Agent Orange (The Vietnam War)

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    Undoubtedly, the jungle terrain was a tremendous obstacle for the Americans in fighting the war. For that reason, they fought it by all means possible.
    The best, but also the most controversial weapon in their arsenal were chemical defoliants such as ‘Agent Orange’.
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    Created by Daniel Turner (B.A. (Hons) in History, University College London)
    Script: Dejan Milivojevic
    Chris Kane
    Music Credit:
    Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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    Stellman, Jeanne Mager, et al. “The Extent and Patterns of Usage of Agent Orange and Other Herbicides in Vietnam.” Nature, vol. 422, no. 6933, 2003, pp. 681-687., doi:10.1038/nature01537.

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    1. Harvest God

      How can some of you f@cks still support any war engagement of the U.S. every place they go, they bring suffering and destruction.

    2. Sims J

      The US propaganda calls it "defoliation" - because "the trees were so in the way and that" -and not illegal chemical genocide. Strange. When they knew exactly what they were doing and what the effects were because the British told them. Shame on the US. Shame on Britain.

    3. Juppie902

      2:04 : POV Rising Storm 2

    4. A Spanish Inquisitor

      Not sure if it's true or not, but I heard of stories of the U.S. government actually sabotaging ak rounds that were being supplied to the NVA by the Chinese, what they would do was put a small explosive in the primer in the primer so that when it was fired the round would explode and disable the gun. However the war ended before this would happen. What I find the most interesting is that there might be some still floating around, so if your firing an ak or sks and the gun explodes out of nowhere, that may have been one of them.

    5. Briskness -Matt-

      My uncle died from cancer because if it. He served in the war as a machine gunner and a sniper. His name was Lester Rheaume and I barely knew him.

    6. Sebastien Bonita

      Agent yellow is when your RV toilet over flows when your pissing because you dad was emptying the septic tank and he failed

    7. uchihaRZA

      Had a teacher who passed from his time in Vietnam. He developed brain cancer that was determined to be caused by agent orange and other defoliants used in the war. Extremely sad to see such a great man go due to the irresponsibility of their own government...

    8. Old n Gold

      Wait a minute . . . this isn't Sodom

    9. Tomo

      I was exposed to Agent Orange on Okinawa that was transported from Vietnam during and mostly after the war burying over 25 thousand 55 gallon drums on our beaches destroying the ecosystem, killing and severely disfiguring those who survive exposure. Its why I've had cancer 5 times over the last 20 years. It goes through a steady remission and relapse phase. All due to exposure of Agent Orange. There's no way I should be alive let alone avoiding detrimental and physical disfigurement. It is a story the US government would rather it remain buried. No pun. There's videos all over the interwebs that cover this topic.

      1. eioshen boboi

        I knew a few people who died from agent orange and were paid by the VA for agent orange exposure...

    10. kinfmin

      America just couldn't take the L on this one, huh?...

      1. eioshen boboi

        getting reservation fishing permits and was warned not to approach any metal drums I happened across while fishing because they are still hazardous to this day.

    11. Jardos Plays

      Ahhh yes American war crimes. My favorite topic

    12. Brit Lynx

      All this because the US stuck it's nose into things that were none of it's business.

    13. Ork

      I'm a third generation agent orange victim, born as a cripple, as I grew up my teeth and nails were very brittle and I have serious skin issues, the tropical climate of Vietnam doesn't do any good either, and a protruding jaw. My parents abandoned me and I grew up in an orphanage. Never wanted to live from the time I was conscious. I finally got a chance to move to the US and I currently reside here, counting my days. People must understand these things are not just about hitting the target and killing, they destroy the future of the planet and its beings.

    14. CebuliX

      "I do not move out of the way." - Agent Orange

    15. Ante Markoc

      They spray democracy 😉

    16. Dank Bonk ripper 65

      War crimes

    17. lanun si kucing

      the brits never defoliate any forest during the malayan insurgency. how the communist lost in malaya because there's no political support from the locals. And its not considered a war too because the jungle police were sent in instead of the army. Vietnam war is just a proxy war like syria, where superpowers take advantage of a disunited nation too increase their own power. Americans never learn anything from the malayan campaign. They just throw in more guns and money to solve a problem. And let their soldiers being punked by the Chinese and Russians.

