TOKYO TALES: Mini Villages (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 4)


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    Episode 4 of the Tokyo Tales Podcast! We're starting to notice how differently we're treated here in Japan at restaurants, and we want to bring that with us in how we treat others. Check it out in this week's podcast!
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    1. ps8hholoogiline

      I just can't get enough of your podcasts and videos. I love you guys so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

    2. Dani Trigo

      23:29 amén!! Hola from Chile

    3. Young Coconut

      My mum and I recently started going to a local farmers market for getting our groceries because of my stomach condition and we now get lunch every Saturday at the little cafe/bistro/restaurant place at the farmers market, after going for a couple months now we got to know the workers names and have made friends with the cooks and baristas. It’s totally a new and beautiful experience for us and we have such a good time and such great feelings of community! No man is an island, go make friends, even if it takes time, it’s totally totally worth it.

    4. intro3 outro

      That about getting out there even locally it's so hard. I feel like I havent gotten to know much locally in all my life here. Except for the bakery and supermarket

    5. L

      I feel like I am hearing how to be like a child again through this conversation about community and expression through language (because of the having heard, as children we had little to no fear messing up; at least compared to adulthoood. Enter anxities/depression). Hearing the last bits of encouragement to keep showing up, I don't know if I can all the time, BUT I'll be trying.

    6. Lekza

      I love you guys. But I feel soooo hungry after every video, that's why I don't leave comments often....I just rush to find some food ^_^

    7. Bubbz

      Hearing you talk about leaving comments made me finally want to regularly comment on your videos to at least express how much I appreciate them. As someone who is anxious about even speaking over the internet, it is a bit nervewracking but I'm going to start. Much love to you both.

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        I just saw a few of your comments! Thank you Bubbz! See you soon in the comment section ;)

    8. lunarsabre

      wait what? they have a store?

    9. Little Pine Tree

      I used to watch a lot of stuff and most of the time i didnt leave a comment. I still dont do it often but I am trying to pay more atention to it. Cause sometime we tend to forget the work and the people behind the work. And how engaging and motivating it is to leave coments. Anyways, i am binge watching your stories x) i love hearing you guys and you make me want to be part of the conversation ^^ your podcasts have that cosy neighbourhood feel to it as well :)

    10. GraceDcastle

      I love your podcasts, I'm going through all of them lately, I don't understand how it took me so long to discover them since I follow you since like 6 years ago 😱 I live in Mexico city which is a huge huge HUGE city, while I study college, and it can get pretty lonely as well, but I do think that I have experienced that feeling of mini villas, I don't think that it's so much like in Japan but the place where I buy my produce is run by a couple and I have been buying from them for a couple of years now, and this year I haven't been cooking as much so I don't go there so frequently anymore and the other day the lady told me that she hadn't see me in a while and started chatting with me a little bit. And I did felt like I just buy food but they started noticing that I'm a regular and stuff. Idk, I think I'm just rambling 😂 Love you guys

    11. Starneko

      I'm always late but Amen. I watch/listen to your videos while I sew and I love hearing what you guys have to say. So thank you for being there for us.

    12. Brighid T

      I haven't found a community like this yet where I'm living but I hope to soon 💜 you guys are the best 💜💜💜💜

    13. Artemis Animals

      I have been binge watching your videos and podcasts since I found your channel a few days ago. It made me feel heard and special when you liked my first comment. Love you both and your nasties 💕

    14. Chris Nixon

      Thank you for the recommendation for Kitchijoji!! My wife and i are visiting Tokyo in Sept for the third time, so keen to hear new places to explore. And in regards to you guys being treated as family when you go to local places, you guys have super natural friendly vibes. You have millions of subscribers and to us, even though we just tune into you videos, you feel like family to us

    15. Sorina Andrada

      I wish you would do longer podcasts! I love hearing you guys, maybe an hour, it's too short!!!

