Tailing Missions from the NPC's Perspective

Joel Haver

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    The name Tony Lazuto was subconsciously borrowed from an Elder Cactus comic while we were improvising, check his stuff out - www.eldercactus.com

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    1. DjZephy

      I love at the end when the one guy is like "i think that's it. that's the whole-" haha

    2. rambamcalcam

      love this channel

    3. Mateus souza

      Gets me every time kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    4. DorGreen1

      Playing gta v be like

    5. Mario Debarros

      GTA in a nutshell

    6. Joshua Graham

      When you play a Bethesda game however, 40ft back changes to 0.4ft back.

    7. maxwell1526

      T O N Y L A Z Z U T O?

    8. 420Akillese

      I just got a Skyrim flashback. Great video!

    9. GamingHazard99

      *m u s t h a v e b e e n m y i m a g i n a t i o n*

    10. Cephalon Stitch

      I am literally cry laughing ROFL

    11. NightmarishMax

      The Mobs are dinosaurs... this is great info for the future

    12. Ocelot_The_Dragon

      This is basically LA Noire in a nutshell

    13. TheGreatKeeper

      I can't believe how accurate this is for me when I play games.

    14. Falkrim

      It’s just how he runs out of the Alley Way after slamming the car through a wall

    15. Wateriswet

      This is basically what tailing in assassin creed feels like

    16. fly tie

      Gta san andreas missions in a nutshell

    17. Tucktheduck 1

      Ahem *assassins creed*

    18. antimatterdragon321

      "Now that we are in full earshot of everyone, I will disclose to you, the secrets," - The Phantom Thieves

    19. Sanhan

      you think that guy, is a little, sus, if you will

    20. NitroCharge 240

      "Whose footprints are these?"

    21. mel pal

      This video is so fu..who is there??....i thought i just heard something

    22. Anarchy Pony

      Love how they break at the end.

    23. {A} random person

      What they were going to explain was, Tony Lazzuto was actually the one behind the kingdoms fall and Marshall(the rat) was an undercover spy that was just following orders. I've played and beat this game at least 69 times

    24. Herr Edward

      Kinda sad that the player didn't walk in with a RPG and the mobsters just asked him to leave them have a secret chat.

    25. Power Moves

      Sneak increased to level 1997 1:20

    26. Adam Nunya

      The best one. Haven't literally lol'd in so long

    27. Anton Golovko

      Man, I need to do my homework, but I just hit a rabbit hole. It is sooo good.

    28. ロッテ

      Tailing missions but what was that?

    29. ShiftBloxx

      Gta 5 npc pov

    30. Vietnam Gamer

      This dialogue is so amazing

    31. Dingo

      lmaoooooo this is 100% accurate to the last detail

    32. Bolo Podoleo

      "Tony Lazzuto sends his regards!" lol

    33. redas plays


    34. TopHatStack

      *Nuke detonation* Me: Huh i guess that was my imagination

    35. Logan Nisbet

      this is the best video ever on youtube

    36. cool guy

      Tom Clancys Splinter Cell in a nutshell

    37. AndroidDoctorr

      Fucking every game does this

    38. Michael Maughan

      You should of added crouch

    39. 2021 isn't a race

      They have the same mole.

    40. aubs

      "Did you hear something?" "Who goes there?" "Must have been my imagination." "What was that?" *The four sentences we have all heard at least once in a rpg game.*

    41. Eric Singbiel

      Tony Lazutto?

    42. Black Mesa Facility

      "I swear I saw something"

    43. Cheyenne Roach

      The real Tony Lazuto was the friends we made along the way.

    44. SpaceMonkeyBoi

      Must've been my imagination

    45. Ultra Chaos

      This is pretty much all of those tailing missions in assassins creed. Down to those buggy controls.

    46. SpaceMonkeyBoi

      0:50 When you finish talking to your girlfriend

    47. player 83

      This is way too accurate

    48. Curtis J. MacFlannegan

      Tony Lazuto says hello...

