Bassmaster Eastern Open at Lay Lake - Day 1 (Going for Broke)

DC Fishing

16 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    This is day 1 of the Bassmaster open event on Lay Lake. It was a really tough week of practice but I am sticking with the game plan and going for broke. Since I am not fishing for points, I have a lot more freedom to take risks and no concern if it ends up not working out. Strap in, this could get interesting.
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    1. Team Yeet skeet fishing

      What song was the intro song ?

      1. B Fishing Outdoors

        it is called "off the cuff" from epidemic sound.

    2. Ryan Eckman

      The camera angle is brutal lol hard to watch

    3. Central Coast Bass

      Add a chesty and your golden, just saying love the video.

      1. Troy & Brianna Tyler

        He don’t want anyone to see where he’s at

    4. Tracy Jones


    5. Todd Cooper

      Merry Christmas From The Cooper's Cleburne,Texas

    6. old mcdonald

      what does it matter . tourney over

    7. Brady Carver

      What kind of boots are you wearing DC? Are they warm ?

    8. John Henry

      The music was a good hype to the video makes me wanna go out and catch a few dingers 🛎

    9. Eli Saint

      Won’t paying one bit of attention to co angler 🤣

    10. Ben Pearse

      Hope to see you back on the BASS stage

    11. Chris Cumbest

      Are we fishing or hood ratting it 🤔😂😂😂

    12. Trey Miller

      I really wanted to come out to see weigh in. But quarantine life sucks

    13. Lance Mabry

      Not a fan of the camera angle, but love the tourney videos. Caught 1 Dodo looked like. Any chance you will ever come back to BASS? Just curious, not starting shit lol

    14. Mike stephenson

      Your video was Ok but your The Hood/Gangster noise kills the interests of the video.

      1. Treyblerock Lake


      2. DC Fishing


    15. zack smith

      Camera angle so no body can see where he’s dinging the hell up. Keep at it DC

    16. imyoungp


    17. Tony Smith

      I know you're trying to keep your "juice" a secret but that's a crappy way to try and watch a video...

    18. 256BassFishing

      Man! I wish I was able to fish that Open. After the abysmal Neely Henry BASS Open I need redemption. That's ok... I'm planning on making a full season run as a Co next year. I did get some good points on Neely Henry.

      1. Mason Green

        Get em bro 🦍💪

    19. Dwayne ponder

      DC I have always loved your videos and watch all your stuff. I get it protecting your stuff at home. You know sports center COM’ ON MAN. If you don’t want to give it up give us a good recap in DC fashion on how the day went.

    20. Ian McGonigal


    21. Zac Pearson

      What are some ways I can catch winter bass in Florida? I always am struggling and freezing my ass off in the morning with little return.

      1. Zac Pearson

        KaVillage I’ve bee;throwing a shakey head and neds or yoyoing a lipless slow cranks

      2. KaVillage

        slow your presentation down. maybe downsize to a simple smaller creature bait like a ned

    22. Greg Thomas

      Not a big fan of the crotch camera angle. lol. But I do enjoy watching you catch fish.

      1. Barrett Bennefield

        Camera angle is so no one can see where he’s at

    23. Ryan Godsey Fishing

      I had so much fun with dc in that tournament learned a lot. But still fun day on the water

    24. Gary Lukas

      Don't like the music !!! But who am I!!! AWESOME content love the channel big big fan

      1. Hank Williams

        Yup music sucks

    25. NismoS13240sx1

      Is that the hydronaut suit??

    26. Jaime Salinas

      Nice video! Love how real you are, interesting choice of camera angle tho. Lol

    27. All Tree Solutions

      Is he done with the BPT (mlf)?

      1. B Fishing Outdoors

        Negative. This one was just close to home.

    28. H. Cole

      Keep up the great work and awesome videos.

    29. Tyler Donaldson

      The music in this video is fire

    30. Kelly Moore

      Said screw day 2 huh?

      1. Kelly Moore

        So he didn't weigh in day 2?

      2. MichiganFishing

        @B Fishing Outdoors yea I was saying he/you wouldn’t have put day 1 in the video.

      3. B Fishing Outdoors

        @Kelly Moore bro, I am his cameraman and editor. He fished day two. Just wait on the video.

      4. Kelly Moore

        Look at the results of the tourney, no day 2 input from him.

      5. B Fishing Outdoors

        He 100% fished day two. That video should come out later this week.