Introducing Wyze Cam v3 - The Next Generation of Wyze Cam is Here.


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    1. Emmanuel Skan

      Wyze Australia

    2. Emmanuel Skan

      Wyze Needs to ship international

    3. xerexon2k

      how can I get 3 of them in Europe till Christmas?

    4. CopyrightStrike Songs

      Does wyze respond? I have questions

    5. Timothy Courtemanche

      Very cool, I'm going to order a couple to check them out. I would love to see a hard-wired version that is powered via PoE.

    6. Pablo Manzoni

      Dream job working with you guys. Congratulations you amaze me.

    7. Rudy


    8. Renee Tibbets

      Can we get a trade-in program going? 😉😉

    9. TurboFlush

      Accessoriessssss... Whatttt

    10. Dina Achar

      👍 wyze

    11. Dina Achar

      Wyze 👍

    12. Dina Achar


    13. Mike Cartwright

      Yes this USED to be a great product. UNTIL they pulled the old BAIT & SWITCH crap making it NOW charge a monthly fee for what was PROMISED to be free....Want "PERSON DETECTION"? Yes it WAS free, NOW you pay a monthly fee if you want it. List goes on but read all the UNHAPPY Amazon reviews for their Version 2 and see what I mean. As a badly DISABLED USMC Combat Veteran I used to count on this to know if I needed to respond in some way when someone rang the doorbell. Now I a out of luck because unable to ever work again I have NO MONEY to pay them for a feature they always promised was part of my ORIGINAL PURCHASE... * NO I am not cheap, just BROKE from hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. This WAS a WONDERFUL PRODUCT and I give it that. I simply resent having something that was once a Godsend for me turn into just another money grab I can NOT afford or even now use...

    14. Noticias Y Mas RD

      We are crazy waiting for those cameras, my shipment is in November but I don't know what day if they already have it, release it

    15. Paulo Andraus

      I am waiting for that to be available in Canada so I can buy 5. I got two Blink Mini Cameras and they suck.

    16. MrZACATECANO100

      Does this have a built in bridge? Or what’s going to happen to our door sensors, and motion sensors?

    17. Eduardo Miranda

      I already order mine. Any idea when they gonna start shipping those ?????

    18. Truth

      Can to be converted to become a webcam like the version 2?

    19. Delmus Coley

      Can this cam be viewed on an iPad with the Alexa appe

    20. News 9 Live

      Hope it’s not like the crap outdoor camera I bought

    21. G Lgr

      And after years and years you guys still not able to deliver your products worldwide or at least make all of them available on Amazon ...congratulations!!! 👎

    22. Staci

      I love Wyze!

    23. 26PS001

      I have been looking for new cctv cameras after buying sricam junk and came across this little cheap camera which looks amazing BUT looks like Wyze does not sell this product in the UK I think you should consider selling them over here I want one please

    24. Greg Davis

      V2 took 30 seconds to alert when walking in front of camera, what’s the time to alert on this?

    25. Big Jeff12

      What’s the accessory module mounted on the top of the camera for?

    26. Maki

      Loved the V2 and now the V3 seems to have fixed a lot of the missing features! Great work Wyze! And sticking to your guns by being affordable and now raising the price!!

    27. Landon Welch

      How long till it's in stores..😁I want it so bad to do a review.

    28. Open Wrt

      Plot twist: Wyze's secret desire is to be the next Amazon.

    29. key thing

      Why were all my cameras deleted from my account?

    30. Hugh M

      Its crazy how the interest in Canada hasn’t been more of priority. The number of posts I see all the time asking for it with very few responses besides just keep waiting with no rough idea of a timeline. People ask me about my cameras but once I say it’s basically not supported at all here, they lose interest. :/ Hurry up and get with the program....:P

    31. Wally Casawi

      We live in the year 2020 , why Wyze company they didn’t want to come up with the wireless cam, i’m very sure they want to make millions of dollars with wire camera and later they will ask for upgrade to WIRELESS for the company is win-win, this is not fair

    32. texture6

      I’m waiting for a dual car camera....let’s go Wyze

    33. noah juarez

      When can buyyyy

    34. Dave Kimball

      Does it daisy chain like V2 does? Don't see the two ports on it.

    35. Stech55

      Love this company.

    36. J. C. Goines

      Wait, so if this a new model which isn't even available for purchase yet then what did I just order off Amazon?

      1. Bomber684


    37. XGamingX

      Ok, now u went a little too far

    38. Thomas Christiansen

      Looks nice, will get one (or more) when it supports RTSP.

    39. Lessons

      Can the IR be turned off?

