Tokyo Tales: Should Influencers Be More Genuine? (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 16)


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    Episode 16 of the Tokyo Tales podcast. We start out with a phone call from Martina's mom that leads to discussing a bunch of thoughts on our roles as Creators, our dislike of the ideas some influencers promote, and how we see ourselves changing in our current videos and videos to come. There's a lot in this one, and we're not sure the answers about them yet. We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    1. TheJTspeedy

      I would watch you every day no matter what!! I love the fact that you are like us and your struggles are like ours and that we are like a family. I do worry about you sometimes. but you guys are amazing.

    2. jason t

      Strangely enough, I care very little to see most YTer's daily lives but you two are the exception. Always been fan and you two are the most down to earth. I'm not a traveler and will never go to Japan but I like what you do for your audience and you're both so sweet with each other. Thank you.

    3. huggledemon32

      " 🤣you'll feel a lot better when you know other people are suffering!" 😱that made me laugh! "I hit myself in the face!..... no one watches the video!- don't rewind and watch again!"........... please excuse me while I rewind and watch again!😂🤣😇😁 You don't sexualise your videos Simon!?- we've all seen you shake and caress your own booty Simon!😂😏👍🏼

    4. Chris Contreraz

      This is why people love you guys so much. Because you are real and go out of your way to make sure we understand what's behind the curtain. Also keep on using the word dope.

    5. Manda Jayne MJI

      I greatly enjoy your real life videos... I don’t want to watch perfect people with perfect lives... I want to be able to relate to what is being shown or talked about. A human body can bear up to 45 del (unit) of pain. Yet at the time of giving birth a mother feels up to 57 del of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time... random scientific fact. Periods are the worst! With Hashimoto’s my hormones are all screwy and I never know when it’s going to hit. But I can always count on the first four days wearing depends overnight pads (made for bladder issues not periods and are basically adult diapers) and never straying far from my bathroom or heating pad.

    6. The Rummaging Ferret

      I like your day in a life videos. We are like pajama buddies. Life is similar in outside, but different depending on where you live. It's fun to see the differences. Think of it like an expansion on the idea of when ur traveling going to different convinence stores. I live in rural Georgia USA, biking isn't possible. Even when I lived in Atlanta, GA biking is not like that. It's interesting how your city is built. Biking parking ur bike like most people park a car in a parking garage and then walking alleys that have no to slim car traffic. Some of the alleyways are covered. Or like when u get your ramen ticket at the shop front but you walk around to the back to go in to the restaurant. It's interesting to me. Hope this helps.

    7. Callia

      Probably TMI, but I had terrible bathroom anxiety because I've had my brother yell through the door (adolescence to this day, that's right, he still does it) : ''Are you done? How much longer? Are you showering?'' Took me until now to realized this is not fucking OK! *Extra stress on top of feeling like hell. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.* There's a menstruating woman in the house, but no, we've been told to hid and tip-toe around it.

    8. Naika Rivera-Deutsch

      It's nice to see real and down to earth people, so it's great watching everyday lives. I also enjoy watching the midnight munchies from Martina. I'm sitting here watching this video wearing pajamas.

    9. Naika Rivera-Deutsch

      I love watching any type of videos you guys want to share with me!!

    10. Rahsan

      You are genuinly good, thoughtful people, I just love your sense of what´s wrong and right! I just wished Martinas health was better, even though you make the best of it. Best wishes to you both from Germany!

    11. kizzy

      I definitely can relate with the period pain. I have AWFUL period cramps... so bad I'm considering birth control or some medication. :( You aren't alone Martina.

    12. Maaike A. de Jong

      Super late reaction...... but regarding this topic I just wanted to say that I love to watch your video’s for years now. I always preferred the video’s on your bonus channel because they feel more relatable and real. Life is not always about roses, so I really like the direction in which your mainchannel is heading these days with the vlogs. You always feel like close friends that I have known for years, and these video’s always feel like a catching up sessions with you guys (while drinking tea and sitting in pyjamas). Thank you guys for sharing all of this with us/me and taking the time to edit it and stuff. I know it must be a ton of work and I really appreciate the amount of time, blood sweat and tears you put into this. I really hope to see and hear from you (The good and the bad stuff). Take care! And let us know if you both survived the heat wave ;). Lots of love from The Netherlands.

