H3 After Dark - #15

H3 Podcast

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    1. Beth Boyle

      Let other people finish their sentences Cuz when you talk while someone else is talking it cuts out what they're saying!!

    2. Ayvoree

      i need everyone watching this to blast tf off right now

    3. beanie

      Certified bruh moment

    4. Joe Blow


    5. Jibran

      I don't feel the same hearing all this. i will go die now

    6. banda de ratas


    7. banda de ratas

      AB and zach both look so cute in that pic🥺🥺🥺

    8. cristomali456 m jeenifarty654

      The beautiful baboon interstingly poke because barber kelly reflect about a draconian stamp. thin, spiritual roast


      54:00 What the hek was that

    10. Jon L

      Bro I’m not trying to say kinks and fetishes are wrong but seriously how tf do you get pooped on and not want to throw up, that shit smells wtf. How can something that smells like literal shit out of water be sexy weird smells are like the biggest turn off.

    11. MalinaIzEtiopije

      20:37 not impressive! I eat lemon easy so i can go against covid Ian

    12. Shaina

      Hila your hair looks amazing

    13. Denn Mcambley

      ian immediately goes off camera though to throw up.

    14. Denn Mcambley

      p's then the inevitable f.

    15. Stripey Horse

      AB is the best. lol second to Hila of course

    16. Stripey Horse

      Damm i love you guys.. happy new year..

    17. Frances B

      Please Hire Me

    18. Alexis Kate

      I love Ian ❤️

    19. Dave

      This channel blows

    20. She Deviant


    21. Kuhanapomaranca

      ethan if you want to be into politics you really need to be more open to both sides, cus right now your mind is set on the idea that its the right wingers who are wrong, which is furtherst from the truth, because most right wingers are nothing like the image you have created in ur head.

      1. Kuhanapomaranca

        @Sarcofaygo and if you think trump is a fascist, racist, transphobic, homophobe, you literally believe lies, and in that case, you are a mindless political zealot only acting on your emotion, not rational thought! Obviously same goes for die-hard trump cant do nothing wrong old fox news narrative, its just another side of the coin you try to fight, by being the same if not worse than them in your way.

      2. Kuhanapomaranca

        @Sarcofaygo yeah i said a lot, and english isnt my first launguage, so excuse me, my point was, you cant say a certain political camp (in this case right wingers) is all bad because they have a certain part of people who are evil, while you yourself are blind to the reason you think all of right wingers in this case are evil is because the people in your political camp are evil and lie to you. Cus that makes you an useful idiot and nothing mroe than a stupid hypocrite. Thats my point.

      3. Kuhanapomaranca

        @Sarcofaygo idk man, you should see who all was on that island, donald was barelly tehre, the clintons had a nice history there and as far as i remember they're democrats lol, you're making stupid assumptions that only the opposing political camp is possible of evil while you blindly believe dishonest people on your side, and it only creates evil and division amongst the people. This is not politics, but its empty baseless attacks on an political opposition. Right wing, left wing, both ahve their evils, its just that the evil is way more prominent on the left, because powerful people all have a reason to spread lies and misinformation, the same lies and misinformation you believe ;)

      4. Sarcofaygo

        Didnt most right wingers vote for donald whose an epstein predator? Hes "right" to be skeptial

    22. ThinLion Films

      Glad they finally realized after dark was supposed to be uncensored lol

    23. Lol Bruh

      COVID 19 Ian is mega lit 🔥 no cap, straight up ⬆️

    24. Emily Pilcher

      i wanna be apart of the crew no cap would be the best fit

    25. Mikey Squeeze

      I'm upset Charlie already responded because that H3 video would have been amazing

    26. landon shea

      barrie colts ahahahah

    27. Mike Hunt

      Charlie didn't respond to Ethan's wiki feet cuz' Ethan ignored his podcast lol.

    28. Jazmin Zenteno

      Lmfao he is making me want to get Covid

    29. Shredder91

      I know im a few podcasts behind but for the love of god please stop it with that loud bell

    30. lp pfief du pfeifs

      nice show !

    31. christian A.T

      Why is dan such a Debbie downer,

    32. Jorge Vera

      I had no idea that Starkilla was AB, I remember keemstar making fun of his wife back when the content nuke dropped.

    33. s

      Zach is the heartthrob

    34. Emma Newton

      Poor Ian

    35. Emma Newton

      I love the blonde hair

    36. Sister Gonorrhea

      Jesus dude, Charlie's feet are now 1.86...you've killed him.

      1. vVAstrAVv

        Best not miss when you take a shot at the king

    37. TheProboys3

      I can’t believe I keep coming back to this shitpile of a podcast

    38. Kelly Flynn

      thank you ethan and hila for being so calm and soothing and getting me through every hangover

    39. Alissa

      The comments on Wiki Feet are upset lol

    40. Surfer Rosa

      God I love Ian~ I have covid too buddy. Totally here for a h3 talent show

      1. Joy Georgina

        How are you feeling?

    41. Marie


    42. Stephanie Techera

      Is ian lowkey talking about DMT when hes saying blast off or am i trippin

    43. sonia rodriguez

      trisha gives then double the views 😶

    44. Alex Deschenes

      What’s the song when Ian’s blasting off?

