Space Station Crew Members Talk to Cast of The Martian


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    Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 45 Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren of NASA took time out of their work schedule to talk to Sebastian Stan and Mackenzie Davis, cast members of the new movie “The Martian”, during a visit they made to Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center, Houston Sept. 15. They were joined by JSC Director Ellen Ochoa. Kelly is at the midway point of a year-long mission aboard the orbital laboratory with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), gathering valuable biomedical data that will be used in the formulation of a future human mission to Mars. Lindgren, who is a medical doctor, is beginning the third month of a five-month mission on the outpost.

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    1. The Council of Nine

      Mackenzie: *Controlling her inner fangirl with success.* Sebastian: *Gives up and goes full fanboy.* I love these two.😁🤗

    2. Naruto Isan

      People here are bigger geeks of Sebastian than Sebastian is to space

    3. Avisha Jain

      2:06 casually starts floating

    4. Avisha Jain

      I was wondering why they weren't wearing masks. FML.

    5. Nahian Hassan

      Winter Soldier wanted to talk with Cap America's soul through NASA,

    6. kris castillo

      seb is so cute fanboying 😭😭😭

    7. kris castillo

      seb looks so buff argh why is he hot and for what?!😭

    8. Discovering Real Truth

      Group of Idiots

    9. Hans Gruber

      So basically two sets of actors chat on the phone... stunning

    10. Tadeu Pereira

      Só esses dias passando o filme foi que percebi o Sebastian Stan. Na época era só mais uma ator pra mim.

    11. Asher S.

      Why are they letting a war criminal into a government building. Does the sokovia accords just not exist anymore?

    12. Kego Bricks

      The end with their family was way too formal, and the "good to see you as well" followed by a "thank you." it was so cringy. They were so good with the actors, why would they behave like that with their own family 😭

      1. Avisha Jain


    13. Ethan Harvest

      Dude Scott got a smoking hot wife!

    14. Piyush Anand

      What “The Martian” movie?

    15. Prak Vtou

      I love Bucky ♥️

    16. Yashwin Chawla

      1:55 Here in 2021 we unfortunately know the feeling...

      1. Avisha Jain

        Yes, and it's been a year😭

    17. Cristian Cortes


    18. Lucia Avenger#19

      Sebastian Stan, man you looking good oh man let me tell you something, have you ever seen a guy this handsome walking on the streets he is gonna be arrestes because he is killing all the ladys look at that pow pow pow pow

    19. JustSilly rachet

      Why is no one talking about how clean that shot was 4:46

    20. Smoked Out Hot Sauce

      this is gold, so hilariously akward.

    21. keira bishbon

      Thank you Yt for not giving me random videos and giving me not only seb videos but wholesome astronauts talking to their family

    22. Tachi

      So cool

    23. POP CORN

      I forgot Sebastian Stan was in this movie

    24. carol

      n entendi nada mas tô amando

    25. Jason Brown

      With his Winter Soldier long hair

    26. Rogerina M.

      Aw seb looks so happy

    27. V I K A S

      Winter Soldier

    28. Sachin Yadav

      "Bucky after knowing that Steve Rogers is on the moon base"😂😂

    29. Ankita Hosalli

      Okay so the look on her face when she asked "if you could have aNyThInG right now what would it be?" And thier reaction to that was so funny

    30. Noname

      For what need nASSa? If only Ilon Musk build the star ships😎 Spend peoples money invain.

    31. Greg Davis

      1:43 we understand

    32. B. McAllister

      It's awesome seeing Sebastian act like a super fan would toward him at Comic Con. I hope most celebrities see themselves in their fans. Just loving and appreciating their characters or their work, whether as actors or the characters they portray and not just because they're famous.

    33. Lizzie Rodríguez

      omg sebastian was so excited, how lovely

    34. Maan Patel

      Where is Jason Bourne?

    35. Elena Christian

      Seb looked so excited to ask a question!

    36. Benjamin Flagg

      Sebastian’s voice here : Cool, professional, calculated, direct, respectful. Sebastian’s face here: Absolutely delighted child on Christmas Morning.

    37. Abiyyu Panggalih

      wow it is Sebastian stan

    38. Shang BTW

      That’s Bucky

    39. duda

      i wanna go to space 😭😭😭

    40. Cornetto MSc

      Lol the mic at 7:40. Space is weird 😂

    41. avs_

      1:44 well, now we know what it feels like

    42. Piper Mays

      Sebastian is fangirling rn

    43. Joseph Gomes

      that guy looks like winter soldier

    44. Javier CQ

      Sebastian Stan!!!

    45. Leeanna

      "The earth is incredibly beautiful." And we need to take care of it.

    46. Jameson Harris

      Phil Collins became an astronaut

    47. Joel Shinoda

      I wouldn’t let the Wintersoldier there. He only became good later.

