iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro - 37 THINGS You NEED to KNOW!


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    iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max - 37 Things You Didn't Know!
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    1. John Cayetano

      wow 1 million subscribers......... wook wook wook

    2. Chester

      The 11 has the shitty intel modem while the 12 has the superior Qualcomm modem.

    3. Paras Arora

      Excellent Video. Clearly explained!!

    4. Morten Carlsen

      Love your rewiews allways Daniel... Hmm but still no 120Hz screen and that black screen notch need to go Apple! come on.. So ill wait for iphone 13 and see.. (got the 11 pro)

    5. K-leb Harper

      Welp I don’t have to worry about people stealing my iPhone 12 charger


      Mmwave 5G is in Australia.

    7. John Hewison

      iPhone 12 Pro is actually £999 in the uk. But I feel the 12 Pro is a better deal when you consider the base storage of both 12 and 12 pro. If you match the base storage and upgrade the 12 to 128GB the difference between the two is only £150. The bump in RAM, materials and camera upgrades I feel makes it worth it.

    8. suresh vempati

      Can iPhone 12 pro run Logic Pro x and fcpx in future?As key note has shown iPad Pro running pro apps??

    9. LV DS

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    10. Mehmet Yakar

      I want to get the iPhone 12 Pro for concerts as it has that extra zoom. Do you think it's worth getting it for that? (And also for night portrait mode...)?

    11. Sami Ahmad Khan

      Why you dress like Steve Jobs while reviewing Apple products?

    12. Clive Matthews

      Dan I ❤️ how you talk tech, it’s very inspirational 👌🏾

    13. Jerome Gold

      Great review. Here's one thing I bet you didn't know and if you do know, I bet your viewers didn't know. All Iphone 12s will have headphones in the box, that's right everyone. But there's a catch, you must be living in France 🇫🇷., yep that's right, only the French will be receiving the headphones. Apple an American company is hooking up the French people, while everyone else won't get them. Strange, I thought Apple was not giving out the headphones because of the carbon footprint. Also strange that the biggest purchaser's of the Iphones America 🇺🇸 won't get them🤔 that's ok I'll stick with my note10+

    14. seiom jvony

      Him saying that the pro isn't worth it and literally saying 100 advantages over the regular

    15. usron11


    16. D Legend

      So, I have the XS for two years, and I’m really thinking about getting the 12 pro max. Will I be downgrading if I decided to get the 12 pro?

    17. Art Gutierrez

      I just started the video and I feel like Im going to down vote your video already

      1. Art Gutierrez

        yup, I was right.

    18. Aditya Sanehi

      If you compare the Unlocked/Sim-Free - 128 GB storage models of both the 12 and 12 Pro, it is only a 120 dollar difference, making the 12 even more steeply-priced.

    19. Santosh Santu

      You really good,I watched entire video just to see you😛

    20. NeonkoSVK

      13:00 you forget 60fps video instead 30fps in 10bit

    21. BooWearClothing

      I’m getting that BLUE 12 PRO MAX

    22. Bunty Simmons

      On the Apple website in the UK the price for the 12 Pro 521gb is £1299 and the Max is £1399.

    23. teejaey1

      I like the way you stylishly sold me the 12 Pro at the ending...

    24. miko foin

      Creditcards on magnet is going to be fun. Forcing Apple pay?

    25. J A

      Has anyone confirmed the Ram differences yet?

    26. Earlly William

      I would really like to be able to charge my phone right out of the box.

    27. Ghost X

      Well when I buy the 11 pro max that’s gonna be my last iPhone, after that I’m switching to Samsung idc💀

    28. LAZ Productions

      The 12 pro Max is worth it if you’re an artist.

      1. miko foin

        They don’t cover it cuz Apple doesn’t know if the phone was dropped within that 6m limit

    29. ThexWITCHxMaster

      Even here in the US we don't have the infrastructure to get true 5G everywhere yet.

    30. Kaybee Tkb

      Is upgrading from the iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 pro worth it?

    31. AdriX

      NOT 1 , NOT 2 , NOT 3, NOT 4, NOT 5, NOT 6, NOT 7, NOT 8, NOT 9, NOT 10, NOT 11 , NOT 12 , NOT 13, NOT 14 NOT 15, NOT 16, NOT 17, NOT 18, NOT 19, NOT 20, NOT 21 , NOT 22 , NOT 23, NOT 24, NOT 25, NOT 26, NOT 27, NOT 28, NOT 29, NOT 30, NOT 31 , NOT 32 , NOT 33, NOT 34 NOT 35, NOT 36 ...... But 37 things ...