    40. bouytt guyt

      Awesome! Please tell me you are going to start shipping to Canada! PLEASE!!

    41. Warped Games

      Can't wait tonget my hands on it and review it

    42. J

      Do i need to upgrade from v2... that is the question

    43. ivstova47

      I want this song..... lol. Anyone knows what song this is?

    44. Michael Sanchez

      Placed my order! So stoked.

      1. bouytt guyt

        wow this is awesome

    45. Uncle Kemal

      Not bad, but what the hell happened with 5G WiFi connectivity, we need that, we need solar module with built in power bank (for 24/7 fully wireless operation for those of us who live in the countryside) and dedicated 5G WiFi HUB with HDMI output for monitor, then I would be impressed even more, one can hope, I guess, lol :)

    46. AK TECH

      They work in australia , just get them from

    47. Native2458

      Sounds like Super Mario Brothers at the end, lol.

    48. NRMwalkthroughHD

      Finally, this is everything i expected from Wyze Cam Outdoor.

    49. Gadget Gekko

      Wow tons of upgrades!

    50. chris spain

      Can I buy one in the U.K.?

    51. nate taylor

      the v2s have speakers already why not add an alarm

    52. Irra Waddy

      I have a problem with V2. The camera is at indoor pointing outdoor. The image under the sun is so bright, I can't see. How do I fix it. V3 has the same problem?

    53. Yasin Hasan

      does Wyze Sense work with this?

    54. face of just ice

      the only thing i dont like is that i hear the v3 notification is slower than the v2

    55. Guitarguts63

      You need a 4K cam. If you could record 4K but have 1080 stream to your phone app that would be good and I'd upgrade to that for more money. Just installed the new outdoor fixed unit for my parents front porch, looks great and I like the fact you don't need power to it. It's rechargeable so winning! The blink cameras battery last much longer but their video is so-so. But honestly, what you really need to do is make a damn Roku or Android TV app that would be HUGE!!!!. Because using a third party program means you lose the phone alerts etc...

    56. Justin Richeson

      I see we still didn't opt to make RTSP a 1st class citizen for this camera. Straight up NOPE!

    57. Adil Rehman

      wow this is awesome

    58. SebadicusT.G.

      Damn I just bought a V2 last week😠


      i love you guys!!!

    60. Wynner3

      And here I thought you couldn't possibly top the Outdoor Camera. Wyze-ly done.

    61. Landon Welch

      When is this product device cam V3 going to be released what is the date that it will be released

    62. TwoBuck Chuck

      Ok, stop now. You keep coming out with all these cool products that I have to buy. Why don't you just auto-ship them to me?

    63. Jaden Goodwin

      im mad i paid $50 for the outdoor cam.. its not even as good as the wyze cam v2..


      Oh see now I need to get one. I have 8 wyze cam and one of them is acting up and won't let me reconnect it

    65. ziez403 PEE

      can you hook it up in a video monitor

    66. Raymond Li

      have v1, v2, now tempted to get v3!


      Is this wired?

    68. William Sheridan

      Is the contrast better?

    69. washaw67

      Will it support the RTSP firmware from Wyze?

    70. KwavesProductions

      Well done! Great video

    71. Mark Nelson

      Does it support RTSP natively in the production channel? It looks good if it has RTSP support I’d fall in love with Wyze all over again. I ended up disconnecting my Wyze V2 cams and switched to the Eufy in door cam and it had been pretty damn awesome.

    72. ANP Sir

      Impressed. I have been reading about Wyze. The CEO of the company is super awesome, thoughtful, and solution-oriented. He is a next-generation thinker. ps: I don't work at WYZE

    73. Long isGone

      alright, take my money :))

    74. Ivy Smith

      Great love it, going to purchase. But can I return these OUTDOOR cam's that DO NOT WORK?

    75. ThatGamePerson

      FFFF gotta upgrade all my cameras.

    76. Paul Day

      Is the sensitivity really high even tho it’s set to low so far as trees and lights setting off motion like how it is on the v2??

    77. BWheezy09

      Like a few people I too would have bought this instead of the WCO with as many problems I've had with it, I'm returning it now for two of these but would like to know is there any possibility of the cool down being shortened in an upcoming update like there will be for the notification times???

    78. Warren Sledd

      wish it was ONVIF or could work with my NVR

    79. Michael Krombopulos

      Does anyone know if this legal to use for recording my grandma's 24/7 home aide care? It wouldn't be hidden but is it allowed to have audio? Heard that is against the law? If anyone knows this I'd really appreciate it!

    80. Vlican

      Good improvements over the v2, the video quality is immensely improved

    81. g1beanmobile

      will it be able to convert to a webcam like the v2?

