Tokyo Tales - Check in on Yourself (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 24)


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    What happens if you're having a great week, all is going well, your relationships are flourishing, you're inspired at work, but you're still feeling not so great? Are you doing something wrong? It could be things outside of your control, or other things that you might not have considered. Today we're going to talk about that a little more, in hopes that people listen to their bodies better, and be a bit more forgiving of themselves :D

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    1. Hannah Dyer

      I’ve also been practicing being more mindful. In my opinion, being mindful and building a ladder go hand in hand. When I’m mindful of what I’m doing, when I do things with purpose (even the small things), it makes the rung I’m adding to my ladder that much stronger. It’s how I’ve turned doing even the most basic, mundane tasks into my favorite part of the day. Because I’m not just brushing my teeth and washing my face - I’m taking care of myself. I’m not just finding clothes to wear - I’m picking out a shirt that makes me happy. Making the effort to be more mindful and to live in each moment of the day has made me a much happier and more grounded person.

      1. some_donkus

        I loveeeee my skincare routine as part of my ladder building. It's good to reframe how you think about these other 'small' mundane tasks as well, thank you so much for offering some structure on how to do so :)

      2. Artemis Animals

        Thank you for sharing! I’m going to try that too! I have been redoing my room with Christmas lights and things that make me happy

      3. chricket

        Thank you for sharing this, definitely will keep this in mind 💖

      4. simonandmartinabonus

        This is such a great way to word it. Thank you for taking the time to share that here! I'm gonna pin this comment.

    2. Car R

      I have been using her advice for long covid symptoms. Thanks Martina. Hope you have happy moments in your day.

    3. Anastasia H

      Strangely I came across this video when I'm feeling shitty. Sometimes I would have periods of time when I just feel super crappy and think of all the worst things I've experienced in my life, and just have a pity party for one. Even if my current situation isn't bad at all, I would overthink and sabotage perfectly good relationships. I think it may be hormonal. I noticed that it tends to happen more often than not when I take my birth control pill late. I've heard of mood changes caused by the pill before. Unfortunately, I need to take it for a condition that I have. Being mindful when it happens and trying to remind myself that it's just a phase help from time to time, but I wish I can figure out how to fix it. Or find out what exactly is the cause.

    4. Li Mo

      I love and MISS these podcasts DEARLY! I Listen to you guys at work and you guys have this humbled yet insightful perspective on everyday life and it just clicks for me!!! I am glad you guys are doing well:) I hope the podcasts continue 🙏 I would love to hear your guys's journey and new perspective these changes have brought :)

    5. tasha r

      Aware this is an old video but I really needed this today. My body's been super weird lately & I've been learning lots about my mental health. I think sort of indirectly through watching this I'm much more aware of things going on with myself and my own needs. Thanks for that.

    6. Sophie

      You guys are so loving I wish the world had more people like you. But sadly there are narcissistic and sabotaging people in the world who try to hurt others. How do you guys deal with those?

    7. Megan McIntire

      I wish everyone could be as forward thinking as you two. A lot of mental health awareness encourages us to check in on our friends, but even more importantly, are we checking in on ourselves. Especially when others can't possibly understand exactly how we feel, compounded further when we are unable to understand it ourselves. Thank you for sharing EVERYTHING and helping us as your viewers come to terms with our selves. I've been struggling with some health problems this last year and people tell me oh it will pass. Suck it up, or "be healthier". It's a processing figuring it all out, but instead of looking to others for solutions, I need to focus on what my body and mind are telling me.

    8. Tobi Cooper

      you guys bring so much joy into my life, please never stop creating amazing content!

    9. Winnie Leung

      I was catching up on my podcasts and came to the video just to leave this note. I actually loved the shrine festival video that you did. I'm a super sensory based person, and the colors and sounds were phenomenal. It goes back to this phrase that Simon said once, where it definitely added to and enriched my bank of memories. ❤️

    10. stardust667

      This is so random, I just got excited over having the same acrylic cup set as y'all! (the dark blue cup) 😂

    11. Majstro

      Simon and Martina being the best therapists. 😂 But really, these really det my mind straight for a day. Thank you! 💕

    12. Larry David

      This kind of videos make me feel so calm and clear about my daily life. Thanks you for sharing all your life experience.