    45. JADICK6

      Just realised how much she looks like Davie504...

    46. Tally

      can i say i have adhd and i cant stop reading the h3 after dark led light x/ lol

    47. Tally

      what a bunch of losers shitting on eachother lmfao is h3 evolved ?

    48. nik0100


    49. Dexter 8

      I love corona virus now since i got to see Ian like this all looking happy and having good time and funny and entertaining

    50. Kat Grose

      content court on sally

    51. Tati Violette

      Ethan: ""No covid talk" Ian:

    52. Claire

      Theeeeee most disgusting time to be alive.

    53. Brad Rea

      Hilas idea does an H3 podcast talent show is where it’s at!

    54. Brad Rea

      Hula is gorgeous as always!

    55. Brad Rea

      This is the BEST podcast. You don’t need Trisha. Find a new cohost for frenemies and move on. Let her figure out her mental health ( she will be missed ) but MOVE on. I’d watch/listen when she’s better and willing to participate again. In the meantime, find a new cohost and do the DAMN thang!!!

    56. Chief Queef

      "I need everyone watching to blast the fuck off right now." - Ian the Astronaut

    57. //

      Hila did you get silicon in your face tf happened

    58. mitchrocks0706

      Covid Ian is the best!!

    59. Maxisamo1

      "No more poop/pee stories, we're evolving!" *Proceeds to interview scat-fetishist OnlyFans couple*

    60. mitchrocks0706

      Oh great I got my boyfriend Hanes already!! Too late

    61. mitchrocks0706

      Period products should be tax free for sure in America !!!and should definitely be able to Talk about it anytime!!

    62. mitchrocks0706

      P&F!! For Ethan!!🙏🏽

    63. mitchrocks0706

      Hila would handle the divorce better for sure!! Lol 😂 love the Kurt Cobain hair

    64. MinervaSky

      loved seeing the wikifeet segment. Love h3 and big moist.

    65. Mina N

      I love u guys so much.

    66. nik0100


    67. Josee Nolet

      The two of you hurts people and We in Canada 🇨🇦 dislike this very much.....Gross

    68. CyanideSprinkles

      can anybody name the song Ian instructed us to blast the fuck off to? i need it.

      1. CyanideSprinkles

        for anybody who wants it, Edge of Tomorrow by TeknoAXE

    69. Amber Guzman

      I really hope they end up doing the h3 talent show!!

    70. shapes

      honestly this and the norm macdonald podcast are the best podcasts in history

    71. Kristopher Rochester Peters

      I hope Trish & Ethan get married 🥰

    72. molly nava

      Someone needs to tell Hila her hair is turning green

    73. Nova 29

      Why does AB hide his subs on starkilla

    74. Xanick

      God Hila is so boring. 0 personality.

    75. GarioTheRock

      But you actually are my favorite married couple!! 😅

    76. J J


    77. Sarcofaygo

      Ethan wanting to divorce Hila is so ugly and gross Jesus


      I love the after dark podcast

    79. Jacob Wages

      If you get moist on ! 100

    80. ToadyEN

      Haha Ian 😂 amirite

    81. Glasses&Mouthplates

      H3 After Dark aka. the fetish sharing therapy session. (Not that I'm complaining)

    82. Whitney Brew

      No ones gonna mention how she said the R slur and he tried to save it by saying no retakes. Uh what.

    83. abg nbd

      Dan saying “foot soldiers” and dying laughing is hilarious!

    84. Julia Sivakoff

      i love this!!!!!

    85. D Ariel

      Where’s dan

    86. YN_AiMz

      SHE: *logs into OF* *sees all the pages and pages of ppl selling NUDES* ALSO HER: “LeT mE pUt My OwN nAkEd SeLf As A cHiLd”

    87. Sarah Jones

      An h3 talent show yaaasssss

    88. Sarah Jones

      Me watching h3 and ✨⭐️just ✨🌟⭐️blasting the f off ✨🌍🌎🌍💫💫🌏🌍🌍🌟⭐️⭐️✨💫💫✨

    89. Neesh P

      She’s like “ fuck off man” 😂 she don’t play fake shit.

    90. Monica W


    91. V Moonbeam

      Hila is so gorgeous

    92. Ruth Vazquez

      Omg this was so funny 😂 Ian is the best

    93. Amelia

      Yeah, ethan SO laughed on purpose.. the joke wasn’t THAT funny

    94. Jae Park

      The pricey pamphlet primarily taste because pyramid intuitively melt failing a amusing walrus. annoyed, towering lake

    95. Al Zich

      You guys deserve a Netflix special

    96. Kiley Kneib


    97. Emily Morris

      I didn’t know Content Court was AB’s idea. He’s such a great addition to the show! Also this episode was a lot of fun, love when the whole gang is super involved and having a good time

    98. Kitty Cami

      it was so so so amazing to have ian be so active :,)

    99. kronosx7

      2020 was rough, it looked as though we would finally get a handle on this deadly virus. There was a glimmer of hope, then the feet wars started....

    100. MnightShamolon

      Zack is actually fucking cool bro he embraces himself and I love it 😻 😎