Icewear Vezzo x Lil Durk - Up The Scoe (Official Video)

Icewear Vezzo

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    Shot By: @Counterpoint 2.0
    Song Produced by: Rocaine

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    1. Kelty

      I give my bitch the watch to match my watch we Oyster twins 💪⌚ 🔥 🎶

    2. CDB Big Shaww TV #CDBM

    3. Kams tv

      Durk look like a fuckin phene

    4. Waterfall Waterfall

      Da working the D LINE!😐 niggaz got soft on me ha. Niggaz been wierd!

    5. Baby Jayy

      Durk fr 🔥🔥🔥

    6. EpikMurk


    7. Gabe a

      The intro donut😂

    8. Shine D.Y.E

      Vezzo really came all hits lls

    9. Rashon Mack


    10. Teron Luces

      Vezzo look like a partynextdoor gon hood

    11. 607 FiF

      Durk too hard 🔥🔥

    12. Henry S

      Anyone else get this song recommended below literally EVERY MUSIC VIDEO I CLICK???

    13. Jazzie Period


    14. Official King

      Durk brought back that old 2013 drill

    15. Erareca Entertainment

      I heard the Herbo verse 🔥👀

    16. Me7ca


    17. Rannel Jones

      im in that demon doin 150 like im herbo nem

    18. Charles Harris

      Durk one of them weirdo rappers idk how yall like this lmao

    19. Dee Rose

      Oh my God

    20. ryan Rico

      The visuals go hard

    21. Perry Copeland Jr

      Smirk den he go crazy

    22. Old School

      " I be with the sakes who snake the sakes i call them nigga slither"

    23. Eight Deuce Twin 823

      Just wanna know who crossed eyed ass homie is this 1:30 😂

    24. Kidd Dexter


    25. Chitori Christmas

      Durk the goat 🐐 💯

    26. Kat Davis

      He run with snakes that snake the snakes he got our boy von durk a dope head back staber

    27. Nechi

      I bet 63rd feel this one

    28. mary khor

      THERE'S no way to know that I have to

    29. shallum true

      Bruh stop playing and do a remix wit her o and rio I swear to god y’all going to make millions

    30. Christ Alone 89

      Detroit an chiraq on the track

    31. Kayla Tv

      Y’all that’s my cousin I can’t BELIVE he was with Lil dirk and didn’t ask me to be in the song 😭😭😭

    32. Geniuz Mario

      Vezzo lookN like DRAM 😂

    33. BrudaBandzz

    34. MrSwaggmayne

      Vezzo..I see you dog..,what up doe?...

    35. christian williams


    36. Amir Ruffin

      1:32 his eyes gone

    37. micheal martinez

      That free 9 line was for von 😥😥😥rip king

    38. Jamar Grainger

      Detroit on fire

    39. Jamar Grainger

      Here before a zillion🔥🔥🔥🔥

    40. Devexnionz †

      If von was on this it will be 🔥

      1. Devexnionz †

        @Kaira Robertson I’m sorry man my bad 😔

      2. Kaira Robertson

        Man I can hear him right now blanking on this shit.. 💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭 breaks my fxkn heart. I listen to him every single day

    41. Rudeboyk

      That pause then “SMURK”

    42. Ace Numba 9

      Free 9 ‼️‼️

    43. Ace Numba 9

      My nigga ☠️ like the speakers knockers 🧢🧢🧢

    44. OVOJOSE

      I can’t stop listening to this drill

    45. Dante 422

      Why does the instrument in the beat remind me of The Warriors

    46. Corey Jackson

      My shorty shoot but focus more off X

    47. Almighty T

      Veez sounds cold on faster beats

    48. Dionne Coleman

      Durkio is doing his thing for real

    49. xanders


    50. Jaquido


    51. Civ ill

      Ik them boys ain’t adding up cuz we the problem ... 🤫🔥

    52. James Marshall

      Vezzo trash i tried to give em a chance my ears mad at me durk made this song and video possible

    53. Zaeveon Corbett

      H lol i

    54. The Paperboy Chopo

      icewear went harder then durk and didnt need him on this iykyk sorry

    55. Lonnie Anderson

      2021 Durk gon be something to remember for years to come. This man been Curry from the 3.

    56. Aaron Dublin

      Mubu krump had durk under pressure bdk smoking LA mix with queen von mix with Troy and odee Chino lil moe💨🤣

    57. 6_mileDetw

      This should be at 10-20 million views

    58. shitaandelopendeband

      pause at 1:31

    59. Top 5ive

      UP THE SCO !!!!!!!

