Why did the pilots LOSE control?! National Air Cargo flight 102

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    On the 29th of April, 2013 a Boeing 747 from National Air Cargo, flight 102, crashed just seconds after takeoff.
    The crash killed all 7 American crew members and was captured on a dash-cam of a passing vehicle. This video became a major clue in the investigation into what caused the crash together with eye-witness accounts and technical evidence.
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    00:00 - Intro:
    01:21 - Flight Overview
    02:02 - 747-400 Cargo Conversion
    04:01 - Hydraulic System Overview
    05:53 - The Crew
    06:33 - The Cargo Load
    11:29 - Cockpit Conversations
    13:47 - The Accident
    15:56 - Searching for Answers
    21:12 - Exclusive Skillshare Offer!
    22:14 - Chapter 9: Conclusions
    23:28 - You might also enjoy…

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    1. Mentour Pilot

      The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/mentourpilot03211

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        @Garth Clark .

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        @EndeavourAMS Well. I think you are only here becouse you like to be bad.

      5. CollectorManNC

        Really good video

    2. iamprashantnair

      Fantastic video 👍

    3. Thomas Martin

      I've seen the dashcam video long before I saw this excellent video going through what happened or might have happened. I do have to ask, why aren't chains used for vehicles or containers that are abnormal in size/shape? Even if overload safety chains are added and the rest straps. Straps just aren't strong enough for a vehicle. I spent 8 years in the US Army and I can't imagine ever towing or recovering a vehicle that heavy without using chains. I don't even trust cables as much as I do chains. I've seen cables "let go" all to close to me and its scary. This is definitely an aviation tragedy that is one of the scariest in my mind.

    4. Galileo Chiu

      it is not MAT-V it is M A T V

    5. Galileo Chiu

      As a show's intro says, "Disasters don't just happen, they are a chain of critical events"

    6. Nith Wct

      Is there a reason they don't just attach as many straps as they possibly can on everything? It seems like you might as well just overcompensate immensely as standard procedure when it's just some straps and a little extra time.

    7. Benjamin Holt

      If you would like to tell any stories that happened in Brazil and they're in portuguese I'll gladly translate them to english for you

    8. msmirandagirl

      I remember this accident well. I've been an A&P Mechanic for more than 42 years. It was pretty clear to us when we first saw the video of this horrific accident that it was caused by some kind of loading error. And how tragic that the crew knew that the load had shifted during the first leg of the flight but took inadequate steps to fix it. Another Human Factors failure. If this was a converted passenger 747 I'd be surprised if it had a front loading capability. Most of the 747 Converted Freighters don't get that. I believe that is only available on the ones originally built as Freighters. But they do get a big side cargo door that is probably wide enough to accommodate those vehicles.

    9. Mateso Lyame


    10. tankninja1

      15:42 I got a battery commercial with someone jumping through a window at the second the plane crashed.

    11. Willy Wonka

      Puppy " BOOOOORING!!!!"

    12. Proud American1984

      The load wasnt secure?

    13. knut riis

      So the conclusion is to haul stuff like this on the ground - or by ship.

    14. psaez42

      Awesome presentation. I was thoroughly engaged and saddened to learn the fate of these men. RIP to the crew. I just subscribed! Thanks!

    15. Михайло Сєльський

      All crewmen: cargo looks insecure, really scarry. Also they, a bit later: whatever, nevermind, let's move on.

    16. Dion Webber

      Graphical illustrations are very well put together. I find myself watching more and more videos after looking at one video

    17. Pierre DeCine

      I had a problem with a Stretch 8 - Flying Tigers Cargo company in 1976 - the start air hose would not detach from the aircraft belly - because they were in a hurry, the pilot opened all the thrust reversers I suppose to get me to hurry up - civilian contract carriers for the military are very unprofessional ...

    18. Michael W

      Is it me, but when you point up and say check this video, there isn't anything there, but the subscription is lol

    19. helpdeskjnp

      Why no ejection seats on planes like that? It’s totally doable. Might cost $ but what doesn’t?

    20. P P

      At least the loadmaster died along with them. Fair price for the idiotic blunder imo.