    18. YourBoi

      When I think of Agent Orange I only think about the most underrated band I know

    19. Kbear Gaming

      Orange is sus

    20. Eagle775

      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 4:5, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV.

      1. soiung toiue

        I'd say I'm surprised that the Americans didn't say "If it's doing that to the plants, I wonder what it's doing to our guys" But realistically, they more than likely just didn't care

    21. Alpha.4608

      Much respect to the allied and central powers of ww1, the allies and axis forces of ww2, the allied side of the Korean War and both sides of the Vietnam war including the Viet cong

      1. soiung toiue

        Damn so they lowkey polluted the vietnamese jungles with chemicals weapons for 9 years. Didn't know that

    22. Dick Salacious

      So they could have just used salt water rather than chemicals. You be amazed how effective salt is at killing and rotting everything in soil and it does it insanely quickly as well. You also can't replant for ages as it poison the soil. I rock salt on the ivy in the garden. One treatment lasts about 5 years so it's cheap and really effective

    23. November

      In the first years of the 1960's the U.S. government tested a defoliant very similar to agent orange on the Apache reservations here in Arizona. I only found out because I was getting reservation fishing permits and was warned not to approach any metal drums I happened across while fishing because they are _still_ hazardous to this day.

    24. FallenActual

      I knew a few people who died from agent orange and were paid by the VA for agent orange exposure...

    25. 7

      i saw the word agent and i was like no no no no why this... speaking about something else

    26. Sock

      Hey! My uncle was exposed to this during vietnam, he died a few years ago from cancer. The doctors linked the cancer to agent orange. Thank you for teaching people about this!


      the ccp war

    28. Jake WeberZwier

      when you go hiking with your friends: 2:02

    29. MrUnseen

      Did America pay reperations for poisoning the people and the food for TEN years?

    30. CT 0501

      That's why they shouldev committed warcrime or use the A bomb

    31. MarineSlayer


    32. Young BZ

      Fire that doesn't burn

    33. Huey Freeman

      wHy dO tHeY hAtE uS sO mUcH?

    34. Razor24 actual

      71-73 even grounds maint used defoliants on big bases for weed control wtf?

    35. Journey to Nerd City

      Damn so they lowkey polluted the vietnamese jungles with chemicals weapons for 9 years. Didn't know that

    36. Jo Smo

      I'd say I'm surprised that the Americans didn't say "If it's doing that to the plants, I wonder what it's doing to our guys" But realistically, they more than likely just didn't care

    37. Alvise Leòn Van Meijgaard


    38. Z F

      Anybody else slightly bothered by his pronunciation of the word "herbicide" or is it just me?

    39. Ahmed Mustafa

      one of usa war crimes.

      1. Unfortunate

        Wasn't a warcrime at the time. Now we don't use it

    40. Rainier Richie Gunawan

      1:30 to skip the sponsorship

    41. Kanzlei Krüger u. K.

      My father died bc. of Agent Orange.

    42. soiung toiue

      would get covered in the stuff daily. Great respect to all who died from the horrible effects of this chemical

    43. Charles Mouse

      1st World War - Chemical weapons are really awful, let's not do that again! 2nd World War - Even Hitler vetoed the use of chemical weapons. I wonder how D-Day would have gone if the Nazis had deployed Sarin gas? Vietnam War - The land of the "free" reserves the right to commit whatever atrocities it damn well likes in the "suppression" of other nations. Today - MURICA!!! "We are the leaders of the free world, everybody must be grateful!" (cough: destructive hypocrisy and hubris)

      1. Unfortunate

        At least we're better than the ussr. Everyone would be fucked

    44. Chi Kit Leung

      Agent Orange - A fire that doesn't BURN

    45. 아재옆집

      I see where Matrix got their ideas

      1. soiung toiue

        Another quality product brought to you by Monsanto

    46. Lokket99

      America: The Nazis used gas it was a real tragedy. Also America: The egg heads back at home cooked up Agent Orange let's use it on the enemy but hey it won't kill them only give them long term birth defects and cancer.

