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    1. Don Bennett

      Give your fear to God Because it's bigger then you are & God is good he will take your Burton's.

    2. Davion Dahn


    3. Michaela Warren

      No matter what you’re going through, the real ones will be here because you’ve always been here for us! I hope you guys get through what you’re going through very soon, this year is tough enough as is.. much love to the whole family!

    4. hannah mccrarey

      You were there for us & now we're here for you. YOU are beautiful & YOU are one of a kind. Thank you for lifting us when you, yourself have been going through a really tough time. We're here supporting you 100%. And it's not our business to know what you're going through. Just remember you & your family are not alone. We love you so much. And I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. After every storm, there is a rainbow. 💖

    5. joseph ahrens

      ATWOODS RULE!!!! we love you guys please don't leave us

    6. Will Abrahamson

      I’m wearing ur merchandise as I’m watching this

    7. Nicole Phillips

      I know exactly what you mean! I've been like that since I was 6 years old. If I got a pain in my chest or anything I'd freak out and literally have to ask my mom multiple times "Am I going to be okay? Am I dying? Am I going to die?" It's horrible. I'm 22 years old now and I've gotten a lot better with it. But it's so great to know that other people go through it too. I love you and your family! Thank you for being such an inspiration in everyone's lives! We all miss you guys!

    8. Jainiss Daly Davila

      Thank you so much for this video Roman. It really touched me, because I do get a lot of anxiety or panic attacks and it is true it's because I worry to much. I've even woken up mid sleep because my brain keeps overthinking things as im asleep and then i just start having a panic attack.. It's scary, but I've learned little by little to talk myself out of it. Thank you once again for this video can't wait to see you, well all of you guys back on KGup and that whatever it is that is keeping you from putting a smile on our faces is left behind with 2020... this isn't a good bye it's an I'll see you soon. Blessings and lots of "Virtual" hugs to you and the family... Happy Holidays!

    9. Frank Abignal

      Who gives a fuck.....

    10. Erin Kaur

      Love him

    11. Burial Dreams

      What the fuck is this video about besides “I have anxiety and y’all do too. Get off your phones.”

    12. Mind of Delfox

      You are amazing roman keep up the positivity

    13. Krysta poe

      I Blass the other girls in my life as a little bit more than likely to be there Grill amen

    14. Fall out wolf 23

      I miss his dog

    15. Caitlin Herrera

      Love y’all!! We’re all in this together! ❤️

    16. Aaron Millett

      Best video of 2020!

    17. INTO The Life OF ELI

      Be a ziggurat t

    18. 4 spd life

      Honestly I know how you feel I had a cancer scare a few years ago but luckily and with God's help it wasn't cancerous but I still worry about it and it has made me thankful of everyday and on a side note I don't watch the news anymore it's to stressful

    19. Boruch Sabel

      And ill sit here for hours and watch

    20. Abbie Hudson

      Roman u get though this trust me I know how it feels from the age of 10 I have been like that as I have gone though a hell of a lot and I’m not 21 so keep going you and your family ❤️

    21. DJ King

      Omg this is everything you’ve talked about just started happening to me these past few months

    22. Cactus

      Even the most positive man has his issues. We all hurt and struggle. We need to be together.

    23. Meltoss

      Lmbao you hate to see it

    24. Lucas de Zendegui

      The legendary Roman Atwood

    25. Jose Najera


    26. merchant joker

      People have been complaining about corona lock down Iv been on house arrest for a year now and they still have no evidence against me

    27. jabba hut

      Dont worry about anything be it good or bad you guys have helped thousands of people forget the bad and consentrate on the good

    28. Ryan Mitchell

      Hey Roman do you think you can show us your GTR please

    29. Colin Boozer

      I was 16 when It started happening to me. My mom passed away when I was 16 and ever Since I’ve panic everyday the same feeling Roman! Thank you for keeping me calm when I need you! Your awesome!!

    30. Cooking with Yarda

      I've lost my job and can't even afford the rent now :-(

    31. TOPTEN

      Hi Roman! I have also this fear that something is wrong with me. It has been going for 2years now. The tiniest irregular thing in my body makes me go crazy and think that i have some cancer and that im going to die soon. I have been trying to not worry but it always comes back. I wish i could live without this worry and anxiety.

    32. Greg Moore

      Thanks for always making me look at my life and think to myself that its not really that bad

    33. joy jacob

      The whole video was good but the last part was great

    34. Naomi Salas

      this brought back so many memories

    35. Eric Stauffer

      Happy thanksgiving 🦃

    36. jesse Queen

      CB you have a great day 🐱🐱

      1. jesse Queen


    37. Deez Nutz All In Your Mouth

      I been a piece of shit lately but happy Thanksgiving yall

    38. Crazie Pablo

      Bruh this guy still makes videos

    39. UwU Cat Boy UwU

      Who else just forgot about RomanAtWood?

    40. jesse Queen

      Yummy 😋

    41. jesse Queen


    42. j Dizzy

      Hypochondrism, I think you also have derealization

    43. Seth Burrell

      Man I feel ya ever since my dad kicked my mom out I've had this constant fear that she was never coming back and they were never getting back together and I've always always had panic attacks and I would break down not knowing what to do about my panic attacks I didn't even know that they were panic attacks until my dad gave me to my mom and my mom told me that they were panic attacks and I did the same thing as you I trick my mind and that everything was okay and to figure out everything is okay I am perfectly fine and there's nothing wrong thank you for this video and I hope you get through your issues and your family may God be with you

    44. Syven Wang

      “You’re beautiful, you are one of a kind ,smile more” -Roman Atwood (thank you)

    45. BBATH 09

      I think Roman should do a live stream some time and give one of these talks

    46. Oscar Wojciak

      Your so strong💪💪🙂 keep going and smile more

    47. Willy

      Look at the views and then look at the subscribers that don't make no sense

    48. Jasmine Perez

      This made my day seeing a new video from you guys !! Thx 🙏🏼

    49. C Cujas

      I’ve seen anxiety impact people around me and it’s a serious thing. It’s hard to understand for people that have never experienced it...so glad to hear from you Roman stay safe

    50. Lc14_

      the last 5 seconds really got me

    51. Sophia Ladd

      much love bro

    52. Ibez HD

      thanks you Roman Atwood for the support and love over the year and I wish you a happy day ✌

    53. AC 130

      have u tried xanny bar?

