One of the Best Places to Catch FISH on a River

Scott Martin

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    One of the Most Overlooked fishing spots on a river. I discuss how to find it and what lures to throw.
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    1. Pamela Klemp

      Scotty, you could have dropped me on a dime talking about Wing Dams! Without knowing anything about them I used to fish for Bass and Catfish near them on Lake Allatoona in Cartersville/Acworth GA. I just always called them walls or shelves. And I pretty much counted on catching a few at those spots. Never knew why but knew it was almost always a good fish around there. Also around bouys and marker signage. Thanks for explaining it for me. They really are "Fish Hangouts".

    2. Chris H

      Scott I live in North East Arkansas. All of our rivers are small. Black River, Current River and Fourche River. When I was growing up, my dad only fished with live bait. I'm pretty good on lakes but struggle on the rivers. Could you possibly film on a smaller river and give some tips. I don't watch anyone but you fish. I grew up watching your dad and Jimmy Houston. Thanks for all you do to help us little guys

    3. Chris H

      Thanks for the tips brother!

    4. Horns n Hooks

      Trash talking James plz make a comeback

    5. Joe Morris

      What happens when the when you see bass but they are not feeding on the river because they are gouged out on Shad how do you get them

    6. James Mims

      Great vid bud very informative keep them coming.

    7. jerry Cole


    8. Derek Kaalberg

      100% Sneaky Tip. Growing up on the Mississippi my parents have a small Marina and learned fast that as soon as a barge goes by it literally SUCKS water out of the marina. 👌🏾

    9. Captain Young

      Scott do u have a buyer already for your boat??

    10. Cole Hoard

      Where is the videos with ttj and Hillary

    11. Schmidty

      I know I'm behind but what happened to Brandon?

    12. Jon O

      Hi Scott appreciate all you’re tips and tricks. You’re the man thanks.

    13. Kid Kid

      Good vid

    14. Grant Spafford

      I want to see some more salt water fishing on the vice versa. Love those videos and seeing the freeman put to work

      1. bob smith


    15. Fish On

      Great tips, Scott! My PB came on a wing dam north of Prairie Du Chien, WI in August of 2014. The weather was bluebird sky, 95 degrees and no wind. In less than 2 hours, I caught and released 57 largemouth, averaging 3#! Baits were beetle spins, small diving Rapala and plastic worms in 7' of water in front of the wingdam. Awesome! Fish on!

    16. Don Norton

      Any thoughts about the Kissimmee River Scott? I haven't fished it in a few years but we used to catch a lot of bass below the locks when they opened them. Caught some nice bass where the Kissimmee River flows into Okeechobee too. Great video's Scott!

    17. Lee Yarbrough

      Haha great video , them wings damns or some sort of structure like that is what we fish a lot at night , an I live in pickwick great article maybe you should have kept this one close to your heart haha nice work mr Martin good luck on elite series.

    18. DrJ 303

      your dad would have caught 10 by now !! lol

    19. Brock Johnson

      Dude this is what I like for you to do when you can?! I’ve always wondered your strategy on certain things? So thank you for your tips Scott! You don’t have to teach anything, so we really do appreciate you sir! Thanks again!

    20. Terry Kornegay

      Awesome tips I have a river I’m learning to fish and I am definitely going to try some we don’t have many wings damns on this river in the area I fish but still a lot of good info thanks Scott for the tips in your vids I use them all the time and do catch fish with your tips so keep em coming TK

    21. Team Mainlake

      Thank you!

      1. Scott Martin

        You’re welcome

    22. William Albrecht

      Thats my go to spot on the river they also do goog when water has fell and goes steady

      1. William Albrecht

        Anytime you and me little rock would be a privilege

      2. Scott Martin


    23. Stratton Rorrer

      Anybody tell me what sunglasses Scott is wearing?

    24. Chris Brown


    25. Piya Chetty

      Great stuff Scott thanks for the tips appreciate the knowledge you pass to us.🇿🇦👍🎣

      1. Scott Martin

        You’re welcome!

    26. M Stenzel

      Awsome advice! One question I have is I live on pool 12 of the Mississippi and all our wingdams are 4-10 under water. Does that change the way I should approach them?