    13. Kameran Metaxas

      Another day in our life would be awesome!

    14. Lu Noizu

      Martina! Here suggestions for making a yummy salad 🥗 try to add stuff like cherry tomatoes, thin sliced peppers, thin sliced carrots, arugula, chickpeas, sweet corn, Greek feta cheese, and fruits! Apples, pears, figs, watermelon, strawberries... nuts! Almonds, pistachios, walnuts... dress it with lime juice, tahini, olive oil... trust me!

    15. Bobby McMillian

      Hello Team EatYourSushi! I’m a frequent-ish flyer of the channel but not the comments. I’ve been following the adventures for a year or so and I’m playing catch up. I love that you all are so inclusive with your fans and that you show us the “average” by raising the curtain. I think it’s something that needs to be shown and discussed in order to help people to have realistic expectations. Thank you for everything you do. PS, that coffee I said I’d send you in your last “It’s Time to Open Packages” video will be on the way soon. Hahaha.

    16. Sara G. Olmos

      I just watched Lindsay Ellis's video on youtubers and manufacturing authenticity, and i just had to revisit this podcast. This is a great video that is kind of a response to her video, and while I really believe your authenticity is sincere, its crazy how the video still ticks the boxes of a product made to inspire the right emotional responses to achieve an end. It's a credit to how wonderfully sincere your videos are and how advanced the techniques are to create what you guys have. love yall!

    17. Squonk

      I like how japan calls y'all "influencers". If people would just weigh in the social responsibility of being a public figure way more than they are doing now, we'll be able to avoid most of the petty youtube drama.

    18. Carissa B.

      Day in the Life videos are fun! I would watch well planned beautiful video or spontaneous vlog-y from you two any day. I come to this channel for both of you ❤️ (Also I am rewatching your podcasts in order. Still very fun to listen to!!!)

    19. Asellus

      It's funny.. I came to your channel(s) originally for the very polished and well-edited TL;DR's and K-pop discussions. Now I definitely tune in more for your podcasts, "day in the life"", and even livestreams, because I admire you both but it helps a lot to hear about the REAL life of someone you admire - the good and bad! And you guys aren't afraid to show the really bad times, but you also show a lot of the time how humor and focusing on the good bits can be so helpful. So I'd say... don't be afraid to be a bit of a confusing channel. We all appreciate the work that goes into your more highly edited videos, but some of us are just as happy to listen to you talk for 20 minutes or to see clips from your week. Just keep doing what you're doing!

    20. Alys Lim

      24:55 damn he cute

    21. Joelle Fae

      Hey Simon and Martina! I actually really really liked your day in the life. it felt real and raw and showed that other side of things, like you said. its another telling of the simon and martina story that most people have never seen before and in that way I think it was beautiful. life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but the cloudy days make you appreciate the sunshine and rainbows even more, which is something I think I've learned from your videos and your uplifting attitudes. I hope you do more day in the life in the future. :)

    22. Silvia Elena

      One thing that I take from influencers showing only the perfect sides of their life is when you see that life could be this amazing, you, as a normal person having a normal job, start to feel like you are unhappy with your life. So you look at that perfect life and start to think that it is ideal and it is the way it should be. You desire that life so much that you ignore all the good stuff you have in your life. Just like a kid that wants a different toy, even if he has a box full of amazing toys. You feel unhappy because you don't have that life and that's one more reason to feel depressed and overlook the simple but amazing things you may already have in your life: good health, a family, friends, a chance to learn new things, a book, a bike, an amazing view from your window.

    23. humblebumble

      Those videos are so interesting to watch because I've been a fan for years and I think you didn't really discuss Martina's health until recently. I struggle with depression and anxiety and I've always wanted to travel like you, but thought my mental illness would keep me from going that far. Seeing you manage your pain and relationship in such a healthy way, especially acknowledging some days you have to take a break, helped me understand how your life is even possible. Your support for each other is also helpful to see. My boyfriend and I both struggle with mental illness but aren't always good at building a ladder but we're learning and growing. So for me to see your success and your bad days and your reality, well it means a lot.

    24. Meg Phillips

      I love love love your days in a life. Can't wait for the next one! Started watching your podcast because I wanted more of you guys being yourselves without that 'perfect influencer' filter. :) thanks for the great content!