    16. neutrino456

      Wow this was a great podcast, I'm studying abroad in Tokyo right now and this video definitely made me feel a bit more inspired to really go outside and put myself out there.... something that I struggle with honestly. I don't really comment a lot but been watching since the good old kpop music mondays, and your channel just always feel so wholesome/welcoming to me somehow. Thanks for sharing :)

    17. Hannah Stoiber

      I really enjoyed this video, I own a small grocery store in a small Town and I now this experience from the other side. There is a certain way you click with your usual customers. It is so nice to feel appreciated by them. The the kind of community that is forming in small towns around shops and coffees is someting that really lights up my days. And listening to you podcast really reminded me of how importent that is to me. Thanks.

    18. Piper Theos

      Hey, you two. My name's Piper. I've been watching you guys for a couple years now, and I felt it was time to introduce myself after listening to this on Spotify. I want you guys to know you're part of my own ladder. I admire you both and I think that you two and my husband and I would be great friends. My husband is big and beefy but sensitive like Simon, and I have chronic pain and love small cute things like Martina. So I feel we'd get along pretty well. Anyway. I feel like these podcasts are like me sitting down to eat and drink with you, and we just talk. So, i just wanted to thank you for being a part of my life. 💗

    19. Jessica Angela

      im having a very hectic week full of assignments and freelance works, and istg these videos are keeping me going ! Thank you so muccchhhh simon & martina (And i srsly love that blue glass idk why)

    20. CherryzLove

      I've been somewhat passively watching these videos for years and only recently decided to look up your other platforms and try to engage more in the conversation... I can totally identify with that description of typing out a reply and then deciding not to post it... should I post this? eh...

    21. Elizabeth Pérez

      thank you! you guys are inspiring me to make an effort and build community, it has been so hard because I'm too independent and shy but I definitely want to try be different

    22. Debra Gibbons

      we had a local Lebanese Restaurant that became our 'mini-village'. They even invited us to Ramaden feast to break bread with them as family.

    23. angelo

      nearly started to cry because Wow. i want communities and experiences that are so far off to me right now

    24. Emily Carroll

      I love this video. I have been following you guys since you were in Korea, but I have always been too shy to comment. I always felt like I had nothing to add, but you saying that this is how you build a community really hit home for me. I have been struggling with feeling like I don't have any place to belong but I feel like I can keep trying to find somewhere. Thank you

    25. Naima Gardner

      I moved to Germany from Sweden 2 years ago and i just started to learn german a few months ago and i was working at a café where some of my colleges didnt speak english so i had to rely on the little german i knew. And a few times when i was asking my college if she had already eaten and taken a break, when she hadnt, i would say "wenn du willst, du kannst." (When you want, you can.) And she always thought it was cute and funny when i said that, because she said that people dont really say that. But for me, as an English and Swedish speaker, it makes sence to say that. Its just funny how some things would be ok to say in one language but not in an other! 😂

    26. Renea Taylor

      Her dads part of the yakuza? Lol idk if they’re that old tho ?~?

    27. Gloria Caridad

      I can’t wait to visit Japan and finally put a taste to all of this amazing food you casually talk about 😅 and of course visit the places locals go and hopefully the ones you recomend as well! 💕🥰 Have a good day guys!

    28. Erinn Streeter

      I'm relatively new around here, but this is great for me because you have sooo much content I can binge watch. 😄

    29. Miss Rizz

      Hi guys - got KGup Red ages ago so I could remove ads but keep you guys in the ad moneys (dollar dollar bill y'all) and TBH, I think I've watched each video 30 times over, especially FapFaps and Wanks! Your videos never get stale, your personalities shine through every time and it's a joy to be part of the KGup community. I only just got onto the whole podcast thing, and videos like this make me want to join the rainbow ladder support team as I've been too afraid to go into the Izekaya of the EYK community because it looks like a traditional Japanese house and not an okonomiyaki restaurant, and I've been too afraid to come in, but hearing how much we mean to you guys makes me braver than before :)

    30. Yahru Draws

      I just started listening to your podcast series. I listen to them when I commute from school and back now.~ Love your content! I want to try and comment more so I can be part of your community too. 😁

    31. maria solano

      I'll listen to your advice. I'm in my second year of college and I've been having a hard time making close friends but I'm working on going out and joining clubs I like. Just on days like today, where the day's just fine but loneliness really gets to me and it felt like this video came at the right time. And getting to watch your videos is like listening to friends so thank you 😊 I'll keep working on finding my community too

