Young M.A "RNID" (Official Music Video)

Young MA

2,5 млн көрүүлөр524

    #YoungMA #RNID #HerstoryInTheMaking
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    Video directed by Marc Diamond.
    Song Produced by Antwan “Amadeus" Thompson & Trilogy for Platinum Boy Music Inc.
    Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios.
    Mastered by Tatsuya Sato

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    1. TWingwiri

      Young MA is just hits

    2. Ben Kaja


    3. Bruce Gilmore

      I said it before and I am going to say it again, If you don't fuck with YMA, FUCKYOU!

    4. royal mcmorris

      Gotta rich nigga id gotta have litt nigga id

    5. Bridget Nee

      She’s just effortless about everything. Imagine all the bars she just comes up with in the car or the shower everyday, probably so much heat

    6. N M

      2021 a hit that's it💞💯

    7. Big Mike

      "Let nothing Get by Me!! Oooh!! Talib Kwali!!" 🔥🔥🔥

    8. Swen Jackson

      hmm why should they put your life in pain

    9. Abdul Asuku


    10. Sean Baker

      M.a please link up with dax that would b a dope link

    11. chris egan


    12. MrNeckCrack

      "But still i need shit" Sums up moving out into your first apartment.

    13. Brandon Marquez

      When young ma does your taxes

    14. Zero Flores

      She is one of the best rappers out right now

    15. renDEZvous

      2:22 always gets me maneee 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Fooly Roo

      just noticed she burped and said "fuck it we could keep that, im smacked" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Brooke Nicoleislame

      I love her music 😻🎶

    18. FEV

      calll poopoo ho! LOL THIS WAS HARD.

    19. another sad teen

      Pop smoke if he was a female 😇

    20. Damita Mcphee


    21. Brendan BYRD

      Who here in 2021

    22. Snufalufagus Snufalufagus

      Do we need to vote here ?

    23. Tony Brakston

      M. A is dope 💥💥💥

    24. _decko_

      She aint ever had a feature

    25. culinary Trav

      On this type of shit at work I fucks with it

    26. Tyler Marshall

      She the shit period!!!

    27. Clement Jr

      M.A got it on lock man ofcos

    28. mimi s

      She's down for her people and have so much respect for all the woman ,love your music you inspire me a lot 🤗❤️

    29. Ryckee18


    30. Wade Wilson

      You know ders ah reason why .y mom trust me over my brother right? Jus saying. Facts.

    31. Howie Banks

      It's ya man BIG IceFlamesz23 MA do really do it

    32. Devin Kemp

      Time stop putting her in the underrated category she the queen of Brooklyn she proves it with the bars like biggie and the hard beats like dmx

    33. martha alvarez

      Nice 👌

    34. Jermaine Payne

    35. JoJo23

      Tuff 🗣️🔥💯

    36. Praise Chigozie

      M.A ur d best wen it come to femine rap#

    37. QUEENS BOSS Up

      Does.any8ne know what rich nigga i.d is lol 😆 called the po po........

    38. Srajan Suvarna

      Loving this style of Young MA too

    39. NAIL TROY

      Dope album🔥🔥

    40. Bronwyn M

      Your music activates my masculine bad bitch alter ego and I fucking love it😍😍😍 KWEEN SHIT🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥

    41. Большой Бонг

      хах геееей

    42. Faith Ndhlovu

      young ma in my opinion is the BEST

    43. Faith Ndhlovu

      the ''Jonose' part killed me

    44. Gabriel Reis


    45. Gabriel Reis


    46. Gabriel Reis


    47. Gabriel Reis


    48. Gabriel Reis


    49. Gabriel Reis


    50. Gabriel Reis


    51. Gabriel Reis


    52. Gabriel Reis


    53. Gabriel Reis


    54. Gabriel Reis


    55. Gabriel Reis


    56. Gabriel Reis

      "Practice "🔵🔴💜

    57. Gabriel Reis


    58. Gabriel Reis


    59. Gabriel Reis


    60. Gabriel Reis


    61. Gabriel Reis


    62. Gabriel Reis


    63. Gabriel Reis


    64. Gabriel Reis


    65. Gabriel Reis


    66. Gabriel Reis


    67. Streetrave Entertainment

      Dawg...yuh ting tuff yuh fuck....lyrical yuh fuck B

    68. mpho madisha

      nahh hommies and bros out the m.a got sauce shits hit super fly

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    71. ichimaru gin

      Друг, ты вершина пищевой цепи

    72. Elton Siilva Yae Galera se inscreve no canal e deixa o joinha só agradece Nossa Primeira Mixtape VL Beat Dj

    73. Joshua King


    74. willie nevarez

      Love watching her videos she always makes it that much better watching her interact with video ...

    75. Davian Mutua

      On top favourite artist

    76. Carlos Sanchez

      My number 1 artist her work fire straight bangerz

    77. jackecianee


    78. Seandra Fuller

      Moral of the story, Real niggas feed the hood, Fake niggas destroy it.

    79. Simmonia Ellis

      love it 🥰

    80. Abongile Gotyana

      This song is lit🌟

    81. PHARAOH

      Just finished the live now an vybing to this before the year ends🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲

    82. aliyah herrera

      This song slapppssssss

    83. jaeden miles

      Bruh I literally went through multiple videos and tried my best to find a comment section mostly not mentioning how she gay or a girl. Stfu. Damn. we get it. that shit is so old news. she is fine asf tho love the video

    84. Loxx byRah

      DOPE AF 😎💓

    85. Kurtis Marin


    86. Eddie Rodriguez


    87. Joy c

      Sick beat 🔥

    88. JV8 Studios

      Young MA is mad consistent!

    89. Armn X

      Love music brother ❤️🔥🔥🔥

    90. Brandi B


    91. Jonathan Ruffin

      I love young ma. She needs another flow or a different producer

    92. Arkham KnighT


    93. Coco Reeks

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    94. Shaunta Williams

      My bish

    95. Nando Munoz


    96. RellZo Lee

      Love this positive song, she schooling y’all niggas out here

    97. Douglass Walker

      Man her wordplay is so underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    98. Emmah Patrick


    99. Tmoney Suarez

      Ain’t nobody fucking with her.Young Ma take this shit over shorty.Tmoney love

    100. Fofo's Ent.

      Underrated fr