2021 Housing Crash Response to MeetKevin

Ken McElroy

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    Join Ken McElroy as he response to KGupr MeetKevin regarding his views on a 2021 housing crash. Ken walks through the reasons he sees challenging times ahead and what you should watch for in the next 12 months. You can learn more about Kevin at his channel: kgup.info
    ⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
    0:00 Introduction
    1:14 Mortgage delinquencies
    3:51 Evictions
    6:42 We have a housing crisis
    8:35 Why are housing prices so high
    13:22 Five things to watch in the next year
    13:29 Prices will decrease as inventory increases
    13:49 Evictions are real
    15:06 Watch mortgage defaults
    16:29 Study migration patterns
    17:47 Pay attention to business closures
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    1. Leon Kennedy

      Good info. Thanks.

    2. debbie debbie

      ❤️ Please do a video on moving/ migration patterns. ❤️

    3. j.d. r.

      The Democrats will double down on their assistance programs. Total backstop. No big crash.

    4. Freedom 300

      Australian real estate wants to offload thousands of apartaments with defects like Opal Tower and Mascot Towers. Bê aware

    5. Freedom 300

      Australian Landlords are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. 4 weeks free rent tô attract renters, 200 dollars less rent in a week or more, 25% down property sale. It is bloidbath . Too much greed and stupidity eventually catching up. Desperation is quicking in Australia!!

    6. Luis c Vega

      Well this has a lot of true to it.

    7. Peter Ramos

      Thank you very much,for so important info.👍

    8. Shawnee Cenicero

      What he is not saying is that the chinese and othetr foreign investors had bough thousands and thousands of houses in the US in 2010-2011-2012-2013---. They are renting these places. The New Zealand prime minister did the right thing by not allowing foreigners to own property in New Zealand.

    9. N V

      What Americans needs are banks to be honest and thoughtful of the times with the affects and hardships of the pandemic by facilitating streamline refinancing and consolidations, People are loosing there lives with these shutdowns stop the greed or investors/ banks may not get there returns at all, stop the greed!

    10. Anahi Salcido

      I have a comment. On your previous predictions 2020. It didn’t happened from what you said. Why will your prediction on 2021 be true?

    11. ken

      well quit charging so much for rent? $700/800 for a 2 bedroom apt is freaking nuts or over $1,000 for house that just are not worth that for rent! land lords have lost their minds!

    12. TurboSol

      I've been saving to buy a house with cash so I hope prices drop, but it's a double edged sword for me because I'm in construction and the housing market affects my business.

    13. zhina vt

      thank you so much Ken. you are awesome thank you

    14. Jeffrey Kirk

      I own my holme and want to buy land and mobil holme in county when 59.5 im 56 now and live in western va.covington va.we want to move to bath county.houses and land are high and seling like crazy.people shoping eating out buying holmes vehicles we just see no recession here

    15. CAVEMAN

      I know it’s a month or so later. Is there a chance you could give monthly updates on this info?

    16. CAVEMAN

      Ken this is such an inspiring video! Thanks so much for this kind of information.

    17. Kevin Shirl

      Mortgage delinquencies are up over 800% now. This means that we are at depression level mortgage delinquencies!

    18. Jacie J

      I believe this will accelerate if Biden is confirmed. If Trump somehow stays in, it may stay the same a bit longer

    19. Jacie J

      Ken, as a Silicon Valley realtor, I really appreciate your opinion. I have Buyers waiting for the price drop but just trying to figure out how long it is going to take to get here. So many people here still have jobs (tech). Single family homes in huge demand. Townhouses and condos are already slow to sell. Outlying areas selling better than close in to Silicon Valley companies (unlike previous market)

    20. Carlos Angel

      Houses prices are not the issue, the problem is how much money poor people make. We the people need work, prepare, educate , so we can have better jobs or start a business.

    21. Joe R

      AS a land lord 34 years never asked for reference but ; as times changed ' will check all feference / credit / back round check' . I'm in the country 1 hour n.y. city my tenants payed there RENT ' I lower it for 3 months I nee new hot spots country / suburbs.

    22. Michael Johnson

      This is how your dad gives you a whopping without a cane...

    23. Mr. M

      I don't know how the Las Vegas market is still going up 🤷🏻‍♂️

    24. Malcolm Skinner

      Ken McElroy thank you.Nothing at all against Kevin but he was just getting his feet wet because 12 years ago in 2008 housing crises Kevin may have only been 20-21 years old.Thanks again Ken.

    25. Amy Watson

      great content!!

    26. Milund M.

      How do I buy foreclosures from banks?

    27. TBD

      Ok, so The Great Reset is well underway...