    32. Mari Marshmallow

      I remember I had funny experience on holidays. I met a guy from Somalia and he didn't speak well English so I tried to speak French. I was basically using English and French mix of words to express myself xD my parents joined the conversation but because they don't know English well I had to translate everything into Polish so I really confused which language to use with who

    33. Valentinuuu

      Well, I guess I should leave coments more often, haha. I'm always watching your videos in waves, for years now. But only last week I discovered one of the podcast episodes. You bet I am binging now lol A thing that actually stuck with me that I needed today was, (not sure which episode) when you guys said to question yourself if you only had a bad half an hour, instead of a bad day. Well, I had a very very hard 3 hours today during and after a class in uni where felt stupid af and was filled with anxiety (after I thought I got through it mostly and could more and more live a normal life) and it only got worse. I had some not so great medical news recently, so that probably didn't help. Anyways, so I set myself a goal, #buildingaladder style: I had 2 Hours left at home before I had to go to the next class, that I promised to myself I would go to (also I had to, but that never stopped me from staying at home lol). I ate, I took a nap and went there and - oh wonder!- I actually had a super nice time. The sun was shining, the people and the professor were super sweet and supporting And then I told my bofriend all about it and said the same thing to him: had a bad day or only a bad half an hour? so that was great. hope you both have a lovely day :) many lovies from Austria ;) (also excuse any mistakes, so tired, can't write)

    34. XYZ LUCINA

      It is weird that tatoos are taboo in Japan since they kind of "invented" the tatoo. Historically "Japanese tattooing, or irezumi (入れ墨), is said to have originated in the Jomon Period (10,000 BCE-300 CE)." Other people did it before them but they were not influenced by them most likely

    35. Dragon_Slayer6753

      Yeah in North America you have to legit go to a village in the middle of nowhere in order to get what you get at a mini village in japan

    36. Cynthia Stinson

      I never realized that being stuck at home has an hour limit, but you are right. I’m waiting to travel out of my country and have little to do before I leave in about 3 weeks. So I shlep around my half packed house and get gradually crazier. The only solution is to go shopping or to a local restaurant in my small town. At least I come home a little bit more normal.

    37. Miza

      Hey, I know you both are going through a very trying time right now and just wanted to thank you for helping others that are in the same spot. You give perspective and opportunities for joy and you're just awesome.

    38. Heather Przybyla

      Long time silent watcher. So inspiring to get out and watch and share life.

    39. peecegurl

      I listened to this podcast before as background noise. But after actually listening to this video, I feel more compelled to leave comments on your guys' videos. I've been watching your videos since 2014 when I was a freshman in college but I never thought to leave a comment after watching videos because I figured "Oh, they must get so many comments from everyone". But thank you to you both and to Suzy, Lee, Rose, Dan, and everyone else who has been in/helped out in your videos. Your videos have always brought me excitement and joy. TLDR- Love your videos. Love you both. Will comment more often from now on. :)

    40. john k

      god bless you guys and keep up the great work. you are touching people through you stories.

    41. Curry Rice

      I was listening to this while studying and working but 9:45 got me LOLOLOL

    42. manhuntsoap

      Your podcasts are so awesome!! Please do more of it. Every single of your podcast made me have a warm feeling in my tummy :)

    43. Lexie Lyn

      I love your popcasts/videos they are SUPER 楽しい! lol

    44. Guineapig Wheekly uk

      I think it's so cool how you both encourage your followers Martina and Simon in the ways you do to be brave and aspire to do things that even if they seem scary it's just about trying and being yourself. I hope I can be brave enough to come to Japan one day, but for now I'm going to try and make more friends :) and go out there. Katie and pigs x

    45. Dharini A

      (long winded personal story ahead) I've lived away from home for 7 years now, and the thing that makes me want to stay is exactly what you're talking about. My boyfriend and I have become regulars at several shops and restaurants in town to the point of becoming friends with the owners and the staff. I want to go to these places because I know that I will get to see my friends. The warmth of community is so essential to human existence. I'm so happy that you are able to find that even when you are so far from home. Your wonderfully bright and thoughtful personalities attract good people to you, even in different languages. Rock on, guys!

