I PLAYED PLAYSTATION 5!!! (and the controller blew me away)

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    Sony invited me to their Sydney office to be one of the first people in Australia to go hands on with the PS5. I was absolutely not ready for the DualSense Controller and how much of a game-changer it is.
    Edited by Austin @ausomehd
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    1. GREEDY ebk

      There will be no side panels for sale, Sony put an end to that ASAP....... XBOX WONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE CONTROLLERS CUZ THEY ARE SUPER LAZY

    2. Sakuya Inoue

      Imagine the haptic feedback features integrated to until dawn I can only imagine the wonders and gore

    3. ToastyTorch

      its kratos. kratos is one of the easter eggs

    4. Kiwi

      12 year olds could've done better.

    5. Richard ps

      Looks like a router from the 80s

    6. Richard ps

      Thanks for meme made me chuckle

    7. Jörmungandr

      7:53 KRATOS AND BOY?!

    8. X ERROR X

      Blew me away good one 😂😂😂

    9. Falcon

      Lest just hope, the devs will use all those things. I mean, how mutch 3. party devs using the Touchpad (PS4) The Rumpletrigger (XBO) or the HD Rumble (Nintendo).

    10. Lance Seaman

      All sim racers will know how important this stuff is.... now we just have to evolve to belt driven motors in the controller.

    11. Sherlock Holmes

      You can even notice the raytracing at 6:00 LOL!!

    12. Pete Young

      How long will that haptic feedback last before it doesn't work properly?!?

    13. Thura Han

      Stop banging the dam controller on table.., that quak* quak* every time you put it down.

    14. emeres

      I hope the triggers will be modified to a certain level where you will push it to fire a weapon and it will feel like pressing a real trigger.

    15. Tasker Matic

      The only problem I have is, will these dualsense controllers be reliable in the medium to long term? I don’t mind the dualshock controllers but internally they’re weak and full of cheap low quality plastic and rubber internals. Apart from other issues most people don’t even realise how bad the triggers are for internal wear, especially in relation to driving games or any game that requires you to fully press the triggers for top speed etc. My year old DualShock registers 95% when put through a gamepad tester. That means I can’t in say a driving game fully throttle the car. It’s even worse in games like trials. I got a new DualShock and beat all my records on trials over a couple of days just because I was able to ride faster as the rubber contacts in the triggers were new so enabling the game to register 100% throttle. Most people don’t realise that after a certain length of time their dualshock is basically gimped by wear. My fear is that the more complex dualsense could be worse from a reliability perspective.

    16. qt Hippti

      Ps5 who all i know is the Ps5 controller

    17. GetAwesome Gaming

      i never considered this very interesting. i wonder how much developers will dedicate resources to including this in their titles

    18. The Downliner

      You probably overcharged the batteries lol

    19. kolim jone

      Now just imagine this new tech going into human playtoys. “You feel it”

    20. Zote The Mighty's 57 Precepts

      Whoop whoop! Shill up.

    21. Connor Morgan

      This is why I love PLAYSTATION this is an EPIC WIN

      1. kolim jone

        Kratos was in the boat!! You ruined the entire experience for me. Not gonna buy one now!!

    22. Connor Morgan

      I can't wait

    23. Connor Morgan

      I have no doubts about the DUELSENCE I just know it's going to be 10/10

    24. The Senate

      Platestation is a massive fuckin scam. Should be more careful with what you shout out.

    25. R M

      Damn, I wish the controller also blew me😏

    26. Riley Reeder

      If you like the PS5 controller you should try the Xbox one

    27. bocoy noiu

      The ps5 suddenly looks much smaller with two Australian dudes sitting behind it. When the Sony lead took it apart it looked like the monolith from space oddisey

    28. Rose Rosea

      Don’t exaggerate

    29. Stefan Buchwald

      Soooo you played it Is ps5 able to play At 1440p ;)??

      1. bocoy noiu

        Is Skillup getting Fat ?

    30. Roman Navratil

      Isnt the sound also be some huge unexpected selling point of PS5...? WHy didnt you talk about it?

    31. Krishna sidhartha Potluri

      Finally something next gen instead of the usual more power bs.

    32. sinchman1

      How did this blow you away when all sony did was replicate the Switch pro controller

    33. george mcdaniel

      And good luck with putting more then on game on it put cod on it the one with 200gb storage you need to play the game and see how well it runs on the ps5 and the xbox series x. Good luck.

    34. FOEDizzy

      yea but what if u think the trigger is just stuck when a game makes it hard for you to press down and end up breaking it

    35. Metal Wolf Gaming

      When Sony points a sniper rifle at you.

    36. Captain Steve

      Did you spot if ShareFactory is on the PS5 ?

    37. Vipstarizm

      Kratos was in the boat!! You ruined the entire experience for me. Not gonna buy one now!!

