I Just Qualified to Fish For 300k | FLW Tour Lake Champlain

Brian Latimer

102 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    I just qualified to fish for 300k in the FLW Cup in August.
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    1. H.Fishing

      DAAAAANG 300 HUndred Thousand G-STRING'S better put daT HURT ON DeM FISH bOY..... GOOD LUCK🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙👍👍✌️😜

    2. H.Fishing

      Kool intro 🤘🤘🤘reminds me of like a SurF Movie

    3. Alan T

      B Lat, sending you tons of positive thoughts. The way you asked to fish the pipe. The world needs more people like you.

    4. Jeremy Fasulo

      You better watch it with that Ma'am stuff up north haha! Im from NH but in Charlotte at the moment. The south converted me and now when I say Sir and Ma'am back home, they don't like it. I have some family that just moved near this lake on the VT side and can't wait to go visit. B Lat, what's it gonna take to go fishing with you in SC/NC?

    5. Tyler Martin


    6. Denis Goulding

      u are a legend B

    7. Zach Bush

      On cue cuz!!!!

    8. Tracy Wise


    9. Welcoming_Photography

      Do some tournaments/lakes require the use of a landing net???

    10. Junior Carmack

      I was a couple pounds off. Good job though brotha

    11. Junior Carmack

      I think you got about 14.7


      Hey guy if u want to know where the big bass r on lake champlain lmk I grew up on the islands I fish there all summer but epic pike fishing coming up u should come

    13. Uri Orlov

      2nd weigh in guess 16.8

    14. Vickie McEwin

      just please do not change when you get famous, God bless

      1. Brian Latimer


    15. Barry Bell

      Let's ho B vztch a 8 pounder

    16. Don’s drones And stuff

      For peeks sake. Give him a 4 pounder fish gods

    17. Rick Stanaford

      Love watching you work!

    18. Brandon Douglass


    19. Brandon Douglass

      Get you a 5 lber

    20. william lobaldo

      18lb 3oz

    21. Ramon Vargas

      Lake Champlain is an excellent lake from black and blue chatter baits and fishing for suspended bass.




      You can do it trust in the God he will Bless You

    24. Rubberduckin vlogs

      Your so good and after ur first vid i subbed and watch all ur videos love u no homo


      I love your red and black boat

    26. 207OUTDOORS Moody

      17.5 pounds

    27. Ryan Jimison

      Awesome content and editing! I'm not even a fisherman!

    28. 62Rodney 62Eagan

      come on 8 pounder

    29. Moza'el Yasharala

      Hey man you have done the dream i have always dreamed to win a fishing tourney or even be in one. If you have any tips on getting started i could use it. I know i have to have a boat but im financially unable. But othet than that any tip will help.

    30. Trevon Knighton

      Every fish is a big one until he get it out the water. "thats a big one"..... sorry sorry hahahahah man you doing the damn thang fr. Favorite angler


      18 lbs


      You can do it son

    33. Crooked Fence Farm

      My guess: 17 lb 2oz

    34. robert burkett

      Good luck Brian!

    35. Tracy Wise


    36. Dia Har

      I want his beard

    37. fe4r fort


    38. Drake Aamold

      Black Cement tho

    39. Drake Aamold

      God is good!!!!

    40. ImpressiveFireAirsoft

      18.6 day2

    41. Joe Smith

      18:4 lbs

    42. FishingWithAc FishingWithAc

      I seen 19.5 or 20

    43. Jeremy Gilreath

      17 .5

    44. ARTIS H.


    45. Ricky Mumford


    46. Niko Ruppenstein

      You got this

    47. Talen Foree


    48. thereeltyler

      Holy crap I was .2 off nice job B Latt!

    49. thereeltyler

      15.91 is my guess

    50. Kevin Caldwell

      Comment on a comment. I'm thinking 14.5

    51. Kevin Caldwell

      Your a true professional Brain.

    52. Kevin Caldwell

      Way to go B.You the MAN.

