Lawyer & Doctor React to Grey's Anatomy Malpractice ft. Doctor Mike


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    Beeoowooop. Doctor Mike is back! And this time we're dissecting a (terrible) legal episode of Grey's Anatomy. Watch PART 1 on Doctor Mike's channel:
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    1. Doctor Mike

      If the sponge is lit, you must acquit 🧠🧽 🔥

      1. Satan


      2. Dark Destiny

        Lol 😂

      3. Stephen Girty

        Dr. Mike you have errned a subscriber. 😂

      4. God


      5. God


    2. thereadingAli

      As someone who has had 3 brain surgeries and multiple encounters with different neurologists one having cost me my movement in my leg because of negligence it is definitely true that having the dr say sorry truly makes the wold of difference

    3. FlowerPower 233

      If the sponge don't fit 🧽💀

    4. Montana Hjelt

      Really hoping you guys can do Meredith's legal issues in season 16 it was crazy I'd love to see it though a professional side!!

    5. Triton Hayes

      The over dramatic thumbnails are hilarious

    6. Melis D

      00:34 'let's dig in' is the last thing you wanna hear before a surgery 😅

    7. Sinead M

      "hip recalled lol" I'm dead ahhahaha

    8. Haylee Toomoth

      MORE OF THIS ! You two are the perfect duo

    9. luoiix

      I have been waiting for these two to collab... And my patients has payed off

    10. Stéphane Brosseau

      you should make video together more often !

    11. Lydia Shepard

      Can you do a reaction video to the episode of Bones The Verdict in the Story. It's season 3 episode 13. I love this show and would love to see your take on this episode since the full episode is a murder trial.

    12. CLOUDoaldo

      Schrodinger's sponge

    13. MegaKBang

      I don't get how people can watch this Show. It's just so gross.

    14. Tyler James Nazario

      Why are they so attractive???

    15. Jackson Smith

      you kinda look like Will Bruin, Seattle Sounders forward. pretty cool

    16. anna

      "i don't think he's a good lawyer" PLEASE- HAHAHSJSJS

    17. Danjor2005

      What happened to the sponge? WHERE'D YOU GET THE COCONUTS???

    18. whoownswho theendisoverdue

      There is a terrible show called Beauty and the Baller. The first episode is a courtroom episode. Watch it and be amazed.

    19. Grace Packer

      i can almost swear that in the very beginning of the procedure there is a sponge stuck to the bottom of someones shoe. Maybe im mixing up episodes but i think that it was never there... the whole issue was the hip made by the manufacturer

    20. Angelica Addo

      I loved those two episodes more than I can tell here haha! You should definitely do that more often together :D The laugh at 16:27 was a delight and contagious!! Edit: at 19:22 too... And Dr. Mike's incomprehension haha

    21. michaelamd86

      Absolutely tore this apart! 😂 A good reason why writers should consult experts they portray in their shows.

    22. Wayward Enigma

      These two are my favorite crossover duo.

    23. Eddy Baro

      Love that they both find their professions cool.

    24. Zubiila

      This collab was great! We need more of these! Also, the end note of "I'll see you in court" caught me of guard!

    25. Happy Me

      -“Can an apology actually heal our wounds” - “Not literally” Dead 💀😂😂😂😂

    26. TheDott

      Had a legal question about their Part 1, but Mike’s comment section is all medical. So of course I had to come to this comment section so I can get some legal info.

    27. SubtleGnu Gaming

      Grey's Anatomy is in the matrix. THERE IS NO SPONGE.

    28. Azure Greatheart

      Where is sponge?

    29. Joshua Arvizu

      Really hope you guys do more compilation videos like this! Loved it!

    30. PlusOneGamer

      I sincerely hope you guys do another collab in the future. I had never seen Doctor Mike's content before this video, but now I'm a big fan.

    31. Lenore R

      when this ended I looked up and thought: 21 minutes that fast-?!

