What I Really Think About my NEW BOAT

Scott Martin

42 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

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    After spending 20yrs in another boat I finally have made a change. This is what I think about it.
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    1. wesley knight

      Me watching from the top of a bucket truck in Texas freezing wishing I was out fishing

    2. Dave moulding

      No should have Suzuki better warranty , I guess bass boat builders not getting a deal on those motors

      1. capnrob97

        Well, Yamaha owns Skeeter, so I doubt you see many with Suzuki's on them.

    3. J Dubya

      I love the new skeeter. Love my new skeeter fxr20. Never fishied a tournament from a ranger so no honest comparison there. What I do have an honest complaint or comparison is a 15:30 video snd the first 8 mins is nothing but advertisementing. I get it, plug the product but got dang man half the video on a sponsor. Name me two of your followers that’s gonna carry a blue man purse. Two legiit dudes you know. Hellman uoshsaw Birge so on so on. You see van dam coming down the ramp in a bespoke blue pleather bag. Come on now. You’re better than Thant. Put ads at end bc people are skipping ads anyway

    4. Jackson Bennett

      Lookin forward to watching you try to break down Loudon and Tellico their my home lakes.

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m looking forward to it too!

    5. Blake Diaz

      Hey brotha. I hate to bring up old news. But I never got those baits that you were giving away a long while ago

      1. Scott Martin

        Blake, can you please email me at scottmartinchallenge@yahoo.com

      2. Blake Diaz

        @Scott Martin 3 lures that catch big bass everywhere

      3. Scott Martin

        Hey man, very sorry about that. I’d love to get those to you but can you remind me what give away that was from?

    6. Michelle Bentley

      Where’s the St. John’s videos

      1. Michelle Bentley

        @Scott Martin thanks for responding I’m your biggest fan from Kentucky

      2. Scott Martin

        They are coming, we had some hard drive issues that are being fixed. Keep an eye out for them!

    7. Byron Childers

      Open the back hatches before you open your livewell lids!

    8. Esequiel Chavez

      Lol barbed wire or electric fence

    9. Robert Carroll

      Boring ads

    10. Kelly Lewis

      I love the new boat but why switch from Ranger to Skeeter? Is it because Johnny Morris owns them now?

      1. Scott Martin

        It was just time to move on.


      Did I miss the tournament videos?

      1. Scott Martin

        We will be starting them this week

    12. George Talley

      Lol baby shamoo

    13. George Talley

      Those are some sweet knives and a cute purse also lol just kidding love the new boat thank you sir

      1. Scott Martin


    14. Jason Riddle

      Love Skeeter boats and the fact that Johnny Morris does not own Skeeter

    15. 90 Model Chevy

      No tournament video

      1. Scott Martin

        We are at another tournament this week..so this week will be vids

      2. Scott Martin

        It’s coming ASAP, we had some hard drive issues that’s are being resolved. Keep and eye out for the vid!

    16. Robert Easterly

      Hey Scott just seen your boat going down i-40 close to oak ridge gotta say love the new rig

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Robert Easterly

        @Scott Martin would love see you come fish one of my home lakes lake chickamauga

      3. Scott Martin

        Thanks! 👊🏼👊🏼

    17. Bill Sr.

      Dayum Scott.... Way too much infomercial dude!!

    18. Wayne Herrington

      Looks like the new boat has it all, well...... except for Billy’s heated seat!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        I know right..lol

    19. Mike Perdue

      Might want to double check that sponsor link "Not Found"

    20. Jeremy Pefferkorn

      I’m sure you can move the hinges on your livewell lids, I’ve done it before. It’s not too hard

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll look into it

    21. Kody Mackie

      This guy goes and buys a new boat, and then while he’s at it, bought another skeeter with it, I suck at life!

      1. Ratical ranger Gaming

        Doesn’t buy it he is sponsored by skeeter and Yamaha gets to use it for how ever long he is sponsored

    22. Benjamin Sanchez

      Why do pros always have a new boat every year and do the pros have to pay the same price as the average person or do they just give you a boat because they sponsor you

      1. Scott Martin

        It all just depends on what you can provide the “sponsor”

      2. capnrob97

        I can’t answer to Scott’s particular deal with Skeeter, but I think most pros get the boats at a some kind of discount, probably very few get them for free. Or, they get the use of the boat for free but have to return it to the vendor at the end of the season.

    23. DJ Combs

      Baby shamoo yeah right in the lake

    24. Leave or Liberty Fishing

      Seems like a lot of people are getting out of Rangers lately.