    47. N3RD F0XX0

      My dad was born with birth defects due to Agent Orange, and I think my learning disability was also caused by that given it effects more than one generation

    48. Brent James

      agent orange here in philippines is a metal song composed by the band of slapshock

    49. Toivo J

      Oh wow I have to do a project from Vietnam was and i decided to do 30% from agent blue or agent orange


      Do Malayan Emergency next pls, I really apprieciate it if you make it because it would be interesting.

    51. KoolAid

      this seems like a good idea on paper spraying the jungle to see the nva and the vc but with positives always come negatives

    52. Seth K.

      Look up the Massacre of Mai Lang. Babies and children slaughtered. Smh this is why they won't make any Nam games on console they would really have to address their immorality concerning the war. It's the same WWII games over and over because it's the only war they can still glorify.

      1. Penis Man

        There are plenty of good Vietnam games

    53. Seth K.

      They didn't care they were spraying chemicals on troops in the jungle or little children who lived there. Smh

    54. Gerhart Vondrivesabus

      I dont know how americans can support their military sometimes.

      1. Unfortunate

        Lmao, we didn't at the time, so many protests. Can you please know a bit more than make an assumption?

      2. Seth K.

        It's sickening.

    55. rebellorebellion

      My uncle died of agent orange exposure I'm glad I decided not to see him in the hospital the way my parents described how he looked was horrifying thank God he never had kids too

    56. d.o.m jones

      acid not fun no moe -:(

    57. Sidemen Rule

      Who else also knew Jackie Robinson's brother served in vietnam

    58. MarMar The First

      Agent Orange knows I like nanoaugmentation technology.

    59. Mason Jones

      When I heard 2,4,5 Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid the first thing that came to mind was “Return Of The Living Dead”

    60. The Shocker

      Another quality product brought to you by Monsanto

    61. Tsarbombacrazy88 Tsar bomba

      My mom said that one of my grandpa's was a ranger in the military, he was one of the people to work with Agent Orange. Him and including other rangers, got cancer and health problems in life, he died young. The government never did anything to compensate those soldiers.

    62. Comrade Orange

      thx for finally making a video about me :D

    63. Diego Braga

      "herbicide" used to kill people. Nice. USA always being a bunch of assholes.

      1. Unfortunate

        Better than the ussr

    64. Stefan Jelin

      Video starts at 1:27

    65. Lucas Ono

      And people say that J. F Kennedy was a good president.

      1. Chris Smith

        compared to the rest that followed him - he was less evil

    66. David Cortes

      Legit: The first time I heard of Agent Orange was on the first Rambo movie. It stuck with me that his friend had died that young and looked up what was that "Orange stuff" the lady was talking about

    67. whateveruwant

      war crime by the US

      1. Ploopy

        @Unfortunate still

      2. Unfortunate

        Not at the time

    68. Cerr Gaming

      We legit just started learning about this in US history this week. Great timing man, love the videos!!

    69. vbddfy euuyt

      my own country did this to our soldiers. Heart breaking.

    70. Abdullah

      Using such tactics cause more trouble to civilians than the enemy forces.

    71. Rolf Mützelburg

      Vietnam wasn't an especially difficult challange. Japan was every bit as creative, desperate, fanatical, and unconventional, in addition to being technologically equivilant to the US at the time. The only difference that made Vietnam "worse" was the equally biased, but reversed role of the media. Where the media were spewing government pro war propaganda through all of World War 2, they spun around and went pink the moment the enemy went from National Socialist to International Socialist. They lied in the 40s, lied in the 60s, lied in the 80s, lied through the turn of the millennia, lying on the air as we speak 24/7, and every waking moment in between. This should be news to no one. But few actually consider the implications. Some are afraid to think about it. That much of our history is a lie. The most common form being lie by omission. Its not what they tell you that you should worry about: You can ignore fake news. It's the news they don't tell you that you need to worry about. Agent Orange isn't the sort of thing people talk about much. The only reason the public know about it at all is because the media has adopted an anti-war stance... at least in regards to Vietnam. But there was a lot more that happened during the Vietnam you won't hear about. In particular, what went on in China and the surrounding nations. No motive for the media to eport on that. But that's all history now. Today is a new day, and the media is lying with increased transparency. They don't even pretend to be neutral. They know who thier audiance is and isn't. Thier role as "influencers" rather than informers puts them on the same level as a random guy on KGup. Trusting them is no different than trusting a stranger like me.