    82. Bob Ross

      I have several Wyze products (Cams, Pan Cams, lights, plug, sensors, etc) and love them all. Just ordered the Wize lock and keypad and pre-ordered the doorbell cam. Truly awesome technology at an affordable price! Thanks guys!!!

    83. Cj

      Wyze 12 seconds to record..not enough. Eufy 2 minutes...

    84. Philip Reece

      Please release this in the UK at US prices, Wyze Cam 1080p on Amazon here is $60 can get the Neos branded version for $40 - If you released in the UK at or about US prices you would corner the market...........

    85. Aristotle Zoulas

      I am waiting for the $149 Wyze laptop.

    86. Patrick C

      But here in America you CAN'T order it right now! zzzzzz sucks!!!

    87. Dt Candia

      Is it possible to use/install this Cam V3 in Asian country where voltage is 220 Volts AC?

    88. Nabil Kamar

      Is there a Black color of this camera..

    89. Raymond Watts

      Too bad it won't replace my v2 because the v3 is missing the bridge that connects to the back of the camera. I still use my door, window & motion sensors.

    90. Corey Mayfield

      Still no HomeKit support! 🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽

    91. Peggy Hill

      What about the sensor bridges... Is it integrated?

    92. Jason DOUGLAs

      Just when I thought I didn’t need anything else from you guys 😩😩😩 #takemymoney

    93. Outdoors with Dale

      I have one more request. Make it so your person detection actually tells you who's in the camera's view. Like if it's my son, I want to know. I'll probably will be ordering the new version 3 cams.

    94. C C

      If alert notifications and cool down period are as fast as Arlo’s i’d be a buyer. And you need to offer more than 12s recording, at least 1 min.

    95. Cameronx

      Sounds great. Would love to pick this up and the doorbell but being in Canada I can't pre-order and need to wait for it on the Canadian Amazon.

    96. Johnny Neubecker

      One day while shopping at .. menards I believe.. I came upon these random cameras and home security products that were on sale.. marked down from an already low price for cameras and window sensors and the like.. I thought to myself.. well I've never heard of this company.. so idk what to expect as for quality.. but I had been wanting to get some cameras for my home but all the products I saw were kits.. and came in large bundles that costed at LEAST $200 on the low end for the basic security cam kit.. and had low specs like 720p etc.. so I figured well.. even if it is a gimmick product.. for 20 bucks it's not much of a risk.. and so I bought 1 lol wyze v1 camera.. I have been SO pleased with this lil guy.. wyze as a company.. idk how u guys make money.. the value u guys give to consumers is incredible.. and the quality is fire.. I still have my v1 indoor camera.. mounted outside of a 2nd story window under a lil overhang.. and it's been out there for over a year.. it's been through serious thunderstorms, gale force winds, and extreme temps on both ends.. I'm in wisconsin where it can be over 100° F in the summer.. and then get to -20°F + in the winter.. And this little camera just will not quit.. it's not even meant to be outside!! let alone in wisconsin winters and tsunamis lol! and NOW you guys are selling the v3 to join my still kicking v1 AND v2 cams that are actually made for outdoors! incredible. thank you guys so much.. sorry for the long rant about how much I appreciate a company that does business in a way that is all about the customer.. in every area.. not just quality.. but price as well.. and everyone knows that cost has to go somewhere.. so they must be taking a profit cut to give their customers extreme values rather than cashing in on their very good products. If you read this and are for some reason skeptical.. do a little research about the customer community of happy wyze cam owners who use their cameras in ways that the product was not designed nor intended for.. and do them beautifully! that should tell you how good these products are. I havent bought anything from them that I didnt absolutely love. I have had 0 issues with any of it.. and I am a life long fan of this company and the way they do business.. we as a society need to give people/companies like this more praise.. (and money!) to incentivise others to copy their blueprint, and to also give the creators of such wonderful capitalism handsomely for doing what's best for their customers and not themselves. much love and respect!

    97. Brisky86

      Does this use micro USB or USB-C?

    98. Johnny Neubecker

      I just gotta say it.. I FUCKING LOVE YOU WYZE lol. Seriously whoever started, owns, and runs this company.. are amazing.. I don't know how you guys make money with your prices on literally everything you sell.. But I seriously hope you make so much money you don't know what to do with it.

    99. Eric In SF

      It seems there’s always the strangest compromise every time they release a product lately. Not to mention releasing random products like headphones and scales. The fact that you have to have two separate cables now if you want to connect the light is ridiculous. And where is the USB port for the hub for the motion detectors and door sensors?

    100. stephen rehberger

      This company is killing it!!!!!