    46. Catie Andow

      I can't wait to go to japan and check out some of the places you guys have recommended in your videos, you guys rock!

    47. Sunshine!

      *mentally slaps myself* comment more often!! Holy shit I wish I could go on a taco pilgrimage that sounds freaking amazing that's it, new life goal!

    48. Klara Ajer

      Trying to be open to strangers are hard. I'm not that much of an verbal communicator as well :S But I try so smile and make eye contact :)

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        I'm not one either, but I try so hard. I really do. I'd much rather not say anything, but I know that the effort pays off.

    49. The Stammering Dunce

      14:05 😂😂😂 That sass.

    50. Jessy Ctw

      Love this podcast! I always envied my mom who has a very bubbly personality and always easily befriends owners of shops and restaurants that we used to go to when we were kids. And as I'm getting older as well, this open attitude towards life and creating new relations in your neighbourhood you guys talk about, I can really relate to now. Thanks for reminding me about such a simple thing in life :) Looking forward to the next podcast!

    51. the katiekatejun

      I have been to Japan two times now, two-three weeks both times, and even then I felt this weird loneliness. This episode cemented my plan to go out and meet people, become a part of the local community when I move there for University exchange soon! Thank you. ♡

    52. snowvampire101

      Ive been a silent watcher for a while and I have to say I love these podcasts because it makes me appriciate the little things.This makes my weeks a little happier. Thank you for working so hard on these videos.

    53. Rerezhang

      not in LA, but in Boston there is an awesome taco restaurant/food truck is called naco taco they're tacos are good, but the best is the yuca fries

    54. Avi Vasquez

      It's been my dream to visit japan one day x3 I'm an introvert and the country just seem perfect for me.

    55. Tori sheehan

      You guys are amazing

    56. { Pixie }

      that old lady was totally the daughter of a yakuza boss! so rad, hardcore

    57. sarahtolkien

      Awww. I feel like i know you guys and we're friends but it's so nice to think you know me and remember comments I've made over the years and might feel the same way about me. I also comment on Facebook but I don't think I've connected the two together so you know they're both me. My real first name is Sarah and starts with Mea on Facebook. Next time i comment there, I'll sign with sarahtolkien so you know it's me.

    58. Layal A. N.

      Heyy so I’m one of those silent ppl who still keep up with your videos and I just wanna say how much I love you guys?? I just have a ton of respect for you guys and want the best for you ❤️

    59. fangirlme33


    60. cindy qu

      will you guys be on the next episode of worth it??? dream come true?

    61. PuddingStars55

      Hey guys, I've been watching you for quite some time now ( since like....2010? ) but have never had the courage to leave a comment >< Your whole little talk about community is something I'm going to take with me if I end up moving to Germany with my boyfriend :3 I'm super nervous about the possibility of moving to another country where i don't know a lick of the language, but you guys are right. If you at least try to interact with people and show that you want to learn their language only positive things can come from it. Realizing how much you two have moved around and been so flexible with learning new languages gives me hope for myself that i can do it too!

    62. Lofi Cicada

      "Here comes the pedantic part of Simon." LOL I'm right there with Simon, I'm pedantic af!

    63. Amanda Thompson

      You made me want to comment here!! I went overseas to Korea last year for the summer to study, and had a great time. I got a lot of inspiration to go from watching your videos (thanks for that!) .But besides that, I have a Local Bubble Tea shop in my small town in Ohio, that I frequent. The workers are always so nice and remember me when I come in, well when I came back from being in Korea for a month, I went to my bubble tea shop. The owner lit up completely and came around the counter to say hi! She was so happy to see me. I didn’t realize I was that important to her, but it makes me feel really good! I think a lot of times people get so wrapped up in their minds and their day to day doings that they miss the small stuff. Anyway, love you guys! 😍

    64. Carlo G

      Toronto is definitely a cold city... and I don't mean weather-wise...

