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    I still can’t find it guys! #shorts

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    1. Peperli Bennett

      *spider "yo whatsup! Can I climb on your shirt "

    2. bakugo fan

      oh hell no ITS ON YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!

    3. Yenghua Herr

      I saw nothing when he show himself i was like its on your shirt

    4. Justin Cockerham

      Lol spider on u



    6. Charlie Marshall

      Is that a fishing spider?

    7. kristo

      Its an his shirt

    8. Ian Cox

      Can you see it on your shirt

    9. Trad Daker


    10. Alden

      Oh hell no

    11. Lacrecia Wilkins


    12. Salvador Cisneros


    13. yumi malong


    14. Kris Hilario

      Oof yore chest

    15. Hunner Davis

      It’s on his shirt

    16. Meiniko Chan

      It’s on your shirt 😂😂😂😂

    17. Cam and Tate Outdoors

      That’s a brown recluse it venomus

    18. Miriam Atay

      It was that moment that he realized

    19. John Buether


    20. msstlchick

      I like his reactions

    21. Stor-m trooper

      Spider man!!!

    22. Cristopher Ramirez

      Coltyy:where is it? Spider: *chills in cheast* :3 Coltyy: (0_0)


      Oh no a spider on my bed! Him:get the shoes! Him again: where did it go Spider: hello how ya doing😁 Spider again: hello? Im on your shirt helloooo? Ok ima stay here ok?

    24. Violet girl

      Lol It was on his shirt

    25. Eva Mackesy

      everyone making fun of him for having a tarantula and being afraid of a lil spider, but where I’m at in Arizona, tarantulas are harmless but a spider could kill you lmao

    26. YagurlQueenchea 29

      Nu uuh 🤢😂

    27. Bayron L

      What an idiot 😂

    28. Brittnee Williams

      I will be moving😂😂😂😂😂

    29. teching shivu

      Did anyone noticed that at the end the spider was on his shirt

    30. G͎r͎a͎c͎e͎ J͎o͎h͎n͎

      Spider be like: 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗯𝗲 𝘀𝗵𝘆, 𝗴𝗶𝗺𝗺𝗲 𝗮 𝗵𝘂𝗴 :)

    31. Adaline Lyle


    32. Teeann Taylor

      I swear that is his spider and he wanted to kill it

    33. Alejandro Paz

      Is it or do you on him

    34. I'm A Cyan Crewmate

      look at your chest man! theres the spider!

    35. Panther Gang


    36. Panther Gang

      Did any body notice the spider was on his short

    37. Aidogeonjoystick

      It’s not a polo it’s a spidero

    38. Gaming syco

      The spider: i just want a hug bro:) *spider-man theme intensifies*

    39. Uriel Munoz

      Any one notice its on his chest look


      Oh no

    41. shadow wolf 0_0

      Bro he has a whole tarantula and dats a wolf spider.. and he got the shoe so quick and he checked once the the next time spider :hey how's it goin

    42. Semagol Golum

      Spider:oh hi there coltyy: where is it? Spider:ON YA SHIRT

    43. Vincent Rodriguez

      If he hates spiders I hate spiders to I hate them I hate them I hate them I don’t like them

    44. yo_thats_not_me

      the spider fr vibin tho

    45. 严天天天天

      Him with spiders 🕷 😳 👞 him with tarantulas 🕷 ❤

    46. Muhammad Twakkal

      Reply to me and like me if u noticed the when he came back with the slipper the spider was on his shirt.

    47. DarkZoroark

      Why are so many people scared of spiders

    48. Maria Orantes

      Snake spider qué le

    49. msstlchick

      I Don't like spiders at all🕷🕷

    50. pat taylor

      It's literally on your shirt after and it was on the bed before

    51. •Villain Jirou•

      Hayou have a tarantula how are you scared of a normal spider XD

    52. Karlie Graham

      He’s totally going to get bit by that spider if you would have paid attention I would not notice either

    53. 51 pratik tiwari 7/E

      He is too cute

    54. Hello

      He is on your shirt

    55. Jesse Ramirez


    56. loading ?

      I just full force Wolf fang fist the shit outa a spider if I see it in my house

    57. ☆-ainme Queen-☆

      Omg that creepy af....

