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    Dear Travelers,
    Today Paimon brings you great news! The Special Program for "Genshin Impact" version 1.4 will be officially released on March 6 at 11:00 (UTC-5)!
    During the special program, you will discover all the juicy details of version 1.4. In addition to that, you can get redemption codes and other incredible gifts that we prepared especially for you. Do not miss out!
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    1. Flandre Scarlet

      Will we be able to try to get venti in the future if we didn't this time? Or is venti unattainable (or how u say it) forever

    2. Moayyad Dhaif

      did any one see the baron bunny

    3. josuke higashikata!?!?!!

      she came home

    4. lmao

      e h e

    5. Maria Gulyaeva

      Ooooo, how I love Venti))))

    6. mikasa_Supremecy

      Petição para o genshin impact ir para xbox one 原神インパクトの請願はXboxOneに送られます Petition for genshin impact go to xbox one

    7. XxCosmoTheDreamStarxX

      I missed it :(

      1. ehe wouldn't gliding be faste-

        i know it hurts. if only i had thought of this game when i have nothing to play

    8. kiko Palomo-casem

      I can't believe aether and venti are the voices from demon slayer tanjiro and shinobu kocho!

    9. Angel No one needs to know.

      I missed version 1.4 👁👄👁 I had finals......

      1. yuko

        im so sorry reading that just hurt me so badly too

    10. Pruthvi

      Could someone put up the timestamp for when Aether's voice actor alters his voice?

    11. Just Some Guy without a Life

      I missed the venti events twice even tho I download the game from the start

    12. papa endora

      wait the voice actor of venti es a girl?

    13. Hikaru Kirumi

      1:23 nail t*ts?

    14. Lea Contreras

      Who still remembers ACCEPT MY FREIND REQUEST Z A C H

    15. Kirby lover

      who here after the 1.5 special program

    16. Little Birdie

      if i sounded like venti i would never. shut. up.

    17. Kalina Desseaux

      Im a Chongyun main I adore Chongyun I loved his event so much Replayed it without rewards But I was like: he's just standing there? He's inviting us? Really? The others are all monstat ppl wed run into because we're a knight Much as I love Chongyun -- what?? Even zach/aether had the same reaction.

    18. Kalina Desseaux

      XD paimon: how many times did you die?! Aether: shhhh!

    19. Soap

      I just realized we still don't know why Childe's banner is in 1.4

    20. Mohammad Octa Andnur

      Ehe tenandayo!!!!

    21. randy 08

      So cute poiman

    22. Otome_14

      What is the name of this cute song in the background?

    23. G Ab

      sometimes i go back to previous version updates to feel something

    24. Brandon Wijaya

      Cant wait for 1.5 special program!

      1. Mixalis grigoriadis


    25. 5YAR1F

      When is 1.5 live stream started???

    26. Green Dragon

      Скоро стрим по 1.5 Я лично не буду смотреть так как спойлеры, вообще не понимаю зачем сами разрабы спойлеры показывают о сюжетке. Промокоды в описании обычно не бывают?

      1. Яромир Усатюк

        Молодой, они настолько мало показывают что касается сюжетных квестов, что это очень тяжело назвать спойлерами. А то что они рассказывают о новых оружиях, баннерах, фичах и ивентах - правильно делают. Чтоб мы знали что нам ожидать, к чему готовится. Подогревают интерес, чтоб был смысл продолжать играть и ждать обнов.

    27. jp lends

      seria muito loco se genshin fosse um anime

    28. Papyrus Peñas

      Sooooo, when are we getting 1.5's video?

