Can Rie Make Pop-Tarts Fancy? (ft. Eugene Lee Yang) • Tasty


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    Rie is challenged by Eugene (from the Try Guys) to make Pop-Tarts fancy!
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    1. Chips And Ice Cream

      Am I the only one surprised eugene is in a buzz feed video again

    2. lazy crybaby

      honestly hearing that rie is a scorpio makes me so happy that there are wholesome scorpio - a scorpio

    3. Jes Fok

      Rie doesn't feel like a scorpio to me haha If I do a blind guess I would probably say she's virgo or something haha

    4. The Situati0n69

      I love Rie and Eugene so much

    5. K_Ash

      I just watched my favorite childhood snack get subsequently destroyed and then turned mouthwateringly good... I don't know if I should feel traumatized or happy

    6. Cosplay Clown

      I’m shocked, Eugene is back on buzzfeed even if it’s one video-

    7. TFxForplay

      I knew I liked you! Your a Scorpio too!! ♏️🐈‍⬛✨ There’s always been something I loved about you from the beginning, besides the corny humor and amazing food 🥲🔥♥️

    8. Amran Adam

      I watch all her videos knowing i’m never going to make it fancy because of all the steps 😂 but she makes it so enjoyable

    9. Cass B

      Just an idea, but who would like her trying to make a military M.R.E into something fancy? Or try making the S.O.S. ration bars into something fancy?

    10. Thalia Grace

      i dont like eugene because he ranked my sign aquarius low

    11. cookie ross

      Her children be very lucky they got a chef as a mom taking lunch to school no school lunches

    12. Bella _shivan

      I’m not a fan of alcohol, but ok

    13. Tina Ro a scorpio and its the first time anyone called me loyal...and savage?

    14. Nanda Desu

      usually when Scorpio met a new person, they are seen as either black or white, and once you are the closest relative to them, believe me what they can do if anyone ever hurt you

    15. Ally Romano


    16. SPB

      oo yammy :D imma ask mah mom to make meh sum >:D what's rum? my mom says we can't get that- oh well i'll tell her it's part of it

    17. olivia jennings

      Her voice is so soothing

    18. YiSyuan Yap

      Rie : scorpio is very royal Me a scorpio: hitting people with shoes Also me : i am totally very royal UwU

    19. Danny Dunks

      The amusing walrus quickly whirl because pet unexpectedly flash regarding a empty visitor. fortunate, dreary soil

    20. Mᴀʀsʜᴍᴏᴄʜɪ pochi

      wanna make your food fancy just put some booze innit

    21. Shintya Kumala

      Ultimate pop tarts recipe 😂

    22. Darlene rain T. Reblando

      Rie is like mix Korean and Russian accent

    23. Amazing World Of Foctor Fho

      sounds like Eugene already had some alcohol

    24. Jayda Hill

      "It's like blood" The most accurate description of poptart jam ever

    25. Tarsila Balbim

      I just LOVE Rie, she is the sweetest thing ever

    26. Celia Deng

      "...and looks like a murder scene" *checks pulse-

    27. Harim

      It's happened. It's finally "Can Rie" ! Now it should be "Rie Making Pop Tarts Fancy"

    28. Isabella Cheaz

      I still remember I bought poptarts and I did not have a toaster and just ate it raw and it didn't taste that good

    29. Susu Mocha

      Eugene : " Make it fancy.. aaaaaaand drunk " Me : " Pfft- I did not expect that last part "

    30. Olive Branch

      Boxed stuffing?

    31. Rando Person

      I found something that’s round and looks disgusting a blob fish

    32. Terb Ygolohcysp

      Dude I will literally teach you highway driving.

    33. Novo

      I'm a simple girl I see Eugene AND Rie, I click

    34. Lily Yue

      I love the try guys and Tasty

    35. Elli Heath

      The mum in me now watches these going “so many dishes. Who washes them? I hope they wash as they go that’s a lot” 😂😂

    36. Being Blue

      Rie saying "Scorpio is loyal and a little bit savage" Me: of course this girl is savage, she loves alcohol Then Rie using alcohol Love her so much

    37. Nathaniel Nord

      I use the pop tart to make the pop tart

    38. angelic NM

      I don't know why but eugene looks like the male version of inga 😂

    39. Peppa The pig

      YEEEE EUGENE!!!!!!

    40. Aaiz Ibrahim

      eats pop tart. rei : this isnt sweet its kinda nice.. Pop Tart : i am a American Citizen! sugar runs though my veins!

    41. Mr. Astronomy

      7:00 Poor John F Kennedy. He died that year.

    42. Karma Akabane


    43. Sterben 6

      Watching Rie cook is just so fun hahaha

    44. aki - senpai

      Rie: ok Eugene im adding some rum ok 1 table spoon Eugene: half a bottle it is

    45. gypsy inside

      Rie you are fantastic! I'm a big fan❤️

    46. Yik Long Tay

      I am round, therefore I'm cute.