    25. Erica

      Thank you for always being your genuine selves! I love seeing the day to day things! I can somewhat understand what you’re talking about when you say people don’t know the behind the scenes of the work that goes into being a KGupr. I’ve been living in Korea for about 20 months know and have been fortunate enough to go to a lot of concerts and other K-pop related events. I have had so many people say “oh you’re so lucky. I wish I could be you blah blah blah.” I’ve come to a point that I hate the word “lucky.” I like to say I’m fortunate. Because nothing about living in Korea or going to these events is luck. I worked my butt off to get to Korea (you guys know how this process is. Not easy). I have to work hard everyday teaching little kids (which I do enjoy but its not easy) and I make lots of sacrifices. I’ve also had someone anonymously tell me they could never message me on Twitter because I’m “on a higher level” than them just because I’ve had the opportunity to do what I’ve been able to do. That’s straight bullshit. I’m not some celebrity or something that people can’t talk to me. I am always super friendly and down to earth when it comes to what I do. I never try to brag. So it was shocking to hear that comment. Anyway, I’m glad that you guys are keeping it real. I love being able to relate so strongly to you guys!

    26. Sproot Overalls

      I love you guys so much. I really hope other youtubers start following your lead.

    27. Chelsea Dawn

      I love how your videos have transitioned through the years! ❤️ You provide a more attainable goal of influencing the community that you’re in, not the one you want to have! Love you both so much and the quality of content you continually give us. 💕 #BuildALadder

    28. Ching G

      People don't talk about the mutilation that is circumcision either. And it can happen to innocent children against their will and affect them for the rest of their lives. No choice, no going back, 50% Loss of sexual sensation, loss of elasticity, increased risk of developing physical damage. And thats IF the procedure is done correctly... If its botched, the penis can be lost and the boy can be raised as a girl. There is a book about that. Its Horrible and is Not needed in any way. Some perants just ""want it done""? Or know someone else who did it, or a Dr. Said, ""it's cleaner"", no its not. Soap and water hun. But they make too much money hurting little boys. Research and knowledge should be dont and true freedom should be applied, but thats not what happens in a lot of places unfortunately. .If you read this, thank you. Maybe you can help someone.

    29. Joanna

      Thanks for always being real with us! That's why we love day-in-the-life videos from you two. :)

    30. Gaby Wong

      I really enjoyed your Day in the Life video (even the laundry portion)!

    31. Matthew Basler

      I totally had to rewind it when you said not to...sorry I giggled, but it was an empathetic giggle because I'm such a klutz! :) Love ya guys and also loved your recent day in the life video. These are the things that I want to see, so I'm glad you let us peek behind the curtain because your right too many people then assume they can't do it because they don't have everything you have or what have you. The long and the short of it is, thank you for being real. :)

      1. Matthew Basler

        LMAO, when you guys started talking about Martina's boobs I almost died laughing with you guys.

    32. Katie Desimpel

      Omg I would totally cry if I met they two of you... But in the sence of meeting up with family I haven't seen in a long time ❤️ Watching your videos and these talks warms my heart, and makes me feel at home with my polish family. I actually hope #pewdiepie follows you guys, he and Martzia love Japan so much and would find your hidden food gems a huge help for spots "for them"

    33. Astha Gautam

      We saw 😃🤣

    34. Vix Richardson

      People showing themselves in reality it so important. I have 2 girls, large is ASD with copious other connected issues and by enlarge peer pressure and social media pressure passes her by for which I am monumentally grateful. She is horse mad and I direct her energy that way as much as possible. Small is 11 and incredibly susceptible to peer pressure, exacerbated by trauma issues from a bullying teacher issue that happened 4 years ago. Getting her to realise that you only see a small, well chosen and edited part of someones day is a constant uphill battle. Keep being real and your own fabulous selves, I appreciate you for just being yourselves!

    35. Pearls-for-cats

      I think they really get the balance right with this, I respect them as hardworking people, enjoy the escapism in many of their videos and find solace in their honesty

    36. Auntie

      Can I just say that the ending music/intro shananigan is amazing. Can I just get a 10 hour version of it right now and dance all day long?

