Todd McShay's 2021 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 has 5 QBs taken with the top 12 picks | KJZ

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14 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    Todd McShay joins Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin to break down his 2021 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, which includes QBs Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Mac Jones all being drafted in the top 12 picks.
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    1. julio pacheco

      I am not a fan of Fields but come on Lance over Fields and Lance over Mac Jones, don’t think so

    2. James Anderson

      Todd you need to get some football facts!!! 👀 Trey lance the best quarterback in the draft💫🏈 So I don't know what you're talking about😒

      1. kigk kin

        he could be but there is limted film if trey lance played and put um something like last years numbers then he would be heavily considered for qb1

    3. Alex Honeyghan

      Every year it seems people forget,..these guys are wrong 80% of the time..😆..

    4. Smartriide

      Todd mcshay is stealing money from ESPN because he literally said he's picking Zack Wilson because of KGup videos LMAO 😂😂😂😂

    5. Ramon Newell

      The black QB that just took his team to the national championship game beating the 1st overall pick in the process is Tier 3...? Yeah okay buddy.... He says he “watched the tape” and then put Fields at “tier 3”..... Someone get this clown off TV..

    6. Dewayne Overton

      In 7 years most of these quarterbacks will be backups or out of the league. The later rounds produce better players.

      1. Na Bi

        @Dewayne Overton but later rounds start at about 4.. rounds 1-3 are still considered high draft pics where the good quality guys go.. I think u missing ya point

      2. Na Bi

        @Dewayne Overton but later rounds start at about 4.. rounds 1-3 are still considered high draft pics where the good quality guys go.. I think u missing ya point

      3. chris kennedy

        @Dewayne Overton that literally makes no sense the kids now are much better and more NFL ready then ever before

      4. Dewayne Overton

        Na Bi I never specified round 4 or later. I said the quarterbacks that are usually hyped as top draft picks are usually busts. If you look at the history at those picked outside of the first round they have been better in my opinion.

      5. Na Bi

        @Dewayne Overton so u jus gonna skip past my comment.. n look at the quaterbacks u jus named.. they all been out the league over 6 or 7 years.. these young high drafted quaterbacks are playing well as rookies..

    7. Rashad Howard

      Well these draft analysts are mostly wrong anyways dumb af

    8. Zigtig /

      Justin Fields is so overrated. If teams are smart, they will avoid him and leave him for the Vikings at #14.

      1. Glenn Brown


      2. Togbeh peter


    9. dblshotz75

      Zach Wilson is Trubisky 2.O teams are going to regret passing up on Fields. Fields is a better version of Dak.

      1. kigk kin

        @Mobile Gamer what do you have against fieds

      2. Mobile Gamer

        Fields is Haskins 2.0

      3. Pat Daly


    10. Kir


      1. Na Bi

        @Mitchell Goldschmidt lol... I wonder y.. must of been all those 400 yard 5 touchdown games.. lol... Lawrence had his best numbers as a freshman.. but for some reason he the can't miss #1...

      2. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Cuase everyone think fields will be a bust and he beat tl in every aspect of the sport

      3. Na Bi

        I can think on one color.. but I dont wanna start nothing.. u gotta better explanation...


        Idk bruh

    11. Will McCoy

      ESPN's been doing everything they can to put Wilson & Lance over Fields 😒

      1. Will McCoy

        @Josh Ahlstrom The games that Fields struggled in were against ranked opponents. NW had a top 5 defense nationally. But all things considered, if Fields falls in the draft the odds of him landing on a good team go up...

      2. Josh Ahlstrom

        I mean, maybe they have a point. Personally I definitely have Wilson above him. Lance we know very little about but is intriguing for his physical traits, similiar to Josh Allen when he came out. I still have Fields above Lance

    12. PrettyBoy23

      I don’t care what Todd and Mel are saying this year about these QB’s. Justin Fields is the clear number 2 and possible 1b tf. Zach Wilson is nice and has moved ahead of Lance (only by playing one game, dude only played one game he’s finna drop down the board) but he’s not better than Fields. Jones is a second or third round talent. Lance should be the third QB taken but he won’t because of Wilson having a goood season and him only playing one game. Jets not taking Wilson that high to turn into Sam Darnold. Get a receiver. Nuff said

    13. Antbeast23

      As a dallas fan I'm fine with that unless dak is gone

    14. GooogleMan

      6 minute video and the Heisman finalist, National Championship, and record breaking QB Mac Jones wasn’t mentioned 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Young Skyliner

        Because he played for BYU and every year they boost some white QB to the front line because the best QBs besides who we all know will be the first pick this are black so do the math

    15. GooogleMan

      Mac will have the best career

    16. Jonathan Scott

      there is a clear agenda against Fields...he's the only one that has beaten Lawernce at every level. High School, Elite 11, CFB playoff, NFL next

      1. Mark Mclean

        Yeah, Fields was on the field at the same time with Lawrence when they played. Dumbo

      2. Josh Ahlstrom

        You don’t know anything about scouting prospects if that’s what you go off of.

      3. CyrustheWolf OWO

        Didn’t Lawrence beat him a year ago?

      4. James Hayes

        lol his draft stock would have been better if osu didn’t get creamed against Alabama

    17. Jay Brown

      So the 2 players that are difficult to "evaluate" are still better than Justin?...ok..

      1. motown 1970

        @Jay Brown Some of that is true but Fields is inconsistent. He blew out Clemson but got neutralized by Alabama. And as far as how black QB’s are evaluated, don’t you think that should be the least of our worries. What should be evaluated is how we as black people treat each other. Football is the least of our worries.