      1. Papyrus Peñas

        @Jessenia Bourne omg thanks :D

      2. Jessenia Bourne


    29. person person

      Is this that one game with the trap

    30. Luke Bridgeman

      I heard that Erica Harlacher voice is a character in Danganronpa

    31. Guilherme Santos

      please mihoyo launches the genshin impact for the samsung galaxy a10 cell phone so wanted to play more and is not compatible makes it compatible please love the game

      1. DJ R

        3 palabras: Samsung Note 7

    32. Oh Sangwoo

      "9:02" Happy to get from *GENGEN.BEST**

    33. Epic Putin Crossover

      this update was a total joke

      1. Imeth Cooray

        @pewchu what about new archon quest and baby oceanid

      2. pewchu

        I can imagine the rest was fun for newer players exploring mondstadt and liyue but I've already done all that so it feels like a chore again

      3. pewchu

        it got dry after peculiar wonderland and the games were gone

      4. Imeth Cooray

        Why'd you say that

    34. Devarsh Soni

      Who’s here after playing the recent archon quest

      1. Kerem Dağ

        Me. Wanna kill gods

    35. Mark Albert Garcia

      "9:48" Happy to get from *GENGEN.BEST**

    36. Rina Ramina

      I love Childe :3 ♥♥♥

    37. Reign Warner

      I should count a week and more days till 1.5 livestream then. Just here to check the waiting time.

    38. Arctic Fire

      This is weird not seeing cor swear-

    39. Kanroji Mitsuri

      Imagine getting too play as the character you voice acted O-O *epic*

    40. K River

      Zack and Erick I love your voices 😍😍😍 Cool persons ❤

    41. dmdm_XD

      pls banner xiao

    42. Arnold Reola

      "1:05" Happy to get from *GENGEN.BEST**

    43. Joel hope ismael

      "8:50" Happy to get from *GENGEN.BEST*

    44. Reizsh Felonia

      I wish they change floor 11 and 12 of abyss next update. It is too much of a hassle for f2p players and is not that fun anymore. The Geovishaps are too brutal so why not make players fight one at a time instead of both at the same time. It is almost impossible because of their very high damage and durability which makes it only for whales. And the floor 11 monolith is not even fair because it takes too much damage easily.

    45. Idk what should I name

      0:00 - Start & Introductions 1:42 - How's v1.3 been treating the cast? 2:30 - v1.4 Overview 3:40 - "Invitation of Windblume" Trailer 7:09 - Post-Trailer chatter 7:37 - Rosaria Trailer 8:27 - Rosaria Breakdown 12:04 - Event Wishes for v1.4 12:42 - New Weapons for v1.4 13:06 - New Enemy for v1.4 13:30 - Abyss Herald trailer 13:58 - Abyss Herald and v1.4 Story 15:10 - v1.4 story preview screenshots. 16:47 - First Code 18:07 - Invitation of Windblume event breakdown 19:05 - All of the "Windblumes" 19:56 - Bullseye Balloons minigame breakdown 20:22 - Floral Freefall minigame breakdown 21:13 - Ballads of Breeze minigame breakdown 21:57 - Minigame Rewards 22:25 - Pecurliar Wonderland breakdown 24:37 - New Permanent Feature, Hangout Events 27:55 - Second Code 29:07 - Wishful Drops event 31:54 - Contending Tides event 32:14 - Contending Tides trailer (minor volume warning) 35:09 - Optimizations and QoL Updates for v1.4 39:43 - Third Code 40:43 - Wrap-up 42:04 - End

      1. DJ R

        Te amamos Metroman!!!

    46. Jonq G4MES

      Olá gostaria de falar quando vou tentar pegar onplanador fala pra baixar a versão completa podem me ajudar/hello i would like to say that when i go to get the glider tell me to download the full version

      1. Jonq G4MES


      2. Jonq G4MES

        can you help me

    47. Stijn Deumes

      i want you two back with another special

    48. GEROTYU


    49. tsingyi

      I prefer Rosaria to have normal skin color ... and pls add a dendro boss... maybe something like lotr ent ...