    37. ES

      Literally 5 seconds in and I love Martina's little head nod at the successful harmonisation of Kichijojiiiiii 😂😂

    38. Kattiydid

      Hey guys. I've been going through a really hard time in my life lately and your videos have really been a amazing help. i'm dealing with my first real bout of depression and i felt like i was losing my mind and in many ways the life i had been working towards. your build a ladder video made me cry and gave me... not hope, it was to small and fragile to be called hope at the time, but the seed to grow hope. thank you. thank you so much for being willing to share your real hardships with us and giving people like me, who are having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, a candle to light the way through the dark times.

    39. NellsBells

      I love the daily life videos! It just gives such a connection I love it. Also I’d love to see a makeup routine or your favorite products to use currently? Skin care and makeup if you’d be down. Also I love the talk about having kids and what happens to your body. It is so true. Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful child and I have a lot of back problems so the pregnancy I cried daily and had nerve cramps every hour on my legs and arms. Then I had an emergency c-section so now the shots I got from it hurt me daily and my back is even in more pain and I can hardly carry my 3 year old for more than a minute. It just is hard to balance if how worth ruining my body more was. I’m only 23!! 😂 But I love you guys! Hope to visit y’all one day!

    40. Grace K

      Love ditl vids. Also, regarding discussing childbirth horror stories, women DO discuss it. With pregnant women lol. Women love to scare pregnant women (especially first timers) with stories of five day labors, fourth degree tears and infected hemmorhoids.

    41. Csawmcgraw

      Omg I have EDS and Endometriosis too. It's so miserable, and I recently got an iud put in to help and it was SO PAINFUL. So so painful. And I could spot for 6 entire months after, it's just never a fun time. People need to talk about it more and validate the everyday pain women can be in.

    42. Lydia Townsend


    43. Amanda Apple

      I'm happy with your efforts to give balance. On the Kpop thing, I feel you. T-T I still enjoy listening to it, and when I comment on anything, I try to give praise to not only the ~stars~ but the people behind the scenes for their efforts. It is a weird place to be in, because I enjoy the music their combined efforts make, but hate the mistreatment of nearly everyone on nearly all levels, including the fan level mistreating the ~stars~. At the end of the day, we are all just people. Thank you both for being many levels above decent human beings and sharing your lives and experiences with us. :) P.S. Thank you for sharing period pain. I am not sure what happened, but in the past few years (in my mid-twenties currently), I have begun spotting in-between unpleasant jam sessions, having more nausea and cramps, and the worst part: my legs down to my feet will hurt sooo baaadd. It feels like my legs will crumple underneath as I walk. (I am being a gynaecologist about these problems and we are testing potential solutions currently but this is definitely a process.) Sometimes I think it is so odd that I am having trouble walking at such a young age for 25% of each month. Being able to see that pain and health can hit people of all ages, albeit really terrifying and sad, has a weird way of also comforting that I and others aren't alone? (If I could wish away the world's discomfort I would) Anyway, thank you both for being real with us. :,)

    44. MintPanda

      I honestly can’t wait to watch Martina’s knitting videos when they’re 60+ on their farm/duck sanctuary with Simon in his dapper suit petting like 20 dogs.

    45. tearyjellyfish

      I'm really glad you guys are willing to discuss the importance of "average". I think it's part of the reason why I have been enjoying the content you put out for so many years (including your willingness to be so open about the bad days and painful times). It's not just influencers putting out the "best of the best" stuff out there, but everyone who uses social media. In my experience, not having a balance in this can really make you feel miserable. And there is so much focus lately on being "exceptional" and "one of a kind" that it creates such unrealistic expectations for who we should be and how we should live. IMO: let's just keep on being average. :D

    46. Alisa Melnick

      I LOVE day in the life videos. I used to live in Japan for a while, and I miss the day to day life sometimes so I love being able to see that with you. Also being able to see your guy's normal is something I appreciate IMMENSELY. Your fun videos give me joy, but the honesty also makes me feel like I'm not alone in my chronic pain and struggle. THANK YOU, for sharing. Much love, keep encouraging.

