AMONG US in Real Life But In Tiny DOLLHOUSE! Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

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    I, Rebecca Zamolo, performed Giant Robin Hood In Real Life Musical to Rescue Missing Dog! Then, Matt and Rebecca posted Rescuing Our Missing Dog With Best Friend After Robin Hood in Real Life! Finally the game master network uploaded Rebecca is Hypnotized in Big, Medium, Small BITE CHALLENGE! Now Rebecca is hypnotized and the game master set up a giant game of among us in real life but in the worlds smallest town. The GM installed a blue light ceiling which will make it so Rebecca is no longer hypnotized. The town is a tiny town just like Rebecca’s favorite mini brands. Rebecca is surprised when 3 new gmn recruits arrive and start acting sus. Rebecca jumps into the tree of judgement and since the light is red she is still hypnotized. If one of the sus new people win they get to join the game master network. If Rebecca, Matt or Maddie one of the imposters will have to give a hair reveal. Who do you think will win and can we trust anyone? Why did the gamemaster set up the worlds smallest train for them to go to next? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      Which GMN recruit was the most SUS? Have you subscribed for the 10 Million Subscriber Giveaway?

      1. Ashley Monarca

        That is a green guy

      2. Vini Roseliasari

        I love u so much Rebecca Zamolo and i think matt is allways sus and I already have subscribed like and hit that Bell button and always comment

      3. Vini Roseliasari

        Hi i love u so much & yes i have like subscribe comment down below and hit that the button

      4. Carmelita Perez

        Oh my gosh Rebecca I'm a big fan

      5. Eman Ahsan

        Hi Rebecca

    2. Isabel Alicia Shurland

      Black and orange are girls

    3. Isabel Alicia Shurland

      Belle and belle

    4. ana Hernandez


    5. Vimaris Cotto

      Maddie your favorite Disney princesse is bell

    6. bhavin patel


    7. Libby Smells

      I love you so much you are the best and I love watching your video. From Libby

    8. Scarlet Perez


    9. Simon Bolland

      I subscribe to Rebecca

    10. Rocio Robledo

      REBECCA green is behind Maddie

    11. Rocio Robledo

      Again green was literally behind someone I don’t know who it was but Rebecca I really hope you read my comment

    12. Rocio Robledo

      REBECCA there was someone behind you they were orange when you were in the small doll house but big just replay it and you’ll see who’s behind you

    13. Makenzie Fedei

      I think your videos is true

    14. Hannah Fawcett

      Rich noun is hypnotised

    15. Elham Fatemi

      Their was a green guy in the background when rebecca had goosebumps

    16. Jessica Goodner

      1 minit

    17. summerson harris


    18. summerson harris


    19. Marilena Iavolato


    20. Marilena Iavolato

      Maddie is Rebecca

    21. Marilena Iavolato

      The black one is being

    22. Marilena Iavolato

      Mari Someone Like green screen

    23. Rosa Cupello


    24. Justina Ngina

      Rebecca I love you so much I really love your KGup channel so I hope you give me a giveaway and I watch you every day my favourite video is the wan you ware a parent for Feran and I olso love there channel tell that to the royalty family bye

    25. lee potts


    26. Florence Gilbuela


    27. Dezereah Tran


    28. Anne Seno


    29. Victoria Holland

      My fravr is bell

    30. Margaret Cora


    31. Quincy Isabella

      Hi I love you guys be safe

    32. wenyi yang

      my fravorite princess is cinderella

    33. hemanth khambhammettu

      Going. Too India&flight

    34. Cece White

      Hi there just got off the phone with my mom and I am going to be there in about an hour and a half to get back to you I will be there in about five minutes or so I will be there in about five minutes or so I will be there in about five minutes or so I will

    35. Zainah Sarfaraz


    36. Evelyn Nisanov

      Rick Noah was in the window

    37. Evelyn Nisanov


    38. Evelyn Nisanov

      It is bell

    39. Pink Unicorn

      Because i saw red but it was not matt

    40. Pink Unicorn

      When Rebecca was looking at the sign that said bake a cake in in the mini town I stop Kingpin