    60. Cameron Gallimore

      Icewear remind me of sada

    61. Michael Wade

      Durk part was 🔥🔥🔥💯💪🏾😎

    62. fornite baller

      It’s score not scoe

    63. Zimire Bolden

      Fire 🔥

    64. Tank Tank

      Durk want off

    65. Haydee Dittmar

      Me: Stop changing the song Friends: its same song many new singers are using #####@/authentic VIEWS COM##### and they are getting fame day by that true?

    66. Terrell Dillingham

      Von would've snapped on this




      COME ON MANN !!

    69. SAMARI On Facebook

      Love This Song 💜

    70. Phylicia Moore


    71. Noah Ondyak

      Speaker knockers died from a lean od but we'll pretend for that fire line😅

    72. 816 KillaCity

      I only like Durk verse

    73. Grim Death

      Lil durk killed king von

    74. red dott

      Yeah he got cheated out it.

    75. Unknown TD


    76. Fendi Good

      Durk a G fuck the opps

    77. Fendi Good

      Bru u a real g stay and keep putting on 4 all the trill ones behind the g wall Durk a real ,1 up date score

    78. Sammie Nochez

      Str8 Trash 🗑

    79. Mike Gillespie

      But a few years ago everyone was saying peezy dry switched on durk (which was absolute bullshit). Long live JoJo

    80. Danny Luna

      Who else is off acid or sum thinking this the best song in the universe rn

    81. Destiny martinez

      🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

    82. Randell C Warren

      Up dat sco📸👻💪Mix lean and molly

    83. Sha'Kelia Monique'

      Wen durk do that dance towards the end

    84. John Blaze

      man Vezzo and von on a track woulda been so lit

    85. Keyon Cossey

      Durkooo 🔥🔥🔥 left me with chills

    86. Patrick Severe

      Everyone talking about Durk but Vezzo went nuts 🔥

      1. James Marshall

        @Courtney Mack 💯

      2. Courtney Mack

        @James Marshall ong bro durk carried

      3. Drizzy 3x

        @James Marshall shut up durk didn’t come until end of the song he paid durk to hop on

      4. James Marshall

        😂 veto trash durk carried him

      5. Drizzy 3x

        @Courtney Mack hell nah durk but give the man props he asked for durk ain’t ask for him and his shit was hard so durk hopped on

    87. LS9 JOSSY

      UP THA SCO’‼️😤

    88. keeping up with noushin

      uh huh 🔥

    89. Edgar Lopez

      free 9 BITCHHH!!!!!!!!

    90. Crystal Weaver

      Ayyyyyyyyyyyy gang gang

    91. Ya. Fada

      Lil durk thought he was off beat that why he said g herbo LOL 😂

    92. Ms New Beauty

      The Real Royal Family 🤴🏽👸🏽🌹

    93. Bmore Gaming

      When the last time you heard a trash verse from durk? I'll wait....

      1. Destiny martinez

        This song

      2. Bmore Gaming

        @Al Jackson you bugging

      3. Al Jackson

        DJ Khalid song with him and lil baby. Dirk verse is dookie 💩

    94. Rich Ə Wrych

      Durk low key can charge 100k plus for a feature at this point. This nigga in 2pac mode

    95. Lala Ayatch

      Durk remind me of von so much at this point and i dont like it. If biting style was a person durk would be it.

      1. Lil Kwiz Beats

        @Shiku Bah on gang foe he sound goofy as hell

      2. Shiku Bah

        Durk been rappin like this since forever stfu

    96. peepeepoopoo

      Vezzo struggling to stay awake💀

      1. Jaelynn Sturkey

        Hell naw

    97. xqzhk

      this is busting 💪🏻

    98. Zaria Brown

      Free 9

    99. money jp


    100. Tellitlikeitisfresh !

      Durk be looking at people "likes"..... Boy you a tadpole faReal