    47. erin jimison

      This is so true about not seeing the process of influencers and success. I’ve been starting web comics and it was a really hard learning process because nobody every shows the nitty gritty of creating comics and all the boring stuff that would be useful to know for people who actually want to make comics too

    48. Evdokia Hadjimilty

      Thank you guys once again I just love ❤️ watching your videos especially the ones “behind the scenes”

    49. Megaaaan42

      I've been listening to your podcasts all day and I love how sincere and wonderful you both are. You seem like genuinely good people and that is so nice to see! Thank y'all for sharing your lives with us! I love your style Martina and Simon is so funny! You are so good to each other! I'm really excited to have found your channel and to get to follow along on your journey through life!

    50. Tina Moss

      The genuine videos are wonderful! I always want to see more videos because I love your content. However, I care about you so much more as people, especially after following for many years, and I would rather less videos, if it makes you happier and healthier. That’s most important. 💖💖💖

    51. tornadocupcake

      Your cat in the back ground😂😂😂😂"hmmm, I want that..almost..almost touched wait look air speck" lol Its good you talk about stuff like period pain...normal pain from autoimmune diseases. Its helped me accept my hashimotos (thyroid autoimmune). And to be kinder to my self when something is just beyond what I can physically do that day. Doesn't mean I don't try. Its just means...its ok to take breaks, and do it slower.

    52. chris kildahl

      Can I just PLease move in and love both of you...?

    53. chris kildahl

      Can I Please Marry you both?

    54. chris kildahl

      Im sorry to say what everyone else says but if Simon is the way he Portrays and depicts himself on film than beautiful lady you truly are lucky to have him =) He truly Loves You. And You are Lucky for that.

    55. chris kildahl

      Martina this is as uncomftorable for me as it is for you but its time that you come and cuddle with me

    56. chris kildahl


    57. Alexandria Indovina

      One of the main reasons why I watch you guys is because you guys are down to earth but trying to be happy. Martina I look up to you because I can understand your pain. But you are happy cutesy and bubbly as I wish to be. Simon you are to kind and funny and are the best to Martina. You guys show how I should be. I hope to own a bakery and bar that is a safe haven for everyone.

    58. Gwen Fraser

      I need a shirt that says "I hate salad" as well!!!!

    59. Debra Gibbons

      I appreciate these vods as well....I can just listen and hear some great ideas.

    60. Eli Hill

      Love you 2 Sooooo Much!!!! Only wish the best for ya's!!!!

    61. Rjin Dacanay

      Hello! Long time subscriber, love this kind of real talk 😄 please just face the “audience” for next time 😄

    62. Angela Li

      I love you guys 💕🥰

    63. Abby Wooper

      As a high school teacher, I can tell you that so many students want to me "rich and famous" as their future job, but they have no idea how much work, effort, and even luck goes into achieving that. They don't know that you have differentiate yourself in an oversaturated market or find an unfilled niche. They don't know that connections are actually really important in breaking into the industry in this age. They think they can just vlog a trip and be instafamous. Having a dream isn't the issue, but overlooking other options is the issue. They don't want to be a doctor or lawyer because "it is too much work" but being an influencer is just as much work. They just don't see it, just as you mentioned. Video 12/10.

    64. Myamki

      I absolutely adore you guys' attitude.

    65. Coffee Zz

      Do you guys know Texan in Tokyo channel? They did day in the life videos and were really popular. Hope you guys do more:)

    66. Olivia Anderson

      Yesssss!!!!! To showing the average!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    67. Sweetness Kay

      This is why I love you two so much. If I were to just listen to your podcast, I would assume you taped your podcast in a professional studio with staff and assistants and mountains of equipment, and here you are, at your kitchen table, getting up in the middle of the podcast to feed the cat, and with the crock pot on the counter in the background!! Please, what ever you do, NEVER CHANGE!!! You are the two most real people on the internet. Thank you for being you, thank you for showing us the real you, and thank you also for always repping Canada. I am from Nova scotia, and when you rep your hometown, that makes me love you even more.

    68. ArcticFirepixy

      I love this podcast love community thing

    69. J P

      Videos like this are why you're my favourite youtubers! Stay genuine and do whatever makes you happy :)

    70. Christine Gee

      There's this influencer that I follow called Taramilktea and I get that way some times. I want her life because she only shows the glamorous parts and she gets to spend all this money and she lives on planes. I'd like to know what she's doing and how hard she's working because just from her audience it seems like it's so easy

    71. Tsarminya Bright

      I love your honesty. And you do what you love and the passion is obvious. You da cool kids 🤩

    72. gypsi

      The more i watch the more i listen the more i love the both of you. You both inspire me to become a better person. Thank you for all you do!