    21. Tony Morris

      "The famous video we've all seen" Yea, if you genuinely expect that we've all seen it (we have, it was on the news for days) it seems kind of silly to avoid showing it for respect for the family. Everyone has seen it and the family surely isn't going to watch a video titled explicitly what they know the flight was. I can understand your point, but it seems very illogical. If it was some super rare video nobody had seen then I would get it, you're keeping it from being widely seen... But this isn't that case.

    22. Darryl

      the loadmaster was 36 yrs old-- the captain was 2 years younger-- i wonder if the captain trusted the loadmaster bcuz he was a little older.

    23. Cec

      it's very interesting.

    24. NPC953 NPC64B

      Did anyone else notice in the last few seconds of the dashcam video the pilot dropped the landing gear, as in like some absolute last attempt of survival? SAD stuff.

    25. Mur OfNZ

      I believe you missed an important point made in the Nat Geo documentary. The loadmaster correctly followed the restraint procedures in the company loading manual. However the manual’s number of straps specified for the load was based on a linear line of restraint and didn’t take into account the angle of the straps off the horizontal. Thus the load exceeded the capacity of the straps. It could be said that the accident was caused primarily by a text omission. Hence the references to FAA oversight being inadequate in accepting the manual.

    26. Martin Wheatley

      I love your forensic analysis, better than anything on TV.

    27. HL Fitzpatrick

      So sad the Captain didn’t follow his gut you should always follow your gut. I had learn this working as a deputy sheriff.

    28. BonaTaylor

      Very well done. Pls more of this.👏👏 Also... sleeping doggy!! 🥰❤️🥰🤣

    29. IdahoOTCElk161

      unfortunately there where several events in Bagram before this crash that we where able to witness from the Apache hangers where cargo planes accross the runway where not being properly loaded or unloaded where the weight of the load put the tail on the ground and pulled the front wheels off the ground. Aircraft would stay that way for days.

    30. Ed Ed

      By far the most accurate and precise accident videos on KGup - excellent.

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    32. A Day Wit Jay 1

      That dog has had a few edibles!!! Lol

    33. alejandro m

      Why wouldn’t you show the original dashcam footage? Big deal - people don’t need to be treated like babies

    34. Eric Keller

      That's a big difference from 24 to 60 straps. It also maybe helps if they aren't frayed old ass straps. Do better, holy crap.

    35. kirky org

      if you are gonna use straps to hold down a cargo don't never use one with a knot in it it will fail at less than half its rated capacity a twist or 2 is no problem but one single knot will drop your rating to less than half am nor sure i would have used straps to hold down a 12 ton APC never mind a 18 ton one i would have thought chains would be more appropriate saw a guy on YT test the knot/twist thing to see what happened even with 10 twists in the strap it still held up to 80/90 % of rated load the one with a single knot in it failed at around 35 % of rated load scary rip crew sad thing indeed what was wrong with the crew that the load maybe no being secure was not a big deal there was lot of big mistakes by all involved with this crash i you were the pilot why would you ignore something like this very sad indeed

    36. JCB

      Great channel but please turn your speaking volume/master up

    37. D E

      I don't understand why in a cargo plane like this, why there isn't a "protective cage" protecting the aft bulkhead or area where control device are unprotected. Anytpe of shifting cargo can be avid issue. If weight is an issue as to why they don't there are new material that are light and strong enough to protect that critical area of the aircraft. Without adding too much weight.

    38. Spymell


    39. Salvatore Leone IV

      Why cant we hear the audio recordings you mention?

    40. Mark Scott

      I am a loadmaster I always use the weight "actual" x5 in straps weight rating! if something weighs 5000LBS I put 25,000 in strap rating. Never had anything move at all.

    41. Mugundhan N

      Fantastic research & analysis and presentation & it shows that each & everything cannot be taken for granted & keep going ahead for more videos captain

    42. Tim E

      The dog is definitely "Best in Breed" for the Napping category!

    43. ron gants

      Loadmasters are just blue collar workers. No need to train them thoroughly.

    44. Alessandro Gallo

      The pilot should have refused to fly that last leg in those conditions, knowing that there was some serious problem. Why did he take off anyway?