    72. Fo' mo' years Fo' fo' fiv'

      Korean War parties used defoliants as well. An elder Korean Vet told me about it.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        US of A the most murderous, depraved and idiotic empire in human history.

    73. Dukios Gaming

      Ughh napalm

    74. Ree Exe

      Agent orange aka Donald J trump

    75. TNT

      I wonder what else are people being exposed to that is gonna be a problem in a couple of decades.

    76. Capt. 7ohn

      Another US's War Crime for my country :(

      1. Unfortunate

        Not a warcrime at the time.

    77. 123four

      I've got my spine I've got my orange crush

    78. Død Ånd

      I've been waiting : this episode is sponsored by Sodom.

    79. TobiDyLetsPlay100

      War is just effing plain disgusting, use words dammit, there is no need for people to be killed

    80. Polish Cow

      Everybody gansta till the annoying orange joined the vietnam war

    81. 5th Rangers F-Company

      Video starts at 1:37

    82. Ving Tan

      Yet many Americans want to claim they saved Vietnam 😂

      1. Unfortunate

        Who's saying that? Because we left Vietnam and didn't spread democracy

    83. Rae Rae

      All that forest and jungle and lives for an unnecessary war

    84. Chris Smith

      Simple History - 'we present the facts but we can't condemn US war crimes because KGup may demonetize us - draw your own conclusions'

      1. zombelek


    85. Chris Smith

      Who in 2021 can still believe that US are the 'good guys' ?

      1. MinyMiles234

        @Unfortunate That’s exactly what the people that run this country want you to think.

      2. Unfortunate

        @MinyMiles234 better than Russia, not saying the US is good but it's WAY better than China and Russia. Barely can have free speech in Russia and you CAN'T have free speech in China

      3. MinyMiles234

        The united states is a fucking monster.

      4. Tennessee Boi

        You made 3 comments. are you done

    86. Chris Smith

      US of A the most murderous, depraved and idiotic empire in human history.

      1. Dio Evaldo

        Us empire? Never heard it before 🙈

    87. Carrera 6

      More like cheating on your finals and graduating with honors.

    88. bat wayne

      Noooooooo, Assad used chemical weapons against innocent we are going to fund isis,destroy the infrastructure of Syria and going steel their oil

    89. zeRo1242

      I am glad that some 'muricans were also affected, this is so fxcked to find it ok to determine that one country and it's nature are treated like that.

    90. Angry trooper show

      Its not USA fault. Its US army.

      1. Ploopy

        Also the us government

    91. majungasaurusaaaa

      LMAO at the thumbnail depicting orange stuff being sprayed. It's color and odorless. When the commies sued Monsanto their witnesses stated "it was orange and horrible smelling ". Needless to say, the commies couldn't prove the connection between the herbicide and birth defects and lost the case in humiliating fashion.

    92. WayB _iiMaze

      It never gone

    93. D-Free

      "Dilmore is gone" "What time will he be back?" "He died" "What?!" "He died last summer" "Died how?!" "Cancer, brought it back from 'Nam all that orange stuff they was spreaded around cut him down to nothing, i couldn't lift him off the sheet"

      1. Game Boy • 1999 years ago

        First Blood Reference 😢

    94. Joseph Stallin'

      You know, I heard Agent Orange burned a lot of bridges with his colleagues in Vietnam.

    95. 1N73RC3P7OR

      When the sky starts playing Fortunate Son

    96. Not Myles

      My aunt has photos of my uncles and his buddies trying to clean off the agent orange that was dropped on them in Da Nang, miss you chuck ❤️

    97. Tray Fryberger.

      I was actually lucky enough to see one of the c-123s that carried agent orange at dover air force base in Delaware

    98. Sonia Torres

      T95 ww2 tank video please!!!

    99. Ephraim Christen

      A fucking mess

      1. Tennessee Boi

        That whole war was