    49. ice boy

      The laughing at the end really got me

    50. Obama Obama

      0:08 I cannot escape it

    51. optiTHOMAS

      These are fantastic! They look mo capped or rotoscoped or something! These are well performed and genuinely funny with very good comedic timing! Good ass little animations! XD

    52. Hafiz Mohammed

      I was waiting for the skyrim battle theme to starting blasting while they charged at him shouting NEVER SHOULD HAVE COME HERE

    53. Bingo McDingo


    54. Adam Bradley

      They must have had so much fun making this. 0:53 - 0:55 looks like the other guy is just about managing to hold it together lol

    55. scoldedegg

      Take a shot every time he says must have been my imagination

    56. Maxin Smith


    57. Zhongyang Qu

      Hazel? Is that you??

    58. Xritical 7

      What was that? Must of been my imagination. BRUH IM DEAD 💀💀

    59. Hazzelgamer7749

      Skyrim NPC be like

    60. ValeTV101

      Now, you must ask yourself... Who is the real NPC? 🤔

    61. Thanatos Vorigan

      "Alright, so I know we were in the car for 20 minutes and I had ample opportunity to tell you this then. But now that we're on a leisurely stroll from the car to the casino in full earshot of everyone, I will disclose to you thus secrets." Flawless plan.

    62. smith trakoontiwakron

      Assassin's creed in nutshell

    63. Drakonus

      Basically every Hitman game.

    64. Breast Feeding

      the way they cut their dialogue and then reset back to the first line is what gets me

    65. Grimsanity

      What is this animation style? I love it.

    66. Nocturno

      I fcking died when they broke character

    67. PropsMovv

      assassins creed belike

    68. Marjannuel Saturnino

      GTA San Andreas: Amphibious Assault

    69. fajar ibrahim


    70. gin

      nice, he took the silohette of the volvo 240 wagon and fixed the rear doors, was just thing how it would look if someone took time and effort to do it. neet.

    71. Benjamin Warn

      What a interesting cartoon, must have been my Imagination. :P

    72. Totally Darkness films

      I hate tailing missions they assume I’m close but I’m literally behind a wall

    73. Vandalxl

      Assassins creed be like

    74. Kyle’s Weird Studio’s

      Did you hear something? i thought i just heard something. must have been my imagination.

    75. Wolf Phantom

      The 3.4 million views are me.

    76. Melissa Brooks

      "Must have been my imagination"

    77. Gereksiz Bilgiler

      Bot :"I guess it was the wind" Me who killed 5 of his comrades and exploded their supply line : y e s

    78. CNLI News


    79. Fire Tiger

      This is such an accurate representation lol

    80. InfectedKaen

      tony lazuto says hello

    81. funnie monke

      t0Ny IaZuT0o?!?

    82. just to comment

      *sees a body* WHO"S THERE !!!! 3 seconds later Must've been the wind

    83. Andymy_GUY

      “Must have been my imagination” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    84. Muhammed Talan

      The best thing in the animation is how they talking at the same time that makes them real NPC's

    85. the killer sandvich

      so basicly every single gta san andreas tailing mission

    86. RyanOnYT

      Maybe the real Tony Lazzuto was the friends we made along the way

    87. mrRollingStock

      i love this channel

    88. GrosserAndrew5000

      Around the third time they resumed their conversation was when I got the joke. Haven't laughed so hard in a while, partially at myself.

    89. DaRulez Lulez

      GTA 6 looks good

    90. David Heaton

      I think Tony Lezuto might have something to do with it.

    91. mohammed alam


    92. T Carroll

      This too accurate

    93. A.G.M

      Jesus Christ how am I just now seeing these 😭💀

    94. Jango Fett

      Hitman be like:

    95. Ashton Smith

      this is just like sub rosa

    96. Are

      Shouldve said "mustve been the wind" lol

    97. Xpeke 2.0

      Must've been the air

    98. Dietro DiTe

      Tony Lazuto?!?

    99. Poke Fin

      Trailing missions are the worst. I always ways fuck around just like this

    100. icecoldwolfz

      Pov your playing assassin's creed black flag