    45. Paul

      Angular momentum balance with thrust can be hard.

    46. Captain Kell Walker

      As a Master Mariner the requirement for command is what they used to call 12 years before the mast and is required to oversee the loading of all cargo. Nowadays you can obtain a Master's certificate after a few years at sea having gone to a nautical academy these master's usually works are on offshore supply ships. I have been a Master Mariner for 40 years and when qualified your papers are unlimited and deep sea. any ship, size, anywhere. Stability is given the most priority.

    47. likestoospooge

      “We’re not going to show actual footage out of respect.” 15:40. Proceeds to show an accurate CG simulation of event that looks almost identical to the real footage along with terrifying massive fireball. I’m genuinely not trying to be disrespectful, but that sh*t made me laugh.

    48. Born To Be Great lol

      The FAA Failed? Omg! Wow I’m surprised. The failure of the FAA to supervise the airline industry must be something new wow! Sarcasm Honestly, the FAA shouldn’t be regulating the aircraft industry at all. The FAA is like the mob, they turns a blind to everything the airline industry does, literally putting peoples life at risks over a few dollars. The worst! Lol hmmmm no, the FAA doesn’t learn a single thing from the past fatal events. For example, they recertified the MAX, only for them to be recalled couple of weeks later for electrical issues. No one trust the FAA when it comes to the airline industry anymore. Even freaking India is still testing their MAX for recertification but the FAA? Sure it’s ready to take to the sky again

      1. Pete Conrad

        @Born To Be Great lol can you really not tell the difference between the airline industry and the airforce. The only common area is that they have aircraft. Everything else is different. Operation, engineering, human factors, safety management. Everything that counts is different. Trust me, I know, the Air Force is NOTHING like an airline.

      2. Born To Be Great lol

        @Pete Conrad lol "some training", now I see why aircrafts certified by the faa be dropping from the sky. "Experience in the industry" im guessing the airforce or other armed forces branch doesn't have people with "experience" in this industry. Seems like the airforce only have boats and tanks, right? The same way they trained you, its the same way they could train a lot of airforce vets to do this job, and the same way you gained experience working in this industry, MANY Vets outthere have done and gained more experience than you in the private world

      3. Pete Conrad

        @Born To Be Great lol they give you some training but mostly they rely on your long experience in the industry which help you know what right (and wrong) looks like.

      4. Born To Be Great lol

        @Pete Conrad so I'm guessing you were born or specifically created for this purpose only, they didn't train you, you just knew what you were doing, right? I'm curious

      5. Pete Conrad

        @Born To Be Great lol how typical of a repulitard to get it the wrong way round. The job can’t be done properly until the resources are there. Air Force personnel won’t do because they don’t understand airline operations and safety standards.

    49. Dan GRIZZELL

      You,without a doubt give us the best produced, most informative and interesting video’s of any of the aviation vidio’s THANK YOU

    50. Buddy Dooley

      Is the dog okay?

    51. Kiku Futaba

      How awful. Thank you for your presentation and information.

    52. rictus grin

      I question the decision to use civilian cargo/transport for military goods . . . shouldn't the military be handling such highly technical situations from the ground up? They know the equipment - they know the issues - they know the pitfalls . . . civilian cargo have very little to no experience with such matters and shouldn't be expected to know.

    53. Michael R Murphy

      So a B747 built as a passenger aircraft for Air France was converted to a cargo aircraft. Which was always Boeing's Plan B for the B747 in the first place. To a cargo operator in the civilian sector who was carting heavy objects for the American military. Many layers to this. As someone who does not fly for a living but who knows about shipping the idea of putting vehicles like that aboard an aircraft makes NO sense at all! Put them on flatbed trailers and DRIVE them over! And were they loaded through a nose door? How were they lifted into the plane in the first place?

    54. Michael R Murphy

      Big heavy vehicles like that should NOT be flown! Put them on flatbed trailers and DRIVE them over!

      1. Pete Conrad

        @Michael R Murphy yes, it’s called sailing mate, not driving.

      2. Michael R Murphy

        @Pete Conrad Ever hear of these things called ships?

      3. Pete Conrad

        And which ocean would you like to drive them across?