    13. fairydust

      This is something Ive been learning about this year. After I emailed you guise late last year, been on a bit of a self development journey and it's opened up a lot for me! I'm still learning, I think you can never stop learning about yourself but I definitely resonate

    14. aneira

      I was feeling down before watching this video and the 'I hope you've had terrible diarrhea' comment made me laugh so much, my cat attacked me. (she gets so confused and alternates between biting and licking)

    15. K My Mad Life

      I just listened to this podcast over on my podcast app and I had to come across and say THANK YOU - the universe threw this one at me at just the moment I needed to be reminded about this. I have retyped this comment about 10 times, but I just can't find the right words - I just needed to hear this. I've had a rough time lately and building a ladder has been really hard, and I needed this now. Thank you so so much for talking about this stuff and normalising it

    16. Kristin Zimmerman

      This is such an important topic! Thank you for being open about these kind of things. Honestly, I find you two so inspiring.

    17. hannah palmer

      You guys are such an important part of people’s lives 🤗😘thank you for being you...

    18. Gerthuya Rana


    19. Sher Dear

      so romantic

    20. Jo Jo

      Late comment but i have to guys taught me how to listen to my body and learn about myself😌, thank to that i m now starting to feel in controll of my life, so thank you!!! For your content, for not giving up and for sharing your thougts and lifes💓💗

    21. Manda Jayne MJI

      Rumination is a big issue for people with anxiety. Y’all talked about some excellent things in this video... mindfulness is something I am working on. Thank you, as always, for keeping it real.

    22. Yasmin Marie Vera

      I studied abroad in Kichijoji years ago and your love of Kichijoji brings joy to my heart that more people know it's the best part of Japan!

    23. Bethany Runyon

      I GET what your saying. Like, well... analyzing the situation like a scientist, instead of just existing in it, becoming the victim of the symptoms. We have to deduce the contributing factors to the disassemble the situation.

    24. VandalAir

      I love you guys just talking about farts haha

    25. Amanda Panda

      so I also have ehlers-danlos syndrome and I've been having a lot of issues with my stomach and all that so I saw a nutritionist and I'm doing a dairy-free type of diet to see how that goes and so far I've noticed a difference. You definitely have to cater to your own issues instead of going on one diet because one size never fits all especially when youhave a chronic condition. I feel like not enough people listen to their body and try to just see how their body reacts to certain things. I get told to go on a gluten-free diet all the time but I feel like dairy is going to definitely be the one thing that makes sense in my nutritionist thought the same thing so that's what we're doing. I think that I might have a mess cell issue which is something that can happen with ehlers-danlos it's actually really common to see them together . It's not that every person has it but it's very common and Mast cell can cause a lot of histamine issues in people for no reason even if you test negative on a allergy test you could still be having a mess cell response to something. I have PTSD anxiety and depression so it's extremely hard to build a letter every day and honestly your videos help me remember every time because when you're in such a suxky mental state it's not easy to remember to be mindful. I appreciate all the videos you do and I'm really happy to see you trying to take care of yourself and thank you again for helping me to remember to stay mindful of myself.

    26. Colene Nakamoto

      I absolutely love this nasty community! So much love and support all around which is because you share about important but sensitive topics. Always love any videos about self care. I remember the one in Korea with the cherry blossoms. So glad you continue to share.

    27. JT McAwesome-Face

      This is low key more helpful to me than therapy :P

    28. Kaylinn Fonger

      I was feeling really down and sad last night since I’m moving into my first new apartment and saying goodbye to my home. I just wanted to say thank you, this helped me to get my mind off the sad and to fall asleep last night. Love you guys 💛

    29. Mark and Marie

      Lol. My family's business is a Tree Company. They totally go out and cut down trees, or clean up trees that have fallen on houses, or just give a tree a nice hair cut so that it grows healthy. Not lumber people, but Arborists. -nods- So I mean, valid play Simon. WINNER SiMoN!

