Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year | Vanity Fair

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    Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last four years and tracked the now-18-year-old star's swift rise to pop super stardom. From winning five Grammys to adopting her new dog, Shark, see how much Billie’s life has changed in 2020.

    Directed & Interviewed by Joe Sabia
    Produced by Lily Rhodehamel
    Edited by Doug Larsen
    Executive Produced by Traci Oshiro
    Post Production Manager, Marco Glinbizzi
    Recomposition of "Everything I Wanted" by Alfonso Velez

    Billie's First Interview:
    Billie's Second Interview:
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    Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year | Vanity Fair

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    1. Marame Kabbouch

      Omg a YEAR has passed already !

    2. Bradley Bruvva

      Y’all have your calendars marked for Nov. 30th?

    3. Радостин Иванов

      Ne iskamd a sum kato metin I da si ucha

    4. Sanjana Jahan Sneha

      Beautiful Billie❤

    5. Qwqwo

      It’s 1:33AM why am I here?

    6. Bjorn- James Hanrahan

      How many of these are they gonna make?

    7. Lars

      she looked✨ refreshed ✨ because of quarantine.

    8. Sharakonus

      The lord is coming upon us, with the angels by his sides. Was it not God who created the land we walk upon? Was it not God who decided what creatures would come? Science may be your escape a child's game.. Satan may be your strategy... the queen on the chess board but is it not God that created your God like OC's? For he is the one called God. You call them this because you know God means all powerful the king of all, the one that can do anything. For yes this is true and he is COMING! In 3 years you must confess your sins to the lord of Suffer a great curse. Turn to the lord and learn about him, talk to him in your mind, speak with him in your chi, for it is not too late! Hurry, before your soul is ash!

    9. Anni A

      God i love these

    10. Grace Ninsiima

    11. Pharmaroh

      Not me being obsessed with her

    12. Chris Oyster

      The faces of meth

    13. adele moutard

      Billie n'est pas " grosse " elle est juste parfaite

    14. Chris Kraemer

      Check out my bacon video, it's seriously awesome

    15. Paige Carter

      My favourite project Vanity Fair has ever done

    16. Horváth Zsófia

      Looking fw to see her in her 20s :)

    17. Armando Montoya

      There are no 18 months... downvoted

    18. madison stewart

      Billie is the only celebrity that I could really say I love lol

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    20. Hello Kitty


    21. kk queen

      I totally agree with Billie leave the robots in the lab 👾

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    23. SIFEYY

      This is getting out of hand

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    25. cutie pretty sehun enthusiast

      Feel like in every interview Billie is getting dissected... It's like we're studying a teenager experiencing fame

    26. Faiza Tahir

      It breaks my heart when the question was what’s the biggest rumour about you she said people are saying Billie got fat! But Billie is not fat

    27. Julia

      The industry isn't where everyone sells their souls to the devil. Just beebo.

    28. _ miglentsis

      Who's waiting for 2021 interview?

    29. Eliana Freeman

      She looks like an overweight, middle aged lady with pride in her voice over her kids. I hope she has some real friends around her that will tell her the truth instead of these youtube comment sycophants.

    30. GxchaTastic :3

      She's litterally so down to earth

    31. Henry Nguyen

      No one: Billie: 𝓒𝓸𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓿𝓲𝓻𝓾𝓼

    32. Mjw Krevenky

      But you're probably married so I won't

    33. Mjw Krevenky

      I live in Provost

      1. Mjw Krevenky


    34. Mjw Krevenky

      Hey Billy I am a big fan even though I'm a boy my name is Ryan I live in Canada please respond

    35. Natalia Disarno

      Billie really is an inspiring person I aspire to be her

    36. Lefty Covers

      october 18 is me b day

    37. Cameron Fisher

      We need 2020

      1. Editha Alabado


    38. Clariza Gomez

      They are so many of u I think the last one is the real one

    39. Mary Dele

      She is really INTELLIGENT and also hardworking

    40. Joana Carranço

      Billie is clearly feeling the best she's ever been and it shows. So happy for her. ❤

    41. DefNotNinja

      I like how she said its hard to talk without sounding like shes bragging then name drop Biebs, Ari, Katy and Gaga as go tos lol what a crazy life

    42. Judith Furmston

      I hope she keeps this going. It's really lovely.

    43. Malfoygal

      If they don't do this this year (2021) I will be so mad

    44. Audrey legg


    45. peace and love

      Stan Billie for clear skin.