    25. Gus Adcock

      Thanks Scott for the livewell comment maybe they will listen to you. That’s the only problem I’ve ever really had and I’ve lost a few fish culling. If they just opened towards the rear like other boats...

    26. William Ezell

      Time to go with a digital hard drive

      1. Scott Martin


    27. Gator Flea

      SHO NUFF !

      1. Scott Martin


    28. Chris Jae

      You get the upgraded wiring on this boat? Still would like to see an update video of that

      1. Scott Martin

        I will..sea clearer power is great

    29. Logan Scalf

      Didn’t know fantasy fishing was a thing lol

    30. Ryan Dotson

      Baby shamu lol

      1. Scott Martin


    31. FishingTheSouthEast

      If you ever have any ripped old unusable plastics can you please put all of them in a bag and send them to me please? I will melt them down to make big swimbaits!

      1. FishingTheSouthEast

        @capnrob97 yes I love catching bass on my own hand made wooden baits too!

      2. capnrob97

        I make my own soft plastic swimbaits too, I get a lot of satisfaction catching bass on a swimbait I designed from scratch and no one else in the world is throwing. Seems to get hits on pressured areas that the fish see the same old Googan, Yum, Strike King, etc thrown at them 100s of times every weekend.

    32. Silas Bly

      You should do a rod arsenal

    33. steve O'Donnell

      You have really honed your sales skills. See what I did there

    34. optradon

      I had one of my fish jump into my co-angler’s livewell once when it was already full of fish. We looked at each other and he said “um...” :)

      1. Scott Martin


    35. John Herrera

      I also usually think something is wrong when my engine is performing a little too well

    36. TheSinglebard1

      I have it figured out . Skeeter holla . Scott we split the profits 55 45 .

    37. Aredd Fishing

      Best riding boats on the market are basscat/ Skeeter/ Phoniex if skeeter had the Phoniex seats it be a wrap but I just want a basscat so when I start her up I can say meow 😸

    38. Terry Law

      Take a net and cut a triangle out of it and attach one end to the boat and the other end to the lid (I want a cut of the profit)

    39. jason daniels

      Jake come and yolked the knife dude! He knows a good gut hooking knife is hard to find lmfao! Scott’s in the boat, jake is in the woods! YOLKED!

    40. Brian Keenan

      Great boat! Now get the F250 to match. You will luv it and U will realize you've been doing it wrong!!😅😎👍👍

    41. Larry Warfield

      I really like the wrap and color. Hope you have a lot of great success. Win big and a lot

      1. Scott Martin

        It came out really nice this year, thanks!!

    42. Cha Thao

      Is that another skeeter in the back?

    43. Preston Mire

      Wow sorry to hear about the bass jumping out of the boat


      I know you fought hard at St. johns for your fans and family. As long as your keep fighting for those two things you will succeed. Much respect. Fish your instincts, they are inherently good.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    45. Chad Drumm

      Same problem with Bass Cat triangular live wells. Fish can easily jump out to the back of the boat.

    46. the iron fisherman

      Thats a nice boat man

    47. Bobby Leblanc

      Hay my name is. Bobby I like go fishing with you and talk to you

    48. Austin Bartl

      Hmm still peep the ranger in the back 🐸☕️☕️

      1. Scott Martin

        Ya they are so good I had to get 2 😂

      2. Matthew Delaney

        That’s his other skeeter

    49. Charles P

      Andrew Upshaw has better video's. LOL!!! Now let's see you in that new Skeeter in the winner circle.

    50. Jaxons Outdoors

      Hi does your dad know gene Dawson and George lichtenberger

      1. Jaxons Outdoors

        @Scott Martin can you please ask have a great night

      2. Scott Martin

        Not sure

    51. ibrahim

      This dude is a great salesman.

      1. William Ezell

        He gets it from his mom.... :-)

      2. Scott Martin

        Well thanks:)

    52. rod royal

      I hate all prescription services. Mostly crap that didn't sell.

      1. rod royal

        @Scott Martin it was a damn cool knife.

      2. Scott Martin

        This was pretty good though

    53. Lights Out82

      Love skeeter. But I wonder if you previously had the ranger 521 instead of the 520 if the room in front of the rods would be the same. You would think so being it's a foot longer

    54. Bnasty 865

      Ken Smith did an excellent video review on this boat and he’s unbiased and has a few different things to say about it but none the less this boat is bad ass

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man

    55. Dan Larson


      1. Scott Martin

        That’s actually a great idea..👍🏻

    56. Tristan Van Oort

      Are you bringing back those 20/20 videos to

      1. Scott Martin


    57. Ubeen

      came for the travel vlogs and tourney vids, now we get a 7min infomercial and no fishing..........??

