horse ahah.

    9. HarlowsNight

      aren't they in hell shouldn't they already be dead

    10. aloof ?

      When Blitzo was with Striker, hes eyes turned red and pupils, pink. He then showed HELLA BOTTOM ENERGY- but also, you could tell he was vulnerable. I think his relationship with Verosika gave him trust issues. I'm sure Verosika hurt him mentally, and he may love Stolas but he is just afraid of getting hurt again. Anyway, proof to that is The Loo Loo Land Clown told Blitzo no one loved him and he seemed taken aback from it. Striker was making him feel like he was adored but I'm sure he knew that Moxxie and Millie and Loona really do love him. This is just my theory :)

    11. Zavat Bogdan


    12. Gabby

      Very fitting that brandon Rogers gets to play blitzo

    13. Lettuce For life

      14:51 this part gets me every fucking time.

    14. The Void

      Wait... Blitz/o, because it’s a Typ/o?

    15. Athena Nguyen

      Millie is everything I inspire to be

    16. Baron Boi

      Moxxie sounds almost identical to Kaos from skylanders. But Kaos is always yelling so not completely identical

    17. sharktooth

      This show is really good

    18. Emmanuel Béziat

      More! Moooore! Pleaaase!

    19. Greg Adams

      When are you going to make episode 6

    20. Rouge the bat girl

      Plz make more with striker he so hot 🔥

    21. Carrie Drury

      Wait I just realized Millie wakes up looking that good, she’s not wearing makeup??

    22. Charlotte Heudebourck

      Striker I failed to kill the target That guy on the internet WELL NO FUCKING SHIT🙄👐🏻

    23. Notere

      Was moxxie supposed to actually do something this episode?

    24. 90Kirame

      Stolas is the most precious thing EVERRRRRRRRRR

    25. Jazz Hea

      I like to imagine they're smoking the DEVILS LETTUCE in the first scene. Lol

    26. M07H3RFCK3R


    27. Emil Mørch Christensen

      If I.M.P. has an opening, I Really Hope they hire Sallie May!

    28. Werfer of flammen

      Wait, the name Blitz reminds the dad of war? Does this mean that he was in german army during blitzkrieg?

    29. AbigailSouthArt

      Why does millies sister sound like a dude

    30. bred


    31. Non-endearing manchild

      So does that mean that the I.M.P has a holy weapon now?

    32. Stacy Swayney


    33. ENA and Moony


    34. Grimm Reaper Gaming

      I wanna see more of this than anything else

    35. Johnny Martin

      Ngl Millie’s parents are the most bland looking characters in the series

    36. Mpumelelo Lembede

      I wish these came out weekly :'(

    37. Caden Boggess

      I think we might have a villain in Helluva Boss now

    38. Damian Avitia

      More norman reedus

    39. Indominus Bezza

      Striker singing, Girl gets booted in the face🥾😞😭

    40. Brian Steele

      Striker is kinda hot 🔥 maybe because he looks like a Kobold...

    41. Kat Lloyd

      I've never been so invested in the relationships between demons

    42. Carlo Boulengier

      You know I'll be honest with everyone the rifle design looks pretty cool even the blessing tip and I was wondering if there is an actual harvest moon festival I'd totally go. If there's a rifle vinyl design I'd buy it just as long it isn't expensive but I gotta get a rifle too

    43. SmalleveingYT Gaming

      Were did the hotel part gooo

      1. Depresso

        Hazbin Hotel is a different show, picked up by A24

    44. komododithrax

      Was that piemations???

    45. Alisibeth Tolliver

      Norman Reedus as Striker is the BEST decision you could've made other than Brandon Rogers being Blitzø.

    46. {Aoi_ Lolly}

      the fact that loona was like "im not only a hell hound"

    47. Joshua Perez

      Mcree and striker vs outlaw spawn and ghost rider.

    48. Joshua Perez

      Striker reminds of Ocelot

    49. GamerNook

      Oh shit why the fuck is this on KGup for damn sick

    50. Magician

      This episode combines the comedy of a children's cartoon with the dark humor and violence of adult shows. Using voice actors from classic children's cartoons only adds to this.

    51. Crabby & Chips

      But what about ?

    52. NeonPlushPro

      Fun fact: Stryker is played by Norman reedus himself

    53. Jordan D

      Not sure if it will be plot-relevant, or just a fun little Easter egg, but Blitzø really seems to love his horses. Episode 1: pulls out a figurine right near the end Episode 2: big poster of a horse in his office, and I think as his phone case cover. Episode 3: horse ornament in his van and the mention of horseback riding lessons Episode 4: spent all his money on the bling-ed out Mary Jane horse. Episode 5: fawns all over Striker's horse.