    73. PalemoonTwilight


    74. FoxDragon

      OMG I know your nail pain! I don't have EDS but I have super thin nails and mine also come off in layers as well. Thankfully as long as I keep them smooth I don't chew on them so they stay relatively tidy and if I get fills or fake nails I have a really bad habit of picking at them and pulling them off, so I just keep mine suuuuuper short. But I totally understand where you are coming from and good on you for finding a solution that not only works for maintaining your nails, but also makes you happy! Your nails are super cute and I love seeing the different colors and patterns throughout the various videos.

    75. Spacey Layce

      I love these! If you guys wanted to make these longer I wouldn’t complaint AT ALL. But in all seriousness, this podcast is awesome ❤️💕 thanks for sharing your ideas with us

    76. asdf ghjk

      I'm kind of conflicted about kpop. I agree with and respect your decision to not talk about it anymore because I know that it has a lot of issues, but even though I know that idk if I can leave it. I don't want to support the bad parts of the industry, but I love it as a whole so much and it has had such a huge impact on my life...ugh. I think the only thing that would get me to fully leave kpop would be if BTS were ever involved in a scandal like Seungri's tbh.

    77. Jera T.

      I loved you showing us a day in your life that was not glossy and perfect and exciting, but average and authentic to your daily life. I also love the content you consider your main features on your channel, aka food, travel, building a ladder and seeing the joy of life. DITL videos help strike the balance between the highlights and the mundane and I for me that's the ideal.

    78. ToShi Star

      I have the same thing. My periods can be unbearable. But I'm made to feel, by work, and other things that I'm not allowed to be that way... You're an inspiration, Martina!

    79. Evalare

      I doubt I was the only one to rewind just to see Martina hit herself in the face. Poor thing

    80. Simone Eppler

      I would totally be overwhelmed when meeting you in person because I couldn't decide whom to cuddle first. No really, I would be a little star struck. But there's nothing a strong drink couldn't solve, LOL. (Yes, I am binge watching your podcasts right now. :D )

    81. Asakura・アサクラ 姫

      Love hearing your thoughts. Really appreciate this podcast!

    82. N Avery

      Meeeeeemeeeeerrrrs! Trying to break into the kitchen

    83. NEeL

      Oh-my! My nails are also bendy 😂 everyone gets surprised when they see it. If my nails gets long and I shower they always brake or flake. But I’m a nurse to be so it’s oki 😂 I will have long beautiful nails at my vacations and when I’m an old grandma, I will have the most fab nails! :D It was wonderful listening to your guys thoughts and reflections

    84. Joselyn Lopez

      I SHIVERED when you guys talked about child birth.

      1. Joselyn Lopez

        @simonandmartinabonus I'm freaking out if I could heart this comment I would

      2. simonandmartinabonus

        The more we read or hear about it the more we shiver. Our perfectly healthy athletic friends were mangled by childbirth. Some real horror stories out there...

    85. Akaishiro

      hahaha i wasn't going to rewind to watch martina hit her own face until she mentioned it.

    86. Lagomish

      I would watch you guys sorting smelly clothes just to enjoy listening to you talking to each-other! So keep those videos coming!

    87. In Hufflepuff We Trust

      Personally I have also moved away from kpop as more and more of this nonsense has come out I am glad I made that choice and I really respect you guys for making the choice that felt right to you even if there was no way to properly explain it. I'm still really glad that my interest in Korea is what helped me find you guys though (and when you moved to Japan I just got to revisit some fond childhood memories! Double win!) Your recent inclusion of more and more average moments of your day has felt really warm and wonderful and made them even better to me. As someone who has occasionally compared my expectations and dreams for my life to what I could see of yours (comparison is such terrible habit even when you should know better!) I really am so incredibly grateful that you guys are giving these kinds of things so much consideration.

