This is What a $1,500,000 Guitar Sounds Like

Music is Win

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    1. Music is Win

      check another off the ol' bucket list

      1. Mark N

        All you needed was Jimi Hendrix's guitar strap for the trifecta.

      2. Linda Carlton

        @Thrashing-Bassist 7432 freebird.

      3. ??

        Pick of destiny

      4. ??

        Pretty specific thing to have on your bucket list. Is playing famous people's guitar something you're into? Lol😉

      5. bkrbyex4339

        @Hotblack Desiato 🤣

    2. Brandon D

      HE DIDNt PLaY LaYLa!!!!??

    3. HashBrown

      holy fuck

    4. HashBrown

      i would just start making a bunch of “imagine if it slipped” or “woah almost dropped it” jokes

    5. Mij Orchard

      Not exactly the same as the one in the video footage of Clapton, though, is it? Large headstock v. small headstock. Either a different guitar or it had a neck change at some stage.

    6. Vibez Young

      Also the one in the footage has a tremelo arm hole this ones bridge doesn't.

    7. Vibez Young

      Notice the Sphagetti Fender logo and the Other Fender logo in the footage with larger headstock.

    8. Vibez Young

      This guitars headstock is different notice in the video footage it's a larger. The one that is demonstrated has a different neck. Guitar plays good but I doubt whether it is the original. Just check it out.

    9. James Matheson

      So I can buy one for $85000usd but because Clapton owned and played it, its now valued at $1.5M, whats in a name, obviously a lot of losers think heaps.

    10. Mayls

      7:14 I forgot I turned my subtitles on it's said "wow" 😂

    11. John Herbold

      I just love hardtail Strats!! And so do Ronnie Wood and Joe Bonamassa!! Kinda Stratty and yet a little Tele toned!!

    12. jude garcia

      if blind folded and they said try this..not knowing. would it be just another strat

    13. Nicolas Ruvalcaba

      So how much did it sell for ?

    14. Chris Choir

      no fender is worth 1.5 million

    15. AHillard1

      what is the song he plays at 3:52

    16. TheMadeMan36


    17. Rico Ludovici

      Well, we know he played a LOT in E, A, and D. A little bit in C. If the user tracks can be trusted. Probably de-tuned for the flat keys.

    18. cap puccino

      Imagine... You are a billionaire... Year 2081... How much would you pay for frusciante's strat ? Place your bid

    19. Iccus Diccus

      that guitar never saw a pinky finger before.... Its like, " theres 4 fingers? "

    20. Alwin Wibawa

      It looks like a 250 dollar guitar.... thats d irony of a guitar. All of us can have a high end guitar from 2,5k to 20k dollars and it still looks like a 300 dollar guitar.

    21. Woodmanns

      Boognish. Clapton was only ever as good as who he played with. Overrated.

    22. Bruno Nickert

      Dear charlatans: neither the sound, nor the handling of a 1.5 Million Dollar guitar is thousend times better as a 1.500 Dollar guitar and also, neither the sound, nor the handling of a 1.500 Dollar guitar is thousend times worse, than a 1.5 Million Dollar guitar. It`s a typical "brain-fart of a handful of idiots" !!!!!!

    23. Feeno

      It didn't sell 💀💀

    24. Don Mason

      so - what did it go for ?

    25. Eddie Price

      That is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ok can anyone give me an estimate ( How much a 1972 Fender Telecaster Custom ) would be the going rate. Reason is I own one it is a walnut brown with a black pick guard, maple neck. I also have the black original guitar case with the red velvet interiors. In 1973 my parents bought it for me. The guitar case cost $ 80 dollars and the guitar cost $ 375.00 back then. What would it be worth today?

    26. Bruno Bucciarati

      Plot Twist: This is the dooo with another alias

    27. Edison Rae

      is it just me who is more excited over the gene simmons bass in the background.

    28. Etan

      I saw my house from the airplane window

    29. fabien louvel

      what has become of the original neck?

    30. David Cid

      Well it sounds fat for a Strat

    31. Jean F. Martínez L.

      It sounds the same as others to me, pretty normal.

    32. Danny White

      Yuk cringe 😩

    33. Simon Dupree Lagak

      You are awesome.... I love the way you play the guitar.... 🥰

    34. Howel Ben

      Wow notice sir Music is Win

    35. jamesha175

      i am imagining how many Squire strats & teles i could buy with that $1.5 million

      1. Eric Muccino

        At least 1

    36. Ben Allan

      Clapton is the most overrated musician change my mind

      1. B Reft

        I think many blues and rock guitarists elicit the feeling that makes a fella say "I could do that." And, you can do what they do- which makes it all the more confusing. But if you go back to day one of Clapton, listen to his body of work and creativity the past 55+ years, you may wake up and realize you are dreaming. Every few years, he took it to a new level. Many have played Mozart, but there was only one Mozart. Or George Harrison or BB King. Simple but original in their own way.

    37. mikeyhifi

      Why show footage of Clapton playing a completely different guitar?

    38. Roman Terry

      If nobody bid on it it ...never-mind. Here is the Eric Clapton, the great philanthropist charity story. I'm having an awful time picturing this...if you want the How Eric Clapton stole 10 thousand dollars of my family money at rehab in Antigua you would not think of him so highly. I hate people that get on social media and undermine someones success, in fact this is a first for me...I think. Guitar gods, eddie vh and jeff beck love him so I should too, but forgiveness hasn't arrived...ed's picks over the guitar any day ..

      1. Roman Terry

        Who are you Tyler? Pretty good guitar player and if you did the video too, especially the first one minute it is superb... id hire you to do a video for me any day.