    54. IceyPotatoes

      If I was moxie I would use the rope and do a scorpion like thing so they die almost instantaneously

    55. Alexander Mildner

      best animated show ive ever watched cant believe its not on netflix oml

    56. NPC 8889O2O

      ❤Love Helluva Boss❤

    57. Hunter Shackelford

      First thing that came to my mind “COWBOYS FROM HELL”

    58. Galaxy Wolf

      Fun Fact: Only 3% of birds have a scrotum. The most common birds that don’t have a scrotum are eagles, flamingos, penguins, and owls. If some of the characters are going by biological autonomy then I am starting to see that the character Stolas Goetia not only is attracted to the character Blitzo for his personality, but also has a deep fixational attraction to his body because he biologically has something he doesn’t have. Just an idea. VizziePop produces mature animated films. It dawned on me as to why the character Husk is so coy to the advances of other characters in regards to romance. If, for example, the cat demons are biologically accurate then I totally understand why they tend to be turned off by other demons romantically. For obvious reasons... I can see the creators making jokes as to why cat demons are alluring but impassive to how often they get flirted with by other demons. I am starting to see why the character Husk drowns himself in booze. He might have a difficult time finding a compatible partner who has good intentions of getting to know him better as a person.

    59. Kaleesh Synth

      Striker voice is awesome.

    60. Roy Rose

      👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

    61. Natalie Cristo

      Millie's family reminds me so much of my family😂

    62. Ghost Wario

      What if this was on netflix.

    63. projectionist014

      Who else realised the horse on the poster from episode 4 behind the tv is the same horse in episode 5

    64. Eevee Boi

      The moment Blitz actually cares about his clients. 0:23 Also Blitz: Oh F**k my clients 1:26

    65. Theo Rose

      Just realized 9:51 is a reference to that "Big Enough" screaming-in-a-valley meme.

    66. SuperYT

      11:02 The animation and voice acting here is incredible!!

    67. JuneBugg _Z_

      I like the tension between Blitzø and Striker

    68. BrotherAnime15

      4:00 Knowing blitzo he problably would

    69. Phương Lê

      i dont know why u guys just make the episode so ouvious when u guys make mox aim is so bad

    70. Angel Di

      Make ep 6

      1. Drunk Moxxie

        It's been out for like two weeks, it takes a lot of fucking work to make this, animating, cleanup work, in between work, voice acting, audio management, compositing, tweaking, 3d modeling, 3d rendering, writing, concept art etc.

    71. Honar Palani

      Back from Ramadan, hate to miss this series anyway. btw I love how Millie is Western.

    72. Camille Shackleford

      **Crying because I watched all the episodes**

    73. mikin lirou

      I can't stress how addictive this is. The character development, the voice acting, the humor... i just binged through the entire series

    74. NoSimp

      :Shark:"I'm coming for yo bro" Moxxie:"MOTHERFU-"

      1. mikin lirou

        Ain't gonna lie thought on 0:59 he's gonna go for it for my first reaction.

    75. Kyla Fallon

      What did I just watch?

    76. Dillon Russell

      Darrel Dixen as a lizard Demon

    77. Patrick Hardy

      I would like to see the doom slayer kill all the royalty

    78. Prsnmanguy T3

      literally every episode is just bully moxie simulator

    79. suff-hunter23

      stolas x blitz is otp

      1. ♡ᴅᴀᴋᴏᴛᴀ♡

        No he hates stolas 🤠

    80. BearofGummy _

      17:22 OK, BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW SMOOTH THIS WAS??? Like omg- this is amazing and I cant stop watching it

    81. Cauã Bernardo Teles Souza

      So Vivziepop hellluva boss rê 6

    82. • MoopIsmop

      Striker sounds like Darrel from twd

    83. Personwhomakesart

      When i started the episode I literally could not stop staring at stolas' ballgag. It's. It's right there, my eyes cannot leave it. (Also the smooth animation, yum)

    84. Avarenson Cos&Clips

      "I'll get him next time." Pft- ha! No you won't, we need him for plot

    85. Swizzel_

      These episodes are just getting better and better. I'm stupid happy with this one.

    86. Simón spota

      Stella: Why did you make me do this? You're cheating on me with a guy who doesn't gives a damn about you and is only interested in his bussiness and horses. Think, Stolas, think

    87. Khiem_Nerf

      12:39 instead of “Oh god” it “Oh satan” nice little hell reference.

    88. Tai


    89. Super Fortnite 64

      Vivziepop I like your videos man I love you but you got to make episode 6

      1. Drunk Moxxie

        It's been out for like two weeks, it takes a lot of fucking work to make this, animating, cleanup work, in between work, voice acting, audio management, compositing, tweaking, 3d modeling, 3d rendering, writing, concept art etc.

    90. Lil-Joe

      Ain't gonna lie thought on 0:59 he's gonna go for it for my first reaction.

    91. levi Ackerman

      17:20 I already like the daughter

    92. Rebecca Bloodgood

      I am so glad that Norman Reedus joined this awesome series

    93. Emily Abrosimo

      I 💘 blize he is so cute when he purrs that is adorable and he is soo handsome 😄 🤣 😂 nice one loona

    94. Why Am I here

      If her voice changes 1 more time I swear to god

    95. Matt TheTelemarketer

      someone tell me why Norman Reedus pulls off playing a demon so damn well

    96. Naevas Aedan

      I didn't see anyone say this, so I take responsibility Striker is kinda hot

    97. taccarro wilson

      So does this means there are demon hunters in this universe