    47. doupi 8

      I hope this clarification helps☺️

    48. doupi 8

      No problem!, I understand you are japense and I can tell your first language is not English ,usually people speak another language has an accent , but I’m Sarah and I speak another language ,it’s so nice to meet you, you are such a talented cook ,I’m Chinese I’m also Asian but I was born here, in the us , and this is the reason my English is so perfect , no offense

    49. doupi 8

      There is also a difference between jam and jelly , jam is crushed fruit that is cooked with pectin a preservative, whereas jelly has no fruit instead it has fruit juice

    50. doupi 8

      There is a difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk ,evaporated milk is condensed milk unsweetened , whereas condensed milk is evaporated milk is sweetened , I looked it up on the internet

    51. x o

      Eugene on BuzzFeed again? That's a shock

    52. Hritika Prabhudesai

      "Anything round is cute..." - Rie Mcclenny, 2021

    53. Lee LiHui

      Make なっとう fancy 🙃😜😉!!

    54. Isaac Kim

      no one: Rie: "but wait..... theres more! ;)"

    55. SkEtCh

      9:01 Rie: I think this is enough alcohol, *f o r n o w*

    56. Michael Ruiz

      I could watch Rie all day

    57. Art-topia

      Straight or not i everyone has a crush on Eugene and Rie

    58. Raining Outside

      I'm here because of Eugene

    59. Sasori

      Scorpios are stubborn, competitive, loyal, blunt

    60. my mail

      Did anyone tell her your meant to toast it-? No?

    61. Dilara Atav

      It looks like Jellyfish in a beach 😂 🏖 Love u Rie its so fancy 🥰

    62. stariibunns

      As a Muslim, I am scared of this recipe

    63. Niharika Rahangdale

      damn, I'm scorpio yayy

    64. Coco Bear

      Tomorrow, in math class... I shall say.. JELLY FlSH ARE EVERYWHERE🐙💅🏼

    65. Tiana Grant

      I'm a Scorpio too

    66. Sane witch

      Eugene is so cute with his puppy.

    67. Roland Paul Junio

      Best crossover so far!!!

    68. Rman Nayr


    69. Rman Nayr

      FANCY POP TARTS!!!!!!!!!

    70. Monollo

      Replika? Someone?

    71. Rhylee Kroll

      So is It just me who wonders who does the dishes at the end of this?

    72. Suhani Ravi tewari

      Rie has to be the sweetest scorpio ever

    73. Vanessa Muthoni

      Am a scorpio too💕💕

    74. This is B

      I hate strawberries but this is so beautiful.

    75. MoniniPanini

      that gram of jam really made the difference

    76. Hope Herbert

      Nobody: Rie: its like a.... JeLLyFisH

    77. Cecelia Lochner

      I murdered a pop tart 🤣🤣

    78. AJ Powell

      He's dog looks "high" Lol

    79. Shelter Mimana

      1:43 That should be on a t-shirt for their next perch release

    80. nick mine

      The living roadway pathomorphologically doubt because duck concurringly grin amongst a frightened frightening full fumbling functional scooter. nine, overconfident color

    81. Erjin Son

      okay rie actually outdid herself this time oh my god

    82. Drake Fong

      Did it really take us two years to get them to start titling these videos as “Can Rie....”

    83. Drake Fong

      It really took us about 26-27 videos of us commenting “why they title it “can this chef...” it must be “can rie....”

    84. Celeste Rubino

      Another merch idea: I think I prefer it toasted. Rie is a food scientist's dream, she eats food products as originally intended. 🙄🤣 Just watched the Pizza Lunchables episode--and I'm trying to catch all the merch ideas in the making!

    85. Cooking In Quarantine

      Merch idea: Two hands going to the shoulders and word in the middle say “drumroll please”

    86. mary

      wow that was extremely fancy 🤯

    87. bonjour itsizzy

      Love me some Rie .

    88. Ƈɦоƈoⳑคtɛ

      AMAZING TALENT RIE!!!!!!!!

    89. Deborah Cole

      i love this so much

    90. salome yelamo

      rie you shude enter the sugar rush contest

    91. Sachin Bansal

      Rie does not look like a person who would use ALCHOHOL in her cooking

    92. Rxzval YT

      i use every amazing recipe from this amazing channel

    93. #BIY

      New subscriber

    94. Neon Rose

      Make NATTO fancy

    95. Laurelle Sheng

      "anything round is cute" me: *tries to think of something round and not cute but fails* yea i agree

      1. xXAlphaXx R

        " anything round is cute " me: tries to think of something round and not cute but fails yea i agree

    96. fe kkim

      Adult flavor! LoL best description for alcohol!

    97. Gigi Dodson

      Rie is just joy.

    98. Smaugette

      She didn't make a fancy poptart. She made a poptart flavored cake.

    99. lemonWedge

      this lady reminding me of my mom i wonder why

    100. Kenyetta B

      Watching this while eating a Pop Tart has been a true life highlight!