    28. Jason Roos

      1:04 "I really believe that we are going to have a serious housing crisis." I have heard that statement every single year for the past 5+ years. I don't know why I continue to care what anyone's so-called "expert" opinion is.

    29. Ant Adas

      Thank you.

    30. Creative Films

      So its a great time to sell a home cause they are worth so much more..Correct?

    31. Jason Canales

      Adding some things that were not covered by Kevin Mortgage delinquencies Massive indicator- over 2M are 90 day delinquent. 4M delinquent total right now. Resources Black Knight(link in notes) uses all mortgage data (website) mortgage bankers association collects data (website) see market data (tracked data) Evictions- Urban land institute has compiled data Aspen institute.org Before COVID there was already a shortage (rentals) market was already down . affordability shortage ULI.org NMHC.org (rental housing data) 2017 article posted that by 2030 4.6 million apts needed. People are going to loose their homes and evicted Rentals are going to be needed. Previous fall out in 2008 showed us that 10M people moved around into rental housing. COVID has been an accelerator to what was already happening. People don't want to move right now due to uncertainty (financial, employment, etc) Never before have we experimented low inventory.Housing prices have jumped due to this. People might not go back to work were they were working. Watch out for mortgage delinquency on commercial properties.

    32. Jen WenTay

      How will this effect new construction prices & availability? Will builders stop building?

    33. Jamie Ostrowski

      I predict that 2021 and 2022 at least we're going to see housing prices increase because despite every sign we should be slamming on the brakes, people are still in love with this idea that they got back in the early 2000's that housing is an explosive way to make money. They're like crack addicts. They will keep investing against the odds and pushing the envelope.It will probably make for another massive adjustment in 2027. Just look at 2020. There was no reason for prices to keep increasing like they have been but that hasn't stopped anyone. Just more of the same.

    34. Durr DERPDERP

      Man this guy is a boss.

    35. Prosperity student

      Love you ken, you're the best

    36. Old Man Rock

      Here in central Texas you have to get in line to buy a house. House prices going up daily.

    37. S.H. Kearney

      Reallly enjoyed this informative video!

    38. Tad McCalister

      I trust Kevin more.

    39. D Wall

      What about `Short Sales` ?

    40. izuki moti

      Meetkevin seems like a smart guy but like a lot of other “professional real estate investors” on KGup, he began his career after the greatest housing crash in US history. Virtually Everyone who bought Homes between 2010-2013 made money. You, ken, on the other hand, have lived through crashes and understand the dynamics of the market. Appreciate the video.

    41. Brian 1952

      Excellent analysis. I am in Australia, and this advice applies to our economy as well. Thanks


      Lost my home!!!!!😷😷😷😷😷😷❤️


      I was one of them!!!!😷😷😷😷😷😷😷


      Do you pay more than $750.00 in taxes a year????😷😷😷😷😷😷❤️

    45. Rusty Beatty

      This guy is way of the housing market is directly involved linked to the economy if the economy crashes and the housing market will crash to during the great recession and eventual depression of the 1920's and 1930's the taxes that corporations and businesses had to pay were at all time high during this time period and a lot of people lost their jobs and their homes and some also their lives because of hunger no money for food this will happen again if Bidens tax plan is put into effect. Covid-19 stopped all business and individual financial growth and things were starting to recover post Obama administration employment rates were going up home construction and buying were increasing then covid-19 hit at the same time businesses and government buildings across the nation we're being burned because of BLM and antifa movement that didn't help things either higher taxes kill economic growth across the board and instituting new tax regulations kills the economy as well.

    46. Paul Den

      So it will be a better time for prospective home buyers to get better deals, right?

    47. Wasabi Ginger

      ... folks are fleeing to Hawai’i big time buying up even high end homes!

    48. ValtonikOдин

      Read the "great reset" agenda by the WEF that is being implemented. One of their slogans is "You will own nothing, and you will be happy."

    49. Mike Vigil

      I sold my house last month took my equity I bought in 2012 at the bottom and bought a motorhome and will wait until this shakes out and when it hits bottom again will buy and start over, If Biden gets in raises taxes tanks the economy prices should be pretty reasonable by 2024...


        trump already screwed up the economy! What planet you on???🤦

    50. Ed

      I learn from a senior citizen that invested in real estate. She shared that everyone starts with a first mortgage and eventually pays down the debt but a hidden problem is the second mortgage with the government called property taxes. This second mortgage continues to rise and is never paid off. In some states, property taxes increases at a rate of 2% annually so that property taxes will double in about 30 years not including general obligation bonds and other fees added to the property taxes. thoughts.

