Brand New CAT Tractor Shows Up On The Yard

Larson Farms

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    Chet and The Big Swede empty the sprayer, also they add more chemicals to the sprayer trailer.
    A brand new tractor shows up on the yard.
    Chet and The Big Swede take a joy ride in the new tractor.

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    1. SparkeyDogfish

      Non farmer here. I really like this channel as someone said “I really like watching machinery run”. I a finding out why groceries cost so much. Lot more to farming than they taught me in first grade reading farmer brown. Lol

    2. George Dube

      Atrazine!!?! You’re turning the frogs gay!!!!!!!! Lol

    3. David Pattinson

      I'm sure you two should know how to play with a joy stick!.

    4. Snappy Snapfire

      LOL 75 gallons to 100 gallons to 30 gallons great maths Chet! hehe

    5. Outdoor 04

      That's not a Cat, looks like a Cat but it's not. Caterpillar sold the Challenger line to Agco a long time ago. Sucks, but it's true.

    6. Alton Riggs

      Completely amazed at the investment required to farm today. Farmers deserve a greater return.Thanks for feeding us.

    7. The robot Gamer

      At 0:46 spoiler alert for the new tractor

    8. Lance Poeppelman

      Challenger is made by Agco not Cat

    9. Logan Buelow

      chet: it must run out of battery eric: clutch

    10. Joe Kostynuik

      I'm not even a Farmer. But I find myself the majority of my time now watching yours and Cornstar and Millenium. Your channel is great, young hard working guys. Keep up the content.

    11. falouchelo

      it is not CVT , challenger is a FENDT, youve got a VARIO transmission, technically you got a fendt painted yellow and orange, no more cat my buddy, its AGCO now :)

    12. falouchelo

      price of the grain right now. when you said that i giggled lol , we just sold 400 tons at 525$ / ton at the farm. for soybean :) québec, canada

    13. We the People


    14. william dawkins

      When all else fails read the instructions!

    15. Hunter Richmond

      The Adds where more interesting.

    16. Allan

      That ain't a diesel cap

    17. robert mendiola

      GOD Bless All Of You Farmers Out There !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. b. blubb

      You spray chemicals you dont even want to touch?

    19. Glenn Donovan

      What is the name of the Irish music used in this piece?

    20. Taylor Marty

      When u guys spray flexstar at a early bean stage does it turn the leaves brown? We spray it second pass and they look almost dead after we do but they seem to snap out of it but I think it effects our yield when the beans r close to podding

    21. Tyler Rankin

      I wonder if the hood stays up on this one 😂😂

    22. Beast mode Brooks

      How many acres do you farm ?

    23. Adam LeMay

      Your dealer is probably a CAT dealer but this isn't a CAT tractor. This is an AGCO tracted tractor. It has an AGCO Fendt CVT and an AGCO Power engine. Designed and built in Jackson, MN.

      1. Colton Blumhagen

        Which is owned by Caterpillar.

    24. jean-Pierre Coffe

      It s clearly a fendt

    25. thomas lyon

      The big sprayers remind me of a grass hopper when they fold up. Luv your vids

    26. John barfneck

      have a they built a quarter million dollar tractor yet that wont sink get stuck in the mudd¿

    27. Kim Minton

      In our construction business I do the books and as soon as our account starts looking decent there’s a new piece of equipment showing up at the shop and I’m scrambling for money again!

    28. Ice Karma

      10/10 Corn-fed Midwestern boys... ❤

    29. Barry Barry

      3:30 sneaky advertising!!!

    30. Barry Barry

      At it's most fundamental level farming is all about memory and the ability to recall information!, to be a proficient farmer one must be able to remember hundreds of individual processes!!!

    31. christian einarsen knudsen

      You really use round up-shame on you!!

    32. Graham Poole

      The dozer in the back ground looks fun

    33. jrfergus65

      Is that a continuously variable transmission?

    34. Nodrogthe1

      Wider tracks needed for those boggy fields 👍

    35. Tyler Pickle

      Its not a Cat, its an Agco.

    36. Robert Grote

      I just want to say I enjoy the enthusiasm you and your family have. The genuine excitement over the new tractor is wonderful to see. Thank you for the positivity even when you feel like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. 😀

    37. TowwerN3

      8:25 Had to put on that 1080

    38. Ronald Piper

      Maybe back the cat to the Deere and a big cable and one drag other? Lol

    39. Mark Arnott

      😺 i dont see a cat 🚜🌾👍

    40. Rasmus Assenholt

      the new traktor works like a fendt 1050

    41. Toby and James Goldsmith

      Is it a challenger, CAT or Fendt?