    65. Pilar Ek

      I love your guys video so much! I’ve been to Japan two years ago and wish I saw your guys video so I could have visit other places! Thank you guys for making amazing videos love you guys

    66. felix sss

      like your podcast, especially about food in japan... :)

    67. Casscia

      love you guys

    68. Amanda Ramsay

      I'm so happy to be apart of the Nasty family. I watch your episodes when I need a smile or a good laugh. It's funny, you say that you were teachers back in South Korean, but you never actually stopped teaching. With every single post, every instagram, every video, you teach us something new about your surroundings and new experiences

    69. Colin Macleod

      Thanks for the discussion. Tokyo really is a city of mini villages. My wife and I have lived in Shinjuku for the last 6 years and are in the process of moving out to Tachikawa. We’re looking forward to more of a community vibe out there - in Shinjuku we always get the tourist treatment because I’m Scottish and she’s Mexican. It’s understandable, we don’t look like we live here, but it’s frustrating having the English menu thrust at you every time you go out to eat. We have a few places in Nakano and Takadanobaba where they know us (we even got invited to the wedding of the couple who run our main local bar) , but Shinjuku is such a huge place that it’s hard to make a connection in some busy restaurants and bars. Going to eat alone at the counter is a good idea, though - people are much more interested in chatting with you then. Thanks again, guys!

    70. Taznia Heywood

      Love you guys so much 😭

    71. Olivia Cerio

      So I know this video is old by KGup standards now..but Simon’s comment about the restaurants really struck me. I don’t usually comment because I feel like it’s unimportant - no one will read it, even if they see it. But knowing that it means so much to you, even if you don’t directly read every comment, made me realize that support is support, wether seen or not. Your channel has really inspired me for a long time, and is why I took the leap and went to Japan this summer! I’m taking Japanese right now at university and plan to teach for at least a year, and it’s because of you guys! Keep making the amazing content you do, and thank you for owning such a welcoming restaurant! 💕💕

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        I read this comment. It's not unimportant to us, at all :D

    72. Martha Harris

      I’m tearing up seeing you hold hands at the end. Peepees and community! Been a nasty for years!!! Love you guys!!!

    73. MsBakaRisu

      First up: I love your podcast! (Never listen to the other you had though). I love these stories about community and the lovely feeling. It’s a fudging shame that I didn’t take more time exploring (when I was in Tokyo for three months) cause I was so afraid of taking Japanese and didn’t really now where to go or what to do beside the typical ish tourist stuff. But hopefully I will be back in Tokyo some day and I’ll definitely have your advice in mind and try not to make my anxiety make the plans for me❤️

    74. Rollmops

      Uuuh I love this podcast! Why did I miss the others? Wish we would also have those open communicative athmosphere in restaurants etc..

    75. Isabelle Arné

      I have never felt this family feeling in any place in my home country but i do feel it when I watch your videos, I do not go out often and I am the person in the back of the room that's quiet but enjoying the place... I will first try to interact here and post more comments and then I will start to do that in local places 😄

    76. O! RU, L82?

      You guys are awesome! I love listening to your podcasts because its like I'm sitting at the table too. ☺

    77. GusDaPuppy Williams

      I think it's because you respect people wherever you go, that you get the respect back.

    78. Jada West

      I'm gonna try and comment more after hearing how much you love and care for your community

    79. Beekilgannon

      I would love to comment more but I have this weird mental block with commenting because I either have nothing constructive to say or I feel like I'm a nuisance 😩

    80. Andie Ingram

      Martina and Simon, thank you so much for your encouragement to put myself out in my community. This year I moved across the country from a small town to the big city of Chicago. In the beginning I threw myself into volunteering with local organizations and attending cultural events. For an introvert, people are surprised by how often I put myself in unfamiliar situations. My professional persistence made way for a new job (and it is a good job too). Nonetheless, I remain disconnected from my neighborhood and am unfulfilled with my social community. Today I was struggling with this loneliness, and worried about how this negative impacts the good in my life. It was excellent timing to hear your encouragement to be steadfast in going to my local coffee shops and being a warm, kind neighbor. I will continue to engage in my "mini-village." Thank you for the reminder! P.S. I do not comment often as I cannot convey the incredible impact you have had on helping me build my ladder. Thank you very much.

