Big Money Spotted Bass - Lake Lanier

Scott Martin

227 миӊ. көрүүлөр32

    I practiced extremely hard for this event and was able to located some BIG Spotted Bass on Lake Lanier. Now it's time to start the event and try to make the finals and fish for the BIG MONEY. This video will show the first two days of the competition of the FLW Tour on Lake Lanier. This video will also show you how I fished the event. Hope you enjoy..
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    1. joe sharp

      Why wasn’t billy a boater

    2. joe sharp

      Baklava is dessert balaclava is what u have on

    3. Jed Steelwell

      It's always a biggin

    4. Not3Rd

      4:22 that fish do be floating tho.

    5. Mike N Crew

      Love the gold sparkling gloves lol

    6. Adam Adcock

      Scott u r a great man, love watching your videos

    7. Michael Christiani

      Hey Scott just saw this video and this was my house. I sold it a few years back. Do you live there?

    8. Klfux

      My home lake

    9. j w

      On my Lake dude!!!


      I live in Lanier

    11. Jordan Rodriguez

      Before i watch this, I live like 15 min away from lake lanier and I know that it is an absolute challenge to catch some good fish there. Another thing, my dad and I just went fishing here on this past Saturday and combined of the 2 of us, we only caught one! Check out my last upload to see what im talking bout. But those spotted bass are fighters man!

    12. Cory Kent

      Man I have to ask, do people ever get after you for not setting the hook? LOL I've noticed that you really don't set the hook most of the time, but rather, you just reel down or gently sweep when you get bit. Is this intentional?

    13. Ashton Lanier

      last name===

    14. Austin Hubatch

      2018 was Brandon's best work with editing.

    15. Steve Hogan

      Keep Pluggin...pun intended

    16. jraintdead

      “I don’t know if he’s big or not, but it’s a fish!” Dude! I’ve said those exact words more times than I can count! Keep chunkin’!

    17. Stylan DOKES

      There is nothing better than spotted bass in the winter.theyre all butterballs.

    18. Dax Riggs

      Scott makes me laugh

    19. Guitar Junkie

      Man I love how you show each one of your buddies fishing on these tournament videos Scott it’s awesome 👏

    20. Alan Onufreyiv


    21. Jay.B Sports

      Gonna be moving to Georgia from SLC. I'm gonna be about 10minutes from Lake Lanier and I'm excited!

    22. Ken Hodge

      Just getting back into fishing, what makes you guys decide to go with the spinning reel versus the baitcaster?

    23. Bishop Aaron brown

      Anytime you fish at a lake I Georgia lemme know iv ben fishing in bass tournaments all over Georgia and I mite can give you some tips on what hate to use like especially lake hartweel and at lake Lanier they will hit a bright orange jig

    24. Bishop Aaron brown

      I live i Franklin county Georgia it’s like a hour form lake Lanier

    25. Charles Robertson

      There can be NO! good reason to keep unlocking your reel when you get the fish to the boat. I believe your just showing off !

    26. Ryan Dougan

      Hello Scott, I wanted to know where you got the heated jacked from? Love the videos its definitely the highlight of my day when I see a new video. Thanks for taking us along with you.

    27. Ravage Stephens

      What kind of bait is he using ?

    28. Paul Breaux

      I notice when you reel in, you keep clicking the line release button. Whats the reason for that?

    29. John Padilla

      hi Scott, I have been watching your videos a lot lately and I have never seen anyone who utterly enjoys fishing as much as you do. don't give it up and keep the videos coming love to watch them.!

    30. Deep River Bassin

      Net. Biggn

    31. Justin Prestidge

      BSA cool

    32. Hoosier Daddy

      I got my blacalalalaka on hahahaha. I lost it there!!!!

    33. Andrew Mendoza

      If i was scotts co-angler i wouldn't stop talking lol

    34. Scott West

      start telling the biggest bass of each tournament

    35. ghosty 0228

      Baclava is a greek desert its quite goob but that balaclova doesnt look like a honey noggut

    36. Ethan Dyer

      I caught my pb out of that lake. 8.13lb. I was there for a weekend when my dad bought his sail boat, and I was walking up the dock when I saw the monster off the side of some rocks. It’s a fish I won’t ever forget.

    37. james Scholtz

      Scott:"I can't see anything my glasses are fucked up" Me:hahahahahaha

    38. Joel Hugo

      B killn the edit

    39. kyler head

      Lanier is one of my favorite lakes to fish

    40. miracle man

      this going to kill bass fishing you don't need high dollar stuff to catch these bass

    41. miracle man

      large mouth bass fishing done became a thing of the past its all spotted bass now but I know why just like back in the day they couldn't catch them either lmao

    42. Jacob Fritts

      What is the name of the heated suit

    43. Jon Peterson

      That guy josh was fishing with was a cool dude. Very nice of him to help

    44. Gregory Poole

      Enjoyed the video, keep em coming.

    45. Jacob Zweifach

      what kind of coat is that, it looks like the logo lights up

    46. ellmat199

      Come on Tom times have changed get rid of those penetrating cull tags...

    47. Lucas Parton

      Scott... when is the light blue pray hard fish hard hats going to be in stock? I have got to get me one of those !

    48. Tony Bell

      “Whatcha y’all doin” Lmao! Billy an those stairs too funny! Great job spinner 🐛 on editing great stuff 👌😄

      1. Scott Martin


    49. Josh C Fishing

      Billy puts this channel over the top!!