    50. CodeBoxDE

      I WANT a Paimon stuffed toy +_+

    51. Zik 125

      Вы лучшие

    52. Ophelia The Crybaby


    53. Chhay Meng Ung

      i didnt really get to do much in this update

    54. Azuuren

      😐 mihoyo gave me qiqi instead of venti

    55. Mayramz09 Ramirez

      It is so hard to get venti

    56. Trần Ninh

      :D milk la nguoi viettttt nammmm

    57. NiNinja II

      If I'll have to describe Rosa in one word: *T H I C C*

    58. Farah Shebeb

      It’s so sad and relatable that the voice actor of venti doesn’t even have venti like most of us 🤣

    59. Symphony Speed

      Now that I look at Rosaria closely, she's kind of the female version of Chongyun with a spear

    60. Zyren Lamasan

      uh in this version I can't enter I don't know how and if the download full it returns to 0

    61. P r i n c e s s

      “Gliding is so much better than walking”

    62. Ramen Nxdels

      Me: i had no clue venti was voiced by a girl 😫🤚

    63. Might King


    64. melxdiq dooms


    65. Beyond The Automatic

      watching this after the update * cries in lack of content *

    66. xeyril shiro

      when is the endora (pet) will come out in the event? :(

      1. Evo Brand

        Like two days ago, at least where I live

    67. Arkanum

      when will rosaria and the new boss from the abyss order come out

    68. Arkanum

      when will childe come out?

    69. Joenar DelaCruz

      Man you know i cant imagine if i see some character using dual sword (that's why i wont childe)

    70. Anastasius Gamer

      22:11 wait, it looks like... ahem. sorry.

    71. Lizzie Is Me

      Rosaria looks so pretty

    72. Amadán na Briona

      Delete resin from the game, let us play to Genshin Impact please. You don't do it ? Well, in that case, a dislike on all your video.

    73. stephen sale

      not gonna lie i love this update especially the hangout event but im mostly waiting for inazuma and new stories and quests

    74. Jonna Ranoa

      Me tired but going to KGup Watched this video Well suddenly I wanna play genshin again

    75. Fox TA

      “You may know me as Venti the wind borne bard!” Me, a huge dr fan: yes yes _kaedekyokomywaifus_

      1. Tay Penguin

        must be fun *hanging* around with kaede

    76. \genshin :impact;

      I don’t know where to put the code plz tell me where to put it

    77. Justin Ng

      Well thank you young man and the rest. I hope you guys are enjoying.

    78. \genshin :impact;


    79. itsCayleepot

      omg chibi so cute

    80. J

      Rosaria: Defends Mondstadt in her own mysterious way Me: Sounds a lot like Diluc

    81. Phison Le

      No wonder i thought venti was a girl at first, sounds like a female so badly.

    82. `Motoko`

      :0 Top demas vei tendi

    83. Kirby lover

      this makes me happy :)

    84. еапк панопо

      Ето очень круто спасибо MiHoYo

    85. граунд Beth

      give shitainichi tartaglia and diluc pls

    86. Vic

      Good to know that Zach is the voice of Moon Carver.

    87. The epic gamer 1

      The game genhin impact is a wonderful game my sis plays it I also play it some times so ya Edit: I wonder when I will be as tall as my sister,let’s go

    88. chrisya cahya


    89. chrisya cahya

      *give me elegy for the end*

    90. Mars Hanks


    91. Cebo Khumalo

      so excited for the Abyss Herald

    92. Sifa Wasunna

      When I heard Paimons voice: PAIMON :D

    93. Khánh Chi Trần

      6:10 is that Lumine???

    94. Phoebe

      HUGE props to erika for sounding the most natural in this interview

    95. Raksmey Suntana

      Will this game made the siblings(aether and lumine) be reunited? I hope it will and also where do we fight this darkknight at?

    96. dio na

      Way better than lantern rite honestly

    97. Leamane

      Hey when it's downloadable In huawei user

      1. Just playing genshin impact

        Ps4,mobile and Pc players: haha Genshin go brr

    98. Çiya

      1.5 will also be Boring The leak is true no Inazuma no anything only filler and filler over and over again

    99. Çiya

      1.4 is so boring

    100. Soodeboo Auriel

      Is 4 star it's she's popular 🙁😟