    46. HANAN -


    47. kira dolan

      Ok but whoever thought of this is genius

    48. Near N

      It's just great to see how even more mature she gets like every year

    49. BDenise Hernández


    50. Erin Boisvert

      im in love with her all hair

    51. Dark Knight Chess

      Her 2019 hair was flamess🔥🔥

    52. Aub Zie

      Listen don't kill me but I'm not a fan of her music I have like two of her songs. But I like her as a person, I just ❤️ her.

    53. sara cisneros

      Love is billie eilish soy de México y tengo el síndrome de ansiedad te amo billie eilish

    54. Tanya Anai

      Vanity fair I’m begging you can you please do this interview with Olivia Rodrigo? Cause honestly I want to see her growth and just know her!?:) pls pls get this to the top!!

    55. Jenny Cox

      Hi Billy please reply to me I am a BIG fan of your music

    56. Alyssa FitzGerald

      Billie has changed so much over the years, in a really good way. I loved her every single one tho

    57. jada lucas

      Lol shark is so annoyed😆

    58. claudia gabriela

      15yr old billie is the cutest omg ❤️

    59. claudia gabriela

      “I realized there’s more important things in life than a lambo” I felt that🥺

    60. Ashique Mohamed

      Fifth year plsss

    61. Jokestermoe

      12:30 only six days in and it’s already falling apart

    62. Tara Heritage Crabb

      Why is it slowed down?

    63. Gamer Aaron

      Wow is so cool how there are tree of Them

    64. I'mKydding

      Well see you the next coming 40 years or so I guess.

    65. noa visser

      7:59 look at billies had i think that sshe maby have a tic..

    66. Ain Najwa Badrul Amin

      The part at the end made me teary

    67. Heather Wrixon

      Awhhh I love Billie, So so genuine. I lost my mother Christmas 2019 and I agree never ever take anything or anyone for granted. Everything can be taken in an instant,

    68. Sensome

      No way its been 4 years, im actually sad bro

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    70. pedro marques

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    71. Santos Estrada

      Is ok to cry Billie,

    72. Luis Bel

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    73. Aurelie Lavoie

      Final conclusion: dogs are the best

    74. Joe Dra

      So beautiful

    75. Yumiel Rius

      Deberían tener subtitulos en español :')

    76. Daycos

      does she like balds? asking for a friend

    77. N Nelson

      You have a beautiful smile. I can see right through that b.s. sadness you show. It takes money to act professional.

    78. Miñebe_Babylon

      i love how she smiles more through the years, the way she became more mature, and how she never changed her perspective abt the world despite her being really famous now. such a sweetheart, billie is a queen, she deserves the world !! 🥺🥺

    79. Zoey Garcia


    80. Sara Games

      I gonna cry if in the future her mother isn't there to hug her in the end of the interview.

    81. Saidus Zaman

      she would have looked more cute .. and al its happened to make self cool.. she lost the cuteness had by birth

    82. Miwa Mirai

      Now we must wait to 18.10.2021 :D

    83. Billie Eilish XO

      When she does this when she is 90, Vanity Fair will have to split the screen so many ways.

    84. ViLee

      Oh my God! Chloe grace moretz follows Billie!? *Ooooooooo!!!! 🤗*

    85. Cecilia Murrillo

      Can we plz get . 5Th year plzzz??🌌

    86. BRE MANIA

      a tyler version of this would be sick, you could see how he has matured over the years and how his views are different.

    87. Anna H

      "There's a difference between silence and processing" thank u billie

    88. Jasmine McShan

      The unkempt dungeon hypothetically discover because badge seemingly cough about a helpful acoustic. plucky, giddy pillow

    89. liss r.

      She got so mature, what a queen Also, I loved her hair in the first one

    90. Zuzanna Games

      Polska, żyjecie 🤔

    91. Er . Umesh Prasad Singh

      2017 Grey eilish 2018 Blue eilish 2019 Neon eilish 2020 Even more neon eilish But beautiful all the time

    92. Kaitlyn Carrington

      How crazy should the tik tok girl who created "I did it" feel that BILLIE EILISH quoted her !!!!!

    93. Bridget Brown

      Hey guys we got a mention tiktok☺️

    94. Von-Marie Oliva

      She said "girl, please!"

    95. Anna S3 Aris mia zwi

      2050: My name is Billie Eilish

    96. Nithoo Ramesh

      One of the best thing happened in 2020

    97. Skinny FREAKING Legend


    98. Grace Doren

      What is the first thing you did when you got up Billy ......... Me: ate a tub of yogurt

    99. Petra Rojas

      I love how chill and real she is.

    100. Cierra Downing

      The instrumental is so cute