      1. Scott Martin

        The will still get on will better when the water is low

    27. Olivia Taylor

      why don't you use braid

    28. Casey Gray

      Your'e a wingnut!🤣

    29. Pickleville

      Scott this was an awesome video. Very different and extremely informative. Cool deal.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    30. James Blanton

      You explain things just like you're dad did on his show a lot of the same way of Speaking and mannerisms

      1. Scott Martin


    31. Trent Findley

      Just below locking dam #5 on the red River south of Shreveport. Is where my pb catfish was caught 62 lb blue. But now was off and we decided to catch a few zzzz's. 3 a.m a barge came through and that's when she bit. Not going to say which wing dam but man what a fight!!!

      1. Trent Findley

        Secondly I met you at the the cup when it was in Shreveport. I got so star struck when it came down to it. Never have had it happen before lol. I hope to see you at Cayuga lake this country boy needs a redemption lol

      2. Trent Findley

        Yes sir. Tell you what that spotlight on them barges will make you think an alien is about abduct your ass. Geeeez that thing is bright!!!

      3. Scott Martin

        The barge bite :)

    32. Carter Gurdak

      Love to see bank fishing tips like where what when etc. Thanks so much for all these tips

    33. Bradley Knowles

      Rivers have always been my toughest place to catch bass, thanks for the tip it'll come in handy.

    34. James Terrill III

      Nice tip, keep it up

    35. Will Gates

      Barge bite

    36. Joshua Huett

      Thanks bro I needed this

    37. TAGZ

      Need to get you a river jetboat...Come to PA and well go out on the Susquehanna River for smallmouth...would be a dream trip...lets go

      1. TAGZ

        @Scott Martin you ever come up this way and plan on hitting a charter id love to join ya.i know 2 good people that know the river very well and they both have awesome jetboats

      2. Scott Martin

        I have heard its awesome!

    38. Mack's Extreme River Fishing & Outdoors

      I like the Cordell Spot or the Rat L Trap in currents like that.

    39. CynicOfAll

      Some wing dams are special also. Not all are created equal. I fish the Mississippi in the summer and have found many that hold alot of fish and some that won't even get a bite on. Found one that we caught roughly 50 bass off of and a 9lb walleye, also had a well over a 100 pound flat head follow my bandit square bill right to the boat. White bandit square bill is killer on the wings.

      1. CynicOfAll

        Pool 18 and 19....

      2. Scott Martin

        So true

      3. M Stenzel

        What pool? I live on 12

    40. Scott Sime

      I love it when you share information like this. You show us the graph and where to set up and what direction to cast. Today I learned something finally from a professional. Please keep doing videos like this one..

    41. Ethan Aschenbrenner

      4:31 he wanted to say spot lock so bad 😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    42. Brandon Key

      Hilary vs James

    43. Chase Vestal

      Sorry to say but I own the googan hound and it doesn’t walk very well. I’ve tried it on all different rod and set ups. Just doesn’t work. Berkley and heddon make a way better walking bait.


      You and tactical bassin is the best on YT

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    45. Landon Dunn

      Hey Scott! I was waiting on a video like this! I live in Indiana so I fish the St Joe River. I can only get the bass to bite on a blue and green senko on a Texas rig. There is about 2 feet of visability, so what would you suggest me trying to throw at them? And I would also love to win the camera give away!

    46. Buzz McClain

      Go to ohio river and we shall see if you can catch fish lol

    47. Troy Harper

      Great information Scott 💯💯 Thanks for sharing

    48. TheManYouNeedToBe

      Very nice! Great deal and information.

    49. Brian davis

      I love when you go got lengendary fisherman telling us tips

    50. Danny Schwab

      Thanks bro for the tips. God bless

    51. Caden Dishman

      Thanks for the tips on my home river👍🏻👍🏻

    52. King of Dinks Fishing

      Thanks for the great tips, your shared knowledge has gotten me on my PB twice now. Thank you for the great content

      1. Rowdy Broomstick

        Would you say Scott is your Wing Man 😂

    53. SmallWater Charters

      You are the wind beneath my wingdam...💨💨💨

      1. SmallWater Charters

        I live in okeechobee and see you on the water some...lets go fish...