    55. Ben Beaudry Dudemaine

      Very well explain video ! I love it!!!!

    56. carl rowland

      Another excellent video and great simple explanation of what happened.

    57. burningb24

      So they tie down apx 78 tons of armour with Straps ? why not chains of load to the Cargo floor ? still a great vid .

    58. Philip Damon

      That's nice that they're learning from their mistakes, but their mistakes almost always lead to deaths. No thanks, I'll stick to the ground as God planned it.

    59. kevin connelly

      Dont understand how or why they used straps military uses chains.

    60. Joseph Cameron

      Very sad story. Your video and commentary provided great details of this tragedy, but gave honor to the flight crew.

    61. Josie J

      Thank you for not showing the actual footage of the crash. Wish more channels would have that same respect.

      1. Hart Mentour

        Hello thanks for your comments and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep supporting ❤️, please send me a message on Hangouts via

    62. Jeff Green

      I am deeply sorry for what happened to those crew members..... but what's US military over there in the first place? cuz Taliban has clearly not been removed after a decade+.......

    63. Jessica Sol

      Why can't these planes have ejection like airforce planes do for at least pilots or whatever

    64. dleetcsa

      Honestly I loved working for NAC but the company was National Airlines, NAC is the Freight Forwarding side of the business. Same owner but different departments m

    65. Don Pittman

      Karma...work for evil, pay the price.

    66. David Fenn

      Excellent explanation of this incident. Very impressive.

    67. Don'tSpikeMyDrink

      what video where you linking?

    68. Steve Peirson

      I unfortunately witnessed it happen that day. I was doing my daily walk around Perimeter road on the 03 end of the runway . The van that filmed it had just passed me . horrific day it was .

    69. KH AKA DG

      As an aviation finance lawyer, I was involved in the sale of this very aircraft to National Air Cargo. I represented the broker of the sale - basically the "middle man" between the seller, Air France, and the buyer, National Air Cargo.

    70. Chishannicon

      I had known that a loose vehicle rolling backward had caused this accident, but there was a lot of stuff I'd never heard before. The jackscrew being severed along with the hydraulics really does explain the crash a lot more than "the weight shifted." Also, that cockpit conversation before takeoff was completely new to me, and that really does make the whole incident so much worse. The way that members of the flight crew actually voiced their concerns, but nothing was adequately addressed is horrible.

    71. Tiago D'Agostini

      This illustrate why logistics is the most critical bottleneck in any armed force. It is hellish hard to move large equipments safely and efficiently. Since everythign is out of the ordinary, it is much easier for someone to make a mistake.

    72. Tom Hutchins

      I remember seeing that video: it was so shocking that my brain just didn't want to accept what it saw. My thoughts were surely this is fake, or it's an RC plane, surely it's not actually what it looks like. Even now it's hard to accept that the video really did show that.

    73. Ruslan Rudenko

      Another fantastic video, it's like watching proper documentary 👍love it

    74. Brandoballer47

      Imagine if they fueled planes this way... an airport ground employee fills the plane up by guessing and then washes his hands of it

    75. Khan Arif Masud

      They should write the weight of the cargo in bold on the cargo itself. The aircrew and the Loadmaster know the Safe Working Load of the straps. Armour plated normal-looking truck, well almost. The weight difference between 1/64 inch steel and one-inch armour plating?

    76. Rod Man

      I understand you want to show respect for the family, but all people are going to do...like me...is search for this crash and watch the real video on another channel. You do such a wonderful job reporting the truth without bias, so don’t just tell us the truth and the facts...show us as well. Seriously.

      1. AnjektusStudio

        No. All peopel are NOT going to Search for THE real crash. I am here for the information. There is No need to show the real crash where the plan are smashed.

    77. Redgolf2

      Aw, what a gorgeous little dog 😍 Good video too 😏

    78. DarkLumiya

      I have seen the footage and it's absolutely terrifying

    79. flyonbyya

      Very sad !

    80. MH DuBois

      I don't know much more than simple common sense about freight or shipping but I DO know that all OTR truckers in North America are required to tie down/secure their cargo in such a way so as to stay securely on deck even if the trailer were to be turned upside down. If the load would fail this hypothesis the truck would need an OSL placard as well as a load permit. I never really thought much about air cargo... that's a whole new ballgame.

