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    Valuable AOY Points and Money are on the line! Lake Cherokee is considered the Best Unknown Fishery because this is the first FLW Tour Bass Tournament held here and the fishing is Amazing! This Lake is full of Smallmouth and Largemouth bass and is one of the most unique Lakes I have ever fished. This video features John Cox, Brian Latimer, Tom Redington and Andrew Upshaw and will show how they fished this lake.
    This is Days 1 & 2 and Day 3 will post next.
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    1. Uri Orlov

      There are some absolutely stunning smallies on this video!

    2. Wes P’s World

      Billy's got me rolling!!! LOL

    3. Cody Cyr

      If every black man talked like Brian Latimer there would be a lot less racism in America. He talks and acts like a good man where I'm from they don't talk like that they don't dress like him they don't act like him

    4. Avid Outdoors Tv

      This is my home lake

    5. Austin Chandler

      I fish Cherokee alot and it produces big bass just got to find them

    6. Robert Holt

      How do you get a chance to go fish with you in a tournament is be so blown away to get my chance to fish with a awesome fisherman keep up good work and holla back at me if anytime your in East TN I'm in Bristol I'd love to be your partner hope you do good ain't watched full video yet but hope you win bro

    7. J V

      Absolutely rolling on that intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Warren louisiana

      My prayers go out to that family for healing from there lose,,,in Jesus name I pray ,, double Amen,,,,,

    9. Horns n Hooks

      Is that in Tennessee

    10. old mcdonald

      lets go b lat . you the man

    11. faux taco

      This dude has stanky hobbit feet

    12. Steve Gilland

      That beginning will Billy as a elf has me rolling on the floor. I think I shiit myself

    13. Jonah Lewis

      Is that the Cherokee lake in TN???? I live right next to it!!!

    14. 59BigWalt

      Cowboy Billie!

    15. Steve Hogan

      Hey Nice work John.... Hope you got a check on this one. Hey B Lat and Tom good for ya. going to the next vid... only about a year behind... Thanks

    16. Richie _k_68

      That is very sad I know that was a year ago but always needs prayers. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


      More Intros like that

    18. Visionsx Diamond

      Is that German creek

    19. Kiondra James

      I wanna go fishing with you

    20. Jake Erwin

      4:10 acho

    21. Stephen Graves

      Awesome as always Sir!!🍻... Great intro Billynator!!😂.... Heart felt prayers for the Jacobs Family!!....

    22. ZAY4K

      I don't know who's the funniest Billy or b dawg

    23. Dead Inside

      Best intro ever... lmao!

    24. Timothy Periard

      Awesome SM Bass Scott! Love the video.

    25. フォールエクストラ

      Yeah! good fishing!

    26. Visionsx Diamond

      Just think I’ live a hour, from that lake

      1. Collyn Cave

        where is this lake?

    27. Civilian #72583119

      How about that text book hook set at 13:15!! Good shiiiiizzz Bryan. Edit- and again, and again. That’s how you set a hook. SON!

    28. UltimateNinja1984

      I just dont get why Bassmen nowadays wrap themselves up like a ninja. Lol ik skin and sun protection, But it looks silly.

    29. Myles Hubert

      Sad news about their passing.. but fact oblife we're all gonna run out of time. When you pass, someone will dedicate a fish torney to you I bet also. Great Video Everytime !

    30. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin mother Day

    31. Mark G.

      *Worst lake on the FLW tour lol

    32. Guitar Junkie

      Billy!!!!! Lol he’s funny as shit, love the channel Scott

    33. Kyle Komarek

      Can someone please explain Scott's drag settings on his spinning reels? Every single fish he catches on a spinning reel has the drag slipping... I've never fished this way and never feel like I lose fish because I run a tighter drag... but I see Scott lose so many fish on his spinning setups. Please explain.

    34. T1NK gaming jb304dubv

      Prayer's going out to the jacobs family

    35. T1NK gaming jb304dubv

      Yes that should be a thing

    36. Trey Hampton

      Is that moss green p line on the spinning reels?

    37. Dawson Guest

      What type of fishing line do you have on your spinning combo


      Top vídeo 👏👏

    39. Chris Parker

      I absolutely love these videos!!!

    40. Jerred Wayne

      Billy's intro was hysterical

    41. JP Fishing

      Scott, please look into the trapper tackle drop shot hooks. You'll keep more fish from jumping off. At least try them to see what you think. I see you lose more fish jumping off that drop shot. Just my two cents. Great video.

    42. Matthew Lee

      Tighten yer drag boys

    43. Yeetsyourboy Eli

      What line do u use for your spinning setup

    44. Guy Says hi

      Do they release the fish after they are brought in for the weigh in?

    45. Benjamin Luebberst

      That drag setting is killing me

    46. Maness Motors, LLC

      So who noticed the pillow between the wall and bed ???

      1. Scott Martin


    47. Clint Y.


    48. Bass Raider

      Now that looks like a fun lake to fish! Nice work guys

    49. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Omg !!!!! Lol intro was fire

    50. Junior Again

      great videos ...look forward to each one ...keep it up ...God Bless

    51. Brian Latimer

      Billy has my son saying all this stuff at home🤦🏾‍♂️. 😂.

      1. ImNotLoopy

        Watching your clips always cracks me up haha.

    52. Ron Jeremy

      “Senko, I mean zinkerz” 😂😂

    53. N&N Outdoors

      I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME INTRO :) hahahaha

    54. Chris Ratliff

      Glad to see you wax em in my own area for once. So amazing!!!!

    55. Ian Bellomo

      I love Billy starting the video!

    56. Woods2Waters

      Outstanding video as always. Billy's intro was the bomb. Great fishing action. You guys produce some of the best fishing videos on youtube. Always love it when i see a new Scott Martin video pop up in my notifications.