    32. Lynettra

      Two brilliant dudes with gorgeous hair and amazing eyes. Yes, Please! Gonna need much more of this collab.

    33. Erin Voight

      What about 1 on the different types of poa’s (medical, financial, activated) and the importance of a DNR.

    34. Christina Stephens

      Came over from Dr Mike’s video...good grief this was so stressful 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ loved this collab ❤️

    35. Kata1

      HOW did I not see this sooner! It's the pair-up we were all waiting for!!

    36. Jarad Meyer


    37. Wali Mohammad

      Real question is, where is the damn sponge? 😂

    38. pepijn welvaarts

      objection, vague will explain why in a comment below

      1. pepijn welvaarts

        dont mind watching it again tho 😅

      2. pepijn welvaarts

        not having a audible warning that a video is the second part of a multi channel series could in this context be seen as being vague based upon: "California Evidence Code § 765(a)". as it states: "a judge shall exercise reasonable control over the mode of interrogation of a witness so as to make interrogation as rapid, distinct, and as effective for the ascertainment of the truth." the first part speaks to the judge. but you have to be as rapid and effective as possible, you were as rapid as possible while still making good content so on that part you are good, but by not explicitly saying it is a second part of a multi channel series your were not as effective as possible as it may lead the witness (the viewer) to miss it and only find out at the end why the video didnt make sense at time.

    39. Mariposa Castañeda

      PLEEEASE do more collabs together !! I love both of you, this gives me best of both worlds !

    40. Jackson Alvis

      This is the perfect collab I needed to see today

    41. Dominique Williams

      I knew i wanted this collab again after Med School v Law School. Also, It's not a Versuz but I give the edge to Legal Eagle. He has slides.🙂

    42. Alexander Gonzalez Barajas

      He should do a video reaction to the trial episode in Drake and Josh

    43. KrystalWolf24

      Will LegalEagle ever be in court trying to prove Doctor Mike committed medical malpractice? Find out next time.

    44. The Silent Escapade

      The fact that you’ve ruined this episode from 2 perspectives for loads of people is hilarious!

    45. Marcel-Rares Papița

      Hi Dr Mike! what is your opinion on - as a family doctor to be paid according to the number of patients who do not have an acute condition or otherwise healthy patience out of the total amount of patience you have registered to you. This is how Chinese medical system works and I find it motivating for the doctor to keep their patients healthy

    46. Mara Réne

      This was the best collaboration ever. whoever thought of this needs a raise

    47. Alex Hales

      House MD has a lot of court cases... maybe the next collab?

    48. Wellington Lima

      What proeminent those noses are!!!! Very manly indeed.

    49. Alkis05

      These episode is the best, because the layman asks questions that we would also be wondering about. It is better than just having the specialist.

    50. SaTuRoChAn

      yeah there were still so many open questions XD

    51. HeyItsKELS!!!

      My biggest question is why did she operate when she didn’t have the findings of the study from the manufacture itself. Like that’s the first thing I’d want to know about.

    52. joel mavity

      I would love to see a collaboration on the M&M episode of House.

    53. Keidras Gaming

      I'm so glad these two finally did something together! Two of my favs to watch.

    54. Christoph Angerer

      Any hope we can convince you to take a look at Leverage, "the Juror #6 job"?

    55. TheSpades81

      He should react to "To Kill a Mockingbird'

    56. Aaliyah Austin

      This duo>>

    57. Chloe _

      Please react to an episode of SVU! Season 9, episode 19 “Cold” is a good one with legal drama. Or literally any other episode that features Alex Cabot or Casey Novak.

    58. Sophia Romanow

      Can you please do General Hospital because there are so many court cases in that show?

    59. WinningLife

      Why do these shows even have professional consultants if they won’t follow them

    60. Hello Me Hello me

      No i dont think i wanna see u in court

    61. Kyle Sirico

      If you guys know a tax professional, I found my dream team if I ever become a millionaire.