    30. Loretta

      I get so excited when I see you guys have uploaded a podcast! (This is my second time listening to it) I love hearing your guys thoughts and it also helps open my mind to these subjects too, so thank you for that

    31. Jazlyn W

      I've been watching since I was about 11 and I just turned 16! You two have helped me through bad days, weeks, and months. Most importantly you've taught me how important mindset and building a latter is! Thank you for all you do and share. Peace and love from the Midwest

    32. StaringanimE1

      💜 I love your podcasts! 💙

    33. Kairi Froehlich

      Do we have the sane rice cooker? Mine also sings that song to me.

    34. N Insh

      Great podcast!

    35. Chris Bessey

      I love the positivity!!!

    36. Kattiydid

      Thank you for reminding me to stop thinking in the past, to stop living in the past. it's so hard, when life got F#*ked sideways so hard, so recently, not to dwell on things that people did and said that hurt so much. I really appreciate you guys reminding us to not live in those terrible moments forever. it's hard to look forward with hope when the life i thought i had fell to pieces in just a few short months but i'm learning to rebuild with what's left and to try not to sit and steep in those painful moments for too long. you guys are what i watch when i'm feeling lost and alone. you've helped me through the hardest time I've ever been through and i appreciate you guys more than you know.

    37. Meggish62

      Martina, it's the sulfites in the red wine that are adversely affecting you. Congestion is a very typical reaction to sulfites. I also have adverse reactions to sulfites.

    38. Abby L

      First of all, I love you two. I enjoyed listening to you talk about this topic. I know that a lot of the time I get too in my head and I try to (and sometimes don't try to) get out of it. Lately I've been in a pretty down mood bc I'm at a crossroads in my life. I stress out really easily and I feel like I should be motivated to do the things I need to be I just can't. I feel kinda lost and I just moved away from a great community of friends. I'm surrounded by family but it just feels different. (Don't get me wrong though. I love my family and they're great.) I've been trying to sort out everything but then I think I just get deeper in. So it was great hearing you talk about taking into account what is bad for you whether it be physically or emotionally. ❤️

    39. RevRuby

      Going gluten free! Ok so I know for some people it's a mindfulness thing, if you stop eating something and you feel better maybe you shouldn't eat that thing, ne? but... my medical dr tried to pull that shit on me instead of actually testing me for celiac disease (at the time my eldest daughter had just been diagnosed and her dr instructed us to test everyone in the family.) but celiac disease is more than just "oh gluten makes me feel bad." so I pushed for blood tests and for the biopsy. because i know... i know me, without that Dx i wouldn't have stayed GF. I would have convinced myself that "oh it's ok sometimes" and then sometimes would have become more and more often. I'm trying to be more mindful, and more aware, and one of the things i'm aware of is the excuses i will tell myself that will trip me up. I have been GF since diagnosis minus a time i worked at a pizza shop (not that i was eating the gluten, i was just being contaminated over and over again even when i brought in my own stuff to eat.) i can tell a difference between my body when i get contaminated and my body being gluten free. but no significant difference that would have kept me GF without the confirmation of having this autoimmune disease.

    40. Zoe Rodger

      Fucking hell, hearing Martina's voice crack when she is about to speak about her dad... my heart... jesus. What a beautiful and soft soul to allow herself to be so openly vulnerable but so bloody inspirational.

    41. Gloria Caridad

      Oh wow! I needed this! Thank you guys! I have been feeling blue and didn’t know how to work it out. I’ll start listening to my body to see what it could be. This is the 2nd time I hear the word rumination this week, that has to mean something... I noticed I often do that and now I’m working on it. It must be hard for you being youtubers and all. You are very brave ❤️ Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Ps: I hope Simon feels better soon. xx

    42. DarkKnightOfMars

      Holy crap, I truly needed this, thank you both so much! You have no idea how much this has helped me truly start to get into paying attention to myself and all the things that I should try to pay attention to, etc! Thank you truly for this! Very eye-opening!