      2. motown 1970

        @Rodrigo Machado That’s not what’s been said about Justin. He’s been easy to evaluate because of his playmaking ability outside the pocket. In other words, his ability to scramble as well as pass. I don’t like him. I think Mac Jones should be ahead of him. But no analysts have stated that the plays have to be “dumbed down.”

      3. Jay Brown

        @Andrew K BS...look at the history of this country. The roots of racism has always had its tentacles in sports, especially the QB position. We are always put under a microscope when it comes to the QB position. But guess what, we are about to take it over...then where will you go?...WE COMING IN HARD💪🏾🏉🚀

      4. Andrew K

        @Jay Brown Why do people always have the bring out the race card? Cmon man look at the game tape for Indiana NW and Bama - this will cause a lot of NFL teams to take pause - it has nothing to do w race and everything to do w ability to go to second plus reads

      5. Jay Brown

        @Rodrigo Machado I see your code language. What are you an honorary Caucasian? sound like one. Throwing receivers open is very rare nowadays. Trevor or Zach always throw to open receivers, just like Justin. And to imply that he needs to play in a dumbed down offense is taking a shot at his intelligence. Don't be racist kid. At least not until there's a latino QB floating around thats even close to Justin💪🏾

    18. Chandler Tingle

      This is dude crazy, Carolina is not trading up

      1. its#Real

        You mean the phins aren't trading down

      2. William Santiago

        They could probably get Lance at 8 without even movin up

    19. Oreo Puppy dawg

      What about Mac?

      1. Oreo Puppy dawg

        Will Brench because you can’t. He’s an entitled bust

      2. kigk kin

        the thing about mac is that he is sooooooooooo unathletic he ran like 1 other than that its just the fact that he had so much talent around him at alabama

      3. Will Brench

        @Oreo Puppy dawg omg this kid...not even gonna waste my time explaining that to you

      4. Oreo Puppy dawg

        Will Brench somebody saw something somewhere, if Fields was so great why leave the SEC? Why not transfer to Alabama? Do you want me to find you a channel that has the National Championship game? I could send the link

      5. Will Brench

        @Oreo Puppy dawg lol ok buddy just like mac "no arm strength" jones. Tell me one reason why justin fields is "projected" to be a bust.

    20. Jerry James II

      McShay’s been slick dumping on Teddy Bridgewater for the last week 😂

    21. Ryan Morgan

      Mac Jones is underrated

      1. Young Skyliner

        They do this every year Boosting up some low class QB

      2. kcirrad51


      3. kcirrad51


      4. Daquan Greene

        @Nolan Gibbs good game manager but he had an All star cast.

      5. Nolan Gibbs

        @Daquan Greene overrated indeed, Mac Jones had 40 passes completed in tight windows, Joe Burrow last year had 120, Mac just isn’t good

    22. CFB Central

      Dumb stupid or dumb

    23. David Artis

      I hope to God Atlanta gets fields

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @Andrew K like let look at tl bar games

      2. Andrew K

        @Mitchell Goldschmidt QB1s can’t have bad games, let alone the ones against strong teams - he had 3 major bad ones this year which was half your season 😂😂😂

      3. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @Andrew K talking only about the bad games Gtfo u d bag that is so stupid

      4. Andrew K

        @David Artis Actually a long time salty Bama fan so get your facts straight - unles you are OSU fan then I understand if this is like a medical handicap of having I guess delusions that your team is always better than they are

      5. Andrew K

        @David Artis Nah just get tired of dumass statements where people cherry pick stats

    24. Eric Greaux

      Keyshawn called Todd out on him overrating all these QBs and in here for it

      1. Dol Deng

        let em sleep he gon slip to the falcons and ball

    25. Nate Lowe

      As long as Parsons goes to ATLANTA in the 1st round, I’m fine

      1. Will Brench

        @Notty Thomas fields is going to the colts

      2. Notty Thomas

        We Need Fields Matt Ryan Is Washed Bro

    26. Christopher Woodard

      Todd McShay, Last Stand!

    27. David Litsey

      He is never right!

      1. Badlion & Co. {F.J.}

        how should he tho, nobody was ever right with a mock draft

    28. Mo Vo

      Overrated media, QB picking high is a false positive

      1. Nate Lowe


    29. Mike Jones

      Fields ran away from the SEC to go to a weak conference.

      1. Oreo Puppy dawg

        kigk kin no, he ran because he couldn’t wait his turn to start. No loyalty!

      2. kigk kin

        he didnt run he got called a racial slur at uga so he transfered so stfu

      3. Oreo Puppy dawg

        Mike Jones no troll just facts!

      4. Mike Jones

        @Brandon Griswold Big 10 is definitely a weak conference, haven't had a decent quarterback come to the NFL since Kirk Cousins.

      5. Brandon Griswold

        @Mike Jones stop trolling? I’m stating my opinion. So sorry you don’t agree.

    30. David Aziaya

      Everyone really be sleeping on Fields🤔 He’s coming

      1. Brandon Griswold

        I’m telling you all right now, Justin Fields will be selected #2 overall.

      2. Brandon Griswold

        Fun Fact: In the 2018 recruiting class, Trevor Lawrence was the #1 overall prospect and Justin Fields was the #2 overall prospect.

      3. Brandon Griswold

        @F L A S H people are putting trey lance and Zach Wilson ahead of fields which is absolute BS.

      4. Brandon Griswold

        @F L A S H he really is.

      5. Brandon Griswold

        @David Aziaya exactly mac jones is fat and probably slower than Tom Brady.