    50. Jay jay

      Not stop #4 lol!!

    51. cayden M

      Whats the name of the song

    52. Fisher Fox

      I watched the series you did great!

    53. Robert Ledbetter

      Scott do you think that with all the demands on your time with youtube and all your other comittments that effects your fishing or your concentration sometimes

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s definitely a lot to far so good.

    54. Tyler Dement

      Love the tournament videos! What length is the tcs powercrank rod Scott is throwing?

    55. Florida Bass Fishing

      After further review Scotty... It has been determined you called "NET" way too fast on that 1st fish LOL

    56. Sam Mendez

      Great video brother 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!!

    57. Rally

      Scott needs a year of snow.

    58. will mccoy

      Brandon this edit is sick! Great job man!

    59. Sharon Cheeseboro

      Nice !!!

    60. Brandon Bryant

      BACALACLA!! I spit coffee and laughed out loud

    61. TilDeath1776 US

      Lews makes a good reel at an affordable price!

    62. Fishing In The City

      Josh sounded so respectable,Thank you and yes sir and thank you Lord!! Much respect Josh

      1. Chris Hackett

        Thanks his net man EVERY TIME. Class act right there.

      2. Blackflag Motorsports

        thanks man! just blessed to be out there!

    63. Mike G

      Scott, love the gangsta look early in the morning. LOL I was really pulling for you here on my home lake. God bless and tight lines!

    64. Donald Johnson

      Awesome tournament Josh!

      1. Blackflag Motorsports

        thanks man! needed that limit day 2 to crack the top 20 but I'm happy with the results.

    65. Wesley Castor

      Even with the volume down I can tell which one is Scott just by that hookset.

    66. Mike Hallmark

      Rough life for real

    67. Stephanie Smith

      It’s sounded like you said my glasses are f**cked up other the fogged up

    68. Houston Texas

      Scott.. Is Billy your best friend?

    69. dreads_fishing_outdoors

      Pray all day amen to that scott. Praise God!! Love watching you fish and your videos. It's an insperaition in many ways.

    70. Rod Ston

      Great video. I'm happy that you did well in this tournament. My son and I just watched another video, where you said you like catching smallies. Have you ever fished in Idaho? We have a lake full of 6-7 pounders.

    71. Felix Fortin

      Billy's net man was so clueless on day 2...

    72. Michael Blakey

      What does a dead fish cost you

    73. Bradd Lemke

      I have been waiting for this

    74. carlos solis

      Next time billy u can do it u got it..n.cmon scott lets win this u can do it man.

    75. Saul sanchez

      Way better video. Like how u show clips of everyone. Badass. Keep up the good work.

    76. dylan puccio

      Enjoy watching all your videos, would like to learn how you fish deep water structure.

    77. Joe Brings

      I like how the other guys are being included. Good job B!

    78. Dylan Hamilton

      Josh is the best well mannered man I’ve ever seen. Seems like a great dude.

    79. Spencer Schmidt

      Hey Scott you should get the new Vexas boat

    80. ROWDY

      Scott, what model Costa sunglasses do you ware ?

    81. LOJO

      that spiral staircase tho!!!

      1. NAW

        Lojo my man

    82. mykimmymax

      Thanks fellas.....Scott, Brandon and Billy for the pics this past Saturday with my son! It was great to meet all 3 of you at Lanier. The SMC hats are great as well!

    83. Jacob Bray

      Big ole Kentuckys

    84. Ubin Yankinoff

      scott how can i order a SMC cap ?

    85. Bryce Paige

      Scott please giveaway the gloves. If you send them ill do mj dancing in my boat while I catch fish😅

    86. Adam Smith

      Scott is just like his dad. Roland is always getting words wrong too. Blacuula????? Plus how bout that dramatic gone with the wind entrance from Billy. Love these guys!

    87. Andrew bennett

      Dang cliff hanger lol great job everyone!

    88. Paul Govensky

      Josh, you got ya brand new mercury

    89. Chris Patterson

      Really enjoying the views from everyone in the posse. Especially looking at the Co angler's point of view.

    90. Paul Govensky

      none of them fish are moving in Scotts live well. Pulled them from the deep to quick????

    91. T Hurst

      B that is some awesome editing man!!! Wow!! Way to take it to the next level!! 👍👍

    92. Howabouthetruth

      Way to go Scott!!! Great video Brandon!!! Last but not least.......HOLD YOUR HEAD UP BILLY!!! It happens to the best of anglers, and always remember: The most successful people in anything, were also those who failed many times, but the difference is, they NEVER gave up!!! You'll get em next time, or soon after Brother. God Bless all of you guys!!!

    93. Tucker Traub

      Thank you scout and Brandon for all the videos of the FLW tour

    94. J&J Getz Reel

      This is seriously my favorite channel!

      1. Earl Burt

        Jeni mines to

    95. J HOOD

      Upside down images were awesome B!

    96. Mark Withers

      Like 701 great upload

    97. bob smith

      Jacked em up DUDE!!! Nice work

    98. Chris Turner

      Billy is awesome

    99. Awesome Sauce

      That was a good vid! Agreed with B killing the edit, nice shot taking off with mirror image on top. Thumbs up

    100. Donald Touchton

      Awesome editing.!! Awesome video.!! Good luck in ky guys.!!