    42. Joeyjoe jo

      Cat is where it’s AT!!!! This is coming from a Heavy Equipment operator of 20 years.

    43. bohhica1

      June 4 th, our 55 th wedding Anniversary! Watching great videos.👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    44. T.A. McCoy

      Probably a stupid question--is Dougo your dad? And if so why do you call him Dougo?

    45. sosnax1

      This CAT is basicly FENDT colored in yellow. I'm sure u gona love "CVT" i maean VARIO. Great transmission sadly it likes to break up after about 10k to 15k mth (motor hours). Side PTO, hydraulic and three-point hitch buttons comes really handy especialy with hyraulic screw (to hitch idk, how u call it in english). IDK if it still a thing in newest maschines but if u have GO END button, u can program it to do some repatative work. I had this hook up with baller for example so when i hit go it autoamticly sets speed to 7 km/h forward. When end was hitted it autamicly stops, wait a bit (wrapping), opens ballers door and closes, and then go and process repaets :P.

      1. sosnax1

        AND it auto mode, it used to be called TMS when u dont need PTO to be on exact speed, for example when moving trailers u can click TMS 1 (first set speed) and tractor ll atomaticly sets engine RMP and gear ratio to reach wanted speed asap and when speed is correct it ll set RPM and gears ratio to most efficient way to maintain desired speed.

    46. 45searay

      Your feeding the world.....Thank U !

    47. ryan d

      Round up ready corn anyone?

    48. Gene Murphy

      Water conditioner? Hard water? The plus makes a good concrete starter 😉 At 2:30ish stream getting less powerful time to get prostate checked find a doctor with small fingers

    49. Brian Graham

      Good job from Canada !

    50. Evelyn Woodcock

      When you get to my age , you will wish you never kept cutting an INCH of it.

    51. Bel amour

      Nikki -I loved the lill' Scotish or Irish tune at 8:47 is that not pretty? Do you give a name to your contraptions? This one is a Giddeon!

    52. Jason Harper


    53. Danny Pittman

      Try that autosteer. You'll get spoiled

    54. Jack Jones

      Ah, Roundup makes my corn sweeter.

    55. Daniel Couturier

      * BEST farm channel, your all hilarious and its fun to follow you along day to day on your adventures

    56. Luke Desselle

      Y'all ever drink any beer out there we farm in South Louisiana's EVERYONE drinks!!

    57. LifeRunner

      Damn, I was so disappointed in the interior in the Challenger. Looks like any 8-10 year old Fendt.

    58. Antony

      hi i'm french and your challenger is assembled dear me at agco in Beauvais

      1. Antony

        Adam LeMay a good however at agco beauvais in france at my place they also manufacture

      2. Adam LeMay

        All tracted challenger tractors are designed and manufactured at AGCO in Jackson MN

    59. JEDI8690 MÁQUINAS

      Muito top esse trator Challenger

    60. Eagle Grip

      I'd like to see you get a BIG mouthful of that spray chemical and swallow it. After all, it's only fair since anyone and everyone who buys your corn is going to swallow it. So go ahead....drink the poison. Don't be shy.

    61. EClipz_Ry

      The day you filmed this video it was my birthday.

    62. ME 1217

      Feller gotta say she's a nice ole tractor. Make'r beller y'all. Gotta get the music maker hooked to thee ole cellular devices Bluetooth ya know. Need ear love out in the fields

    63. Joe Scheller

      how does the ride compare to the quad track

      1. Larson Farms

        Really really similar. Quad track doesn’t have the forward backwards bounce that’s the only reason I’d say a quad rides nicer.

    64. MrGjc310148

      cool thanks besafe gnz

    65. Zimmerman Service

      Ok everyone. It is not a CAT. It has nothing to do with cat. It is an Agco Challenger. It has an Agco cvt transmission. It has an Agco power engine. The caterpillar corporation has had nothing to do with these tractors since 2002.

    66. candianwelderfarmer

      like 2 kids in a candy store lol

    67. Alex Ziesemer

      why do you hand steer?

    68. cntsles fabrication

      Is that how you steer the tractor no Chet there's a steering wheel. WTF

    69. cntsles fabrication

      Big Swede don't tempt Chet with a good time. LMFAO

    70. Mark King

      Love your videos, but please put on some safety glasses or googles when working with chemicals.