    51. Modern Archive

      About half way through and I haven't heard any mention of very low interest rates. Surely those play into the excess buyers per available property. Interest rates are low enough that some households might be able to refinance and stay in the home they thought had become too expensive. These are people that might have been planning to downsize or rent but with an interest rate like 2% instead of the five or the six percent that was hanging around their neck, that's a life changer.

    52. Sky Dance

      Great Video!!

    53. Doc Dan

      Owning a mortgage is like gambling in vegas.

    54. Streetwork

      I'm pretty close to being homeless..real close.. good thing i know how to be homeless ..

    55. Pottery Tool

      Just so everyone knows, there will be no housing crash (prices) anytime soon!! With record lumber cost and supply shrinking fast, and no labor to build more, prices will continue climb. The real threat is homelessness due to lack of housing supply.

    56. Dawn Serrano

      I've been improving my home in every way, to make sure, if I sell, or I pass my home will be worth sell!

    57. Liquor in Front Poker in Rear

      Do you all know what NUMBERS in parentheses ( ) means in Banking TERMS? Dollar ($100,000.00) Its means a NEGATIVE number! Look at the mortgage, its written out then in ( ) the number. On the Note its in U.S. $100,000.00 but not written out.

    58. sable747

      I learned a lot from this video. Thank you for putting so much information in the content. I'm also wondering if there will be efforts to put low-income housing projects in different places?

    59. Benny DeJesus

      At the end of it all , many will not be able to pay for your rentals either . Its gonna be a domino affect . The implosion of america the so called beautiful by the powers that be . Goodluck my friend . Thanks for you video .


      It will go higher in the SF Bay Area.

    61. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

      The entire country is bankrupt which means unless EVERYONE gets wiped out we will just keep pretending we aren't broke by printing our way into oblivion. The question isn't going to be if you're rich, but how well you'll do when we all start over with a level playing field.

    62. Lawrence Cisek

      Good info...

    63. Tony Hightower

      Most people in my area are selling homes for major profit. If they wait to be evicted they will be screwed. No one wants to move but my house appraised for over 60k then what I bought it for. Save your credit, sell and rent until things get better

    64. Grant Marut

      I buy a camper and land live in it screw apartment

    65. Grant Marut


    66. Humayun Laskar

      I believe USA economi will booming USA is up and up in economi during pandemic everyone has money 💰

    67. Bartholamew Francis

      Ken, you're a breath of fresh air just because you're telling the truth in a non manic episode kinda way hint hint...unlike KEVIN.

    68. Sheila Jefferson

      I am a realtor in Northern California and man! It is CRAAAAAAZY out here!!!!! There are 15, 20 people bidding on the same house! The competition it so crazy. I really am so unsure of how this market is going but I DO know the pendulum will swing and soon

    69. Sheila Jefferson

      Did he say 10,000 apartments he owns??? I’m just gonna log off now

      1. Richard Lugo

        why is that ? is 10k apartments unfathomable ? if he has a 1billion dollar portfolio which he says he does (allegedley ) 100k per unit roughly would equate to 10 k apartments am i missing something or do you think hes embellishing his stats

    70. N Aone

      Where are all the evictions he predicted for in September? Black Night does not support his statements? I don’t think he is that great.

    71. South House Productions

      Yawns- All I have seen is people driving new 4 wheel drive trucks, BMW's, etc etc. I am not convinced. People are doing better than you think.

      1. Heather Mitten

        2020 has exposed the polarities in our culture. I think that’s what you are seeing-the dissolving of the middle class. You’re one or the other.

    72. Skeptic4396

      I watched three minutes. Enough to say there are too many variables you may not be considering. The Federal Reserve now owns a large percentage of mortgages. They have the ability as happened in the 30s to save people’s mortgages. They can step payments, suspend payments, make payments or anything else the federal government would direct them to do. Where’s this in the analysis? The Fed can’t stop underlying fundamentals but it has the ability to change underlying fundamentals via congressional policy and working with the Treasury. I’m not stating this will happen but the government doesn’t want a revolution nor millions seeking to overthrow it. The world is likely to get ugly but you’ve got to understand how the world works to know where it’s going.

    73. Mark Smith

      Another shortage factor are the units being occupied by tens of thousands of immigrants and growing decedent population.

    74. Jay Whoisit

      How will this affect the overall stock market?

    75. Audrey Johnny

      I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Kate Anderson, her trading strategies are top notch .

    76. Garcia Eric

      Money as we know it is about to change, digital currencies are taking over. While the fiat money is subject to inflation and is controlled by banks and other financial organizations, digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum have a fixed supply and are completely decentralized. Investing in digital currencies will be a way of safe guarding a future of financial freedom. More and more organizations a beginning to transact with digital currencies, the world is fast changing. As a matter of fact digital assets are gaining so much traction as they are not subject to political influence. Investments like stock and forex has become profitable and very good options in securing a better financial life.