    54. The Stickman

      You dont post for 2 months and say at the end ‘you guys probably arent watching’?? U know ur audience we always always want more (so long as ur happy to provide that) i for one always always always watch till the very end

    55. Phillymadejosh

      love yall man.

    56. Major Angel

      Happy Thanksgiving Roman to you and your family. Whatever it is that you are going thru, I am praying for you.

    57. Liam Telfair

      This guy just makes me so happy

    58. PixelStacker

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    59. Ashley Jane


    60. maria bayas

      We misss you guys so much so much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    61. Scott Collins

      Thanks for your story, it really helped me.

    62. Ro Ri Ro

      if you want I will bring you seeds from afghan just make me a visa

    63. Maurice Avant

      POV: he’s running low on money and needs to make a quick 200,000 dollars

    64. Angelic Image Studio


    65. TV327


    66. Poop Roomba

      Why is this dude still relevant? lmao

    67. Trolli Guy

      The og youtuber

    68. Khriz Montanez

      I feel you Roman I have been feeling the same thing

    69. Richie

      The one and only, the best and my favorite prankster of all time! Take care Roman Smile more:) Stay safe everyone

    70. BatmanTheGamer67


    71. Ethan MTB

      The part where he said we are beautiful, one of a kind, smile more gave me shivers down my spine, this brings back so many memories.

    72. Zeus Craft

      Do u have COVID-19

    73. Brandon Clark

      Thank You for the Video Roman. Big Inspiration Bro. GOD Bless you and your lovely family.

    74. Mogu Mogu

      Bro...get your Vit D levels and thyroid hormones checked.

    75. ShowyMC


    76. Charted Storms

      I have had a similar problem, and have not even hit 16 yet. I have this problem where I can’t stop worrying and thinking ahead about things that could happen to me. It goes to an extreme extent where at like 4am I hear a slight noise I have to go check it. My imagination is insane, some good, some bad. Where I can imagine the exact location and look of the figure. I can definitely feel for you. It’s like the anxiety yanks you years you down to a scrap, a fragment of what you could be.

    77. Stacy Polk

      what the hell is this

    78. Kurt Brassfield

      I really think you should make a podcast so you can talk about your life and all.

    79. Gaming Bros

      Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span? Matthew 6:27 Please everyone, turn towards Jesus and give Him you life, He heals you. He healed me when I was deeply depressed and was suffering from tremendous anxiety and I had suicidal thoughts, He healed me. Jesus pulled me out and saved me when I was drowning and I’m still alive today because I opened my eyes and sought Him. The LORD is with you when you are with Him, and if you seek Him He will be found; but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you. 2 Chronicles 15:2 He is coming soon, so please turn your life to Him and do all things to glorify God. He loves you so much and if you give your life to Jesus and learn who He is and repent, seek Him, and listen to Him (obeying and acting upon His words), then your sins can be forgiven by the debt that Jesus paid on the cross for your sins, because He loves you. I love you so much and don’t want you to go to hell, so please, please, please, give your life to Him. Jesus loves you.

    80. Explict_hickboi 7

      We all are grateful that ur providing us feedback Roman. But if u have stuff going on in your life we all respect if you need to take time off because we care about your well-being.

    81. pougle hall

      Can you make videos on StoryFire?

    82. Henplays 4324

      At the beginning I thought he said “I ate molly” lmao

    83. Dylan Montgomery

      Hi Roman hope what ever is bothering you leaves you with some happiness

    84. Jay Westenbergrer

      Roman what you talked about in this video is has left me thinking about my Anxiety as well as my other Mental Issues (and there are many) and as I am writing this i had sat here thinking about all you said and I hope that you and your family come through ok with whatever is going on and know that people will wait for as long as it takes. I also have been thinking about how much your videos have helped me in the past and continue to, as when I become upset or anxious one of the big things that help me is watching and listening to you videos. Finally I want to tell you to have a Happy Thanksgiving and if we don't hear before December to have a wonderful Holiday Season from me to your family!

    85. garyn jennings

      The king is back to KGup

    86. luvdisneyworld

      That is so true. I feel like we all are really going through things rn. Hoping things really do get better

    87. Elizabeth Pearce

      We love u Roman n family y'all do what u gotta do an take care of y'all selves me n my fiance r still here n still will be watching love u guys have a good Thanksgiving

    88. cool boy

      Who was here before pond and remembers Zeus

    89. Pretum Gaming

      Who loves mom dad 😍😍

    90. Pretum Gaming

      Who loves mom dad 😍😍

    91. Pretum Gaming

      Who loves mom dad 😍😍

    92. Heather Bickford

      Are the coolest and I thought

    93. Pretum Gaming

      Who loves mom dad 😍😍

    94. Pretum Gaming

      Who loves mom dad 😍😍

    95. Pretum Gaming

      Who loves mom dad 😍😍

    96. Pretum Gaming

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    97. Pretum Gaming

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    98. Pretum Gaming

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    99. Pretum Gaming

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    100. Pretum Gaming

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