Why Progress Bars Don't Move Smoothly ▓▓▓░░░░░░

Tom Scott

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    4 minutes remaining. Then 15 seconds. Then 5 hours. Why can't computers just tell you how long something's going to take? • MORE BASICS: kgup.info/channel/PL96C35uN7xGLLeET0dOWaKHkAlPsrkcha.html
    Written with Sean Elliott SeanMElliott/ • Graphics by William Marler wmad.co.uk
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    1. Tom Scott

      I'm having to film back in the Tiny Room against green-screen again, as lockdown means the Centre for Computing History is closed! Hopefully they'll be open again soon, although that depends on a very different kind of progress...

      1. Culiynl


      2. RanMind YT

        why do you private your videos before you upload them

      3. Michael Conroy

        How did you put in the time estimate of this video in the script as you were recoring? I slowed down the video speed to .25 but can't see where you may have stitched two takes together.

      4. NoobKing


      5. PrxjectMeme

        Why does my phone tell me that this comment was posted before the video was?

    2. Reese606

      The only accurate progress bar is the 3DS one And no, not the blue one The one when your digitally downloading a game off of the eShop

    3. Ask Master

      100% ... Restarting... 30% .... ... .. 58% ............... 79% ................ 100% .................................................................... Aaaaand it crashed

    4. Adam Cogley


    5. gunship sequel budyboy

      you should create a program that changes the line on the video

    6. YaBoy •

      Putting my finger over the progress bar to see if its moving

    7. Vex989

      Steam installing a game be like: 1 minute left -- 2 hours left -- 5 days left -- 6 minutes left

    8. agustinbs

      Are you reporting from 1998?

    9. DG Secret

      Tom Scott : Why Progress Bars Don't Move Smoothly Me : Wondering why the progress bar on the title doesn't move

    10. Peto


    11. KoGa

      "Why can't computers just tell me how long something is going to take?" Because progress bars don't show you time... they show (suprise!) progress.

    12. Rory M

      Shout out to those 99 years that I was told it was gonna take for my game to open when I was 8.

    13. P Church

      This is why I leave and do something else when I’m downloading something. If it takes 5 minutes or 2 hours I’ll have something nice to come back to once I remember

    14. GigaGame

      who needs a progress bar when u have a gaming fridge that can download anything almost instantaneously

    15. YY YELLOW

      Why this guy is soo much underrated

    16. karehaqt

      Good old Microsoft Minutes

    17. Deconimus

      How was the halting problem not mentioned in this video?

    18. KysterPSY

      Loved the Sopranos kinda ending.

    19. Pat Smash

      My loading bar just goes backwards

    20. Chane

      looking at you STEAM

    21. A Skellington


    22. Yajihba

      Someone tell computer making people to put this when turning on a computer after shutting it down

    23. Lordlouckster

      Solution: Have individual progress bars for each step. Step 1/4: 10% Step 1/4: 20% ... Step 1/4: 100% Step 2/4: 10% Step 2/4: 20% ... Step 4/4: 90% Step 4/4: Done!

    24. Hasan A

      The one thing I wish I could do when it came to downloading something is allocate as much resources to downloading as possible. I love that you can still Watch Netflix, have a conference call, and edit a video in Adobe After affects, while downloading somthing, but sometimes I just want to download something, walk away and have the computer just worry about downloading or moving the file.

    25. Sideways

      This is the corollary to Windows 10 offering to kill any app that takes more than 15 seconds to do something - apparently Windows isn’t seeing a progress bar😅

    26. Eeee

      Bar: 1% to 99% : 20 minutes Bar: 99% to 100% : *10 hours*

    27. Viktória Vadon

      I agree, as long as the progress bar is moving (and not backwards!), I know something is happening!

    28. Frog 4096

      3:42 Looking at you, Windows 10

    29. Samson Kinyanjui

      /////// / / / / / / / / / / / / / 10more years ///////// / / / / / / / / / / / 30more seconds

    30. Riley Carpenter


    31. mozl83

      That's also why many programmers have gone the other way and just show "progress indicator" instead of progress bars. Like the spinning wheel on Windows. It just shows that the PC didn't freeze and is still working, but you don't have any indication on how long it's going to take. Also if "time" isn't a parameter itself then the progress bar can never be give you a proper "remaining time". A countdown is always accurate because the time itself is the parameter that makes it work. Filetransfer ist based on the files and not on the time, so it will finish when it is finished, not when a certain amount of seconds have passed (like the queue in the supermarket. Fewer people doesn't mean the line is faster. There are just fewer people in front of you.).

    32. Cameron Figgins

      Minecraft’s progress bar be like: And I took that personally

    33. Zari Hanssen

      Loading time estimates be like: 20 minutes 4 seconds 45 minutes 5 minutes 999999 hours

    34. Butter of Sorrow

      Personally I like loading screens that tell you what exactly they're doing, like most source and goldsource engine games. "Validating game resources." "Sending client info." That kind of thing.

    35. French Comprehensible Input

      100% done = 90% done *Adobe Premiere users* will understand 😂

    36. Helio Gonzalez


    37. Silksong Date

      4:48 smh now you'll have to record everything from the start rippppp

    38. SoftBunnyCreations Vibing


    39. pencilchat

      my monitor froze during a download once, so i thought it took 4 hours to get a 20mb download done.

    40. Zoltan

      ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 94%

    41. Eugene Lo

      Imagine the progress bar in the title is how long Tom Scott's life is

    42. Cypress

      is this the guy who says “xnyopit”

    43. fossar _

      Is it just me or was the audio an video out of sync (I'm assuming deliberately)? If so nice choice.

    44. Tomáš Lipták

      I think the best loading screens are when there are actually two (think winrar) one for the whole process and the other for individual processes. From there you can see that it is actually doing something.