    43. Chelsie Wise

      Its so funny this video has come up now. I have EDS type 3, I have recently went on an elimination diet, cutting out gluten, dairy, and a few other random things, and I feel so much better its crazy. After a few weeks I tried one slice of bread and not only did I have a reaction with GI symptoms, but I got SO MOODY!!! It was nuts. Thats why I think an elimination diet is so important, that way you can try and introduce things one by one and see if you personally have a reaction to it. I found out egg yolks are ok, but egg whites are a no go! If I have a little bit of rice its ok, its ok but more than a cup, no go.

    44. Anissa19

      Yes, I need some mindfulness...because I feel like I'm not living but just struggling to pull through the day...

    45. Natalie Penna

      This may get buried in comments but I'm finally feeling more myself after two weeks of depression caused by hormones. It's PCOS and there's nothing I can do about it, there's no cure and I'll have this for the rest of my life. Usually I can rationalise around it but I've taken a mental and emotional beating for over a week and I'm completely exhausted. BUT I wanted to add that there's a filtration device that you can buy for wine and it takes out some of the things in there that can cause people to have negative reactions to it. So if you like wine but it's making you feel bad, then you could try that out, but I guess it's about offsetting the cost of the wine and frequency of consumption against whether you want to spend on this one device. I just wanted to put it out there in case anyone here has been suffering the same way and REALLY needs wine.

    46. Jordan Parkman

      Thank you so much for this video! I needed it a lot today

    47. TheJeleb

      I just got diagnosed with EDS yesterday, thanks to you guys. Horrid doctor after horrid doctor, I was only able to persevere and keep trying thanks to you guys and your videos. I really have to thank you both for the work that you guys do. This video is especially uplifting as my semi-dislocated hip has been dragging me down all week. Keep on building that ladder Martina

    48. Bailey Mason

      I love you guys so much

    49. Mim's Victims

      You are always having such important and helpful topics, I love it.

    50. LaylaMarie

      I have Borderline personality Disorder(BPD)... So mindfulness and checking in with myself has to be at the VERY least a daily thing. Rumination is a key part of BPD it JUST is. It's both a blessing and a curse because you remember EVERYTHING, the good and the bad (I often being up things from my brother's and I's childhood that he just DOESN'T remember and he's always FLOORED that I still remember these things). My favorite Mindfulness tool is S.T.A.R. Stop. Think. Asses. React. You Stop and Think about whether or not the feelings/emotions you are having are valid for the situation. Assess whether or not you needed to be feeling this way and then React accordingly. All feelings ARE valid, but feelings ARE NOT facts. Ex: it is a valid feeling for me to be upset about things that happened years ago, but those feelings (like you pointed out) don't serve me in any way because I cannot change the past. So, when I catch myself ruminating on things I cannot change I allow myself five (5) minutes to feel my feelings. I cry if I need to, scream into a pillow if I need to let out anger ect. This way I allow the feelings to be let out but NOT allow myself to dwell on them and I can move on. It's taken me TEN (10) long years to be able to do this. And I am by no means perfect at it. But mindfulness practice had helped me to make peace with my past and mend my relationships with my parents and my brother. And I will continue to fight my greatest foe, myself, to maintain those relationships. My favorite quote "A single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” Henry David Thoreau.

    51. Tanya Ortiz

      I have so many digestive issues I feel so crappy most days and it is so true that you just don't wanna do anything when you feel so bad. Sometimes I find it hard to power through those moments as I really wish I could be laying down instead of feeling that heaviness and pain in my stomach. It is so hard sometimes :(

    52. Nightengale64

      Yeah, I try to be mindful. I got a lot of stuff wrong with me. MCAD, Hyper POTS, PTSD, Depression are just the top few. At 35 I have qualified for disability. sigh. (I am in the USA and you normally don't get medicare till you are 65) So I try to get little things done. And I have worked on my PTSD so much that I can fell the change happening. I haven't mastered staying in the situation yet, don't know if I ever will, but I know when I need a break from a conversation and can come back in a few minutes with a clear head and not just scream and cry in a closet for a few hours. I have figured out my POTS warning signs so I can sit my ass down before I pass out. I hadn't hurt myself accidentally for a long time till they took my main treatment that was working away. I don't have $600 a week, do you? So we are trying to price things out and get assistance but I can't walk well and tripped on my own feet and dislocated a toe. That was fun. But learning how to connect with your feelings and deal with them constructively is important. So important that all my friends who have kids I ask what coping techniques they are using with the kids so the kids learn to deal with stress. I am that annoying friend that wants everyone to be emotionally healthy. lol

    53. PuddingStars55

      I really needed this video; thank you guys

    54. Tyrion Lannister

      If Poppy and Chelsea Wolfe had a baby, I'd be scared and cute.

