I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)


10 млн көрүүлөр898

    Today I'm Going to be Transforming the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is one of the most unique and creative builds I've ever done, as I had to drain a lava ocean in the nether.
    This video is inspired by the time I Transformed the END Dimension in Minecraft to look like the overworld!
    Watch the series from episode 1:
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    "Transforming the END into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#31)"
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    1. WadZee

      This is officially the longest video I've ever posted to date. I worked on this one for 4 days, so I hope you all enjoy! SMASH LIKE!

      1. chumgs

        When clearing out the sand, why not just dig down once and use a torch to break the whole pillar?

      2. Anna B

        What about the netherite beacon unedited video that was hours long?

      3. Kornelijus Mockevicia

        IT lucks like the over world is turning into the nether And thats cool

      4. Carlos Alejo

        love ur vids

      5. emmanuel meza Hernandez

        why don't you put prayers like a diamond

    2. CrasherHasCrashedAgain

      I just started watching this cause i thought you somehow managed to get water into the nether ._.

    3. Awsome Gamezex

      You can just mine the sand with a torch


      Im gonna join the wah wah army but i dont have minecraft

    5. AcId Dr3am

      This looks so nice!

    6. Real Human

      Look like a giant portal

    7. Igor Januário

      Viniccius13 americano

    8. STONKS cow

      Nether in the end? End in the nether end in the overwolrd?

    9. STONKS cow

      For the river part you could have gotten many hoppers and filled them up with water

    10. Scott Caron

      What he says: “ that’s kinda our terrain and then on” What goes through my head: “that’s kinda our terrain and then on cue a ghast appears”

    11. -{Shadow _Reaper}-

      actually sponges don't really help in the ocean as it's just keep on refilling and refilling and you'll end up having to do a layer at a time. I did this, and I just decided to use commands to get rid of the water.

      1. -{Shadow _Reaper}-

        oh and btw hills are ez

    12. Emma Sophia Eduarte

      People can nearly survive hardcore mode deafening the ender dragon and then there's Wadzee xD

    13. Leopoldo salvatico

      If you want you can put a glaas deking on it

    14. James James

      Hallo 😜

    15. The Night King

      I can do this 2+ hours in creative mode with /fill command some basic coordinates calculation is required

    16. IamCatBoy

      gona sub and follow all socials xD good job wadzee

    17. Asunder

      why didn't u build a Glass dome thed the gass dont get in and it will look awwsume too

    18. Asher

      Wah wah

    19. Grand Ma

      *imagine having a portal that leads straight to hell and you go in there just to make hell the regular world*

    20. 함재민

      Thanks for your hard work^^

    21. Pedro Oliveira 9.1

      Congratulation man!

    22. T-trix

      15:15 we need to go deeper xD

    23. klankungen

      Since when does ice evaporate in minecraft? How much has shanged? How long ago did I play this game last?

    24. SillyBilly

      Wadzee: we obviously can't have Netherack at the bottom of the river bed. Me: you obviously can't have water in the river

    25. The Hanged Man

      Crops grow in the nether??

    26. Václav František Gric

      0:43 what 's the name of this song

    27. ProGaming

      Nah, ice doesn't evaporate in the nether

    28. Mohamad Reza

      how he have water in nether :////////////////////////////////

    29. s t

      The water is genius.

    30. hosein shafiee

      you are crazy boy. nice

    31. Heather Lynne-Marie

      ‘What shape this circle is gonna be”

      1. Midori Emi

        That sentence is underrated X)

    32. Alex 123

      you forgot to make the house.

    33. Laura Lisboa

      Viniccius13 faz melhor

    34. Keara Mowry

      Use the blue torches the mobs in the nether hate the

    35. Mike Vazquez

      Ha wall maria AOT

      1. Mike Vazquez


    36. G L

      what i got its just a lot of times and energy for that thing :')

    37. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      I hate sand. Its coarse, rough and it gets everywhere. Hello there

    38. gunnarchrist

      try makin the end to the nether?

    39. domanick harper

      Should turn the top into some crazy looking portal so when inside or outside it's like looking through a portal into another realm, also maybe the Ghasts won't agro which would add to the portal effect of looking through another realm :D

    40. Mira Alison

      This is so sick

    41. Leonardo Pecoraro

      That's very cool! You should build a glass dome above the hole

    42. Luna

      "im just getting a rough idea of what shape this circle is gonna be" :)



    44. Illyria Craine

      thats cool as fuck

    45. Dario Turchi

      How much time did you spent for all this?

