Don't FALL Into The Airship's HIDDEN Basement... In Among Us


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    Please, Don't FALL Into The Airship's HIDDEN Underground Room... In Among Us
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    1. Malik gamer

      WHYYY do you realy have to fall but no offense i still like the vid

    2. Naif Games Q


    3. Mei Tjen

      Wow this video make me scared but this video getting cool

    4. me2910

      I met you

    5. me2910

      Love you

    6. me2910


    7. alida flus

      Skilld bro

    8. salengua dizon

      what the that is skeld

    9. Erry Sagala

      is that skeld?

    10. Braylon Carchidi

      It is fake

    11. gustave956


      1. alida flus

        Me when I saw the cover:THIS IS GONNA BE SCARY Me at 3:23 in the video:This is probably not gonna be bad...

    12. gustave956

      Run. Run. Run

    13. gustave956


    14. gustave956

      Worst. Moment. With. ImposteR. -. Among. Us. Co

    15. gustave956

      Among. Us. Why

    16. gustave956



      I know that this was edited and stuff, but good job

    18. Icetail the magic fox!

      All this has to be fake cuz there's no way you can actually do this because I tried it myself

    19. Dhruv Shah

      That was fake I tied to do it but it didn't work

    20. pico fnf

      Are these real?

    21. oksana Odnorih


    22. oksana Odnorih

      Bro this is scary

    23. oksana Odnorih


    24. oksana Odnorih

      Welcome back

    25. Pink Kitty Restaurant

      Me when I saw the cover:THIS IS GONNA BE SCARY Me at 3:23 in the video:This is probably not gonna be bad...

    26. Nathan Hernandez


    27. Nathan Hernandez


    28. Yvonne Leung


    29. Ramila Baviskar


    30. Ramila Baviskar

      But comedy

    31. Ramila Baviskar

      The airship is come!! Now i know

    32. XxLegend_GabbxX

      Omg im never using the helipad thing

    33. Ka Ho Lo

      pog pog pog vid

    34. Ka Ho Lo

      yeh boi

    35. hevien lhord

      CLICK BAIT! sorry bout that max the secret basement is the sold map

    36. River Asumen

      the basement is he skeld .... in..... black and white

    37. Aliki D


    38. Danjela Lami

      Fake fake fake

    39. Preeti Negi


    40. Jeffrey Rellorosa


    41. Jeffrey Rellorosa


    42. Arman Hariady

      supposedly when you fall is just cogwheel and theres no basement clearly maybe among us change the airship map

      1. Arman Hariady

        but is still the same but is just different i think

    43. Adam Muhriz

      Is fake i do what he do but fail

      1. vinasu maaj


    44. Adam Muhriz

      That in the skeld

      1. vinasu maaj

        Airship and skeld

    45. Debra silvas

      If you said in these comments that the pit room was the skeld then you're right

    46. Raj M C


    47. Dontae frid

      Its not real

    48. Soinas Doyi

      How do you fall on the platform show us

    49. John paul acana

      It's a skeld

    50. elsa cruz

      Oh my God this vídeo is crazy 👿👿👿🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    51. Paxton Schorsch

      also u are correct eric plays epic

    52. Ayden Read

      Why dont you call an emergency meeting he will teleport to the meeting table?

      1. Soinas Doyi

        3:32 OMG ITS SCARY

    53. Ayden Read

      He really said someone fell and we never saw him again and we see raszius in another video

    54. Kim Nguyen

      I would not fall to that pit I would take the long way

    55. John Palmer

      someone try it

    56. John Palmer

      someone try it

    57. pro Minecraft

      Airship and skeld

    58. Cristina Mang


    59. deat deater

      Imagine a kid watching this, and just knowing that the child thinks it's real

      1. deat deater

        @Emely Pelegrina see i told you

      2. Emely Pelegrina


      3. Emely Pelegrina

        @deat deater im watching this rn and im thinking its real but its actually nit .-.

      4. Emely Pelegrina

        @deat deater oh.

      5. deat deater

        @Emely Pelegrina huh?

    60. Мазур Дмитро

      11:01 how to you come back?

    61. Мазур Дмитро

      10:47 Whoa

    62. Мазур Дмитро

      10:12 a

    63. Мазур Дмитро

      8:46 skeld?

    64. Мазур Дмитро

      8:42 :P i these that

    65. Virizion

      Huge clickbait man lol

    66. Мазур Дмитро

      3:32 OMG ITS SCARY

    67. Мазур Дмитро

      2:33 its not been -_-

    68. Мазур Дмитро

      2:29 omg i thinking who its monster Yea? I guess?

    69. Мазур Дмитро

      0:25 wait i don't know who there

    70. Steven McElligott


    71. ming yang

      How do he now evry monster

    72. BD - 01KT 912467 Huttonville PS

      Did you saw that how can you fall from the air ship gap nobody fall into the airship gap

      1. BD - 01KT 912467 Huttonville PS

        Put something down here

    73. LadyIslay

      raszius can play minecraft

    74. LadyIslay

      i'v seen raszius in minecraft vidiio's

    75. Adria Echaburu

      i try it and it didn't work.

    76. Haideh Barzegar

      How did you go quicker over there so you used to hobble but i'mma get a chance to do it everyday but nothing happened with a minute for my one I'm brave so be careful playing mongers with this hoverboard don't fall down or that cuz you want to copy period so use a hoverboard with floating on the ocean but be careful don't fall down or once again you can count him

    77. Amanda Tavares

      Oh yeah

    78. Alfie - Roblox

      100% clickbait

    79. Mandella C


    80. vinasu maaj

      9:22 only dark Skeld no need to scare

    81. Leftovur

      Whats REALLY down there is Nothing. you just fall out of the map.

    82. Knightphall

      um this one is not real and chary non of his are real

    83. Emily Cebritas

      like, the basement is the skiled

    84. ChrisGamer

      Is not real is in the skeld 9:18

      1. vinasu maaj


    85. Alina Lupu


    86. galaxy gacha

      You fall in skeld????? 😱😱

    87. Clergy Couple

      The basement is THE SKELD?That boi SUS!!!

    88. Robert Krummreich

      Why does they put a really dark version of the very first map when they fall

    89. Luiz Jaime

      The monster that lives is at skeld wait that place looks familiar and I’m right

    90. Azurainie Abdullah

      Bruh that was the skeld bruh werid


      I get lost to bro

    92. fermarie dulpina

      yeah eric plays epic

    93. Yahia Amr Darweesh

      3:25 through out of ship

    94. Lanzj Carpio

      An squid alien

    95. Nelvin Delrosario


    96. Among Us player X54

      I knew the map its t497h1772e s19455k5845e26555l4855d beause i fall and in new menu

    97. Farida Saleh

      I like your videos because you guys always have a lot of fun on every adventure 😀😀😀

    98. Otgonbayar Puntsagtseren


    99. Ashaz Akram Amir Akram

      Don t

    100. Dark N

      It's the skeld map