    48. 𝑏𝑒𝑐𝑐𝑎_ℎ𝑖𝑙𝑑𝑎♡

      I'm so glad that the algorithm has blessed me today with Sebastian🙏

    49. LightningMan212 XD

      They ended it with a flip🥺

    50. Abhishek M

      Why sound quality still feels like 70-80s era?

    51. Grace Hampton

      He sounds so nervous and human

    52. Guillermo Hernandez

      " space walks as a treat......" aka: Mission control are party poopers xD /s

    53. FractalBoy

      1:43 Hits a bit different during a pandemic. Haha.

    54. Bella_billnye

      Why is this just recommending to me FIVE YEARS LATER?!?

    55. Fardeen saifi


    56. Leo Bladini

      Is that Sebastian Stan?

    57. Julian Saiz

      Lol I was like yo that looks like Sebastian

    58. Niza

      The women on the right of Sebastian looks pretty bored tbh.

    59. Samuel Mason

      "you guys do any cool pranks up there?" "i wasnt in that" "thats probably a good thing"😂

    60. Lilly Rey

      Thank you algorithm for bringing me this content.

    61. SoySauceSocks

      Everyones talkin about Seb.... Mackenzie Davis needs more recognition smh

    62. i will empty my magazine on you

      Iam here to just simp Mackenzie

    63. Canned Astronut

      Now this is epic

    64. Mallory Myers

      It's strange seeing Cameron Howe at NASA

    65. Nadia Partida

      you’re telling me sebastian stan was bc 30 minutes away from me??? i live 30 minutes from NASA i’m so salty

    66. Simret Sekhon

      Casually floating

    67. prashams

      Why are the laugh tracks missing.

    68. Khushboo Pannu

      Sebastian is so shy 🤭.

    69. Cutiemaan

      20:48 so scared the wire would snap lol why stretch it and not move forward

    70. Frince Francis

      Its all good until someone at NASA recites code words from the red book.

    71. Eli Young

      Okay but why do the guys in space have better video and audio quality than the people on Earth lol

    72. Fashion Chaos

      Wtf why there is super soldier in NASA.

    73. BasementPizza

      Why he sound like cody ko

    74. Megan Bowen

      This whole video is just the astronauts and seb fangirling over eachother

    75. LevelTwo Trading

      wait is that 1 of the Dougs in the background ?

    76. colaboytje

      Why are they on the ground using a landline phone making the audio less good, while up in space they have a mic and great audio? It's like the past calling the future.

      1. Billybob858

        Who knows haha

    77. Caps NZ

      Astronaut 1: Hey there Sebastian how’s it going... Astronaut 2: Longing, rusted, 17, daybreak...

    78. Animesh Ghosh

      Hi Bucky

    79. Cool Lovely Princess

      Guy on the left. Casually does a flip. min15

    80. Wilvaaar

      Seb prepared for his questions

    81. Shivam Chatak

      This is best video KGup algorithm has given me in a very long time. And Sebastian’s geekiness is just so pure

    82. The Shadow

      Scott Kelly sounds exactly like Jimmy Kimmel

    83. Olivia Bodily

      As a huge space nerd, a huge Martian nerd, and a huge Sebastian stan fan, this video is 😘👌

    84. Elizabeth Garcia

      What’s your life like after landing on Earth and completing your mission!

    85. Subham Mohanty


    86. ABHI BHI

      Why Voice from ISS is more clear than NASA HQ 🤔🤔?

    87. struki84

      idk why, but when Scott puts his hands in his pockets, it looks weirdly... redundant :)

    88. Jilzander Sierra Flame

      Why is the winter soldier is here?

    89. Samantha Rosario


    90. Cate McNair

      "its kinda like being in some sort of isolation"... if only he knew that everyone would know exactly how that felt five years later

    91. yiyi

      its really cute seeing seb talk to the austronaut but what i really enjoyed more was seeing the austronauts talk to their families i bet thats something they dont do much 🥺

    92. S-Brad503 _

      15:22 Scott said “are you jealous”

    93. Amzar Amaze

      The actors talk to the actors

      1. Ballerina Life


    94. B. DUB

      Both science fiction...

    95. Jill Hurley

      I love that Sebastian later told Stephen Colbert that they dissected his filmography, which he liked.

    96. Kalynda Haaf

      2:00 ... if only they knew ...

    97. Georgios Spyridon Christopoulos

      Oh My God! Sebastian Stan! Man, you're looking good! Man,oh man! Lemme tell you something,y ou ever see a guy this handsome walking the streets? He's gonna get arrested because he's killing all the ladies. Pow pow! Look at that.

    98. Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim

      Station I saw I saw admire for you I never and never forget you leave natural international idea natural international environment natural international worldwide human being thank you I just text you so much

    99. NY 7

      I'd be more excited to talk to the Winter Soldier than anything else. Plus we're both from the same county in NY, proud to see a hometown boy make it.

    100. Aswin N B

      At first I thought that the phone holding guy in the thumbnail is Bucky Barnes 😂😅

      1. Aswin N B

        @yiyi yes

      2. yiyi

        it is tho its sebastian stan