    55. Andie Ingram

      Martina mentioned reading books on this topic. Does anyone have any book recommendations?

    56. DreamsontheWater

      I was thinking, when you were talking about "junk-food friends" -- you guys are my "wholefood friends"! I don't know you in real-life, but really, I always feel so hopeful and inspired after watching one of your videos, especially these kinds, where we get to hear the things you're thinking deeply about. I know I have a tendency to fall into depressions, and I'm practising catching myself when I feel blue and making an executive decision in my head -- going above the "depressed me" -- to do things that I know will make me feel better. Even if it's something small like taking a shower or going out to stock up on fresh groceries, or cleaning two shelves of the fridge. I always feel so much better after building little rungs like that. :) I'm also trying to work on my anxiety, because it's gotten so bad sometimes recently that I can feel this awful awful sensation, like my body is humming, or vibrating internally, and I feel like I could scream from how uncomfortable it is. I think that a lot of the time, it's because I tend to have lots of things that I know I need to do, or think more deeply about / process, but I push them away, so that they're all just whirling around me, like I'm on a carousel and all the anxious thoughts are spinning around me but I'm too scared to look at them. But even just making a little mind-map of every single thing on my mind, and then breaking them down into little things that I can tackle, seems to help. But anyway, thank you guys for your beautiful uplifting content that always brings a patch of blue in an overcast sky! Even if it's not a particularly ~happy~ or chipper video, I think it's just the way you guys are so enduring and thoughtful about the things you go through, that makes me want to make my own life more beautiful, and to go on, in spite of things. P.S. You've mentioned that you've been reading a lot of books on self-improvement/development; would you be comfortable making a little list of recommendations somewhere?

    57. Paula kreinberg

      Thank you so much i need you today

    58. Lauren Garcia


    59. Amber Phillips

      Thanks for this episode, been feeling terrible lately. Also don't forget the planetary motions as a potential cause for weird energy haha

    60. Moony Fleur

      Y’all are so cute! 😊

    61. Angie Arias

      I'm going through a really difficult time, career-wise, I think that I do take a lot of pride in what I do so thats why it's not fun right now lol. I'm feeling really scared and wondering if the decisions I had made are the right ones. With that being said I really appreciate your content guys, your videos give a brief sensation of peace and stability (which I don't have lol) thank you so much, you make me feel less lonely c:

    62. Tessa Smith

      I love your podcasts. I listen to them almost as much as my music. I listen to your podcasts over and over. One podcast for every 15 to 25 songs I listen to. I think you guys would do great on a Ted-Talks or maybe a Ted-Ed about EDS

    63. Anna Joleen

      Thanks for making my day, I really needed this this morning

    64. Linda Tait

      Thank you for being human. Much love to you both xxx

    65. S Timperley

      Really loved this pod helps me reaffirm my mentality atm and added a few more things i should be thinking about. 🤘🏻

    66. Mati Mati

      I like your strength and honesty. Yes, we are all different and unpredictable. Everyone should try to find what is working good and what not,but one should do this wisely staying away as much as possible from pseudoscience scams.

    67. Fourpercentcupcake

      Would you mind recommending some of the books you mentioned you've read on the topic?

    68. shinigamiknight

      I love these podcasts. Thank you Simon, Martina, for putting these out :)

      1. shinigamiknight

        Have you two heard of the Landmark forum? I promise it’s not a cult. You two are some of the most insightful humans that I know of and I think you would get some value out of trying it out. They have a location in a Tokyo and I just recently experienced it myself and see things in a new way. It’s really hard to explain what it is exactly, but if you’re up for it, it could be really eye opening.