      1. Scott Martin

        Don’t worry they are coming

    58. Rogbass

      Oh boy. You must have been unreal upset over the live well fiasco. Bet that gets fixed ASAP. Was wondering what happen to other vids. Slay em at Knoxville.

      1. Scott Martin

        We will get those up soon

    59. Joe Wharton

      Fix the hard we wanna c the new vids

    60. Josh Guthrie

      A 15 minute skeeter commercial, paid for by a 2 minutes bespoke commercial in the middle

      1. William Ezell

        @Scott Martin Payday for all involved.... A Threefer Skeeter SMC and Bespoke

      2. Scott Martin

        Like that 👍🏻 that’s called twofer

    61. brian gentry

      Baby shamoo 😂😂😂😂

    62. NC Bass Boy

      My birthday is on Monday and I’m turning 14

      1. Johnny B

        That was my sister’s birthday. Happy Happy!

      2. FishingTheSouthEast

        Happy late birthday!

    63. J Tee

      I agree with others, just make the live well lid open front to back, rather than sideways. Perhaps it would interfere/complicate the battery cover hinge system, maybe that's why it's hinged to the side.

      1. Scott Martin

        I agree

    64. Jake Schisler

      Where's the new truck?

      1. Scott Martin

        You’ll see it in the next video

    65. TheJtaylor000

      Y’all been hard on hard drives lately. What’s up with that?

      1. TheJtaylor000

        @Scott Martin well I didn’t want to come out and blame him for this one it wasn’t him. But I figured. Smh.

      2. Scott Martin

        Yall...you mean MACOY!!!

    66. Matt Bradley

      Where’s the tourney video? No 2020? Love you bro, what’s up?

      1. Scott Martin

        Getting the hard drive fixed now.

      2. Matt Bradley

        Oops! Sorry. Man, McCoy is hard on drives!!

    67. Jim Snyder

      VMax Rules!

    68. Bassfishnfool Z

      I’ve been a Ranger guy for along time just looked at a 2021 521 C and the fit and trim looks like it came out of a early 2000’s nitro plant! Very disappointed in that not sure what my next boat will be,but it won’t be a Ranger!

      1. Andy Yerger

        I would look at a Phoenix 921 elite or 21 phx.

      2. T.J. Quirk

        Damn dude, I was wanting to get a 519 next year. Are they really that bad?

    69. Tracen Phillips

      They do ride very good

    70. Jered Lex

      Nothing but sponsor plugs these days. The videos from 3-4 years ago were better

      1. Scott Martin

        You should be glad we get a sponsor ever so often...it’s what keeps us going. Last I checked it isn’t free to make these videos. Hope you understand

    71. Adam Estepp

      Scott Check out Tidewe they have great heated stuff think you will like it .

    72. timberhunter922

      Scott, LIVEWELL tip. Before you open livewell open the back hatch of battery compartment on whichever side you're opening. It will block the fish from jumping out towards back of boat. Then if you sit to the side you have it blocked in. Ask me how I know 😂. I lost money fish in a big bass tournament the same way.

      1. Scott Martin

        Great idea

    73. linbooma1

      Scott Scott Scott

    74. Dennis Bahr II

      Good luck on fort loudon and Tellico lake at the end of the month. I meet you there when you was on the flw tour and signed a sign for you. Let me know if you still have it.

      1. Scott Martin

        I remember that

    75. James Mcculloch

      Nice info-mercial.

    76. Samuel Darroch

      What you can do to stop the fish from jumping out is opening your battery compartment lids up

    77. RCP

      You didn't almost clip the coal trussel with the nose of the boat like you almost did in 2001?

      1. RCP

        @Scott Martin it was in 2001,you probably don't remember but i fished with you the second day,my wife was pregnant and wasn't due for a month and they were going to do a c section and the only reason i stayed as long as i did was because i drew you as a partner the second day,back when you had two boaters in the same boat...

      2. Scott Martin


    78. Jesse Hillis

      Man skeeter boats are so awesome!!! Glad they teamed up with you Scott!!!

    79. mike raible

      Scott I think you need to grow a beard. Good luck this year. Can't wait to see what happens.

    80. Mike over cash

      have a fish jump out the well bad bay

    81. Wiley Man

      7 minute bespoke commercial on a 15 min video

      1. Wiley Man

        I said neither good or bad about it neighbor. Just stated an observation. I’m a Scott Martin fan that’s been watching his videos for a while now and will continue to watch them. I appreciate the rebuke to help me remember my manners though.

