The Coolest Name In Town! Ace Stiles Auditions With An Original Song - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    With a name like Ace Stiles, you know you’re about to watch a super cool performance! Auditioning with an original song called “Addicted,” Ace is here to show the world that he doesn’t need anyone else to tell him he’s worth it; he’s figured that out all on his own. Katy Perry compliments Ace’s voice, calling it “quirky, vintagey” and “worth investing in.” Although he didn’t get a golden ticket to Hollywood this time around, we have a feeling this isn’t the last the world has seen of Ace Stiles.
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. Tpwk luvs

      anyone else kind of getting Harry styles/sunflower vol 6 vibes? especially his last name lol

    2. Shaikah Almejren

      That dumb they say for him he’s good then they say ( No ) like what

    3. J

      I think it is on too much Xanax

    4. J

      Why does she talk funny

    5. Cheryl Johnson

      Don’t whine about your choices👍

    6. S Beans

      That was incredibly fucked up of Katy Perry to just ask him “is that your real name?” Come on! Be better than that!!

    7. Dimplez816

      He deserved to go to Hollywood at the very least imo smh...

    8. Stan Whipple

      I hope someone has to leave the competition and they give Ace a shot

    9. Sagana

      So sad seeing him cry!!😫

    10. nayef alboury

      Your boy trans to girl or girl trans to boy?

    11. Hope schust

      Ace seems like a dope ass person💯

    12. JJ Tenacious

      He kinda reminds me of JUZO SUZUYA from tokyo ghoul ...pretty cool

      1. JJ Tenacious

        @Robin Axle exactly! LOL

      2. Robin Axle

        Yeah! Like a more wholesome version

    13. Stephen Lotha

      potential success story.

    14. Forgotten Person

      Guys he has a KGup channel. We all should subscribe.

    15. Izie Grey

      Claudia over Ace?? These people are straight stupid. Ace gives me serious Grace Vanderwaal vibes. At least tell them to come back for another audition if you feel like they need some seasoning. That child came saying I know I am good and I know I am worth it and left saying ~ I thought I was good enough, I thought I was worth it. How terrible and especially because s/he is GOOD!!

    16. April Jackson

      Should try the voice or something 🤗

    17. Fasumi

      Sometimes I believe, (and it’s ok if you don’t agree with me 🤗), that they don’t want to put a kid in such a position knowing the responsibilities, drama, heartbreaking, hateful, negative and disrespectful stuff that comes with this, especially when they feel they could grow more or even improve a bit before rushing into something that could make or break them. We shouldn’t be so quick to bash, for at the end of the day nobody knows the industry better than someone who is actually in the industry. Yea it is unfair when one deeply looks at it but everything happens for a reason, if it’s suppose to happen and ACE wants it to happen in due time it will. I honestly preferred he went through this than to probably be push further and get crushed by the media, fans of other contestants, and the list goes on. If it’s his dream I hope all goes well and he comes back stronger than ever. I know no ones wants to be told to wait on the other bus when they’re ready to go but sometimes we just have to be patient and see how things play out.

    18. Thea Mae

      I was upset at first but then I though about the fact that this is a show & it is a contest. It’s better for rating if they choose people that will be closer in challenges there can be anyone where it’s so obvious they’re gonna win & they’re can’t be someone where it’s obvious they’re gonna lose otherwise people won’t watch because it’s the suspense of oh everyone is so close compared to each other.

    19. Thea Mae

      If anybody wants to say anything about him being a her. Realize majority of the comments don’t agree with you. You can have your own beliefs but don’t push them onto other people respect his pronouns or just use his name. I understand everyone has different beliefs & alot of the time it’s due to to different cultures & upbringings & exposure to certain things just respect that it’s freedom of religion & not everyone has the same beliefs.

    20. KeyZ Fishing

      What is this thing?

      1. Robin Axle

        An audition...


      Ace you have a lot of talent. I love you. ❤. Good luck! 👏👏👏

    22. London Has Fallen

      That sucked. People like Ace are told “no” way too often, you could’ve asked for a retry of a different song. Much love and hope for this beautiful person’s future!

    23. Marii C

      Ace keep working on developing your voice ! You are an Angel 👼 i would buy your music.

    24. Jaime Gastelum

      Hi Ace!... you are good enough, however they are the experts, your character will determine your future, take this as a guide to discover which factors need to improve, OF COURSE IT WAS NOT FAIR THOSE "NO"... use them to be stronger, keep doing what your doing!... we all are here because of the talent and charisma we believe you have.... SO KEEP WORKING!... you are going to be alright kid!... send you a gigantic hug from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México...! ¡Que viva Ace Stylez Cabrones!... ajuaaa!!!! heheheh ;)

    25. Cori Asher

      He deserved to go thru..take what they said and grow come back next yr and win..if you dont have a record deal buy then! Great job! Just Beautiful

    26. Cori Asher

      Huge star..I think you're pretty cool too..such a Beautiful happy for him💜🧡💛💚💙

    27. Gene Todd

      *phobic much?