    69. JennaLaw24

      Dear lord Simon! Eight cans of pop a day! How did you not get ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease? You must have a gut of steel!

    70. Travel A to Zee

      I know it's probably something you may have already tried, but my mum grinds her teeth too. She has this plastic retainer like thing that helps a lot. It also makes her look like a bunny! Hope this helps

    71. Tina H

      Self care is something that is so very hard but it's so important. I've been trying very hard to go to the gym and work out and there are days where I don't wanna go. My mom drives me down to the gym because I have mobility issues and don't live very close. She will walk in the house and she will say to me are you ready to go? And every single time I will tell her yes no matter how I'm feeling because I know I need to go. It's for my health and it forces me out of the house of which I will be stuck in if I don't do it. I dwell a lot on things that I probably should have done before all of this happened to me of which sum was preventable and I try not to. It will take a long time but hopefully one day I can feel better inside as well as out.

    72. CoryanderWolf

      This is EXACTLY what i'm going through right now. Thank you for putting things into perspective. I'll keep building my ladder bit by bit.

    73. Kwanza Trotman

      I’ve foud out recently about body types (through blood types) as well! Each body is made up differently and your body knows what it can consume and what it’s better off without or in small amounts. Our bodies know but it’s up to us to find out and take care of them accordingly.

    74. Kwanza Trotman

      Where’s the heart button? I’ve been thinking lately about the phrase “Some things are better left unsaid” since I’ve been to many events lately. It actually made me feel better to not go to lengths to explain to certain people about why things were the way they were ^_^ Also, while watching this video another phrase came to mind: “There is a time and a place for everything” (based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). I’m not sure why those words came to me but it did as I felt the comfort you guys were subconsciously sharing while explaining these findings to us. Thank you and be well, please!

    75. Kat B.

      It took me so long to discover I'm soy intolerant. A little makes me bloated and uncomfortable, but a lot gives me such intense stomach cramps that I wish for a stomach pump. Makes me glad that Starbucks offers coconut milk now cause I'm also lactose intolerant. Listening to your body is super important for your health.

    76. bolita12345

      Are you guys planning to share some of the books you liked? I would love some recommendations😅💚💚

    77. Betsy Fu

      Really needed to hear this. Thank you guys :)

    78. lavender1rose

      this video couldn't have uploaded at a more perfect time. You guys articulate really well the things I try to share with my friends. I really dislike the glorified "self care" trend where people just go out to eat food or wear a facemask and call it a day. Those activities can be good but are ultimately short lived if you aren't mindful of why you need them/how they help/what you need to improve. I'm happy you spoke on this! Also thanks for teaching me the word ruminate because that perfectly describes what I can get caught up doing hahahaha Love a good podcast that is positive, educational and cute 😍😍

    79. Lily A.

      Hah I hardly ever get a cold even but I actually look forward to getting a little sick sometimes. I have chronic anxiety but I can’t just stay home every day even though I want to. When I’m actually sick I feel like I can finally justify giving myself a day or two of rest

    80. Féileacán Lorga

      Lol, 1st time I am watching on my phone and Roku TV this episode. So cool echo hahaha

    81. Féileacán Lorga

      My PCOS kind of makes me feel like "f" the world, I want to eat all things I want to eat, and I want to sleep in the entire week doing nothing much. Sometimes, I feel crapy and think it must be because of eating loads of carb like bread or fast food. Buuut, I tell myself girl ya gotta eat more veggies and eventually start making your own chicken and Turkey meats to eat to get the menstrual cycle normally. Lol, sometimes I make good choices and sometimes I do make bad choices in meal selections, but when the living situation becomes better, then I will be able to do things better.