    38. Kobito

      Now just imagine this new tech going into human playtoys. “You feel it”

    39. erak

      Nintendo does it 20+years ago, it's a gimmick. Sony does it 20+years later, it's a game changer. Playstation fans are textbook tier kekolino. Also, WHAT SONY UNIVERSE? Those two ips?

    40. vbddfy euuyt

      wow the description of the video said "and the controller blew me ..." i was disappointed that this wasnt a feature

    41. WesamL

      "Blew me"

    42. Lemon Squeezy

      He changed the title bruh 😂

    43. Sunset Sock Hop


    44. Jam Chua


      1. vbddfy euuyt


    45. RockSolitude

      Laymen: one of the few people to get invited to Sony HQ in Australia to get hands-on the PS5 Also Laymen: do everything to screw up the presentation

    46. manu gomes

      So funny that all topics like this one about the controller appears in all channels at the same time... It's all about money. It's so sad...

    47. Exypher

      This controller seems to be blowing everyone away. The impressions have been nonstop greatness.

    48. RockingChode

      It’s all good .. till battery life is like 30 min on call of duty haha

    49. Satisfactory

      Xbox is probably like wtf did we do? Oh right we added a share button. Wtf 😬

    50. Lofty Smalls

      As a PC gamer, Ultra Settings are great and all, but the DualSense Controller sounds way better ngl (I'd just really really appreciate an FOV slider on my games)

    51. bilisha coli

      God of War: Ragnarok's melee combat with haptic feedback and adaptable triggers. Can't wait.

    52. KenneththaMenace

      I dont get it...sony sends content creators ps5 but fucks up pre orders for the rest of us

      1. Im Negan

        what are u talking about ? not sonys fault that demand is way more than supply.. its a problem sony want to have


      You two look stoned AF

      1. bilisha coli

        The controller blew him

    54. Skully Fade

      Guys take away the away

    55. Hawkeye_Zr1 Carver

      Yeah, the PS5 Controller stole the design of Microsoft's. So, of course it's going to Blow you away. Stop acting like Sony came up with this design on their own. (Darth Sidious Voice) Get this Stunted Slime out of my Sight!

    56. Ishmael

      Sony is the best!

    57. JeffreyQProductions

      The question is, will devs be able to realize the haptic feedback potential in their games? This demo looks like it was made to showcase the awesomeness of the haptics in the controller.

    58. PunchFor Pound

      Why did people think haptick feedback was bs? It sounded huge from the announcement. It brings an extra sense into the immersion, adding touch to sight and sound. Now they just need a way to create the smells... :D

    59. PunchFor Pound

      Can you connect it with USB and wire to make the input lag lower? And can you turn off the light?

    60. Dennis Agenorov-Papulovskiy

      Will it properly support earpods though?

    61. Mabbott

      I love how this title made you a meme lmao im seeing this title everywhere

    62. cybrim1

      Tell Sony to encourage development by 3rd parties by taking 20% of sales instead of 30% for the first 100,000 sales of a game if third parties develop these features

    63. soniyu ziuy

      "Looks like a router" Ah yes, Plash Speed has finally come true.

    64. Jaff Tzaferis

      Lol poor "Sony man" you ruined his life lol

      1. soniyu ziuy

        game to life" "Competitive advantage" "... a Differentiator" x2 "X-box needs to respond to this" I'm sure we'll see actual reviews once the thing's out.

    65. Ryan

      OMG! Amazing! WOWWWW! Amazing triggers!!!! Everyone watching: it’s a controller.. a controller.

    66. myChannel

      Marvel's next super hero should be "Sony Man". His superpower will be 'being calm' no matter how many times you call him SonyMan

    67. Yogarine

      I can’t wait to see what Bungie does with this controller...

    68. jpteknoman

      more complex controller, more moving parts inside, more expensive to make, more expensive to buy, more points of failure, shorter lifetime, harder to repair... and sony will make a lot of money by selling overpriced replacement controllers for all those unrepairable broken controllers that just passed their warranty date.

    69. Swag Daddy

      The controller blew him

    70. geneisaachunt

      "settle down Sam this is pg rated", later........... "I'm sorry but that's fucking cool!"

    71. Viral Oza

      Shout out to the prominently featured SonyGuy! :) Can we have a contact to your SonyGuy India Cousin? May be we can do a video like this with him for Indian fans? :p

    72. J

      First person shooter players: what haptic feedback? 🤣🤣🤣

    73. George Jansen

      I really used to follow the Laymen brothers on youtube but unfortunately you guys lost me over time. First you repeatedly labelled the next-gen consoles as being lightweight because they could not do greater than 60fps at 4K, then Ralph boasted playing CyberPunk 2077with his 2080Ti with Ray Tracing ON and saying how smooth it was - also making it clear he was part of the PC MASTER RACE whilst saying that. Pure BS elitism. Thing is you paid a lot of money for that 2080ti which was ridiculously overpriced GPU and you just couldn't stop bragging about it in every game review he did. Sad to say you guys turned into corporate shills and have lost all objectivity. So I left and unsuscribed. ......and now you are covering consoles after poo pooing them for so long. Why? Please go away!