      1. Scott Martin


    57. Biggtime Outdoors

      Love watching these videos! It’s like you in the boat with them.

      1. Scott Martin


    58. Joey Buchanan

      Love the intro 😂

    59. Reel Snookered

      What’s the deal with the lose drag, I always tighten my drag when soft plastic fishing with a spinner. You hook a decent fish then you can loosen after the initial hook set

    60. Mark Chambers

      Scott what model casting reels are you using? Ty

      1. Mark Chambers

        Scott that is the spinning reel, what is the bait caster ? Thanks ps love your Dad's videos !

      2. Scott Martin

        JackHammer by Favorite

    61. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin

    62. Terry Ducote

      Billy's into sounds like it was written by joe Dirt. I love it

    63. Prevolx

      Don’t give away my spot Scott😂

      1. Scott Martin


    64. 11B Bassin

      Scott, what chest mount were you using for your camera during the tournament?

    65. RaDaR Outdoors

      Take that Bob!!! Good stuff Billy! Hate to hear bout the Jacobs folks

    66. Francois Erlank

      Nice man

    67. Johnny Schmitz

      @ B. LAT Hey man i was just curious, what kind of reel is that you are using on your spinning rod? Thanks in advance. Good luck and tight lines.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Johnny Schmitz revo premier or stx

    68. John Copeland

      All this top notch equipment and everyone one is using the cheapest net ever.... Is that net required? If not get a rubber one that is that the same size... Keeps the hooks from being a pain to get out of the net

    69. Raid3r63

      is this lake Cherokee in tn?

    70. Tony Bell

      I’m sure I speak for everyone in the martins fishing community fan base, that when I opened my notification for this video and saw that it’s 52 minutes long. (My reaction) 😳🤩 YES! Scott I know you won’t have this much content each episode but I really do enjoy seeing the 30 plus minute videos. But hey that’s one mans opinion or is it? My condolences to the Jacobs family God Bless

      1. Scott Martin

        I hope everyone likes the longer much GOLD to cut out

    71. Luke Garcia

      Lmfao!!!! That's hilarious!! That should be Billy's new character. Hahaha

    72. Lil m Pagenkopp

      "Pillows dern hurt if you ain't ready for it, you know what I mean?", LOL!!! That intro Billy, HILARIOUS stuff! Prayers for the Jacobs family.

    73. James Fox

      Awesome job on the intro Mr Billy great job . Prayers sent for the Jacobs family and what they are going through at this time

    74. Jowen19831

      First min thirty. All I can think is I’m a grown a$$ man. 😌

    75. Austin Billingsley

      If you disliked this vid you are an idiot

      1. Austin Billingsley

        yea man

      2. Scott Martin

        I know right..🤷🏻‍♂️

    76. chaz honaker

      Billy is on a whole differnt level, lol.. With that being said, Prayers sent up for the Jacob's family. May God comfort them and help them to cope with such a tragedy.. Scott keep doing what your doing man. Cherokee is a local lake to me excited to see what you think of it.

      1. Scott Martin


    77. Everett Fuller

      Great seeing you again man, you guys did great at showing off an amazing lake once again!

      1. Scott Martin



      Brandon's really finding his rhythm with these edits 🔥

      1. Scott Martin


    79. Mark Thompson

      Billy was hilarious

    80. Michael Jackson

      Great to see Andrew rebound and win wire to wire! Good finish for Scott as well

      1. Scott Martin


    81. Aaron English

      Billy is crackin me up! Thanks for all yall do Scott!

    82. Tanner Martin Outdoors

      What brand net do you use?

    83. J Chao


    84. Callum vlogz McCormick

      I just like to watch Scott fish not all of the crew (like if you agree)

      1. Scott Martin

        Not very many likes..🙅🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    85. Jim Listerman

      1) Billy LOOKING GOOD.......! * ! * ! 2) FLW 2019 = "The Scott Martin Clean Shaven Tour "

    86. Sean Clark

      great video. Brandon you need a raise

    87. DW B

      The team environment is cool to see.

    88. Huntinguy 417

      Can we get a dude counter on Scott 😂

      1. Scott Martin

        Better make sure it has 4 rows of numbers

    89. Bill the carp man Stoltz

      Love love billy

    90. Daniel Marshall

      Billy is not funny lol

    91. Francois Erlank


    92. MikeM340

      Dilly Billy

    93. MikeM340

      What kind of reels were you using in this tourney?

    94. Derrick

      Hi Scott looking at one of your long sleeve shirts in XL what would the cost to Perth Western Australia 6063 Please . ?

    95. chandra mcpherson

      What the, nice billy like the open of this video

    96. datruth hurts

      Billy killing me!! good

    97. Robert Minnis

      Prayers going out to the Jacobs family. Good luck Scott. Great video. God bless buddy.

    98. Rough Country Outdoors

      What a gorgeous lake.

    99. The BAD Fisherman

      😂🤣🤣 i was in the video twice. Lol to great. Loved watching you guys do your thing on my home lake. Great job gettin on the fish. Believe it or not this is the tough year here with the way the water has been. Went full pool twice and had the bottom ripped out of it in less than 2 weeks. So hats off guy. Great job

      1. Raid3r63


    100. Cherokee Lake Tennessee

      I made the SMC video! woohoo! 45:15 me and my buddy in my Triton. Scott, enjoyed watching you catch them, we really learned something that afternoon. We went out a few days after the tournament and did the same thing, dropping a wacky worm in those voids between the rocks and put a 4.4 smallmouth in the boat along with several keepers.Hope you guys come back to Cherokee, we really enjoyed having the FLW here. Cherokee really showed out, you couldn't have asked for a better time to be here.