    82. AbsurdNotions

      A few weeks ago I fell down the stairs and tore a bunch of ligaments in my ankle. I couldn’t walk at all for a week and then found out I’d developed blood clots in my leg and had to go to emergency. I had to take time off work and then work from home. I still don’t know how severe the damage is, and I’m waiting on some mri results that may tell me I’ll heal fine or may tell me I need surgery or have permanent damage. I’m back at work but I have to use a moonboot and my ankle still gets really swollen and sore, and just getting from one place to another can be really painful and exhausting. The last few weeks have been a real emotional rollercoaster coaster for me - I’ve felt so incredibly low (especially when I couldn’t walk or was in agony when I tried), and also incredibly grateful and happy to have my wonderful husband and family looking after me. I’ve always loved your videos, Simon and Martina. But right now they are really helping me. They are helping me process the pain and the negative feelings that come with that pain. They are also helping me deal with the uncertainty of whether my ankle will heal and whether I’ll be able to do the things I’ve always done, which is often much worse than the pain. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your joys. I’ve really been focusing on building my ladder - on celebrating each little victory. And your videos have helped me to do that. 🌈🌸🍄

    83. Oolong Tea

      I'm so glad that you guys do topics such this for your podcast. You guys are like my KGup therapists. And I really need it after starting new job and feeling terrible and low about how it's going. Thanks guys!

    84. Cloudy Day

      For rumination my therapist suggested keeping a journal to write out the things that happened that day or my thoughts in general, eventful or not eventful, a couple of hours before I sleep that way I'm less likely to stay awake thinking about all the mistakes I did that day or years before lol

    85. K-Lu Kawaii

      This reminds me of finally being diagnosed with Gluten Intolorance, PCOS, depression, anxiety, a severely low Thyroid after YEARS of being told that I felt sick and exhausted basically 24/7 was just simply because I was fat. I am now on the proper medications and while some days are brighter than others, I have slowly begun building my little ladder. Love watching u guys and no matter how dark my days get from time to time, I just put ur videos on auto play and find myself smiling. Martina and Simon, u guys are totally awesome and I love how much u guys appreciate and take care of each other. I hope u guys have more and more adventures and good days with each other. Cheers from Tennessee in the USA!

    86. Jesse Altamirano

      "Earth shattering, wretched farts" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. unaanguila

      Thanks for sharing! ♥

    88. JCXP123

      YALLLL geopddaegi (idk how to spell it) Was correcttt! You're thinking about gobchang or makchang probably 🤔 Anyway, I've really needed you guys for building my ladder. Recently I started my fourth year at university (2 and a half weeks in) and I've just been so stressed that my body legitimately rejected food over the weekend. Are there any tips or suggestions for coping because this is really getting out of hand 😥

    89. NickiMickeyB

      I have been mindful for about 7 years now. One thing I practice to check in with myself the most is mindful meditation. This is going to sound strange, but we don't focus enough on our deep breathing in our daily lives. We are in a constant state of go go go and it's hard to sit down and take a breath sometimes. When we do manage a moment and take a deep breath, you can feel it in your bones. We just breathe to live and don't pay attention to it unless there is a problem. I personally use mini meditations with deep breathing to help control my pain, deal with severe claustrophobia, calm down after an asthma attack or just to centre my thoughts. The way I learned was to lay in bed with your head propped up on a pillow so that you can be comfortable and see your stomach. Take a clothes pin or butterfly clip and pin it to your shirt by your belly button. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out focus your mind on doing nothing but pushing that clothes pin up with your stomach until it is fully extended and then bringing it back down again slowly (some start counting to 3, 4, 5 depending on what individual tolerances are. To get into a regular rythm and build from there) If neither other those clips are available you can try use the belt of a bathrobe, hair clip or the drawstring of track pants (if you hike them up a bit) but by focusing your eyes and mind on the bow and using that focus to raise it up and down you will be surprised at how much more relaxed you can make yourself by just taking some time to breathe deep. It is what I use most often to zero in on the things I need to pay most attention to daily! Thank you both for talking so openly about this and for reminding us that it's okay to be not okay, but by listening to our own unique selves we can figure out our own paths to begin work on our ladders too! You guys are amazing!

    90. msj5492

      What you say is so true about eating things and everyone's body being different. As a BABY I used to puke like every time I had formula, no one thought hey maybe she can't have dairy. Fast forward 25 years and I have terrible gallstones to the point I will probably have to take out my gallbladder because I ate too much dairy over my life. I didn't grow up eating beans and I know the stereo type that they make you fart but I cut most meat out of my diet and eat beans at least twice a day and I am losing weight and feeling fantastic now. I'm not like you I eat bread almost everyday too and I feel great. This is a really important message so thanks guys!