    41. Jennifer Osthoff

      I subscribed

    42. Barbara Santos


    43. Barbara Santos

      green got hypontized this going be weird

    44. Terri Skillz

      thars sum non

    45. Jillian Alcantara


    46. Jillian Alcantara

      Mat sus

    47. Drip Sauce

      Belle is Maddie’s favorite

    48. Francisco Tamezn

      The gich

    49. Francisco Tamezn

      The grich

    50. Julissa Marroquin

      My favorite Disney princess is Cinderella and Maddie's favorite Disney princesses Belle and I love your videos and I hope you have a wonderful day and a birthday ever and I hope you you destroy Mister x and and I hope you will give up a girl and hypnosis and I hope the light will be blue in the tree

    51. It’s Zoey!!!


    52. vili kava

      Omg is that green guy is Rick noah 😦😧😦😧😦😧

    53. sophie parsley

      Bell and me is. Bell I love bell

    54. 2030 Sophia Ocasio

      thar spying on u in the windows

    55. 2030 Sophia Ocasio

      thars sumthing behind the tree

    56. naz norris

      zamfam 10 million squad

    57. Kiandra Atkins

      I love your vid🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    58. Millie Smith


    59. samuelthehero pubg mobile

      Anyone does black person sound like king pin

    60. Garry Cluff

      Maddie is your favourite Disney Princess bell mine is Elsa

    61. Esmeralda Altamirano

      Orange might be Geisel from Gem sisters

    62. Jessica Bataille

      The grin wan is hin tis

    63. Ella Adler

      Hi this is Ella

    64. Ruth Landeta

      Amu. Amy. Yo no

    65. Kayleigh Pigott

      Is your favorite The princess is it Bell mine is Bell to

    66. Joseph Perez

      Rebeca i love ur videos

    67. Bernadette Olvera

    68. ryansqt

      When you went to get up the scanner went red then you did the thing

    69. Kayli Cox

      She only said defeat him because she was hypnotise

    70. Gulmina Zeeshan


    71. Kah yi Sek

      Black sounds like kingpin

    72. charlene bromfield

      Rebecca there's someone spying on you Be careful

    73. Gayatri Kumar

      Zamfam 10 millon squad

    74. Gayatri Kumar

      Princess princess your favorite princess Maddie But I like Elsa my princess favorite

    75. Scarlett Harris

      The green man 💚💚🐦🐢🐉🍏🍐⛩📗⚖⚔⚛should join the game master network


      Rich Noah is hyptnotized!People kept commenting

    77. Annmariya Cijo

      My favourite princess is belle

    78. Jorjanna Sturtevant

      Behind you pink and blue there is someone Behind you It looks like they're wearing a green hood

    79. James Calhoun

      I was playing game master Network and I found out mister X is not going to work with you when you give him the device the tree of judgement it's a nice Kingpin is controlling the tree you must trust me toucan is controlling the tree when she scanned it read Rebecca Xzibit not hypnotized you have to trust me and Rebecca I'm your baby I'm your biggest fan

    80. Vanessa Del Valle Uy

      Well la

    81. Cute Cupcake and Clara

      i think orange is girl and black is a girl and green is a boy

    82. Jennifer Avila


    83. Danny Phan

      Green used the tee

    84. Jasmine kline

      mat hit his head🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. Katherine Rena

      Matt hit his head 😂😂😂

    86. SL Williams

      So that’s how Matt met rick Noah

    87. Jazmin Baza


    88. Inderjit Kumar


    89. Haylee Grace

      At 2:07 someone was behind Rebecca they was wereing orange

    90. rogelio rosales

      You already have 10 million subscribers

    91. Kijhana Roby

      Maidde favorite princess is Bella my favorite princess is ariel

    92. Piper Clements

      Rick Noah is Himontized he went in the tree and it was red

    93. adley taylor

      Omg omg omg I saw Rick Noah watching you Maddie when you were in the mini kitchen😱😱😱

    94. Houda Zidi


    95. Rudi Hogenbirk

      You were

    96. Rudi Hogenbirk


    97. Steve Charette

      Bell is mades favorite Disney princes

    98. Kesh Williams


    99. Taylon Suguitan

      Make Aires there’s a tiny hospital for if you get a tiny skull fracture

    100. Melody Everett

      Listen to the game master welcome to you I wish you luck but I love among the fish are working now for me to buy I'm going to miss you. Videos Uncle time