    58. Melissa Bright

      first it was on the bed and last it was on your shirt

    59. siemna Zoccoli

      Yeah he has a tarantula and he's still so scared of a tiny little spider like bro

    60. Tello Tello

      😱😱😱😱 bro look on your shirt it is on your shirt!

    61. J ar Somar

      The spider is on the chest.

    62. Mala Agatica

      This is my worst nightmare

    63. Boxjelly plays


    64. Assasin Mushroom


    65. Souraya Lias

      There is a spider in your body😓

    66. ej_roblox_1v1 lol king

      LOL 😆😂😂😂😂

    67. tszunde

      It is on his shirt the spider

    68. Shirley Gnail

      If that was me I would scream as loud as I can and move out

    69. Ny L

      Dats relatable

    70. Michael Piotrowski

      Omfg hellllllllllzzzz nooo bro. I'd done be on that freaking ceiling n see u no he messes with his girl dude don't just don't

    71. Kiano Sorrelhorse

      What's the music name

    72. Kristine Bishop

      I know that you have a pet tarantula but is that your tarantula little

    73. Danaira florento

      Its in his chest after he lost it

    74. Ryley Aldrich

      The spider was on you

    75. Galaxy Astronaut

      The part when he couldn't find the tho XD😂😂😂😂

    76. Clown Cat

      Relatable, once when I was on my phone at night I saw a spider crawl across my pillow right beside my head 😫 I got a shoe and it was gone 😖

    77. Lilia Campos

      Me: see's spider My brain: Well time to go get the lighter

    78. Meme Comps Gaming

      U think this was bad storytime: so I was laying on my sofa/couch watching a movie and I had a blanket over me I moved the blanket and threw it up to get it over my body and I saw the shadow of something then I threw the blanket on the floor and grabbed a cup I opened the blanket again and there was this spider like the one in the video but about 3x its size when I tell u I've never screamed so loud in my life oof it was bad ty for reading x have a nice day

      1. Michael Piotrowski

        Omfg I did the same I like in east bumble fu#k NJ n I have a ranch well my sister n brother in-law came over with my niece n after we were done with the horses I took them over to our waterfall n there's a lil cottage right on the bank of the waterfall well my brother in-law starts talking about how it would b cool if they lived right there so they go check it out n I lean up against this brick fixture wall thing n my brother in-law literally grabs me just before I freaking leaned on a spider that I swear to u was bigger than his entire palm I was told it was a wolf spider so I let my husband n brother in-law let it go but my God I was so weary when I went outside ugh I wish I could upload the pic to utube comments ugh thing was giant I can't stand there lil furry legs crawling on my f#ck me my skin is crawling

      2. DJGames

        Wow that is a big oof Especially bc I am arachniphobic!😬😬😬

    79. mickey mouse

      This is so funny

    80. Angelie mae Cacayorin

      Thats your spider colt

    81. Mike

      Nah bro if I can’t find a spider after seeing it, I’m quarantining that fucking room bro. And if I saw it on the shirt I was wearing I’d have that shirt off faster than you can say “oh shit a spider”

    82. Habib Ouattara

      Throw the spider was on you!

    83. Rolly Martinez

      U could just geth the chameleon

    84. YUNGBLUD FAN___Jordan S


    85. A pErSoN


    86. DMxOPS

      Is that us music?

    87. Random roblox Games

      It's all fun and games until coltyy becomes spiderman

    88. Hacker Side

      BRO IT IS ON YOU 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. MALACHI_YT123


    90. Carlo I ain't tellin u

      Did he notice it was o. His chest

    91. lil_dark Demon angel b

      Ahhh kill it

    92. Misho Hristov


    93. Emily Jeske

      Yup that's me but u would be too scared to kill it

    94. Tuxbirds son

      ........RUN DU DA DA DA DA DU DA DA

    95. مقتدر المطيري


    96. ima cwip

      The spider:👁👄👁

    97. []senpai UwU []

      I died

    98. Brianna

      I hate spiders

    99. Sam Wilkinson

      Guys look on his shirt at the end

    100. v Ghost v

      Funny story a spider big yellow spider was once on my chest near my face a my friend said hey what’s that I look down and scream so loud I might as well be a actor in a horror movie