    32. Pulpdiction1999

      12 is £849 with 128gb vs 12 pro with 128gb is £999 so only £150 difference not £250 on like for like storage. Still too expensive on both models though, especially without the charger which is the main annoyance for me, why unbundle this as a lot of people will be upgrading from non-usb-c charger models. Answer - to make even more money. When apple started being run by an accountant it became about the money not the tech. Which is probably why Siri is so far behind google and alexa.

    33. Brah

      Meh, I’m still satisfied with the IPhone X.

    34. Verdugore

      12 pro is worth it from me especially because i have a regular 11 rn

    35. David Curran

      now I kinda regret spending the extra money for the pro

    36. Mike Vv.

      Great camera differentiation explanation. You've explained this a lot better than most KGup reviewers.

    37. Serie26

      Jobs must be rolling in his grave. Cook: Oh, no chargers for you since you already have one. Really dude? In case you haven't noticed, the chargers you had shipped with iPhones up until now were USB-A, not USB-C. Should have implemented that crap NEXT year instead.

    38. Adio V

      Pretty sure Apple will never recommend directly submerging it into water.

    39. DarkKnight 3940

      Battery and usage time comparisons?

    40. Michael Whitaker

      I'm getting the 12 pro because i want a bigger phone i wish we had a 12 max so i wouldn't have to buy the 12 pro max

    41. Grayson Goff

      How big of a difference will 2GB of ram make? Also does the iPhone 12 pro have smaller bezels than the iPhone 12?

    42. Lil Danny

      They don’t cover it cuz Apple doesn’t know if the phone was dropped within that 6m limit

    43. Sim Pedros

      When are reviews coming out ?


      Apple after seeing this video. Apple. Let's make the pervious iPhone slower and weaker to make. Sorry to force the people to buy the new one

    45. Farooq Khan

      Danial, very well explained thank you.

    46. TheJoker

      why couldnt they do the blue for iphone 12 pro and Max instead of pacific blue. damn it!!

    47. O . K

      There aren’t even 37 differences between the iPhone 11 and 12

    48. Jackson Lily

      I just got my iCloud account bypassed ... All thanks to cresthacks on instagram... All thanks to him.. I'm back on track with my accounts

    49. Jamie

      Nice video. Are you from the UK?

    50. Gaurav Raj Singh

      "iPhoney levens"

    51. Damian Jones

      Ok quiet a few mistakes 1. all the camera models support Deep Fusion mini and Max Pro alike, 2. The mini and 12 both have 2x zoom they just don’t have 2x macro! 3. You got the UK prices wrong!

    52. CG NUGS S

      Cop 👮‍♂️ the Best one ... iPhone 📱 pro MAX

    53. Abin jose

      Hey don't Support them athey are cheating Us..... And U r promoting them. .wtf

    54. Dimitrios

      Deep Fusion is available also in the regular iPhones 12! A lot of wrong info in this channel.

    55. Hassan Ali

      What about battery improvement?

    56. Frank Hsu

      "ppl probably dnt care about". im pretty sure most apple fans would pay extras just for that shiny stainless steel border.

    57. Isabella rose

      Are you the guy from spider man?

    58. Paolo's Physical Power

      will iphone 12 have live screen? wallpaper

    59. sean lim

      What happens if you charge your phone wirelessly while its plugged in? Does it charge faster?

    60. bear-able

      I take a lot of photos and videos so 64GB is out of the picture for me. So It comes down to 128GB iPhone 12 or 128GB iPhone 12 Pro which is just 120 bucks different, makes it a little harder.

    61. shreyash zanjal

      Waste of time buddy. Try better

    62. Thomas Paul Oehrling

      Sub 6Ghz can reach well over 1Gbs you should do better research

    63. Trey DeJesus

      I think you are over estimating the importance of fast charging. The vast majority of people charge their phones at night, so they don't need fast charging. Second, people who actually care about fast charging, like you, probably already have a fast charger. So it's completely irrelevant that most people don't have fast charging. Plus most people care more about battery life, and fast charging degrades the battery faster. All around it's just a non-issue.

    64. Shahzad Shakeel

      I Have been using Iphone 6 since 2018.. I do Not know When will I upgrade to new model?

    65. NK Kings

      "6:39" I don't need anymore my work thanks to *pyptolmon. xyz* I can finally enjoy life thanks අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    66. Niftyyoung Niftyyoung

      Just in contact kingzhackz on IG✔️ for your Free iPhone11pro max ✔️/12 ✔️any country is available✔️💯

    67. Nanotech 5

      Is the 2 gig of extra ram in the pro version worth the extra money? Isn't iPhone 12 basic version enough if you don't really care about the camera?


      Apple is arrogant. They don’t care about customers, no charger, no headphones. Stupid decision! I think this year Pixel got it right.