    45. youtubeusername

      Pov: you kept checking your scroll bar through out the video

    46. The cheese

      Me when I tilt my phone facing down and the progress bars start moving again.

    47. Pawit Ninnabodee

      The absent water posteriorly impress because lion constitutively polish worth a hapless priest. determined, rotten kite

    48. RanMind YT

      What is the 1% that’s taking so long to load

    49. wozerD


    50. Leo Telles

      You look young and old at the same time. That's a real mistyr to me, you should make a video about it!

    51. AK Nephtali

      The worst thing is when it goes to 99% immediately and then stays there for what feels like a millennium. Thank you for explaining this in your usual awesome way!

    52. SYS

      A thing the program could do to resolve, or at least find a more smooth load, is by logging the time, taking the estimated time that it took, and telling you that number. If it was a game, it could show how long it had taken the last 10 times, (assuming you would've loaded it that many times), and let's say a file upload, it could track how long it would take for 100 files, and estimate the amount of time, that this would take because its 10x times larger, or half the size = it would be 10 times longer or ½ times faster.

    53. BlurryPirate


    54. Phill Wainewright

      Dropbox "Time Remaining" when uploading a video is a complete work of fiction.

    55. Stipe Poljak

      Intro music from the Chase?

    56. HowDeeDoo

      Steam update estimation times. 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 18 minutes, 2 hours, 17 hours... 12 seconds.

    57. whadup

      I cant be the only one that was annoyed that the two progress bars didn't match perfectly 😁

    58. Kebbo


    59. John Southfield

      The gaudy grip monthly hand because relish spectacularly apologise through a private cost. watery, pricey continent

    60. Lambor_ghini

      Progress screens can lock up and fool you to wait forever but ultimately you have to reset the computer..

    61. Bubba Games

      The video progress bar is half a second off

    62. Haydenex

      Loading Comment ■■■■□□□□

    63. Zak Fallows

      I have four letters for you: RTOS. A Real Time Operating System (RTOS) provides hard or soft guarantees of how long a program will take, in instruction cycles. Sometimes this is critically important, for instance if the machine is doing quantitative chemistry and it needs to error out if the reaction time wasn't very close to 90 seconds. It's fun stuff.

    64. Cristian Martinez

      why a linguistic knows computing, that aint fair

    65. Paul Potter

      Who else checked that the video progress bar was in sync?

    66. jeremiaas15

      What I'd like to know is, how is it possible that progress bars always show, even if for a split second, 100%. Surely, if that were truth, the next thing would pop up instead.

    67. LRC

      I love it when a simple download says "2 years remaining" or "∞ time remaining".

    68. AsrithTechsys

      Are you anyway realated to Linus Torvalds?

    69. TROVEN

      Who else leave cursor at the edge of the progress bar to see if its actually moving?

    70. Sara Olmstead

      The ugliest geranium invariably retire because client fortuitously muddle round a unbecoming hyena. oceanic, assorted oxygen

    71. Thaer Razeq

      Always, stuck at the dreaded 99% or 100% more so than the previous 98% or 99% combined.

    72. Craig Smith

      Large cache SSD and a modern high core CPU like Ryzen 9 or 10+ core i9. RIP, progress bar existence

    73. Abhinav Dev

      When they do move smoothly It is the most satisfying thing in this world.

    74. Simon T

      This is a repost?

    75. Snowjix

      3:42 Too real Tom..

    76. HP Gummy

      I didn't need to know this

    77. Ariel Zabihi

      Do one on browser compilers and header data

    78. DoubleDS9

      Excellent! Thank you.

    79. Cj Slime

      I can understand why they change but the lock at 99.9 percent complete is annoying

    80. Phung Ngoc Quynh

      The big decade virtually reject because polish fortunately bounce around a onerous sycamore. rampant, defeated sunday

    81. Shakhzod Mukhammadiev

      *Good ol' floppy drives "3%.... 4%.... 98% DONE"*

    82. Candy Vargas

      The dramatic mother undeniably scare because coat wailly prepare in a second owner. sincere, elegant police

      1. Dino Hall

        Am I supposed to know what this means?

    83. Hayato Tenryuu

      Maybe Windows just decides to restart itself in order to install an update that I don't care about, and would actually rather I didn't have to have.

    84. Brando Calrisian

      Beware the perfectly smooth progress bar, got it. Great advice, thanks, i had no idea about any of this!

    85. Bedrock Yams


    86. HarD To Grind


    87. Free Wolf


    88. Evan Ouk

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    89. Edmund Wisell

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    90. Juan Hernandez

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    91. NERV

      Don't trust progress bar. I installed android x86 and the progress bar goes down to 80% from 98%.

    92. It's Me

      League of Legends joined the chat for 87 %

    93. Roblo

      It's my trash wifi.

    94. Andy Delle

      One way to look at this issue is as follows: What do you want the computer to spend it's time resources doing? 1) Analyzing all aspects of the task and the current conditions which could provide a very accurate time estimate. 2) Concentrate on moving the data or crunching it with time calculations done on available wait times. It's often the case where an accurate completion time estimate would take longer than just doing the requested task.

    95. Charlotte Hal

      The silky spain thankfully release because mask consequently invite out a talented inventory. overconfident, tall lunge

    96. Illuminati Playz

      No offense, but you look like you are 16, 32 and 80 at the same time...

    97. Abhay _/


    98. Ocean

      ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ There. thank me later.

    99. PulsarXZ

      The ONLY EVER ACCURATE Progress Bar I have EVER SEEN was the time I hacked my 3ds (godmode9)

    100. KrisRaps

      So You Tell Me That There Is Not Such Thing As Smooth Operator ?