    74. Okgamer Jack22

      Didn't Sony man pay you guy hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....?

    75. AlphaKilo

      I'll at least admit sony makes good controllers. Xbox controllers have always felt like cheap shit. The sticks wear out in 3 months and you go afk, come back and your character is walking and turning in circles. I got both consoles around the same time, spent more time on the ps4, and I'm still on the OG controller. I've gone through 3 xbox controllers.

    76. Tyl3r1Playz -_-

      I saw a meme from this video and it just said I played the pay and the controller blew me

    77. Popa2caps

      A controller blew you away?

    78. McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain

      Imagine the issues these controllers will have when you’ve used it for a while

    79. Shreyash Shrestha

      These guys have been paid to say all that

    80. TheFatBoy

      Does the controller have the ability to malfunction in a month so i will have to get it replaced??

    81. Dennis Feklistov

      A game controller isn't gonna change the universe. This video is inherently unhelpful since it's basically a massive ad for Sony where they're obligated to talk about every minute thing and forget that the old controller exists. The joycon HD rumble was a similarly advertised feature which most games never utilised. The trigger could be cool, but is it worth the hefty cost? Better to wait for the actual release to make a decision. Quotes: "From the very moment I booted up the splash screen..." "...Absolute game changer" "Brings the game to life" "Competitive advantage" "... a Differentiator" x2 "X-box needs to respond to this" I'm sure we'll see actual reviews once the thing's out.

      1. Dennis Feklistov

        @johnny cage Thank you for replying. I believe that as the video is quite excitedly titled as a beaming impression of the controller and as the contents of the video consist of a structured dissection of several positive features, it can be very justifiably considered a review (though evidently it can't be an in-depth one, as you said.) The review is overwhelmingly positive and even comments on the assured competitive advantages of the hardware despite their low experience with the controller. For this reason and because the whole thing is managed by Sony, I cannot consider these views to be reflective of the controller's quality and I believe that it is generally unethical to present such a heavily biased advertisement without making that fact clear to the audience. Of course, props to the guys for upping their careers and accepting opportunities like this, when you're given a first-look there will obviously be restrictions on what you can say, but despite this video's very confident assurance of the product, I believe it is too biased to be of use. I hope this comment illustrates the issues I have with this sort of video. Thanks again for the reply

      2. johnny cage

        Can you not read nowhere does it say controller review obviously not cause they don’t even have the controller for themselves they were offered to play test it and give them their first impression and that’s what this video was about literally nobody has a concrete review of it yet. jeez you people always need something to complain about

    82. C0mmand3r27

      I've always been pro xbox controller and con PS controller, but this is something I was hoping they would nail with the xbox controllers. This may break that lead xbox has had for so many

      1. johnny cage

        The scuff controllers aren’t bad just expensive

    83. Lorenzo Lopez

      Bru they just copying the Xbox controller smh

    84. CitizenX3639

      LOL not one thing about games, its either loading times, frame rate (still ass FOV) and controller. LMFAO they really got you sheep

    85. Matt

      I know why most of you are here Wrong website fellas

    86. george mcdaniel

      You do realize the switch is the same thing as the ps5 controller it just sounds better. It pretty much the same thing it rubles and makes some nows it's the placebo affect. You think it's doing something no and innovative but it's not. Grated it's a powerful machine but it's just. Hi and computer that has integrated systems it's no bad but it's not good ether. It's not that hard to figure out just like a MC are the new xbox it's all the same just a little different and that's not a bad thing.

      1. johnny cage

        😂you people just say anything that fits your agenda

    87. FatNerdVevo

      I clicked on this video and was very disappointed that the controller did not give you oral sex. I will now cancel my pre order at this very moment.

    88. Sean Rider

      The boys are back!!! Yass

    89. Devdimmadome


    90. Bryce C.

      This honestly feels like a hostage video. PlayStation guy standing behind the camera with a gun making sure you don’t say anything bad about the ps5

    91. weasel101

      I assume PS is going to start marketing porn then?

    92. Techy Toaster

      who else is here cuz of the memes

    93. gtoss chddy

      Man... seeing the brothers together again hurts so much. I miss them being together...I mean just look how wholesome they are. My heart is bleeding

    94. Joshua Botha

      Pov: You're from the PS5 blew me meme

    95. Davit.G Dukart.M


      1. gtoss chddy

        When SkillUp says it’s good....I know it’s good. The man doesn’t seem to lie, for better or worse! (That price still godawful though Sony, ffs)

    96. DDD w

      If you 2 are being kidnapped by Sony guys, please blink your eyes twice 😂

    97. barkley128

      Say how precise are the analogs. I cannot find this info at all.

    98. Aurimas Bar

      those chonkers legs ohhmagawd

    99. Tee Jay Are

      Sony stealing X-Box controller design. I guess we knew which one was always better...

    100. Luigi But His Head Is Fucking Broken

      Instagram moment