    28. gabi wabi

      honestly he should’ve got thru

    29. iron shark

      Bit they let ET though..I'm out

    30. MsJenniferTerry

      I'm addicted to YOU, Ace. LoveloveLOVE me some you!!!

    31. Christopher Parcella

      Ace is good enough and Ace is worth it.

    32. Stone W

      I hope a recording artist/singer who is or is not gay or trans reaches out to this young person and offers to mentor him. He's so young. Not everyone is meant to be an American Idol. That doesn't mean they can't blossom and experience great fulfillment and success given the opportunity.

    33. joy dees

      Mary Jo. In love with her voice and she is indeed as cute as a bug

      1. Thea Mae

        His voice is definitely amazing

    34. TideRunsIt

      No need to come up when everyone can already tell youre gay ya sill goose

    35. Tobias Laddarn

      This guy makes me ashamed of myself. What a big human being

    36. Natalie Guerrero

      He was amazing he as so much potential 🤩

    37. [Monoxide]

      My heart is literally broken. I hope this isn't the last we see of Ace.

    38. Danyl’s Studio

      I know American idol can make some really bad decisions, but this may be one of their genuine worst. Especially after putting the girl crush through, and the off brand Pittbull (who actually couldn’t sing). It’s not even to the point where I’m like “oh they didn’t put through someone I like, so I’m angry” it’s actually instilling to kids like this. Imagine a kid who truly is different and talented, and has a unique sound wants to come on and sees that kids like this barley get a chance, while those who don’t even take it seriously can make it through without singing.

    39. Sandy Hatfield

      Keep singing, this was to protect you from the wolves out there. Your amazeing.

    40. 01 02

      once he's solidified in his identity AND has some vocal lessons to grow that absolutely *beautiful quiet voice* he is a WINNER!! that, along with the gift of TIME, is all he needs now..and to ACE: hiya!!🙋🏾‍♀️ & hang in there, kiddo! and that it was a 'NO' only *THIS time* has NOTHING to do with your VALUE! please do *NOT* conflate the 2!, not ever. because YOU and also your Life, definitely ARE worthy and valuable - and that is a WHOLE and entirely different thing than your *life situation.* this means *including* your life situation re: your music career. *please,* always remember all of what I just said because it's *TRUE.*🎉💫🤗💞👍🎊

    41. tay

      his voice reminds me of bjork for some reason and i love it

    42. Ayu Devina

      shouldve make it to hollywood round

    43. Ann Ballard

      Nice..but why are we hearing so many of these deep bluesy singers?

    44. Laurie Dion

      And YOU R Soooooooo WORTH It and more!!

    45. Laurie Dion

      Was so much better and original than so many others. That was some bs right there. Keep going Ace. U could put out an album right now and people would love to listen to that voice. Completely original and awesome!!!!!!

    46. Laurie Dion

      One of the best voices!!! Ridiculous! To put him through that. That kid is gonna be a star!

    47. Kevin B

      She figured out she was a he all on her own. Very bizarre statement. lol

    48. Ricky M

      they fucked that up

    49. Weedymad

      The guitar was abit out of tune m i wrong ?

    50. Erika Ladru

      You are amazing Ace 🥰

    51. TS

      Very unique and indie voice. Love his quirkiness too. Hope to hear form him again in the future.

    52. Bruce Weese


    53. Anno Mlzr

      But why hes so good

    54. ALLIASK

      Dear Ace, you have done a big step, this is just the beginning, and each thing happens when it's suppose to be, don´t be afraid, you are such a talented human, and that's the only thing we care, your personal lives it's yours, my best vibes from Peru.

    55. Sandi Phillips

      Ace you are an original star. I think that what Katie and Luke were trying to say was not that you don’t have talent. You do. You are super young and just discovering you. Your voice is going to change as you mature in the next two years. Get out there. Let your light shine everywhere and then come back and kick ass. You ARE good enough and have an original sound.

    56. Amber McKinney

      Such a hard decision but he needs to build more confidence in his voice and mature his voice first. Its beautiful. Just not quite there just yet

    57. Rachel Sanchez

      American Idol is trash. Ace is better than this popularity contest.

    58. Zee Gorman

      Love this kid! We need more like him in this world, talented, gentle , sweet.

    59. M Smith

      They made a huge mistake not putting you tho

    60. Rashid Shadat

      Ace, you are going to be a great artist! But please don’t stop and chase your dream!

