Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE



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    Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE. This was absolutely crazy.
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    We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
    This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
    If this video gets 1,500,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

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      1. Reece Liu

        Make another Minecraft Manhunt video plz

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      George: *exists* Enderman: And i took that personally.

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      That finale fight was so good!!!!

    7. Ben C

      Is anyone else wondering why the hunters have beds in the nether at 31:21

    8. Joerex Palencia

      3:34 i think he was fly hacking

      1. Joerex Palencia

        @Gulchehra Xidirova ok i do trust you th

      2. Joerex Palencia

        @Gulchehra Xidirova ok

      3. Gulchehra Xidirova

        @Joerex Palencia good, if you don't trust me watch this moment in 0,25 speed. He touched an upper block with 1 mm

      4. Joerex Palencia

        @Gulchehra Xidirova sorry i am a big fan of dream btw

      5. Gulchehra Xidirova

        No he just jumped

    9. Acorn1553

      Bro was it me or dream flew at 3:34

      1. Gulchehra Xidirova

        Watch in 0,25 he jumped one block up. He touched the upper block with 1 mm.

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    11. Jacob Grimes

      What was the seed

    12. Toby True

      y is it so big dream wheeeezeee

    13. Yoshiplayz

      You should make a manhunt with hardcore mode ;) good luck. Or even one when your trying to do all the advancements and achievements

    14. shaik Jahangeer

      You are for

    15. Nobody Special! :]

      I cant hear the difference between antfrost and dreams voice

      1. Gulchehra Xidirova

        You will hear, just watch his videos more than 5 or 6 times

    16. Zamora Magaña Zyanya G.

      What the video should be: My friends chasing me What the video is: Me chasing my friends

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      Dream is the best player in the world not just because he's good at minecraft... Also because he's smart

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      Please change your skin

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      No one: Me: YoU cAn LiGhT CrEEpeRs?!?

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      at the end: the poor neighbours


      Dream i your fan

    23. Aeros

      Anyone else get lord of the ring vibes when he was in the end on the tower?

    24. So_lo Gaming

      Who else didn’t want to blink because they were afraid they would miss dream doing a move

    25. So_lo Gaming

      Who else feels like you can’t blink without missing an insane move

    26. pro gaming

      I play Dragon city

    27. Regie Viajante

      27:43 Dream sounds like theDoo singing Hallelujiah

    28. Regie Viajante

      25:52 that's the most close call ever I've ever seen in my entire life and the fastest karma ever HAHAHAHAHA

    29. R̶ed R̶abbit

      bro if he wins im gonna cut my left ear off (edit: i am now the one ear man.)

      1. Jericho Macaranas

        Oh god no

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      I LOVE YOUUUU pls be my friends

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      Best moment 16:45 😎🤙

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      Best moment 5:06

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      Polska, maldujamy sje

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      Dream i can play minecraft with you

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      we'll get that 1v10 hunter videos.. and you all know it

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      Oi drem

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      Dream is cool

    38. Clown

      Can someone tell me why they use axes instead of a sword?

      1. Jericho Macaranas

        Alright... Sword has a sweep attack, and faster refresh time Axes deals more damage than swords, but slower refresh time, axes can also disable shields, for a short amount of time.

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      اكو عرب

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      How dose dream have just coordinates

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      Anyone hear the attack on Titan music lol 45:09

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      you have 16,1 million sub

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      Elon musk is dream😶😶 😂😂😂😂😂

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      Can you make a video in which we will know how to play like you proooo plz tell secret

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      IT'S YOU GOD

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      huhh how dare u insults the ladylike lady like that SAPNAP I SEE U IN MY SITE U WERE TRYING TO KILL DREAM HOW DARE U I JUST WANT DREAM GET DIAMOND ALREADY BECAUSE i love playing minecraft is so fun AND ALL SO HARD BECAUSE im gonna give a big sorry Bye

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      ok i will Download Dragon City Done i Will Get your Dragon

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      Кто русс-->

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      Единственный русский коментарий который ты ищеш

    55. Stickman ANIMATIONS

      5:22 Rabbot: Hello there!

      1. Gulchehra Xidirova

        This rabbit has been helping to Dream

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      What hepen you freds no like you whashapen?

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      "Is he invisible?" "Yeah, I just saw him!" -GeorgeNotFound 2020

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      i like you so much dream

    59. Caleb P.

      I feel clickbaited this really is Minecraft Speedrunner vs 4 Hunted


      they lost even with enchanted diamong armor

    61. КТО Я?

      Best speedruner

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      wow dream

    63. Abdul Playz3249

      48:20 Rip head phone users

    64. Manal Darwish1

      When you use a anvil you should get a achievement that says: making and taking Like this comment if you agree and comment on this if you disagree

    65. KingTarun 123

      how did he get the tnt again

      1. Jericho Macaranas


    66. Meliodas

      He just flew off in a boat - Sapnap,2020

    67. Shujin

      Wait its 4 hunters vs dream but where is 4th hunter

      1. Gulchehra Xidirova

        1. GeorgeNotFound 2. BadBoyHelo 3. Sapnap 4. Antfrost Vs Dream

    68. Saira Adriano

      Ok 👌😊😘☺️❤️

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      For me all of these Speedrunner vs Hunter are like Speedrunner kills the Hunter

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      I was also :- hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah 🤣🤣

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      i one russian

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      ale lujaaaaa xD

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      Wow this video has done well 2million likes thats so cool

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      Can you tell me how to get the Minecraft dream skin

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      why was that so intense like the music for example😭

    76. Commander Noob

      Wtf is the seed? I want that mountain.

      1. Jericho Macaranas

        That biome is called, Shattered Savanna, its not that rare...

    77. Akashnil Kalita

      it was ww3 in end

    78. CactusFire

      At 47:40

    79. Weird Looking Prequel Yoda

      Why didn’t they go after him when he went down the ravine?

    80. A wondering Exotic exol

      23:55 this part gave me temple run vibes lol

    81. Cxdqq

      13:49 No one: Badboyhalo: *"why am i broke?.."*

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      At 27:42 you’ll see a faze sign

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      I bet this is going to go to 10 hunters

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      5:07 dont celebration too early

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      When the muffins attack

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      Most likely one of the greatest Minecraft KGuprs to date.

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      When dream was in the water he reminded me of jaws

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