    77. Johnson George

      I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security. So I really appreciate your transparency and giving people a fighting chance during these troubling times.

    78. Miller harold

      I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security. So I really appreciate your transparency and giving people a fighting chance during these troubling times.

      1. izuki moti

        I just did my part to increase inventory. I sold my house in order to maximize my profit while escaping a hellhole city. Renting for now for at least a year while I wait for house prices to get non-crazy.

      2. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

        Some of us already knew this. Are you going to spoil the ending of cheers too?

    79. WhiteCollarWarrior Fraud Examiner

      Well done. However, you neglected to mention the property tax death spiral of major metro RE. As large unoccupied skyscrapers can’t pay their property taxes, let alone their mortgage notes, city services will be cut, making these properties less desirable to increasing blight, crime, etc. Then property taxes will be shifted to surrounding lower lever commercial, putting them under pressure, then surrounding residential and on and on. Local Govt. simply cannot relocate or cut contractual obligations (teacher, social worker and police & fire pensions) without incurring political suicide and hence everything collapses. Some never to return. Detroit is a good example.

    80. Business Guide

      Really like your videos!

    81. Cam Mac

      Probably the most down to earth and informative video I've ever seen on real estate and mortgages. Oh and by the way, I've developed courses and content, marketing and everything in between for a who's who list of real estate "best selling authors and gurus", but YOU had me taking notes at 4 AM. Thank you!

    82. Make Money Guide

      Keep posting interesting contents like this!

    83. Victoria Truxal

      Thank you for breaking this down for me I was in the process when Arizona was shut down 😢 I had it in my hands and it was revoked you gave me some hope

    84. Stormin Norman

      just watch interest rates today and biden might be in office

    85. Milo Orsini

      enjoyed that, changed my mind on a couple issues, thank you

    86. chais jo

      i shoulve waited, you've answered my question. Great video

    87. chais jo

      are you American or Canadian

    88. A H

      I wouldn't move right now, same video hundreds of thousands of people are moving. I wouldn't move either if I owned 10k rental units

    89. Bill Buyers

      I wonder, from that chart on the mortgage delinquency increases if places like San Fran and St. Louis are already tapped out on delinquency increases and the big cities on the East Coast are just starting to catch up, because I know for a face that the homeless population in California has been booming for some time. This looks like bad news all around.

    90. acchaladka

      Curious where the best data on defaults and evictions is for Canadian markets. Any suggestions?

    91. Main Email

      I have to agree with the assessment that the housing market is going to crash in the next year or two. It just makes sense to me that if a lot of people die and a lot of people lose their jobs/businesses, the economy is going to take a dive (including housing prices). MY QUESTION IS: "If this is so obvious and 'the writing on the wall' (RE: All the youtube videos on the subject), then why are the bank/mortgage companies still making loans (for homebuyers) at these current 'inflated' prices?" (Referring to all the recent "sold" listings I see (at "high" prices) in my area on Realtor.com.)

    92. Naku Uncle

      Liked and subscribed!

    93. Becky Keeler

      What a lot of people are doing is their moving out of houses and apartments and moving in to rvs and tiny homes! The prices need to plumb it! They are no longer affordable anymore! They were already moving downward spiral! And now to get people to buy or rent you are going to have to bring your prices down or be left holding the bag! People don't want to use their whole pay checks just to put a roof over their heads! You know who's now making all of the money and on the way up? Their parking lots are vacant and all sold out? AGAIN that would be the rvs even buses, vans, their gone! And now they have caravans. Like little tribes that travel together. And look out for each other's interests! And they love it! Working online, and they help each go current place that they can stay a year or two . They call themselves minimalist! You been going down, And now more then ever! People have had it with the greedy!!!

    94. Jet Black

      USA is printing too much money. Bad stuff on the way.

    95. Shmyra Davis

      Thank you for such accurate information

    96. Princesa Gamero

      Yeah read the migration patterns, they're headed out of the country!! Fleeing from the US 🇺🇸

    97. Joel E

      Your book description says start with a$140k rental house. Already I'm concerned with your facts LOL Where in the USA can you find a $140k rental house?

    98. Joel E

      I don't see the black night link

    99. cryptobradley200

      sell everything and move to The KEYS/going dark !

    100. LeveragingLA

      We love you and MEETKEVIN over here on LeveragingLA. Definitely different approaches, but both very EDUCATED. You guys are both great at showing facts and letting the subscribers make intelligent decisions. Keep it up!

      1. Ken McElroy

        Glad you enjoyed it. We are planning some content with MeetKevin soon so stay tuned!