    53. MaR 716

      I’ve just started fishing in a whole. Been fishing for about 2 years now. But it’s just something about the bait caster reel that sits better with me visually and physically vs spinning reel. I’ve started learning the bait caster (2months in and can’t catch any bass or fish period on my bait caster) then slipped up on your vids and been stuck watching your techniques, bro u are a breath of fresh air. Love your energy and willingness to explain what it is your using. Blessing and good luck not just in tourney but life period. I seen ya vid on that 100,000 tourney win and to see you interact with your son was a amazing. So just starting off with bait caster what do you suggest for a beginner? Size pole, bait casting reel and line if you don’t mind.

    54. BaitTheHook

      16.8?!!!! Idk!

      1. BaitTheHook

        Damn!!!!! I was close!!!!

    55. Stizzy 2nice

      B Lat, you’re for sure my new favorite major league fisherman! I bass fished all the way through high school and I’ve always been watching MLF KGup videos to get better. Thanks for the great content man !

    56. Branson Chriscoe

      Do you have a camera man. If I was a single man with no wife and kids I’d love to film for you, I’ve been fishing since I was old enough to hold a rod and I’m eager to learn as much as I can

    57. hunter weikle

      18 something

    58. hunter weikle

      You got this

    59. choir anthony

      Im guessing 15.5lbs

    60. Kevin Macdonald

      B Latt your awesome my man

    61. Conner Marcantel

      Good luck catching toads keep up the good work bat tight lines

    62. Jonny W.

      I think it’s gonna weigh about 18 lbs

    63. Lethal_Jace


    64. Andrew Meekens

      15 lbs

    65. badognobisc

      Love it B Lat!

      1. badognobisc

        Such respect to people. Raised right and a Gentleman?

    66. Tracy Knox

      Brother you are a class act love to see good guys do well I'm a fan for life. God bless you and your family

    67. Trey Brown

      It’s crazy how many fish were on that ONE spot!!

    68. TheJtaylor000

      DUDE!!! This is the 2nd or 3rd time watching this video. I just caught that the one bass was missing half its tail. That could have been the couple ounces you needed. What a bummer.

    69. Darin Romanello

      5 P RIGHT NOW!!

    70. Darin Romanello

      17 1/2

    71. AyeeRahjah

      Great video man

    72. Shawn Mcdaniel

      16 half pounds

    73. kevin10870

      Love the vids bru.

    74. kevin10870

      Gettem big dog! Get that bass

    75. Pacific Blui

      Man I got pumped

    76. Colton Minger

      This guy is mr fundamentals when it comes to fishing. Keep up the hard work brother !!

    77. Wesley Adams

      Awesome 👍

    78. steve a

      12-19 lbs give or take

    79. steve a

      the way i look at is always stay positive, keep a great mind set b latt

    80. Mitch Fortson

      I'm in summerville sc

    81. Mitch Fortson

      Good job I'm in love bass fishing

    82. Rocket League trades

      Someone please count how many time I heard that’s a big one

    83. The Angry Bass

      What a competitor and champion he is!

    84. Ranger Bass Time

      Commenting because you make me want to go get on my boat in the morning...thanks

    85. Lucas Avila


    86. LukeRogers436

      You can do this this is your moment to win

    87. Blake Bullock


    88. Ernest Benjamin

      Honey Hole! 18:00

    89. Chad Crawford

      Really exciting watching you fish. good luck.

    90. No comment

      Your gonna win a Bass Masster Classic one day Texas lover brother !

    91. Chuck Jackson

      CONRGATS, good sir! I wish you well!!!!

    92. Mark Baker

      lmao the smell good part and uncle part had me dying! great video man!

    93. spyder 4351

      Just found uour channel and i love it. You are an extremly positive upbeat guy and your fun to watch. Keep on catchin

    94. bradst91

      Dude you are tha man!!

    95. Wiley Sanders

      Do did good

    96. Wiley Sanders

      Come laten you can do it put youre game face on

    97. Wiley Sanders

      That drain is loaded

    98. Wiley Sanders

      Good catch

    99. David Westwood

      was there like 100 fish by this drain pipe or what?!

    100. Steve N

      love those jordan 3s!