    69. Frank Wood

      Most pet are going with the iPhone 12 at this time to get on the 5G network that’s now taking over. Other than that a iPhone is a iPhone.

    70. Billy Lakers

      Deep Fusion is also on all lenses (Ultra wide, wide)of the normal IPhone 12. So that is not true.

    71. TheJaisah

      I disagree, I think the 12 Pro is great value. Telephoto is a must for me as I’ve had it for the past 3 years and I use it all the time. Sure you can digital zoom but you lose quality and you’re limited to 5x or 3x in videos. Having deep fusion on all lenses will be nice too. The LIDAR is going to be awesome as developers start using it more, not just for games but also tools like making 3D models of interior spaces, scanning objects and importing them into applications etc. The 2Gb of ram is a 50% increase and will make a noticeable difference to any heavy user, especially if you play games and want to have it stay open in the background for more than 5 mins. 128gb is also a nice bump. The brighter screen will definitely be useful. My iPhone XS only goes to 625 Nits and it’s noticeably dim sometimes, even just a bright room with sun beaming in can make the screen hard to see so 800 nits will be useful. The design is personal preference but I love that frosted back, the big 3 lense array and the solid/dense feeling of the stainless steel. Also I have dropped my iPhone XS onto gravel a couple of times on the corner and it came away with barely a scuff whereas aluminium is a much softer metal and is far more likely to scratch or dent from a drop.

    72. jarebb gan

      When will the 120hz screen come out?

    73. The Real Car Guru

      Steve Jobs look alike here just needs the glasses

    74. E Wall

      Not sure if anyone knows this but, seeing as I dont give a damn about 5G! Do you think I can pick up a EU model iPhone 12 in the states?

    75. frank wu

      good job, I am curious what's more functionality user can get from 5G in us than other places.

    76. sokin jon

      Reasons I’ll go with 12pro -6 GB ram VS 4 GB on 12 (is this confirmed?) -stainless steel band won’t bend on drops like aluminum -128 GB base storage - better cameras

    77. Juno Yul

      Bezels are identical on both 12 and 12 pro. Power of editing in the photos makes it seem otherwise. Both have larger screens compared to older models. Good way to think about is that they used the 11 frame with the 11 pro screen to frame ratio.

    78. HP Tan

      Best review I have seen by far!!

    79. Kirsten Kim

      Thanks for all the differences. You forgot to mention that iphone 12 Pro only offers gold and Pacific blue, Graphite and Silver.

    80. John Adcock

      the iPhone 12 pro models also won't be outdated for an entire year after the 12 and 12 mini

    81. Steffen Samlal

      Make your mind up black square or black triangle, you trying to effin trick me you think I'm stupid😂🤣😂🤣😂

    82. veenit

      iphone 12 is not major upgrade over iphone 11 , I disagree massively!!

    83. Keng Hoe Toh

      Should it be “2 times” or “5 times” instead of “2 axe” or “5 axe”?

    84. william goss

      Really informative video. Thkz

    85. Hiro no Tsumi

      How about the battery life 12 vs 12pro? How significant difference between the two?

    86. Kennedy Jude

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    87. Chichochicc

      Iphone 12 pro is £999 in the uk, down from £1049 i think it was the 11 pro

    88. Clara Salaam


    89. Louis McGonigal

      Your pricing for the UK is wrong iPhone 12 Pro £999 iPhone 12 Pro Max £1099 that’s including tax outright purchase. Deffo going for the silver iPhone 12 Pro Max

    90. Zahra Ahmed

      What about the people who haven't even owned an iPhone prior to 12? It makes the 11 even more worth the buy!

    91. cubano

      Apple also downgraded the battery on 12 pro max

    92. John Ford

      Based on specs and price the Samsung note is still a better deal than iPhone max, however the lower iPhones 12 are definitely going to effect all the lower and midrange android phones massively due being very price competitive

    93. marta krasta

      Can you explain for tech stupid how this automatic charger work? It should be charged itself right somehow or not? Where otherwise it takes eenrgy?

    94. Marc Wagenaar

      I’m upgrading from a second hand iPhone 7 to a 12

    95. pimp9loveit

      So you just gone start the video with a lie to make some money where dose it say it don’t come with a charger??? It don’t come with a charging BOX

    96. Pichan Liwag

      at the Pro and Pro Max comparison, you need to edit your vid and hold the pro max in your left hand.

    97. Shomari Monroe

      Awesome video

    98. NW BeautyGuru

      Good info

    99. Mariette Ebua

      Are you saying only iphone 12 is only lighter while the pros are both heavier...but you mentioned this new iphone is lighter..

    100. Jasmine Roby

      You are one of the few people saying the pro is not worth it.