      2. William Ezell

        He does this stuff for us, his viewers... He wanted to take a few minutes and introduce a new Sponsor to his channel. Is that so bad? I think not... pretty neat actually and you get a discount if you use it, pretty smart on @Scott Martin for setting that up.

      3. Wiley Man

        I will not argue with that haha. One of my favorites brother. Good luck in Knoxville.

      4. Youth Iowa Bassin

        @Scott Martin SHO nuff

      5. Scott Martin

        That’s when you know you’re good..lol


      It's not that cold up here. Supposed to be in the 50's and 60's the week of the tournament

    83. Tommy Manus

      love you videos but 7 mins of trying to promote stuff I get it but not fun to watch. Your still the man though

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    84. Lance Mabry

      Ok I missed something lol.. Saw the new camera guy but where is Spinnerworm? Did he leave? Love Skeeter, only complaint is in low speeds, 25mph or less, you porpoise BAD! BP told me that he thought these made it better in 2021 so please lemme know

      1. Darryl Adams

        Yeah, I trim down some to help stop most of it.

    85. jonathan mckinney

      Don’t even matter, once you rack up a couple of first place events this is the year !! We will be praying for you to do well at Knoxville.

    86. M2 Fishing

      Planning on moving to Florida this year! Gonna be watching all your content! Keep it coming!

    87. j w

      Vols ... Go get it Scott!!

    88. GreenPig Hunter

      Get rid of the music while speaking

    89. Joe Gentry

      5 mins out of a 15 min video is an ad for a sponsor. I get it buddy, gotta pay for all stuff you do, but it's getting too much. Rooting for your success on the trail regardless! Get them cranking rods ready for this week.

    90. Kelly Lewis

      Lol he said baby shamu.

    91. Andy Yerger

      So was all the stuff about ranger lies for all those years?

      1. William Ezell

        Andy, Ranger Boats are One of the finest boats on the market today. But as they say "change is inevitable". As different boat manufactures strive to make their boats better, faster and safer, it is the ones that do that come out on top. Take for instance Triton. In the early 2000's they were the bomb, still very popular today, (Heck even Roland was sponsored by Triton Boats before BPS) they come from a long lineage of master boat building design from Earl Benz. Ranger and Skeeter have been around since i can remember and are both going strong today. There are no Lies about Ranger and if you keep up.. nuff said about Evinrude and Johnson RIP. I guess what you and everyone needs to know is Scott will tell the truth about his sponsors and equipment. He is very loyal to those who support and work with him.

      2. Andy Yerger

        @Scott Martin for as long as I can remember all we heard was how ranger was the best boat ever. How Evinrude was the most dependable motor on the market. I know y’all have to say that stuff because it’s your sponsor but I wish they would let y’all just fish.

      3. Scott Martin

        What lies...

    92. capnrob97

      That would suck if a 10 lb’er jumped out of that live well back into the river. 😩

    93. capnrob97

      I was wondering why no videos from the tourney. Isn’t this the second time with hard drive issues?

      1. capnrob97

        @J Tee they need to save to one brand of hard drive and back up to a different brand of hard drive, eliminates getting a bad batch from the same vendor

      2. Scott Martin


      3. J Tee

        Yeah, his guys still dont back up or copy & paste with initial source material or finished product. For Christ's sake, buy some new high quality SSD drives. Hell, buy a new one every year, it's less than a $100!

    94. Chris Tipton

      That’s why the back compartment for the batteries is split. You can open one and then open the live well. It’ll build a wall around the live well. Then your fish can’t get out.

    95. Colin Grothe

      Where is the tournament video’s

    96. Darren Mudge

      beings the Yamaha has the dual intake areas on the lower unit helps it keep water going through the passages. i dug mine in the mud last year and it still kept going with the same water stream as before th mud.

    97. Captain Ron

      Scott lift up the back motor compartments you can now do a fish culling system totally block

      1. caleb dean

        i was screaming this 😂😂 in brandon palaniuks newest video he talked about it, so sad for shamu

    98. Travis Craver

      Those seats look lower in that boat. The wrap job looks awesome. With snow in tennessee you think y'all will fish. Becareful driving and I got u pick for this tournament on my fantasy

    99. Steve Davis

      Bespoke didn’t trip my trigger. Nothing I would use. Just junk. Won’t be subscribing. Sorry

      1. Scott Martin

        It all good man..no worries

    100. Hunter Bull

      Those new Skeeters look so good. I think the rear end looks better than anything but the Triton. I love Zaldain’s Skeeter with the camo, it fits that boat so well!