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    Happy Birthday Jay...
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    1. FunnyMike

      1 Like = Happy Birthday Jay



      2. im bad kid mia

        Can I be a bad kid 🙏🙏🙏🙏

      3. Mariyah Birdsong

        FunnyMike happy bday jay

      4. Unknown


      5. Dayday CDXX_Daymien2koo


    2. James D Thompson II

      Who is the one who always say I just wanted to waste your time.

    3. UnKnownKai

      Man can u get to the point 4:12 happy 16th Jay man 🎉🎂🎈🎊🎁 Jay Be Thuugin

    4. June Willson

      Plz pick me!!!!

    5. HBK_DarkRosesYT HBK

      Pick me



    7. Jacklyn Jones

      Happy bday jay

    8. Randy & Jayden Comedy

      Happy BD to Jay tho

    9. Randy & Jayden Comedy

      hey mike I am from Jamaica I'm 16 although I know you always have thousands of comments in your videos but if you see this it would be a dream come true for me ben watching for 3 years now if not more my @/instagram@ randy._357 if you see this your my motivation to see where you coming from @/hag for life.

    10. Elsy Taylor-Howell

      Happy belated birthday Jay 😁🤣😋

    11. ziloo

      why the bad kid parents so fine doe

    12. Chandler Rose

      my sis Christin page want to be a bad kid plz let her be a bad kid

    13. Yaya Gang

      You never did nothing fun like that for the other bad kids birthdays and just say jay your fav badkid

    14. Rashanda Williams

      Funnymike i really wanna be a bad kid i live in henderson north carolina

    15. Kalia Wilson

      Happy birthday jay

    16. Brandon McCain

      Bro I know everybody go need a couch Drop after the party 😂😂

    17. CHYNA DOLL

      Bro 16:02 jakari had me dyinnnn😭. I kept replaying it😭

    18. Malysia Durham-Owens

      happy birthday jay

    19. Tia Kuhn

      can i be a bad kid

    20. Life With Keylahnie

      lol !!

    21. no longer here

      Funny mike😯😯😯😯

    22. king kj

      I went to that place

    23. The Chris Man

      can i be a badkid

    24. Logan Key


    25. Logan Key

      ahahha tacon bell

    26. Zaylan Simmons

      turnup boy

    27. Zaylan Simmons

      race jay

    28. Zaylan Simmons

      drop more videos

    29. Zaylan Simmons

      happy bitrhdayboy let me ride inthat hellcat ilive onbluecane road

    30. samiyah brown


    31. samiyah brown


    32. Kats Vlog

      “He got reflected badly” lol

    33. GamingWithMaster

      ON GANG

    34. Rey Venegas

      A party I would’ve been good with just the hellcat 😂

    35. GreenLightBeatz Tv

      I got background music for youtube no copyright free royalty

    36. Student Jaxson Sloan

      Happy birthday Jay on gang

    37. Mr Insomniac

      they all act like lil kids infront momo lool

    38. Londyn Hampton

      You should bring Mykel back

    39. eshaamaee hall

      happy birthday jay

    40. Trinity Parker

      Hi happy birthday jay i love jay

    41. KING KING

      When the next recruit I want to join man plssssss

    42. Red27Diamond


    43. Anthony Anthony


    44. Badkid SuperMarcus

      I want to come back 😢

    45. Shontineshe Mcclurge

      Mike mike funny mike make me a bag key

    46. Kyrah Domonique

      Hey funny mike I always be watching your videos because you’re so funny in do I will always watch your videos

    47. Bethanie Montgomery

      I like Jhacari

    48. Alecia Jackson

      my couin b-day on the same day , and sorry if i spelled somthing wrong

    49. Alecia Jackson

      happy b-day love yall

    50. Icelynn Cowell

      X2 what to be a bad kid

    51. Mikel Phinn

      What’s up big lips

    52. life withredd


    53. Ctrlsavvy

      why is anthoney or however u spell his name he don't belong he is a disgrace to funnymike the faces he make and how he acted why is he there kick him out no hate just facts

    54. john bautista

      "5:37" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $1237 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

    55. 3 funny

      When are you going to start posting videos💔🤒😥

    56. Jacob Lokboj

      It just hit 100k

    57. Trevan Long

      Start funny Mike gaming please for a supporter

    58. Gravity Patrol

      Unpopular opinion Fat barbers are the best barbers out there

    59. maroon chic

      Where are they?

    60. Malachi Hemingway

      13:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣 damn

    61. Dominique Walker

      Happy birthday to change happy birthday happy birthday to JJ

    62. Dominique Walker

      This is happy birthday happy birthday looking like a mic 🥳

    63. Youtube Kid

      Happy birthday jay a d was that in texas

    64. Aliyah Harris

      I love your videos 👍👍

    65. Jakaila Cain

      Happy bday jay hope you have fun and tell mike can i be in the hag with yall my mama said i can

    66. Heat Check


    67. Jay wonder Ksi

      I have been to that arcade

    68. Princess Destiny

      You are next

    69. the prank raink

      when is the next audition for the badkidz gang

    70. Epic stick gaming W


    71. RJ Gayden

      “Atleast he used his head” Runik funny ash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    72. Josiah Peguese

      Troy scared of jay

    73. QuaVTV

      Right now I’m training for the NBA/NBA G League and I just started vlogging on here CHECK MY KGup CHANNEL OUT!!

    74. mr. gang

      bro we bine whit you from the beggining and you gon just Quit youtube man what wrong whit you man come on you can do beter than that man start back youtube . youtube is boring ever since you stop doing what you do best PLZ come back man we need yo mike you the best hope this message changes your mind love you man.

    75. scruff screen

      Jay got the best 16th birthday ever🎉🎈

    76. scruff screen


    77. Sharon Owens

      Can I be a new badkid funnymike please

    78. Kimorah Murphy

      You got a 100k like now you got to do the race am I right

    79. Joshua Snead

      14:22 bru on a perc 30



    81. Sophia Hughes

      Say happy birthday JUICY. 6

    82. Talea Jackson

      Can I do try outs to be a badkid plz funny mike from the bottom of my hart plz

    83. Talea Jackson


    84. Gloryboi 064

      Just realized we never seen Mac and jay race👀

    85. Kiera Jones

      Ry Hi funny mike and the bee I am the biggest fany Y Ryan

    86. Javayah Weste

      Can I be a bad kid

    87. Leelee Princess

      Can I be a bad kid

    88. Sharmaine Mobley

      if you dont want to do youtube no more just say that

    89. Dior Folks

      It’s been 4 weeks cmon now

    90. Its Iconic

      He hasn’t lost yet

    91. Life with Amyiah

      Did funny mike get shoot 🥺

    92. Kerry Tucker


    93. Allen G

      Finally you posting a new video

    94. Arianna Stevenson


    95. bht sharky

      come on bruh it been 4 weeks

    96. Chris Bullock

      Happy birthday

    97. Valena Valente-Lowe


    98. Valena Valente-Lowe

      what he say

    99. Valena Valente-Lowe

      post more videos

    100. Valena Valente-Lowe