    81. coconutcreampie123

      it was amazing oishi, so i guess amazingly delicious

    82. PM Snowraven

      I suffer from *severe* social anxiety and probably live in the most rudest city in my state and it's so hard to be friendly with the people. When I first moved to my first apartment I put a hello card on everyone's mailbox to introduce myself and I was given them back or they were in the trash unopened. No one says hello or good morning / evening. Alot of the business's have very rude cashiers and management. So it's so hard to engage someone cause you just never know how they will act. It's so much easier to avoid them than to deal with response. It's easier to just not be known. I was a ghost in high school, I can remain a ghost in adulthood.

    83. hikkipedia

      Such a heartwarming episode

    84. SFX

      Martina, your words about wanting to 'express Martina' to people really spoke to me. It's something that I really feel having lived in Japan for a year now, and it was encouraging to hear your story about super-oishii. I am always weary of stuffing up Japanese and get frustrated when I can't express my excitement or joy to Japanese people. Thanks for the encouragement!

    85. 10danceallday

      I hope that you get to see everyone you want to see while your in North America!

    86. Cake Cannibal

      I've been fallowing you guys for I think about two years now and watching your videos dose feel very much like checking up with family. 💖

    87. RedCaillie

      I love watching you do the podcast so I can see your interactions. You both are awesome!!!

    88. JM Ct

      ouw, i came late here, sorry, but in Mexico the best tacos are the ones in the street :) the better way to know where to eat them is looking how many people are waiting. Fany tacos might disappoint you more often...

    89. B ay

      Hi simon and martina and community members!! (And memers and spudgy). It was only a yr and a half ago that i felt completely isolated and alone, but now i am the happiest that i have ever been , thanks to the communities ive built up around me. These relationships are the most important thing to me right now. Though ive been a nasty for about 5 yrs, ive only ever posted 1 comment!! Id like to change that amd really become an integrated member of this community. So. An opening question to the wealth of knowledge in this comment section: In just 6 months i will be studying abroad and i could not be more ecstatic! However, a few people have told me that, in order to avoid getting cussed out, i should lie and say that im canadian, NOT american. I really dont want to lie, but will it really be for the best to pretend to be canadian, at least to short term acquantinces? Any input at all would be appreciated!! Im studying at the university of glasgow, scotland, if that gives any context. Thanks to anyone that responds, the nasties that welcome me, and to simon and martina for being themselves!! Paragraph long comment over 🤘

    90. Hibari K

      I really love these podcasts! This podcast helped motivate me to try out new places to eat and hopefully find somewhere where I can become part of the community. :)

    91. Kaipo

      You guys were talking about takos and it took me forever to figure out you were actually talking about tacos 🤣🤣

    92. Christina Post

      But it's easy to love you :) you are such open hearted kind people. So engaging! I found you in a video with... I don't even remember anymore... and I've seen every video ever since :) You really make my day and get me out of my anxiety and depressive brain - @Simon and Martina are my happy place 😁 and I really love your podcasts :) Was really sad though when I saw your video about Cologne since it's so close to where I live and I missed my chance to meet you... :( You should really come here again - maybe even to Düsseldorf! We have a huge japanese community and I would be really interested in knowing if the food and stuff is really authentically japanese (and the differences). Love you

    93. Tyanna Marie

      OMG so that means you're in Canada right now!!!! I almost want to drive to Toronto to see if I can bump into you :)

    94. Brenna Arbour

      Ahh! The photos at the end, they were so wonderful, especially with Simon's dad!

    95. sammmtastic

      amen, nerds :p i love you guys. i don't go out much but maybe i'll try again now as i'm trying to build my ladder.

    96. omnomnom

      AAAAAAAAAAAAMEENN!!! 😂❤️️❤️️

    97. bluecoffe3

      I'm loving your podcast! listening to it during work :))))))))))))

    98. OhSavannaJo

      I don't usually comment for some reason but I've been watching you guys for a couple of years now and you're probably one of my favorite channels. Your videos are always so fun and interesting and they always brighten my day. ☺️💖

    99. LadyDerpsALot -


    100. Adam Penner

      I couldn't agree more about going out there and meeting people... In my home town here in Calgary I got to know my favourite ramen place and am great friends with the staff and owners. My Yoga studio has become a second home for me. And in Japan, since I got to know people I now have essentially an adopted Japanese family!