    62. Haley Champine

      You two should collaborate more often!! This was so interesting and informative! 😁

    63. Powered by Moonlight

      This was such a good video! :D That greys anatomy episode seemed jusrt super confucing and didn't seem to make any sense!

    64. Daniel Aramburo

      The lawyer of the doctor sucked.

    65. Avishag Kelhamer

      please watch defending jacob!!!

    66. John Artus

      Late to the show but lesgo

    67. ThexBlackxKitty

      I would love to see what you think of the House MD episode where dr. Chase is being prepped by the hospital's lawyer (House's ex wife) for a malpractice trial - S2E8

    68. bReAtH

      Best cooperation since Avangers Endgame! MORE PLEASE!

    69. Madi Roach

      the best collab!!

    70. agracehook

      As someone who has watched this episode. This is an over simplification. Callie sent an email to try and get the German study results. I know greys is ridiculous but come on...

    71. Psycho Pathetic

      Doctor and a lawyer.... Why is this not a regular tv show? LAWYER UP DOC! Nice ring to it no? Anyway, part 1 was great!

    72. Elizabeth Rowland

      what a bettty

    73. Amber L.

      im in high school mock trial and I found myself objecting to the questions through the screen

    74. ToffieGirl

      Can you do a review of in the name of the father?

    75. LuLu Lovlie

      Ugh never have medical procedures in Nebraska. So hard to win even with doctor admitting complete responsibility. Still trying to put my life back together while he vacations in Paris

    76. Squashua Gonzalez

      Have you ever watched the trial of Tim Heidecker? It's a full length court trial taking place over 4 or so days. There's like 5 hours of footage but it's kinda amazing.

    77. Jack McNuggets

      love both you guys!

    78. Teo Costantini

      Do Futurama!

    79. Guy Audio

      Love you two together

    80. Thad Horner

      Please review the movie "Murder in the First." It is loosely based on a true story and should be a goldmine for historical and legal errors.

    81. templarw20

      In part one you talked a bit about the science behind... court room performance, shall we say (what to say, how to say it, strategy, appearance, etc). Any chance we'll see a deep dive into Bull?

    82. Clay King

      Who remembers keeper of the reaper from billy and mandy grim adventures.

    83. Wolf Montana

      nsla gamtow rum curse gibyr!

    84. Wyatt T

      One of the few times that two people I already watch come together

      1. TheDott

        This is the first time it’s ever happened to me and it couldn’t have been better.

    85. Freedomcat

      You 2 should have a joint channel.

    86. Huli 1234

      Should have added a forensic accountant at the end to do an estimate of how much it would have cost

    87. Emerald Aly

      I feel like the episode "Coerced" of Law & Order SVU would provide for some good legal and medical commentary. It's a bit medicine-light in terms of how much of the episode it takes up but it's fertile ground for good discussion.

    88. Hoang Duc Hai

      The vengeful table curiously scratch because doctor putatively post pro a godly corn. unarmed, near gun

    89. Ella Alves

      omg they should watch callie and arizona’s custody battle or merediths trial when she committed insurance fraud!!!

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      I love these two together.

    94. Ed Paradis

      The post op sponge got away with everything what a villain the sponge truly is

    95. Rock Storme

      The craven pull fortuitously saw because shoemaker exclusively pause below a narrow governor. statuesque, uncovered magazine

    96. Amisha Johnson

      This was so good.

    97. David Greenwell

      A sponge was literally left in my wife after surgery. In Indiana. The ones with a metal band that gets scanned. Took almost a month to find out. Not one lawyer would help us because in Indiana you have limited time to file a claim whether you know it happened or not. By the time we knew it happened it was already too late. The worst part the doctor said she did it to herself. You know from her supposed stash of medical sponges. I’m just happy for the e r doc who found it and she is doing great

    98. Ed Paradis

      My god do House next of some episodes of CSI and even NCIS

    99. Russell Sutherland

      Better then Batman and Superman team ups. You guys gotta do more of these!

    100. Seraphina

      The sponge activists xD