Thai Street Food - GRANDMA'S CRAZY SNACK in Chanthaburi, Thailand!

Mark Wiens

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    When you’re in Chanthaburi (จันทบุรี) don’t miss the special durian curry!
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    Day 1: Eastern Thailand Food and Travel Tour. Watch all 8 videos here:
    Welcome to Day 1 of my Eastern Thailand food and travel tour. Eastern Thailand is in my opinion often overlooked or underrepresented when it comes to Thai food. Many people do visit, but they tend to go straight to some of the popular islands like Koh Chang immediately, while passing the rest. Even in Bangkok, just a couple hours drive away, you’ll rarely find any Eastern Thai food. So in this series of videos (), my goal was to learn about Eastern Thai food, culture, and travels, and share it all with you.
    Chanthaburi (จันทบุรี) is about a 3 hour drive from Bangkok, and this is where we began. Chanthaburi is a charming little town, next to a river, and plenty of history. One of the icons is the Catholic Church, which is the biggest in Thailand.
    Here’s all the Thai food we ate and things we did on this tour of Chanthaburi, Thailand:
    Morning Market (ตลาดสวนมะม่วง)
    Grilled sticky rice (ข้าวเหนียวปิ้ง) - 10 THB ($0.32)
    Grilled chicken (ไก่ย่าง) - 15 THB ($0.48)
    Chanthaburi noodles (เส้นจันท์ผัดปู) - 30 THB ($0.96) - These are one of the unique speciality dishes of Chanthaburi, crab noodles that you need to try. They are very sweet, but quite addictive.
    Je Eat Reem Nam (เจ๊อี๊ด ริมน้ำ) - Overall, the bowls of noodles here were quite tasty, though portion sizes were quite small. The restaurant is iconic and located in a great location.
    Tom yum seafood noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำทะเล)
    Rice seafood (ข้าวหน้าทะเล)
    Total price - 200 THB ($6.39)
    Cathedral of Immaculate Conception - This is one of the iconic landmarks and one of the places you must visit in Chanthaburi.
    Fish cake (ทอดมันกระวาน) - He watches our videos and saw me walking by. Thanks for the great fishcakes!
    Chantorn Pochana (ร้านจันทรโภชนา) - Probably the most well known local food restaurant in Chanthaburi, and for a good reason; their food is outstanding. This is the place to eat local Eastern Thai food in Chanthaburi.
    Durian massaman (มัสมั่นทุเรียน)
    Gaeng moo chamuang (แกงหมูชมวง)
    Pla tom rakam sai krawan (ปลาต้มระกำใส่กระวาน)
    Krawan pad cha pla (กระวานผัดฉ่าปลา)
    Gaeng pa (แกงป่า)
    Saeng wa (แสร้งว่า)
    Total price - 1,140 THB ($36.41)
    Chamuang (ชมวง) - garcinia cowa
    Rakam (ระกำ) - salacca wallichiana
    Krawan (กระวาน) - amomum testaceum (cardamom stems)
    Ice cream (ไอติมจรวด) - This is a famous place for old style Thai ice cream, must try.
    Itim krabuang (ไอติมกระเบื้อง) - 10 THB ($0.32)
    Kluay tab (กล้วยทับ) - 20 THB ($3.83) - The grilled bananas are very good.
    Nong Bua Market (ตลาดชุมชนหนองบัว) - Interesting Thai street food snack market
    Monkey snack (ขนมควยลิง) - 20 THB ($0.64)
    Durian ice cream (ไอติมทุเรียน) - 79 THB ($2.52)
    Monument of King Taksin the Great (อู่ต่อเรือสมเด็จพระเจ้าตากสินมหาราช) - We finished the day by walking around the Monument and just enjoying being in Chanthaburi.
    Thanks to Songkram for joining us!
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