      2. Scott Martin


      3. SmallWater Charters

        🎶🎶🎶Do it WingDam Style🎶🎶🎶🎶

    54. Hunter Fishes

      This helped a lot ive been having trouble fishing the main River in The summer 💖

      1. gofishenc

        also, those wing dams allow predators to trap bait. Efficient way for a fish (any fish) to hunt, including filter feeders.

    55. Adam Smith

      I live on and fish the upper Niagara river in NY. We call it a break wall . Definitely fish magnets this time of year. I like a super spook Jr. For both smallies and largemouth. Great tips Scott. Thanks

    56. Aaron Roberts122

      Take me fishing please 😊 it would make my day to fish with you

    57. Howard Stout

      Got my smc hat last friday i live in okechobee and would love for you to sighn my hat. Do you have a po box i can send it for you to sighn would really make my life

    58. Don Norton

      What river are you fishing?

      1. Scott Martin


    59. Gary Regier

      Hey, How about some tips on the Pools 7, 8, 9 in Lacross.

      1. The_ToxicBadger 2

        Gary Regier barge pillions with rock is good

      2. The_ToxicBadger 2

        Gary Regier Throw square bills on main lake rock the boat row markers that have visible rocks are good could only get them to bite square bills Chartreuse 1.5s Island out doors has some good tackle.

    60. Gary Regier

      Scott, You are one of my favorite Pro's, I really appreciate you taking the time for tips.

    61. JG Fouche

      Hi Scott I am JG,I am one of our biggest fans ,I am also 13years old and me and my family live in Suid Afrika.🎣🐟my biggest fish is almoust 15kg but my biggest bass is 7,6lbs.Thanks for making videos for us !!We love you ,thanks🐟🎣👍🤘

    62. garrettthecarrott

      👇🏼Scot Martins real fans

    63. Georgia Bassmasters

      Awesome tips man! I love these videos.

    64. kime hunt

      This man gets a like before I even watch the whole video. Don't let me down Scott.

      1. bob smith


    65. ethan.

      Your the best you have inspired me to fish more thank you

    66. Chase L

      Luv ya man and ur videos u inspired me to get a jon baot and go fishing

    67. Shaun Roberts

      Yea. Nice

    68. Ruth Keiling

      Hey Scott you are my favorite pro. Do you know when you will be at the gulf coast town center bass pro?? In Fort Myers!???

    69. Jacob Smith

      Love the vids man keep up the good work and keep trying hard on those opens cant wait to see you winning the classic

    70. Jake Aviator

      5th. Thanks Scott for all your tips. God bless from Spain. 🇪🇸

    71. MW Fishing and Outdoors

      Scott do you know any good bass fishing lakes in Indiana

      1. Scott Martin

        Not much

    72. Caydin Koonce


    73. Osvaldo Gonzalez

      Bet you won’t respond and gift me a shimano curado dc 😢

      1. Adam Smith

        I bet your right

      2. Osvaldo Gonzalez

        With a favorite sumit rod

      3. garrettthecarrott


    74. tyler varnell

      who else dream is to fish with Scott

      1. tyler varnell

        Garrett the carrot! When

      2. garrettthecarrott

        Bru I already said that

    75. Tanner Yarberry

      Can we go bass fishing

    76. Lil Boomer

      I like fish boi

    77. Smelly frog finger

      Random fact: Hawaiian pizza was originally made by a Greek man

      1. mike underbrink

        Nice! Good to know. Did you know that the longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds?

      2. garrettthecarrott


    78. Jack Brown

      Your a god

    79. Brian Monticello


      1. Scott Martin


    80. Adam Schmitt

      Scott u are just awesome.

    81. Rusty Waldron

      What’s up

    82. garrettthecarrott

      My dream is to recognize by u I’ve watched u since 2016

    83. xXxDUB Taker8

      Love your videos

    84. CrankNCrappie Tv

      Take me fishing

    85. Jennifer Rowe

      I love your vids!! Keep them coming!

    86. ZePh317

      Hey Scott love ur vids keep em up.


      First one and first like

    88. Jack Sannar

      Best KGupr no question

      1. Scott Martin


    89. Cole Glover

      Wassup Scott

    90. mookNA

      Your the best

    91. Hook’n N Hunt’n

      Keep up the good vids

    92. Fishing With Austin


    93. D-Bass Fishing

      Yo scott

    94. Daniel Dery

      First coment

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      love the vids