    81. Timothy Nathan

      It sounds like the straps weren’t regulated and probably was done by sight and feel similar to how someone might secure their truck bed.

    82. Johansson

      The fact that the load came loose and the amount of straps that was used, and even more supposed to have been used, makes me wonder about the quality. I mean, many straps and lifting aids have a safety factor of 7:1 and would easy lift the entire vehicle by itself just one strap alone. Was there any sharp edges or not enough radius on the fastening points ?

    83. Bill y

      I thought those flight channels were good, but blimey this is a new level. Probably that sofa 👍👍😂

    84. Saul Hanson

      Great videos captain

    85. Holland Oates

      Did your doggie get his paw clean?

    86. john smith

      No chocks = big shocks. It sounds like the vehicles wheels weren't chocked at all. If I were the loadmaster, each and every wheel would have been chocked in front and behind. Also, I would have lashed the chocks down and used all available straps to secure the load. I wonder if the US military still use chocks in transport or rely solely on strapping? Strapping is way too easy and, I think, give a false sense of security.

    87. Claire Bee

      I was telling my husband about this accident but I couldn't remember all the details. Thanks for this video. I'm still so upset about it.

    88. Tim

      Goodness, they're okay right?

      1. Mentour Pilot

        No, they all perished 😢

    89. Cape Fox

      Did the engines flame out due to the unusual nose up attitude?

      1. Cape Fox

        @Mentour Pilot Thanks. I wondered if the kill chain was: massive shift in CG, unrecoverable pitch up, engines flame out (puffs of smoke), stall, crash. But your video showed me the elevator controls were irreparably damaged by the cargo shift event. Excellent video. Keep up the good work.

      2. Mentour Pilot

        No, the engines were working fine

    90. Rick Schaeffer

      WAY too many commercial interruptions to be able to enjoy the video.

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Sorry to hear it, I’ll see what I can do

    91. Tomorrow is Yesterday


    92. sfmchris123

      Why did the plane even make the trip to Bargham?? It already had the same cargo loaded, and did not unload and take on any new cargo at Bargham? Am I missing something here ?

    93. NICK D

      Very well explained video!!!!

    94. Potato Pants

      I have a huge interest in AFV's, but I've also been a fan of your videos for quite some time. Never expected that those two would converge. Great video, and great explanation/presentation pace

    95. Henrickson5182

      Your dog's load is locked to the couch.

    96. Andrew_koala

      Years of age not years old. People and animals live through the 'ages' > THINGS < become old. You have not yet mastered the English language. thus do not fully understand it.

      1. Andrew_koala

        @Pete Conrad It is your knowledge of the English language that is pathetic. Even more pathetic is your refusal to learn, proper grammatical English. What you speak is common Street English, traditionally the language of peasants. Even my students would fail you in an English exam. Better undertake an extensive reading program to better educate yourself.

      2. Pete Conrad

        What a pathetic comment. Years old is perfectly acceptable.

    97. Andrew_koala

      RIGHT HAND WING? What kind of stupid description is that?

    98. Steven Wilgus

      The extremely sad aspect is that as in almost every aircraft crash, there were points of failure in the sequence that should have alerted the crew to STOP and fix it... the series of mistakes led to the total loss of life and the aircraft.

    99. Carletta Machelle

      The garrulous purple typically level because patch pharmacologically trick about a helpful war. average, guiltless newsprint

    100. Phil

      I want to vomit everytime I see that huge jet just stall in mid air. Talk about not a darn thing you can do. Just flew directly to their deaths . If I was a pilot after this happened,I'd be the the most OCD pilot on earth. " You SURE everything's strapped down IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND SECURELY?" If I heard one 'um' or 'well', I'd be "NOPE ....NOT TAKING OFF." And then I'd be replaced by a pilot that would go ahead and fly it. Since I've ben watching Mentour Pilot, the stunning complexity of ANY FLIGHT -especially large jet flights - has been beat into my brain. MUCH RESPECT TO ALL YOU PILOTS. Excellent video as usual.