    88. Anne Pinkava

      I think that part of the reason behind sharing or not sharing personal struggles could be that other people aren't as comfortable with their audience are you guys are. I mean, I'm not a public figure, but I know if I was having a really bad day I'd probably only mention it to close friends and family because I haven't necessarily built up that relationship with just anyone. You guys are in a really unique situation because you have such a close bond with so many people on the internet that OF COURSE you'd tell them personal stuff, and be willing to start a conversation about hard things. (Which is super amazing and generous of you, btw. ;) ) I don't think it's a place that a lot of people are necessarily at though.

    89. Liz D.

      I love how passionate you get Martina, and then Simon brings back around the point. I can definitely see Simon and yours teaching spirit shining through. I really do love watching people honestly living, and I love that you guys have a community, but also don't feel pressured to show anything you don't want to. And don't worry Martina, I talk with my hands to and knock things over and hit things ALL THE TIME!

    90. Iebie6

      It's interesting to hear these things from you guys though, because I remember when you were saying how you didn't want to show many negative things. You won't make a video about food you don't like, which makes total sense, but also that when you feel very down, you don't want to make people sad by showing it. Just like how Simon said he doesn't want to read sad books, because they will just make him sad and why would he want that? I think something can be said for both sides. It's really good that you think about it and discuss is and that you do what feels right. Much, much love ^^

    91. Lindsay Moss

      Honestly I love to listen to you guys talk while I do stuff. Helps me relax and (weirdly) feel like I'm having a convo.

    92. ladyrose1993

      I just gave birth 6 months ago. My body will never be the same, and that's okay. But I agree, it's not something that is talked about enough. Postpartum recovery sucks, especially if you have a c-section. 5 month postpartum and I had to have my gallbladder removed because the increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy caused me to develop gallbladder stones. I had horrible attacks that caused immense pain during my second trimester. Now I've had to go on a diet so I don't get the side effects of not having a gallbladder. It sucks but worth seeing my baby girl smile. #BuildALadder has helped me a lot during this recovery time. Thanks you guys.

    93. Léo x

      I understand the pain it's hard to keep a happy face when you're in so much pain. Usually it comes at the worst time (for me) like if there were plans and I don't want to cancel bc other's don't understand and might take it personally. So thanks for being open about that it gives me courage too!! Also not just women can get periods there are men who are transgender and nonbinary people ^^

    94. B. W.

      I love your day in the life videos!! I would love to watch more of them :)

    95. Gamooch

      i love you guys so much, such real good peeps

    96. Drea Cero

      This is awesome! I would rather watch "A Day in the Life" videos every day than to ONLY see someone's good days. I think more and more people are craving relatability than what is out there. I've loved the chronic pain videos you guys have done and have taken some tidbits from them (some unspoken as well as the spoken tips). Example, when I first got super sick 2 years ago, my make-up routine was one of the first casualties because of the energy and effort it took not only to "put my face on" but to wash it off at night. I'm starting to put a little bit back in (just eyeliner and mascara) and I've noticed that it makes me feel human again. It seems trivial but it makes a huge difference in my day! So thank you! I think this path into sharing what you're passionate about is perfect! Much love to the both of you (and to Meemers too!)!

    97. Dom Sanchez

      You guys give me life!

    98. This Side of the Nuthouse

      You guys are the best. I love that you communicate with your followers and interact with them. That is what makes you real.

    99. KunoichiKasumi

      I don't know if you've covered this in a past video, but I was wondering if you could talk about what it's like to live apart from your family for so long and what the whole journey has been like. I know it may be especially difficult to talk about now, so I'd totally understand if you didn't want to, or if the reason you haven't previously is because it may make your family worry. I'm about to do the same very soon (leave to go and live in Japan) and I'm a person who really loves their family and is super close with them. So, I'm wondering how hard it was for you two to get through it, what were your experiences and any tips on how to stay close with everyone. How long did it take you to decide that this was what you wanted do etc. I've always loved listening to your experiences of living abroad and I've been following you since about 2010, so it's always been an inspiration to me to go and live your dream in another country. Any response would be much appreciated! (if it's too late on this video I'll post on the next one) much love!

    100. Michala

      I'm trying so hard to pay attention to you wonderful people but Meemers demands my attention. Sidenote: I love watching "day in the life" videos. I think connecting with audiences on their levels to show that you are also human is great. It brings it down to a level we can all understand. You are still one of "us" as apposed to... Keeping up with the Kardashians---That's not life-that's scripted, privileged showboating.