    61. Jeremy Weingarten

      Ngl the voice is kinda throwing me off. It’s like scratchy and a weird vibe idk

    62. Amanda Delaney

      Artistic as hell. I love it.

    63. Vladimir Vučković

      Trans people getting another no over their talent. I know they (the judges) are not anti, but just getting another no must have felt terrible and exhausting. Some people got thru over literally nothing. Ace, you are an angel! God bless you! You are an amazing human being. We believe in you! Keep working! The future will come.

    64. Troy Mosher

      I thought he was awesome.

    65. Emma Therrien McInnes

      I love everything about you!!! Keep your head up and never give up xxx

    66. Sphinx Rising

      Gifted? Hardly. The was right to send him packing.

    67. skyllerkyller

      who cut the damn onions ?

    68. Jinx

      He's kinda look like Hayley Williams😍

    69. BJ Denis

      The internet 🤣will make this kid a star.. that's all he needs who needs this show

    70. David Zalayet

      Love aces singing style hope he auditions again

    71. André Pasqualon


    72. Richard DiBenedetto

      The kid has a good voice and potential to have a great voice. I think the judges should have pushed him through to see how it goes in the next rounds.

    73. Bruno Rossi


    74. Jo

      Ace- YOU were beyond AMAZING! Even though it was a no this time- YOUR time will come! I am sure of it!

    75. Sara Wall

      I think he needs to look at this as a not yet instead of a no.

    76. Shani Thompson

      The mama in me wanted to go through the TV and kick the judges A*** for making Ace cry!! Stay strong Ace Stiles!!!!

    77. Carol Pullen

      I loved his pun intended. Ace why don’t you have a KGup channel?? Would love to follow you as you have a good future ahead. Don’t give up

    78. Cat's Incredulous

      Thought the title was coolest clown in town.

    79. Assad Ali

      it's 2021 and social media is in charge of who gets famous and who doesn't. he already has the popularity from the audition he just has to keep working and posting now

    80. Summer

      Life's too short to match your socks 💕 Ace, you're too cool for American Idol & you're going to do big things. Keep shining 🌟

    81. Khairil amra Ahmad

      Please recall her back... Talented... Don't understand.. Why rejected.. For me no more American idol.. Just watching X FACTOR... Simon knows who is talented ..frm 🇲🇾 wz ❤️

    82. jerry_ zuhrinart

      he's gona come back everybody!!! we just need to wait!

    83. Haley B

      Heartbreaking 😭

    84. Julia Medina

      I am proud of you Ace 😊

    85. Julia Medina

      Love your voice and style Ace 🤩🥰

    86. Ang Spearman

      Love this guy! We love your voice, do not let them get you have a fantastic voice and would buy your record today!

    87. Tori Cifer

      2 things: Ace's attitude is one of the best attitudes I think I've ever seen. And these yahoos let Cuban Cookie Monster get the Hollywood experience but not this young man?? Whose record would you sooner buy here!? This is a Tori Kelly situation, Ace, I'm in line for your first single.

    88. Billy Clark

      Ace, I’m a fan. When I get off here I’m looking for your KGup channel and subscribing!❤️

    89. Monica G

      Stay strong Ace, like your mom said this is just the beginning.

    90. TimeRider762

      OMG this hurt me. To see Ace cry, was as if it'd happened to me. I hope to see Ace again...

    91. Maidendg

      "the quietness of your voice"?? It wasn't a song where you belt out the tune Luke. I thought you were great Ace, not quiet all at, perfect for the song you sang. Highly disappointed in the judges on this one. We better see you come back next year. I loved your voice.

    92. Madonna Pires

      This just means better is yet to come

    93. ABS

      This legitimately broke my heart... I’ve never had an audition actually affect me..

    94. Fancy Love

      His Journey is Bigger than American Idol ✨🌞💫

    95. ws 2019

      Its not good enough

    96. nicole 2L

      I’m sorry but this was so hard for me to listen to 🙃

    97. jason webster

      K, maybe she's not ready but I think they should have put her through, she's better then a lot of other contestants that went would have made this season a little bit better.😁👍

      1. julien


    98. Lowkeykhaled

      What have we become god have mercy on us

    99. Gaby A. Ramirez

      Why invest putting video into his story only to turn him away. Doesn't make sense. And yet you all turn a privileged politicians daughter into a sob story. Yes, Ace will need to confront moments of rejection but his voice is AMAZING! He has incredible control even though he's "shy." He belted out a few times, he wasn't timid 🙄

    100. Joey Joe

      It seems to me that he was invited strictly from a promotion standpoint and to get ratings, which is quite disgusting. However, at least Ace had a chance to put himself out there and promote himself and his music. I wish him the best in life! And I really think he has a bright future.