    46. Abdan altaytes

      You need to see casa automatica for build farms

    47. Sopito

      You could have used clay in the river

    48. Iván

      Ah yes, a masochist.

    49. Among us in real life and memes, gaming, Funny

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      1. P PM

        Are u ok?

    50. zhongxu lin

      the dislikes are from the people who thought he was supposed to turn the whole nether into the overworld

    51. Rackergen

      Wouldn't it be enough to just to the circumference of the circle completely and after that just drop one block of sand in each square (killing all the source blocks in that column) and seal it up with a piece of cobblestone to be able to place the next sand block?

    52. cody5161 cody5161

      in your videos you should use music from Zayde Wolf!! his music is actually very good

    53. NoLife Gaming

      I would not have the patience- holy crap you're a god

    54. meef von grau

      ur thumbnail has water in the nether. hardcore.. i bet!

    55. Ned Michelin

      im just getting a rough idea of the shape this circle will be

    56. Ned Michelin

      dude this guy says he spent 20 hours on this video. lame. there's this one dude who spend 6 months on a video making a netherite beacon.

    57. Max Beckley


    58. fabien lebel

      how do you transfer a lot of stacks in one step ?

    59. No_ abe

      I clicked on this video to see how he made the river.

    60. glsk

      gg ff

    61. crazygeosnake

      Do a end in overworld


      Good Job Ghast. You scared WadZee. You deserve Medal Of Honour

    63. Peter Müller

      32:50 the lava strider is still vibing in the air


      u should save and quit then join to be fine

    65. Zufukuarimoto Lumapay


    66. Noor van den Brink


    67. Kid Jess

      Only thing is ghasts blowing it up

    68. Quinny Bonow


    69. Perfect Protagonist

      I really hate how much you complain.

    70. Rick Polar

      I feel like this partly a make up tutorial where half the time he's like and now we blend

    71. ObsidianFlight

      "im just getting a rough idea of what shape this circles going to be" hmm i wonder what shape that circle will be 3:57

    72. EekBeats Official

      HARDCORE CREATIVE? noice....

    73. Kenny Earthling

      That's bloody amazing. makes me wonder what it would be like if huge portals were implemented in-game

    74. Dimas Rizky

      u should put less ads here man

      1. IsDisGudNam

        @Dimas Rizky i literally only got two ads wdym

      2. Dimas Rizky

        but cmon it's still too many ads

      3. Dimas Rizky

        u know what nevermind u deserve that

    75. Dogeogaming6

      2:27 lol

    76. Gretchen Braun

      "I'm just getting an idea of what shape this circle will be"- WadZee 2021

    77. David escutia

      This may not be seen but what if you try and make it look like a portal opened in the lava lake with purple, magenta and some pink glass? Like the video though

    78. Szobiz

      what if, the piglings are the orcs from WOW, but they couldnt make a portal to escape?

    79. Szobiz

      look how the piglins loved it!! sad that the ghasts doesnt share the same appreciation

    80. •Fantasya•

      I would've given up after placing the first sand block tbh- I'd be too lazy for all that xD

    81. TaZ CODM

      13:37 That song of airrivals

    82. stev _

      A thousand years ago we tried to create the pathetic's human's overworld to ours- WAIT A MINUTE. is that? *D E I R T*

    83. KLR edits

      The piglins and zombified piglins : You changed my world right in front of my eye

    84. Naomi Morris

      Alternative title: I made a mob spawner in the nether

    85. megablowking

      unbelievable !!!!!

    86. Jebi Pellegrino

      is this backround music the same from scooby doo unmasked, props

    87. Sheeep

      9:24 i thought he will die

    88. Mridula Periwal

      Piglin thinking-Is this the nether that we live in ??????????????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁

    89. NfamousK Games

      Zombie pigmen and ghasts: get off my land!! 😂

    90. Mason Gregory

      Glass dome over it????

    91. aswd90

      But doesn't breaking the ice with your fist turn it into water?

    92. Niranjan p

      Everybody gangsta until he sleeps on the bed

    93. Keilany Cruz

      The new version of the promise neverland you just need the house, "mom", and kids you got all the mobs as the weird mosters lol😂

    94. Dude Gamer

      Bruh this looks SO GOOD!!

    95. Usedyourname

      *Imagine you died*

    96. ParrotLord

      This reminds me of Attack on titan with the wall

    97. Samvel Mkrtchyan


    98. LeatherDetective

      Can anyone tell my the intro song where it says "EPISODE 36"?

    99. Glitchygamer

      wadzee: Pillars are best source of obsidian His piglin farm: Am I a joke to u?

    100. Hamdan Boi

      Epic I love it