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    This should be some fun! Posting pt 2 early on insta @colty_

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    1. Slow Mo

      Have you ever accidentally closed the door on the snake?

    2. hazel gonzalvo


    3. Emily Wemily

      Snek on the wrist >:D

    4. ellis t

      Hi I'm nice one of your kaniseha

    5. Queen roslyn 39


    6. Brian Hubbell

      Why is he using a glove on a tarantula, any owner knows they are docile and non venomous

    7. I know I'm worthless

      Is he still alive

    8. Estebante 33

      I don't know why I open the video if I know I have arachnophobia

    9. Ball hog 392

      Look like it was a lil dookie in the toilet

    10. sinful monarch weeb


    11. Michael Piotrowski

      My question is if they r his pets aka his babies y he wearing a glove to touch that vile thing 😂 haha

    12. Bruh L

      I would fucking disown you 😂

    13. kirilIlIl9999

      Congrats You got grounded!

    14. Sophia Lightbody

      My mom would fucking kill me if I did that

      1. Sophia Lightbody

        Even on April fools

    15. GreenPlanet669

      this is Clickbait he didn’t show the reaction

    16. Cayden Dieterich

      That snake on your arm right?

    17. Jade Cahill

      Why a real one COME ON

    18. Chargebolt

      Holy sh-

    19. snout

      Tarantulas are cute! Not scary!

    20. kelley amos

      Did anyone notice he have a snake on his arm 🐍??!!

    21. Mira Laine

      Ew wtf have you ever flushed that toilet

    22. charged voltage

      Who members that song from 2k17?

    23. Lalitha R

      Bruh this guys scary

    24. Juhi Siddiqui

      This is a very dirty prank don't do this prank in your home and everywhere

    25. Chimo chi Lime

      The tarantula is cute

    26. Jocelyn Jones

      Sent this to my sister she was terrified- thanks

    27. Cooking with Ava

      i would ducking put someone if jail if they did that to me

    28. Jxnxn -_-

      In germany we say ✨missgeburt✨

    29. Cayden Pollard

      The fuck is in the bottom of your toilet

    30. JJ_t7

      Your mom doesn't seem to like you and I see why

    31. Rock's Films

      I hate spiders

    32. rodrigo martins

      Me if i were a women and his mom: Soo You have chosen death...

    33. Elizabeth Afton

      I will scream on the top of my lungs

    34. Anastasia Bailey Russell

      Oh no oh no no no

    35. Celina De Jong

      I would be having a seizure if I saw that in real life. Even just the stickers.


      Oh my god



    38. Vincent_Cv C

      Did anyone see the brown stuff in the toilet

    39. Luke Dunford


    40. Corra Palmer

      U gonna keep the real one? Cuzzz ill take it

    41. black bird

      Love the snake

    42. Faaiza Begum

      If her mom gets a heart attack that's his fault and his big problem 😒

    43. l i l a h

      Ur so weird how do u like all those animals 🤮

    44. 8bit Japsonpro

      Me in the bathroom rn NO

    45. Gabriel Washer

      Cool bracelet

    46. dios mio

      mans got a snake for a watch

    47. Kaan Doğan

      bad prank

    48. savage pervert

      How to get killed 101

    49. Jio!

      Almost nobody talking about da chill snake

    50. Wow Wow

      The inside of that toilet tho-

    51. Cooper Roy

      If I saw a tarantula in my sink chances are I would find the closest blunt object and smash the living hell out of it

    52. The EEE Chronicles

      No I don’t think I will

    53. Alpha

      This man wants to kill his mom...

    54. Angela Mae Labong

      Prank now slap later

    55. Geyir Bengia

      Why you didnt upload the videos

    56. Sleepykid

      I would but my jumping spiders are a little small

    57. Arzo Hussaini

      I love snakes

    58. Bush Bumkin

      Is that real spider is alive

    59. Vịt Vàng

      Look his snake

    60. Shania Avery Aliwalas

      thats just mean what happens if your mom had a heart attack and if im your mom you get a not just one but two black eyes

    61. Sahori Piceno

      Way do you have a snack???

    62. Juanita Antioco


    63. Almaitham Alahmad

      R.I.P the spider his Will be super angry and kill him 😂😂

    64. JAYNUS03

      Dont play with tarantula its not a domestic pet its a wild animal and its inly for sight you dont need to touch them

    65. Srecko Sprah


    66. D x r k Silence Kun


    67. Angel Phillips

      He alaws have a part 2

    68. Slayers blade

      Just why

    69. Slayers blade


    70. AidanFordSword

      Man I hate it, he wiggles that ball pyrhon around d so fast its annoying. Not too mention the tarantula that could easily get squished.

    71. Nordic warrior 447

      If I was your mom I would put you up for adoption no 🧢

    72. Hotcheeto Dance

      Still waiting for part 2 🥱✌

    73. mandy c

      So you're moving out then?

    74. Paula_Conceição

      Vose dechou meu irmão com medo

    75. Angela Moore

      This will be hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    76. Chunky Boi

      The real tarantula is like: yooooo I’m on camera

    77. Techy ‘


    78. Alex Hickey

      Fuck you for the punch in the face at the end

    79. Julian Knapp

      Bro every time I see these videos I’m like.... what if she just squashes it and doesn’t realize that it is his??!??!! Lmao 😂

    80. Mîdñîght Vøîd

      I like your bracelet very original where did you get it??

    81. evryn kneeland

      If he were to video the reaction he would have to have a cam in the bathroom. He’s a psychopath

    82. Aura

      Him:Setting the prank His mom:COLTY WHY IS THERE A TURANTUAL IN MY SINK Me:R.I.P BC she about yo kick ur a__

    83. Robert Brown

      Ahahahahahaha ur such a prank master lol!!!! You make me laugh all the fucking time!!! Your content is totally SO funny and 100% not dry at all. You should win a Nobel prize for the funniest and the most famous guy on KGup hahahha😑😑😑😒

    84. Touya Todoroki *Dabi

      Wow, I thought I was crazy. (Not to be rude)

    85. Don Xhema

      You put a real life deadly spider in the bathroom and labeled it a “prank” go fuck your self

    86. random dude

      Nice snake bracelet

    87. haley star

      If i did this my mom would punch me 😂😂😂

    88. 80s90s Guy

      Don’t you dare post your mom using the bathroom punk!

    89. ZDotss Shut up bruv

      I have had just the biggest fear of spiders lately and seeing this in the middle of the night is just scary

    90. Arctic Iguana

      Hey my man don't wanna sound rude but if that's the spider variant of constrictor then please handle it a bit more carefully, they're a little more delicate than most other pythons and such

    91. Sheep Sneeze

      The snake jewelry is a big flex 😅

    92. Captain_Goat


    93. Sadie Alana

      I actually jumped when I saw the real one ✨😶

    94. Mustafa oğuz Aköz

      After hes mom *dies*

    95. alisa lazuli


    96. Gniahくコ:彡

      dear women, this is why you should not drink alcohol when pregnant

    97. Genesis

      Oh helll nooooo

    98. Will Bardonner

      If that was me, I’d punch a hole through the wall then get the hell out the house and move to France 😂

    99. G01 Abanto, Mary jillianne N.

      Me: *does this* My mom: *so* *you* *have* *chosen* *death*

    100. Emerson. Scolbert

      When I saw the real one: Me: ...kill it with fire....