    71. Tuco Benedicto

      Deere and Cat, Meow!

    72. Deere Farmer9620RX

      17,000 gallons in one day.. I remember my first day spraying!!

    73. Red Bull

      What does a nursing home smell like?....Depends!

    74. SFS Mr Space pizza

      Insert JCB crying

    75. miền tây máy

      look so good

    76. Allan McCoshan

      So CAT has not made a tractor since 2012, that's when AGCO made the buy.

      1. Zimmerman Service

        You mean 2002. Not 2012

    77. Walter Boatwright

      When are the engineers gonna start doing the mechanics job on the repairs? Does the engineer get a EPA mechanics helper to come with them?

    78. Ian

      Not "CAT". AGCO

    79. Sumter Wrecker

      Liked "It never happened"

    80. Samuel Nason

      Great videos, i love your chanel, i watch all your new videos and some old.

    81. Woody W

      Playing Atari listening to my 8 Track.

    82. Dean Hiner

      Skull and crossbones, means something. You have along life ahead of yourselves. Don't screw it up. Love your video's want to see more.

    83. Samuel Walch

      That’s one way to empty a sparyer

    84. cletrac 12c

      Awful ugly looking nowadays! I liked when Cat built the original 65,75 and 85 tractors, they looked and were a tough machine, now it's all this futeristic airoe dynamic looking bs, looks more like a space chicken on tracks! lol

    85. apes4life

      Cut down those dying elm trees, just going to infect any other elm on the property. Gotta do it!

      1. jillipepper5353

        all the Elms died here from Dutch Elm disease, years ago. RoundUp is illegal here too.

    86. Stu The Farmer

      I had the chance to try one of these tractors. And think it’s awesome as. Even made a video about it 👍🏼

    87. Tobias Jacobsen

      “She was pouring out of 2 holes” gigidi. 😂🙅‍♂️

    88. Brandon Gustafson

      You guys have to much fun! Lol

    89. Brian Hubbard

      Boy's and their toys. 🤣 God bless.

    90. steve smith

      That is a challenger and it's not cat it is made by agco

    91. thepajbren

      It"s a CAT with Fendt bits in it and called a Challlenger. Damn you Agco.

      1. Zimmerman Service

        @AWD3264 right. And they have nothing to do with cat

      2. AWD3264

        The entire power train is built by AGCO subsidiaries. They are still painted Cat yellow and built-in Jackson MN.

    92. CoryRaboin

      Lol!!!! Great video


      hi how r u doing if I was in better health I would like to be able to do what you do thanks for all your videos glenn

    94. Robert F

      Does it have a Cat engine?

      1. Zimmerman Service

        It's an Agco power engine. It's Agcos own engine that has been in virtually all Agco equipment since the mid 2000s

      2. Larson Farms

        No it don’t it’s a 7 cylinder not sure the brand

    95. JurpikAg

      What is a CAT tractor? ;)

    96. SirDigger420

      And in 15 years all the fancy BlinGBling eletronic stuff breaks and costs a fortune to replace. Controlerbox XY craped out, or circuitboard goes boom.. thats 5200$ and the part will show upin 2 weeks.... or those fucking softtouch buttons as a whole panel.. the most used button craps out, = replace the whole pannel, thats easyl 1500$+ just for the part, because you need manufacor service since the panel must be introduced formally to the whole system.. Thank god i´ll have an electronic genuis&messy(his property is filled with everyting eletric&electronic&computers) friend with a golden soldering iron, who can fix a lot of stuff.. and thank god hes both lefthanded with all thumps when it comes to repairs on his property. Normaly we used to run maschines into the ground, buy it, use it till done, like real done not worth to repair. seen maschines with 30000h+ now the equipment gets hard to repair because of eletronic failures, hydraulic lines and pumps metal work, all easy stuff compared to chasing eletronic gremlins in a 20 year old excavator where the insulation of the cables has decided to rot.. or some controlbox gave up or an bad sensor that seems to work, but actually isnt reading right.. since the preassure was off, but acording to the sensor was in specs..

    97. Cassidy Knudsvig

      cant hear your voice

    98. Jean Louis Binchet

      Superbe tracteur en essai, mais je préfère les rouges IH 😃😃👍 Vous utilisez énormément d'eau pour les traitements, l'entretien de toutes vos machines, avez vous un forage sur votre ferme?

    99. Irvin Wittmeier


    100. Edward Beazley

      City boys are into their pickups, Country boys are into their tractors?