    39. Khai Roll

      I love the way he kiss

    40. i i i i i

      Man you're so lucky. I would do anything to even pluck one string on Eric's guitar

    41. PerryAce Paz #21

      I dont play guitar but i know to hear who plays it well and you rock. Yeah !!!

    42. Der Rezensent

      Große Kopfplatte (Clapton Strat) versus kleine Kopfplatte? Sind nicht identisch, vermute ich mal!

    43. Daniel Bertola

      Guys, guys... Fender made thousands of these...

    44. S C

      I'd take SRV'S #1 over anything Clapton any day of the week.

    45. JimmyBean Clagghorn

      Its a guitar, get over it.

    46. martina seifertova

      800 bucks. Nothing more. I can play. Tele or strat, spanish or jazz guitar. Dreadnought, 6 or 12 strings. Bass guitars, JB or Rick. Guitar is about player, not instrument.

    47. Superfinger

      Playing claptons guitar with a ween tshirt! Very simpathetic..

    48. Darrel Vlogs

      Watching a 1million and a half guitar price. While my guitar is only 2k pesos in US $ IS 40 BUCKS . But im thankful i have one 😅 . Its start nothing at the beningging 😂😂

    49. Galaxy Space Gaming


    50. emjay

      Covid19 came from the Gong behind him

    51. Luis H

      If I had the money I think I would want the blackie from David Gilmore .

      1. Sonny Bedez

        I believe he auctioned that one off to

    52. dogpd3

      You could buy a $1,500 stratocaster and it would play and sound well as Clapton’s strat

    53. EmEl Musica

      The way he was handling it above his head with one hand gave me anxiety

    54. Zyg Maszél

      Don't want sounds jealous but I'm happy with my Epiphone , the amplifier do the rest . Spider for example

    55. T4NNRR

      The bidding for the guitar started at 1Million and nobody bid on it unfortunately. It did not sell.

    56. kenny mccall

      Thats bs all of it no proof if that was true you would have it signed

    57. Johnny Bgood

      So its really not a 1.5 mill guitar

    58. Johnny Bgood


    59. Boo Bear YF502

      Whoa is that a Peavey?!

    60. Logan Fischer

      I really feel that knocked down the value alot after you played it after Clapton was the last to play it but im extremely jelly

    61. Jørgen Zamora

      Lol 1,500,000 the guitar is nothing without the player.

    62. Nox Fish

      Mmm yay playing on a racist persons guitar

    63. Charlie Mitchell


    64. Scott B

      playing some Cream ol school classic that’s appreciated

    65. Random Random

      that guitar is knackered

    66. FJK Kyry

      Imagine if he broke one of the strings

    67. John Sydrick A

      Ammm how much for the strings? Just the strings? If it'd break can i have it? .., anyways, that was an epic guitar, a legendary, a piece of history. .

    68. hilldwler 420

      Plug that klon in

    69. Steve Weiser

      who is Tyler??? Seriously .... I did subscribe

    70. whiteram53

      Ridiculous fetishism and laughable price....Clapton? Pluh-eez. Wonder what B.B. King's or Buddy Guy's axes are worth? It's all about being white in this world, it would seem.

    71. santiago victor

      "van halens guitar picks you say" 😂

    72. The Flannel boys

      More money than u have subscribers

    73. Jj Dunfee

      7:15 the captions picks up the guitar saying wow 😂

    74. Moshe Beeri

      Yet another Fender guitar, just wondering who's gonna be the idiot to pay this (just a guitar) $1.5M

    75. RogeR

      But now its 2 milion because Tyler played it.

    76. Fudmottin

      No Stairway?

    77. raffy adaza

      Is just a normal electric guitar🤣

    78. Lando Calrizzi

      With no disrespect intended screw you! You lucky SOB.

    79. Chad Armstrong

      But did it pass the taste test?

    80. Chris Michaels

      $1.5 mil For wood and wire? One born every minute! Although I'd Pay a grand for a case that passed the smell test. LMFAO

    81. Menghi C

      This is misleading. A Stradivarius is worth hundreds of thousands because of its unique sound and construction, not to mention that it is unrivaled. This guitar has sentimental value.

    82. aLex Naturalis

      So, how much did it go for?

    83. Tony H

      I'm not a big strat guy, but that's awesome.

    84. Fox Hall Woodworks

      I bet Stevie-T is pissed right now

    85. S LLM

      Making him to play it could easily lowered the price to the half. It doesnt have the skin ADN of Clapton anymore.

    86. Jason Smith

      Dude, you left your wife at home?

    87. Tim Hurley

      Playing a 1.5 million dollar guitar in a ween shirt? Priceless.

    88. Ryan Tuckett

      what were the songs that you played

    89. l i a m

      who else eats eggs while watching this

    90. William Riley

      A back up band member's fender guitar in Mark Knopfler's band... lol

    91. Row4 Channel


    92. Sebastián Hope

      Yep... sounds like a strat alright.

    93. iZac Stein

      So... 18th January ‘21, did it sell!?

    94. RoqnRoll Star2

      My sx Strat sounds close enough 😉 yeah $60 vs 1,500.000 yeah

    95. Oscar Cruz

      The Pick of Destiny

    96. Ethelwulf Mountbatten de Rothschild VIII

      OMG, don't look directly at it!

    97. Ricky Marino

      Jimmy hendrix guitars must be worth 5mil, Clapton up against jimi ain't nuffink compared

      1. Susie Cream cheese

        Well obviously jimmy is no longer alive, so.....

    98. The Mask

      You guys better give it back to Eric so he can be the last to play it again !

    99. Nicholas Romero

      Love the Ween T-Shirt!

    100. Mark Stevens

      *Minor* correction: This is what a 1.5 Million guitar sounds like through KGup. YMMV.