    91. skillet10112

      Watching this podcast today helped remind me to fill up my water bottle! I find that when I stop taking care of myself one of the first things to go out the window is drinking water, and dehydration makes me feel just, yuck. Once I'm in the yuck stage, it's even harder to just get up and refill the bottle, so thank you for the motivation.

    92. some_donkus

      I usually listen to the podcast while driving, but I had the opportunity to work from home today, so I watched/listened. Definitely some good advice here.. especially about ruminating. It's something that I've been trying to work really hard on. I was also thinking about what Simon said about cutting certain friends out of your life, and I think it's time to do that with one of mine who had been a super close friend. It's so hard. Things came to a head yesterday (mostly internally not like we were fighting- I just realized she's not right for me anymore). I really listened to this at the right time. Thank you so much.

      1. some_donkus

        Also I don't think I saw that video he mentioned, I'll go look at it now!

    93. MissGrace4

      Omg imagine MARRYING someone and not liking them. To me a marriage is getting to sleep over and live with your best friend that you love with your whole heart.

    94. xiola

      dat Ouran Host Club mug :D

    95. chiahroscuro

      As soon as I turned 25 caffeine (even decaf drinks), alcohol, and large amounts of sugar trigger panic attacks for me. I've always had anxiety from circumstances in my life that was like moderate, but now I started having anxiety related to my brain chemistry due to caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. It's really strange, because I could always handle those foods before in my life, but I experience the physical symptoms of a panic attack even though I wasn't worried about anything :/ I feel a lot better now since I figured this out.

    96. Giyibiti Vam

      This has been with out a doubt one of my favorite podcasts from you guys. I thought I was the only one that spent hours of my day replayed the embarrassing interaction and some insecurities I had a previous days. But listen to you guys, these funny, happy, strong and outspoken youtuber/couple, speak about how you also experience it and how to handle it, has really helped to understand how to take control of my emotions. Sometimes I want to be num to my emotions rather than facing them and putting myself in charge. Today you reminded me that is okay to put myself out there but to be kinder to myself while I am doing so. I know it is a long text but I just want you guys to know how much you mean for me. I have seen you guys from 2011 untill now and you guys have help me go through so much as a teen and now ayoung adult that moved to a new country. Thank you so much for sharing and always being honest throughout the years. I have never met you guys but you will always be family to me.

    97. Aralia

      Simon, I feel you! I absolutely love sweets but they give me a terrible terrible stomach ache and I'm very prone to binge eating them. I also recently cut out refined and added sugar and it's already helping a lot. 🎉

    98. jaamaapii

      I watched this at the perfect time. Had a horrible day as substitute teacher and knowing I have to go back three more days is frightening to say the least. It just ate through all my coping mechanisms for other stuff in my life and I just cried after coming home. But this calmed me down and told me to just assess my state and all the things in my life stressing me out. It won't solve my problems imideatly, but I at least am acknowledging what is bothering me and maybe have more strength tomorrow when I have to face those kiddies again. Which makes me a better and more stable teacher and in return gives off better aura for them. Yeah, so thank you for always saying thought provoking things.

    99. MintPanda

      You guys are so nice and comforting to listen to for naps ☺️

    100. opajee

      Hi guys. I've been a LOOOONG time watcher since you posted how to use your Korean washing machine but never posted/commented. A few years ago I became diagnosed with a super rare condition and became really depressed because of it. I'm still working every day on how to manage my body and keep my mind in a good space. Sometimes it's hard and some times it's easy. I'm grateful that you guys are willing to share these happenings in your life with us. It reassures me that "hey, I'm learning this too. I can get through this". You're right about getting rid of junk food friends and listening to your body. The little people I keep around me are the best and most supportive people in my life. I'm so blessed. I've adjusted my diet so much in an attempt to figure out what makes me feel more energy (my condition basically has my muscles atrophy from over use and makes it hard for me to recover) by listening to my body.